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Jonny Horton
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Just spotted this on humble bundle:


As someone who finds PS a bit limiting for painting I'm considering getting it. Is this a shot deal though? Should I just pirate it?

Pic unrelated
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>PS a bit limiting for painting
Stock PS is, Corel is much stronger texturally without having to install multiple plug-ins. I've used PS for years and only tried Corel for a couple weeks on another computer and found it a much more comfortable drawing/paitning experience.
Krita's free and works quite well, OP. I'd say give that a whirl first.

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How do I achieve this effect in Photoshop?
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Have just the subject on its own layer.

Right click the image of the layer in the layers tab and click "select pixels".

Fill in the selection on its own layer with whatever color you want and put that layer behind the subject layer.

Got to Select>deselect.

add gaussian blur the layer with the color on it.


Or, ya know, just add an outer glow layer effect.

Hey /gd/, im seeeking help. I need help with 2 things; firstly, what is this sorta thing called? I was told its a collage, but i don't know if it is truly. Secondly, how do i make this sort of work using gimp/Photoshop? I want to make a David Bowie "collage" using pictures of my girl friend (she is a masive fan). Any help would be appreciated.
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a mosaic
Generally an easy way to do it is to get the photo that you want the big picture to look like, set it in the foreground and turn the opacity down to about 50%
then pile the photos you would like to make up the larger photo together as if they were a puzzle.
i hope this helps!
Thank you very much!
hey no problem bro! good luck with everything

Starting a thread here due to lack of anywhere else more relevant.

I went to school for Industrial/Product Design. I've been in the professional work force for 3 years now, but I am not in the exact field that I would have imagined a few years ago. I've been cornered into more 3D modeling/Rendering jobs using Solidworks and Keyshot. These two programs were the ones that were focused on most in school so i am pretty well versed in how to use each. But for those who dont know, solidworks is more of an engineering program and Keyshot is a very light, easy rendering program. Nothing like Maya or V-Ray or the more powerful rendering/modeling software.

Also a major skill factor is sketching skills, pic related. i am alright but not good enough to be competitive in a very competitive job market.

>my 3D modeling skills are good, but I dont know the engineering aspects of the program so i am not really fit to apply for those jobs. and i dont know maya or the more common programs for someone who would be a 3D modeler.
>my rendering skills are good within keyshot, but keyshot is not highly used for people who expert in rendering.
>My sketching skills are okay but not impressive enough to really impress.

How am i supposed to deal with being average in this type of field? i feel like school didnt prepare me properly and then i got jobs that were more drafting/low level modeling and rendering and now i am kindof stuck in a spot where i dont know what to do next.

Can any one relate to this? Is it worth it to try to focus on building my skills and try to get my portfolio competitive again? or should i just give up and get a normie job.. i still have good creative skills and problem solve well which is crucial and to me the main part of the job, but its such a skill based field where they want to employ the best portfolio..
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yes, infact i can relate, i went to school for gd and, i agree that a school cannot prepare you completely for today's job market and competition, the only thing you can do is work on your skills, im working in 3d modeling too but i do arch viz in unreal so i had to learn that shit like i was new in the field getting out of school, so what i did is apply my graphic design knowledge to put in special formats and graphics in my visualizations, try and branch out a little on something that interest you and you know you can put time into that wont feel like a burden.

i want to get into games or vr so imagine my stress when all i knew was graphic design stuff.

also is fusion 360 better then solidworks?
>fusion 360
im pretty sure its the same as solidworks, i never used it but someone at my company had to for a while. He said it was just a slightly more confuxing solidworks. but we both had only known SW so who knows.

Same on the learning new programs.. i feel like im goingto have to learn Maya or Rhino and and then at least another rendering program. all while getting my sketching skills to a level where they are actually impressive. seems so daunting, i wish i knew how much more i needed to get while still in school. and i wish i didnt waste the last 3 years with jobs that were not improving these skills too.
maybe i can help, for modeling in 3d i like 3ds max but if you want a complete package that has animation, rendering uvs and all that sweet stuff get maya, its industry standard (gaming and movies).

for rendering i all depends whats your final product, if your going for games go for unreal its very very good, but for products that need to be pristine use arnold which comes preinstalled in maya and its not as difficult to learn as vray.

