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Last one is dead >>8687761

Post any WTF sales, sellers, or buyers. Whether it's outrageous prices, horrible products, or just demanding buyers.
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When it comes to leaving feedback, bad or good, do you ever check the feedback of those who have previously left your buyer/seller feedback?

>have amazing interaction with seller
>she rushes to PO after work to post my dress the same day I buy it
>great communication
>wrapped very carefully cause she was worried about wet weather
>notice she has bad feedback about how she was a rude seller
>check profile of person who left feedback and see they have a shit ton of feedback from sellers saying she was flaky/argued about the price after agreeing to buy/offered prices then refused to pay
>disregard all feedback she's given other people
I don't do it often but when I see a situation like the one you mentioned I do check up on who posted that just to see what their reputation is. I mean, if someone has a bunch of positive reviews and then one or two bad ones that don't make any sense compared to the positive ones, I do see what the reviewer's feedback is to see if it's true or just a grudge.

Story somewhat related:

>selling delicate fandom necklace in original plastic packaging
>everything looked great, happy even though I sold it for just over $1 (noob seller back then)
>buyer leaves me neutral feedback
>"Chain broke as soon as I opened it! Nice necklace but I need a new chain!"
>chain looked in perfect condition
>was attached to the back of the packaging so it couldn't even get tangled in shipping
>assume she wants a refund, I'm not doing it
>just ignore the feedback
>never have another situation like that again

All I can assume is that she tried to rip the packaging apart like a heathen and broke the chain herself. I wish I had checked her feedback at the time to see if she had left other reviews like that for people, just to make sure she wasn't a scammer trying to get refunds.
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I sell wigs as a hobby and recently I've gotten some wtf moments from buyers.

>selling random Chinese brand short bob wig for $10
>"Hi! I'm interested in this. What brand is this, Arda or EpicCosplay?"

>sold another random Chinese brand wig for $10
>list defaults under the price like it's shiny and a bit thin
>get neutral review from buyer that borderlines on negative
>"I bought this for $10 and it's shinier than I thought and thin! I guess for $10 I should have expected it but still disappointed!"

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New larp thread because autosage happened again, so standard procedure
previous thread

also don't forget that we have an irc channel at irc.rizon.net #larp
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I'm looking for pictures and tutorials of hairdos for berets. Just got Chess Emblem and need to style my hair. Other hat hairstyles and inspo welcome as well.

ITT: Lolita hairstyles for hats and berets.
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I love berets
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Hi! I'm Japanese.
I'll introduce Japanese cosplay culture and player photo.
It's up to anons whether you post images or not.
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It was recently held "World Cospley Summit" in Japan.
That said I was not took part that.
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Sorry about my poor English.(ToT)
it's cyborgnene!! omg I love her sooooo much !! she's hot, smart and funny !!!! a japanese jnig with naturally huge tits and great personality!

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Old thread: >>8716134

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]
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I ordered 2 things using the forwarding service, and when I checked only 1 of them has shipped. I don't want to risk having to pay warehouse fees. What's the best course of action here? I just ordered about 36 hours ago.
Reposting from last thread:
Does the Pastel Goth style have any certain terms to use on taobao? It's not in the dictionary and combining the terms for pastel and goth doesn't really work. I want to buy some stuff for a friend, so search terms and good shop links would be loved. I tried googling it, but almost all the links lead to dead shops.

Wait longer, it's during a heavy rush season and even outside of that items can take a lot longer to ship. You have 20 free warehouse days per item (the counting only begins once the item is at the warehouse), and the fee charged is 1 yuan per day so it's super minimal if you don't have many things. If after a couple more days they don't ship, you can go to your order management page click 'remind seller to ship'. If they still do nothing after more days, contact the seller and ask when the item will be sent.

Chill out, and take your time to look around your order management pages. If you use google chrome's auto translate and the english guides already published for taobao, you'll become more comfortable and won't panic so easily over nothing. Good luck anon!
pastel goth doesn't really exist like it does on tumblr and elsewhere, so there is no catch-all term for the clothing. I'm guessing combinations of soft sister (for the pastels) or ice cream color, and motifs like the crosses, skulls/bones, etc. accessories are pretty easy to search for using the dictionary terms.

Post those cosplays
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This one I stole from on facebook somewhere. I think they actually paid for this photographer. Can't remember
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Hello /cgl/.

