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My Cousin is a graphic designer, and he hasn't had a job since 2013. He lives with my grandparents and my disabled aunt (his mom). He has made no money since 2013, and he refuses to get a job that doesn't pay him what he's worth. He thinks hes worth $50/hr, but he has done nothing to prove that he is worth that much. He most likely thinks this because he got a BS in Computer Information Systems, and a BA in Game Art & Design. He thinks that he is better than he really is (in all aspects of life), and his website looks like it's from the early 2000's (pic related is pretty spot on). He refuses to use social media, promote himself, or learn anything new.

So please /gd/, what sources can I give my cousin to give him some type of wake up call? Something where he might actually take the advice to fix his website, and learn the business better. He thinks he is smarter than everyone in the family, and he is splitting our family apart. Any help is appreciated.
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punch his nutsack
fuck his gf
according to welcome to the nhk the only way NEETs get a job is when they are force to.
Just read him your entire post out loud. After you finish, repeat.
If this doesn't work, do this >>313496 instead, minus the gf

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why is this happening, first patreon and now skype. the fuck is going on with the interface and design teams.
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Haven't seen it yet myself, but that doesn't look very good. Why are we suddenly mixing minimalistic/ simple stuff with gradients? Are we going back in time?
its called postmodernism. time does not exist anymore. we are in a giant amalgamation of style at this point. see Jurassic World and Vaporwave for examples.
ok but you have to admit jurrasic world is at least slightly more coherent than this thing. like, it doesnt even have the same structure as the old interface

File: niches-in-graphic-design-2.jpg (67KB, 770x350px)Image search: [Google]
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or how did you choose your discipline?

I'm interested in motion graphics and print design and I keep hearing that I should pick one.
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i gradually pick motion because nowadays everything is multimedia

I was undecided but in the field i focused on the go

So don't worry you will find your path
Thought it was more illustration based.

Should have chose illustration instead.
motion graphics is very involved. be prepared to learn 3d, art direction of course along with proficiently in animation techniques and fx, illustration helps. you need to develop a good sense of storytelling.

People always tell me my eyebrows look wild. Please someone shop them to a normal size so I can see if I wanna plug them or not.
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Go to >>>/r/ for shopping requests, or ask how you can do it yourself.
this is not >>>/wsr/ and pluging your eyebrows is dumb
also, aren't you a little old to have that tshirt?
isnt that text too high up in the shirt?

what kind of font is it?

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I'm making a logo for my youtube channel podcast. Is based on an old logo from last year.

Which do you like the most?
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3 is the most eye catching has cuz has a nice contrast

1st is okay too, but probably stuff like watermarks
Mike looks so small do sound booths even hang mics that way
Also what are you going for wolf mean staring a Mic

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The Moonlight Cafe.png
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It was made in MS Paint, I'm not a graphic designer, I may in the future like to go down that path, I'm not really sure, this is kind of a start, please be completely and brutally honest.
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>The font
change it.
File: The Moonlight Cafe 2.jpg (143KB, 1600x1512px)Image search: [Google]
The Moonlight Cafe 2.jpg
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That's the exact sign you'd see in a tiny family-owned coffee shop in fucking Cornwall or something. That is, anyone could make it.

Add some sort of depth to the moon, and possible some kind of shadow. At least

Hi. I'm not a graphic designer, I'm sorry. How do I manipulate text to look something similar to this ? Thanks in advance :)
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More example :)
File: Silly-Putty.jpg (303KB, 1600x829px)Image search: [Google]
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Easy. Then just take a quick picture.
on photoshop - right click - transform by warp
on illustrator - envelopt distort by mesh

although design 101 recommend NOT to do that, and instead use text on a path or warp by using the object below.

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ok dudes I feel like no matter what I do I am kind of shit at graphic design. I've been making stuff for a long time but I feel like I'm missing information on the fundamentals.

I am wondering if there are any key books and methods to learning how to do TYPOGRAPHY and general design? any recommendations

sorry this is so fucking vague I'm just trying to figure out how to seriously up my fucking game to professional level. I'm tired of feeling at a loss.

any tips appreciated
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Have you visited your local library?
last time I searched for books I had trouble locating a good one, thought someone would have a rec
desu op i think its best just to look at styles or designs you like and copy them and modify them several times. you'll intuitively gain an understanding of what works and what doesnt. reading books doesnt really help.

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homo shit.png
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Why does illustrator keep doing this to my shapes and how do I tell it to fucking stop?
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Are you referring to it being in metric, or it not being whole numbers?
I think he's referring to the .001 (thousandths) of the measurement, and wants whole numbers.

What happens if you type 45 in the Y box? Is is overriding back to 44.999 after you enter a new value?
welcome to the life of adobe products

dont forget your monthly fee for the same tools you've used for 2 decades.

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This expires in 2 days, what do you guys think? Is it worth it for the courses and certification, is it legit ? What's the deal, wat do ? I am kinda poor but i wanna learn and would be willing to sacrifice some $ if this leads to better things

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Certifications aren't worth shit mah nigga, only thing that matters is experience.

Besides, all 3 of those have countless free tutorials online.
well this is why i asked - i am new to the graphic design world and i am wondering if potential employers give a shit about certifications like this? Especially since i have no experience.
sometimes they do (particularly the adobe certification) but i would rather have a good portfolio than a certification. for the software part you don't even need to learn that much. most pro's only use 5% of the tools, the important thing is a good eye, experience and have good design foundations/understanding.

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When you add two waves that are equal except one has its polarity reversed with respect the other, you get silence. One cool practical use of this is getting the acapella of a song by using the original song and its polarity-reversed instrumental version.
Is there anything similar to this in the visual world? It'd be handy to get rid of, say, watermarks.
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...image arithmetics?

>One cool practical use of this is getting the acapella of a song by using the original song and its polarity-reversed instrumental version.
Except it never works because of mastering nuances.
I suppose if you had the file used to make a watermark, you could invert it then use opacity or layer styles to remove it
it would work on pictures( if the watermark is white), but not on text. if the watermark is black, you'end up with grey text

can someone photoshop the pic below like this pls :)
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read the sticky mouthbreathing retard

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post your'e portfolio (websight, bēhance, whatever) and electronical mail within the next 23 hours if you want an invite to this circlejerk
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File: 1490034997104.jpg (70KB, 650x653px)Image search: [Google]
70KB, 650x653px

niko101st (at) gmail.com

Here's mine. Enjoy.


Looking for some Critique

Starting a Graphic Design company, here is the logo I think I want to go with, thoughts/changes I should make before printing the business cards off?
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doesnt look harmonic. also - can you employ me?
File: Semi Circle Icon.jpg (105KB, 1000x998px)Image search: [Google]
Semi Circle Icon.jpg
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Also here is the icon I use for social media/possible mobile app.

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im a trashchunt edgy glitch artist.
rate my cancer
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File: TIREDEYESAVATAR.gif (209KB, 300x200px)Image search: [Google]
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>create shitty effects learned of a 15 minute video
>call yourself an artist

You disgust me
andy warhol

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