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great value.png
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>Put some text there on a 45 degree slant and make it a big, bright red font. Don't forget an exclamation point.

Does anyone else get clients that say this kind of garbage? What the fuck do you do when you have the client specifically asking you for things that look awful? Do you bite the bullet and give it to them as they ask for or do you risk damaging egos by telling them that you're a designer and they're not, and what they're asking for is terrible?

I used to try the latter but in the end it always came down to "Okay, let's see how it looks both ways", and they always select their own version.

They're paying the bill so it is what it is. Never stops being frustrating though. How do you guys deal with this kind of micro-management /client-playing-designer shit?
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I don't really have a choice. I'm an in house graphic designer and my bosses and art director just tell me to give them what they want and get through projects as quick as possible.

I use it as motivation to go home and work on my own portfolio.
Some people just want their idea and that's it. It doesn;t' matter how shitty it looks, just do what they ask. Nothing you make will be better than their idea.so it's a waste of time trying. They are the bad clients. The ones that make design a job, when you gotta do things you don't want to do.

After a while you'll get better at identifying those clients before hand.

Sometimes you can convince them otherwise though. If you explain why you did what you did and how it will make them more money.

Then on the other hand, sometimes it's not such a bad thing to make shitty, gawdy design. Those big red letters actually do draw attention to get the message across to the audience. In lots of cases, the target audience are people who want a bargain and don't give a shit about design. Sorry off on a tangent here.

Another thing to consider: the copy. You start with bland, generic copy, you're in trouble from the start.
i was listening to a talk by ash thorp and he said that whenever a director (he works making HUDs on movies) asked him to do something specific that he found uninteresting or lame he would do two versions, one that he liked and the one requested, after that he would explain the director why he did it and he said most of the times the director would pick his version.

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So I have been working with this woman for a while. She is close friends with my mother, and asked me about a logo she can print in shirts for her fitness business. Everything was already bad from the beggining. She never specified anything, and always seemed to ignore me when I asked her for ideas (instead, just saying things like "i want it these colors" or "no shapes"). Summing up, this is the 3rd time she has asked me to start from zero (each time with a way, completely different idea), with the 2nd time when she finally bothered to send me design ideas (that clash between them horribly). I've concluded that she clearly doesn't know what she wants, and this will keep being like this unless I cut ties with her. However, I don't know how without making it awkward... Any suggestions?
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Excuse me. Outdated image. Here is the actual logo (that one was just me fooling around with patterns).
you should have had an agreement/contract from the beginning that goes over this

are you being paid? if yes, just keep going, if it's an hourly rate the extra time mucking about probably works out for you

if no? man up and discuss the issues, or declare you're not going to continue unless criteria are met

You stop making it awkward by being an fucking adult, easy

this. assuming this is a freelance project, unless you want your clients being indecisive for months on end, set time frames for projects. god help you if you're not charging hourly for this...

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i just started worked as work-from-home retoucher at some startup in NY, so far i enjoyed making dollars from it, and if i converted the salary to our currency it's a huge load of money. but recently i realized this salary is far below retoucher average wage in US. i'm afraid i cannot work there forever beacause of my freelancer status, i could get a dismissed anytime. meanwhile, i tried to find another similar jobs and i believe there's a similar job with better wage out there, do you guys have any other information for job finding? i tried flexjobs but it seems i cannot find company who accept worldwide employee
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Have a nicely curated portfolio of professional and personal pieces (weigh toward paid work examples to show your ability to take direction).

Serious question- could we see your resume? Swap out your personal info and indentifying details- it might help to see how you're presenting yourself through your CV.

No one is going to just hand you a job, so start working your contacts and network. Do other people know you're seeking a better job? Though it might sound silly, letting your friendly neighbor who's sister's friend works for the art director of ___ is less silly than you might think. LinkedIn (SHILL!!!!) can work like that too; I had almost reached a comfortable job with Target Corp, but then the economy pooped the bed in 2008, and my contacts were let go. So it CAN work.

Speaking of portfolio, you have one online, right?

a viable (though unattractive initially because they take a cut) option is hiring a head hunter. They have the contacts already, and can personalize your speciality to the specific targeted employer. And as an added bonus, if you're terrible at what you do, they won't represent you!
I very much doubt that someone is going to pay for his visa on top of his salary for something so menial, when he doesn't even speak proper English. Not to be mean, but North American metropolises are not the best place to be if you're not deep in $$$.