In July I'm going to go to a post-apocalyptic themed LARP (live action role-play) festival and I plan to wear a survivor-like soldier since I do play airsoft and so I have military-grade equipment.

I'm asking you to write me some suggestions about my future costume like kind of materials, body armors and stuff. It must look cool but also functional in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Also, if possible, I'd like to buy as less things as possible since is the spirit of the festival to improvise/make things with what I already have.

>pic related, what I think to gain inspiration from
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shameless self bump
What's the event called?
hmm idk maybe post more pix

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Cosplay photographer here; I'm heading to a few conventions over the next few months and I'm looking for inspiration. My work has felt stale lately, and I'm not becoming as popular as I want to be. I want to know what photos cosplayers admire most.

Only the best go here!
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New Thread, Old one is here >>8748276

International Lolita Day coordinates!
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these fuckin bags.jpg
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i know fairy kei is kinda dead but ey, whatever
post accessories and cute spank! shit to satiate my thirsty pastel-craving ass

also lately ive been drooling over fairy kei-able waistbags, but rarely do i ever come across them (at least the ones leaning towards the style im thinking of, pic related, found it on y!a and have been dying ever since) if anyone has any suggestions, tips or buzzwords i can use to snag one of these or view a wider selection, please tell me!
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I'm 4'11 and I'm trying to figure out what characters would be good to cosplay. I'm not remotely flat chested and binders don't work very well, so they'd have to be fairly covered up.

Any ideas are extremely appreciated
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what's with the newfags? someone just started a bodytype/suggestion thread, and now this.
I don't see anything wrong with this?
Of course you don't, OP. Otherwise you wouldn't have made this thread.

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I know it's a bit early (since they are about a month away~) but I wanted to start a thread on Lucky Packs/Happy Packs! All brands welcome.

>Are you going to get a lucky pack?
>From where?
>Have you gotten them before? If so, are they worth it to you?

I'm really looking to get an Angelic Pretty lucky pack this year. Is anyone else aiming for one? Do you use a shopping service, or do you try to get one through the Japanese website using tenso? What print do you think they will do for it? Will there be a plain Omekashi pack as well?

Share pictures, reviews, anything related to happy packs~ Also, Innocent World Oddment packs are coming! Talk about those as well.
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I want one from IW but it sounds like they're hard to get :( so even though I don't really like AP I might get one if I can't get the IW one. I've been excited for this ever since I missed the outerwear one recently
I got the JSK set actually featured here and it a good JSK with a cute design. It's really nice when I don't want to think too hard about a coord or need to throw something on last minute as I don't have any other full sets. I didn't really like last years print but if I like it this year I would definitely get another one from AP.
Also I use the included purse and blouse all the time so I think it's pretty worth it.
Does anyone have experience with lesser known brand lucky packs/not the big lolita ones? I'm trying to assemble a doc of brands for several fashions.
Looking for info on:
> Listen flavor
>Nile Perch
> Amavel
> Ma*rs
> Datura
> Jane Marple
> Emily Temple Cute

If anyone wouldn't mind dumping some info/pictures of these brands, I'd be very grateful!

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Do you think there's an untapped market for lolita designs on men's clothing?

I'll admit, I don't follow lolita culture at all really, but whenever I pass by a lolita vendor at a con I can't help but wish I had that design on a nice suit jacket.

I know male lolita and brolita exist but I'm sure there's some middle ground that's yet to be considered, what do you think?

I made this mock-up to give a rough example of what I mean, I wanted to put in a classical lolita design but I couldn't find any good pictures of just the fabric online.
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I fucking wish. I want to dress up with my husband and match but the only options are to make everything myself or buy shitty borderline steampunk clothes. Guys need cute things too.
I can't even get ouji items with prints on them so I would kill for this.
I think there'd definitely be an appeal. Lolita was subversive when it first happened and this would be subversive as well.

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Where can a person who doesn't have much disposable income get nice J fashion without looking awful?
Lolita is probably out of the question for poor people, but what about other styles?
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How poor are we talking?
I hope you're not looking for things like your OP image.
save up like the rest of us poorfags

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Old thread is autosaging >>8722970
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Way to ruin a decent thread.
>anon makes a new thread that isn't redundant
>a topic that people will actually respond to

>>8725828 confirmed for salty cosplayer
> thread was made this morning
>previous thread wasn't dead
>was the first to reply late at night
>topic is about Lolita online communities

Yes I'm a cosplayer how did you know?

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