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I'm currently negotiating a salary for a Senior Visual Designer Salary. I'll be relocating from the US to Europe. the national average is currently 95-130k. Anyone got any tips for negotiation? What do?
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Ask for the amount you want (or slightly higher) and be prepared to justify it, or perhaps go slightly higher than you would settle for just in case they try and beat you down. In my area (branding/packaging, London) an average senior salary is probably £40-45k. Without knowing exactly what field you're going into or where, at a senior level you'd normally be expected to be able to lead projects, present work to clients, manage and motivate younger team members, show a wider interest in design/craft beyond the scope of your day to day work and have a solid understanding of strategy. If you can do/have done most of that stuff and can cite some examples then you'll have a pretty good case. Also, if you're coming from the US - most agencies here would be keen to work with clients from your side of the pond, so maybe emphasise the fact that you have strong insights into that market to increase your value.
Thanks Anon. She asked me for how much I'm currently making $45 an hour. Hopefully they'll try to beat it. I found they're salary's on glassdoor and it's from 99k-135k for Senior Designers.
No. It isn't. Birmingham based freelancer reporting in. Listen to this anon >>313851

That figure is complete and utter nonsense. 99k! Haha! Are you leading up a team at Mother or Mcann? No. You're not. Come back down to earth space cadet.

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Any Advice about that style? I normaly use ASFD Pixel Sort and combine with Photoshop to made my own art. So there's any trick about this program? Any other reference than Giacomo Carmagnola in this style? Thanks.

Pic related: One of my results.
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pixel sort thing was kind of cool fore the whole entire first time it was used
>I normaly use ASFD Pixel Sort and combine with Photoshop
do you have a tutorial?
>pixel sort the shit out a picture
>play around with it

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So I'm a student and doing some designs in my free time. I would appreciate if you could critique my designs I made a few weeks ago and post some of your stuff.Would like to get some inspirations. Don't care whjat
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Is there a better free alternative to inkscape?

I'm tired of slow ass extensions for things that should be basic functions.
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https://designer.io maybe
Anyone ever used Serif Drawplus?
This looks pretty good.

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Was Atlantis real?
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Hi, I would like some help with this picture. I need someone skilled in Photoshop to place me in a martial arts setting. SERIOUS HELP ONLY!

It could be a cool mountain top, or a forbidden temple or something. Just PLEASE make it look bad-ass. It's for a martial arts blog I'm creating. Thank you in advance!
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Sauce on font please
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1. please post this in the /fst/ rather than making your own thread mate
2. it's futura condensed extra bold
Also, www.whatthefont.com and www.whatfontis.com are free options to go it yourself.

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I wanna tell my story from where I was to where I am now, and I want to use imagery to do it. Please help

email me at: [email protected]
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50$ sound good?
well the lowest hourly rate for a graphic designer is about 35 to 45 dlls an hour, you think you could tell your story and make all graphics in less then an hour?

new a gd for my music collective
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that's just a photograph, where is the gd?
creepy lookin structure. like some forced perspective sorta jumpoff

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Anyone knows this font? It's from an early 20th century photograph. Didn't have success with whatthefont or identyfont. Thank you in advance.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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amarna miller .png
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Im doing a Art erotics festival at Latin America

But i need ideas for the official post what u suggest?
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Aprende a usar máscaras para el pelo.

Learn how to mask hair.
gringo detected
Nah, latino.

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Please critique my art style I try to be minimal and to the point sort of vaporwave but very softened
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Digital and japanese trees don't go well together.

Does anyone have experience with pay-per-project instead of per hour?

I just got a really cool gig for designing motivational posters but I have no experience with this form of payment. (I'm used to per hour)

I know I can bump out a decent design in about an hour but if he keeps me on revisions for eight hours, my profits will be miniscule.

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice about pay structures?
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I recently had to do the same thing.

Structure your project price to include a set number of revision rounds. Any revisions that go beyond the number of rounds included would then be charged at an hourly rate.

Not only does this allow to you estimate better and build in padding on each project, but it also motivates the client to keep revisions to a minimum.
This works. I do something similar; the contract states that we'll spend x hours on the project and will absorb a 10% overage before incurring hourly charges. When we tell a client that they've hit 100% and are in the overage period they tend to wrap it up quickly.

How do you guys get design projects? I've been freelancing for russian market for about a year and now I'm trying to start on western market. I am currently trying upwork, I keep applying for projects, but still didn't get any. Do you guys know any other place besides upwork?
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dont do upwork and dont work for free. send your resume in like everyone else. build a social media presence
Thanks, could you give me any advice on how build my social media presence? I mean I have facebook and twitter account, follow/friend people, who are related to design, post some stuff on my page, I also have a dribbble account, but it all seems to be useless.
Have professional social media, seperate from your personal.

Be consistent, do different renditions of one thing. Whether that be movie posters, logos, typography, etc. Pick one area and just do that. Go deep, open yourself up. Provide value. Either by posting your process of how you did your works, advice to other designers, or day in the life kinda stuff. You'll have to do this for a while across several different social media accounts before you start to gain some following.

Also don't post the same stuff on all your social media accounts. As in don't just post something on facebook that you already posted on your instagram. Give people a reason to follow all of them.

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Is this or /g/ the right board for SEO discussion? It doesn't quite fit either, but a lot of web designers are tasked with SEO these days so I'll try making one here.

Anyone have any good courses or tutorials for SEO? I want to build a little test site to test my web and UX design, coding and SEO(most importantly)
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I'd say it belongs in /biz/ generally, though it could also fit into/g/, depending on how hands-on you want to get with the code.

SEO is about as far away from graphic design as you can get. Yes, they both often feed into making a website, but how you style the content has no direct bearing on how it gets ranked. You could have a well-ranked website with all of a page's default styling (black text on white background, all one typeface, no visual information hierarchy).

For your website specifically, I'd say only the design and of the UX of the site would be relevant to the board.

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