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I have background in marketing ,need some idea of price display , i think the style of price this play in picture is old fashion.
Some example is welcome
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on pinterest search for product labels
ty, but iam talking about the price , in label you dont see the cost of product

looking for a font with numbers similar to the one in the pic
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Kiddie Blokz Solid JNL

Poster Bodoni OP

Anyone got a cracked version of Spine?
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but you aren't even trying anon
it's on tpb, cgpeers and rutracker

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I was wondering what are the best measurements for a logo which is supposed to be printed on a t-shirt as well as for stickers

With what sizes do you work regularly?
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Also interested
File: North Design-2w1xo1_1280.jpg (470KB, 832x1180px)Image search: [Google]
North Design-2w1xo1_1280.jpg
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i don't think logo design works like that, first you'll need to think what type of logo suits the company
better (illustration, monogram, corporate, etc) and then design accordingly to its needs, if its going to be printed try to avoid shadows, gradients and effects
since logos are usually designed in vectors the size shouldn't be a problem, just make sure it looks good on a small size.
make vector images that can be rescaled for the application (sticker/decal, tee, bidness card, etc)

the only real sizing requirement is that it should be readable at all sizes, barring obvious eye problems (e.g. obviously no one will read one thats microscopic but it should be identifiable on a business card from at least across a table)

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Where's the best place to advertise/get commissioned work?

Britfag btw
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If you had the money would you enroll for 6k?

Is this the best motion graphics course available?
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I hadn't heard about this school until now but I've been working doing motion graphics and animation for almost 10 years now so here are my 2 cents.

I was expecting a super interesting introductory video and they didn't deliver that. It's ok. It would be really good if it wasn't pitching "we will teach you how to do things as amazing as these" when it isn't THAT amazing.

>would you enroll for 6k?
This depends entirely on your situation.
If you need someone tu pressure you to get stuff done, appreciate the feedback and have the money for it, then it might be the thing for you.
However, if you have the will and discipline to study and improve on your own, you don''t need all of this. Most of the technical stuff can is covered by Andrew Kramer for free. You should also read and understand theory (Preston Blair, Timing for animation, etc). Even some youtube channels are though-provoking enough to put you in the mood and make you study deeper (everyframeapainting).
So no, in your place I wouldn't sign-up. I would study and create a lot on my own and prolly sign-up for some classes/lectures on film/animation theory.

But that's just me
>online school

literally not ever
There's school of motion bootcamp.
Mograph Mentor has a lot of heavy hitters as their mentors though.
Working professionals as mentors is probably why it's so expensive

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1MB, 1920x1080px
Can someonoe tell me what font his shirt is?
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SUCC font says right there on the shirt. duh.
Is that my man Jolie Olie?
Clearly is a font with several layers of irony.

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I don't know how to do it, so if anyone wants to help, I'd appreciate it. I just want this flag yo have the cross in the middle instead of to the left.
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Listen, this isn't a place for requests. But i'm a nice guy having a good day.
Next time, just go to >>>/wsr/
Thanks and sorry!

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How do I get that distinctive grain like pic related??
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Is this a joke?

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If I wanted to focus in data visualization would it make more sense to focus my educational efforts (grad school, boot-camps, self-study, practice, etc.) on traditional graphics and interaction design and THEN apply that knowledge to data analytics,

or just specialize in data analytics right off the bat?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Sem Título.png
12KB, 433x185px
My friend wants to renew his logo, he likes the "UP" part and whats to maintain it... but i have no ideas for the "find" part. Any tips/inspirations/refs?
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Here's a tip: Hire a designer.
I'm no designer but i can still work with illus/photshop. just wanted some advices on how i could change the "Find" part
Pick a font that doesn't suck ass. Also fix your tracking.

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Facebook Cover photo SHARE&RATE thread

also rate my Paint.NET skillz
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File: SENNA PATROL.png (2MB, 1640x624px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1640x624px
another color version
File: SENNA PATROL.jpg (869KB, 1640x624px)Image search: [Google]
869KB, 1640x624px
third color version. Which one do you like the most?
I like 'em all but I think the first is the best

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