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How would one achieve?
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with pretty elaborate grid system and lots of patience
i like the 1968 Mexican olympics art and design too
What software in adobe's suite is best to reproduce this effect.

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Hey graphic bros
about 5 ish years ago, when i was like 13/14 i was trying to be a graphic designer and a musician at the same time. I designed some sick album art for my vaporwave esque band. I have sinced moved on, but I remember being pretty proud of it. Idk give 13 year old me some criticism.
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For genuine critique, I'd say:

The P should have a curved line rather than a bunch of segments, although I could see that being a limitation of whatever software you were using. The Z is weirdly designed, with one corner pointy and the other flat and especially with the thin middle bit. I also would've made the bottom of the A's flat rather than the simple ends of the lines as you did. The braille, while unnecessary, adds some visual interest. Don't like the fact that the text on the blueprint is backwards.
it's shit
now delete this thread
>5 ish years ago
>like 13/14

things that never happened, the thread.

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Hi guys
can you please help me to make triggered meme effect on this photo?
Or can you show me how to do?
Thx U
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s a g e
I'll recommend some useful photoshop filters after work (5ish USA central time, or thereabouts).
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here but next time


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So, is it just me or is the font of zero fucking awful. The o thinness bugs me the most.
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>second most successful soft drink company on the planet
>I know more about design then their marketing team
It's a personal preference buddy
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>u can't point out tacky mind-numbing garbage shoved in your face everywhere you go when it's made by people holier than you because when it's made by these (((people))) it's really deep and thoughtful and you aren't supposed to understand it


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So I want to get into UX/UI designs for games. Which interactive format/program should I get started with? Flash?
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About UX try this :https://www.lynda.com/guides/user-experience/career-in-user-experience
Photoshop + Spine is the way to go
I think I didn't clearly state the question.

I know that you make the materials on illustrator/materials. Then you make animations on After Effects and the likes. But then what program do you use to make an ui prototype that functions with proper animations? The only way I know for now is Flash.

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What is this art style called? Been looking everywhere, can't find anything on it.

Writing "hand drawn art" doesn't really help. I want references for actually creating animations like in the videos (hand drawn) but I cannot find any.

I search for "psychedelic cartoons" but nothing of value shows up.
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>Bumping on one of the slowest boards

Fuck you and eat shit.
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y tho

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Thoughts on this?

Sorry it's so small I tried to find a bigger version of the of the girl but I couldn't.
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Also give me any criticism you have
What a qt
You've done the graphic equivalent of putting ketchup on fries. Or selecting text in a Word document and clicking the Italics button.

How much crit are you honestly expecting?

I want to achieve this kind of design style in my art but I don't know what books I would need to study to achieve this.

I usually browse /ic/ and they have a very laid out and easy to follow sticky of all the fundamentals needed for illustration. I've read the sticky in /gd/ but I'm wondering what books should I start with first? what should I do? I just really want to achieve this kind of awesome style like the tDR guys.

Anyways, any tips would be welcome, I know how to use PS and AI very well and I've done various designs for people, but never knew how to approach this art style for my own needs.

Pic very much related
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from what i can tell:

literary steal from japs

cyberpunk sci-fi mechas animey and commercial design

ghost in the shell and romanticizing this kind of corporate dystopian thing

you can also look into how japs designed 90s electronics, guns and such goods

lots of 30 degree angles, lots of geometric detail in linear perspective and slight rounded corners and meaningless detail all over the place

study elements of type design, look into russian constructivism, but make it look all futuristic
make an origami and vector that shit, add some really small font and you got it
This ruiner thing looks good

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advices, critiques
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Best animation, better than avatar
OP here... avatar was a great piece of crap. cheers autist
dude what software did you use?

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How do I achieve this dither effect?
Where do I get the pattern with the little crosses or shapes or whatever?
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File: dither02.jpg (39KB, 468x198px)Image search: [Google]
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that's a pixel art gradient
bitmap pattern pixel dithering
I know what it is. I asked:

>How do I achieve this dither effect?

Nobody can read properly or?

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