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I'm trying to figure out what they call these mouse over popups. When the mouse is over the white plus sign with red background, a text window opens. Thanks for any insights. I'm trying to find this in a wordpress plugin.
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Page where it works.
overlays with triggers
Thank you.

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Full ogre enabled meme.png
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I've been busting my arse learning Photoshop so that I can create some good maymays. I'll post a couple and it would be nice to r8 it out of 10.

>inb4 fuck off to /b/
>inb4 fuck off to /co/

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Yamete japense anime meme.jpg
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fuck off to /b/
fuck off to /co/

How would one go about animating their on label with a rotating aluminum can, I've seen it done in a few folios and am stuck on the best approach for this. Thanks in advance!
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This is branch of design that is in 3D. So the tools are 3D's Max, Cinema 4D, Maya and free Blender. What you need to do is to create or find a aluminium can model, import it in the program and put your label texture. Afterwards you need to create the animation. And the final step is to render it to video format.
3D utility, aluminium can model, animation

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I have an economics degree, a web design service, and I perform 15 minute classical pieces by memory. I think I can figure out how to click and drag some shit and export it in the high quality format or whatever you faggots do
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>I perform 15 minute classical pieces by memory
How can I do this too?
Cool story bro.
Did you download the software like you said you would? Or are you now just baiting that asshole who wouldn't shut up on that other thread?
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american psycho paul allen.jpg
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Technically speaking designing is easy you just need to learn how to use software, the complicated part is when it comes to aesthetics, it's something you can learn but not as easy as you might think.
There are plenty of tech-savvy designers that know their software very well sometimes even more than a actual good designer but the stuff they end up making is trash.

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How do we stop this?
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Copy paste paint.exe? Wow, that was hard
It also means that they stop development :'(
i used it alot but for small quick tasks and i don't think they actually added any useful features over the last 10 years.

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It looks like it would appeal to 8-16 year olds.
That's their target market right?
why. Everything except batman weirdly large overshadowing brow looks aesthetically pleasing. I like the vibe it's going for. that being said I am 16 so what do I know.
The idea kinda works, but the photo is garbage. Way too bright and cluttered feeling.

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ya i kno rite! wna chat? this can be the board's designated meta thread. hey hi what's up? wherever i have found myself on this damm site no1 seemed to appreciate my aesthetic sensibilities like i thot they should. but here... here they do... here they might, rather. i'm still new & i haven't gotten any replies yet. but... there's a certain stillness. a couple cute cult members once said "stillness is the move"... & i truly believe that. twenny seventeen we COMIN UP baby WOOH
Because people treat this place like it's a request board, and request boards don't build regular posters.

Two or three people a day (often ppl who don't browse imageboards at all) come to ask a question, get their answers, and leave until they have another problem.
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literally look at the front page right now - anons begging for fonts, anons begging for critiques, anons begging for help, anons begging for advice, and ONE thread that's just an image dump.

you call that a board ?!

Sick frozen pizza design! Would you buy?
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Is that dude going to fuck the pizza???
File: 1491489081504.gif (2MB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 300x300px
looks surprisingly decent, but how are your other pizzas going to look? will they have the same photo of dennis or an original one for each?

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Do we have a /stupidfuckingnewbie/ general? I just started learning how to use shit like illustrator today and was wondering if we had a spot for people who are shit to slowly work, improve, and share what they made.
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that's like most of the content posted on /gd/, but maybe it would be ok to contain early photoshop farts in one thread

have some books to read:
>have some books to read:

Honestly the best copy-pasta! Thank you!
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Hijacking your thread.
I wanna start learning PS just for fucking around. What's the best version to use? I'll be torrenting it anyway so price doesn't matter.

Im completely retarded when it comes to graphic design. Can someone change all the gray in this background into a hex code color #66ffff. Or, at least, a color very similar to that. Thank you
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Hows this?
File: faggot.jpg (422KB, 1200x1238px)Image search: [Google]
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for fun

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Explain to me how to get Adobe CC programs for free? New PC So my old PC had 2015 cracked versions. Need 2017. thx
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Buy it
its worth it just to buy it for a year, save up your birthday money

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Post /pol/ related art.
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File: 1498392523834.jpg (56KB, 1160x451px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 1497625455015.png (338KB, 1052x1064px)Image search: [Google]
338KB, 1052x1064px

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How do you do this?
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someone took a photo and made it a brush it photoshop
File: 1497272182389.png (28KB, 150x150px)Image search: [Google]
28KB, 150x150px

those images have shifted red and blue color channels. you can see how they blend into green where they overlap.
Go on...

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Screenshot (421).png
94KB, 1920x1080px
Does anyone know how I could make point 1 and 2 align without changing the rectangle's width? Shouldn't I be able to clip to such points while rotating? Why is something this basic this fucking hard? This is my first time using this software and Googling it didn't help for the first time in ages, so I feel like I'm missing something very basic.
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I don't understand your request fully to give you clear answer.

Try to use guidelines and other object, like if it was a math homework with paper, ruler and triangles.

Also, rotate tool has a center point which you can position where you want to and rotate it around that center point.

Post result.
File: Screenshot (422).png (85KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Screenshot (422).png
85KB, 1920x1080px
I forgot to add that another set of points needs to match at the bottom. I want to keep the thickness of the middle rectangle equal to 1/5th of the square "z" (same as the top and bottom rectangles), while only rotating it so a side touches the before-mentioned point 1 so that I can adjust the length afterwards, as while doing that my mouse does clip to the anchor (point 1).

My only problem is the lack of clipping while rotating, and the fact I don't know the angle I need otherwise.
I think you're trying to rotate your top (horizontal) rectangle around its bottom right corner? If so, yeah, with your rotate tool selected, you can option-click (or control - Im not in the app), on that point and it will rotate around it rather than the objects center

How much does getting an entry level job in the field suck?

And how much will the job suck?
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As long as you're actually getting to design shit. I was hired as a graphic designer for a vitamin company and all I got to design was the email blast. The rest was printing already existing label designs and data entry. I left after 3 weeks once I found something better.

Currently working as a graphic designer for a nutrition supplement manufacturer. It's not where I want to stay long term, because I've learned I hate the health/supplement industry, but at least I get to design for clients instead of doing data entry like at the last job.
Wonder how many people on this board actualy work as full tine graphic designers.

Please share your job experiences.
i used to. i worked my ass off from high school on to get the best training and build my portfolio
i got an entry level job in print adverting (what i had hoped to do) and was soon "managing" the shop (in quotes because although i did literally everything and kept the shop running smoothly, i was never promoted or anything)
i did huge successful runs (ie millions) for companies you've heard of and i never earned more than $30000. it was absolutely soul crushing and after 6 years of it i quit and never wanted to touch a printer again
my personal opinion is that too many people are willing to work for free for their to be any competition any more. that's why you see bad, amateurish design everywhere. it's the norm because it's free.
it's sad and frustrating but i've had a few years and a new unrelated career change that i love (and make money at) so now i can take a few design jobs a year that i'm legit interested in and i'm much happier

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