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This was just announced.

Really feeling like the US branch is crashing and burning thanks to shitty organizers.
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I'm willing to bet a lot of cons turned this down because of the sheer cost involved for the "privilege" of hosting. I still wish someone in the USA would start a different cosplay competition that wasn't run like a shitshow.
This is my local con.

What does this mean for me?
Song and dance dog show

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What were cons like pre 2004ish?
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Pretty chill. We still had our lolcows, but I found a lot of feats in cosplay more amazing because of the lack of wide-spread materials. There weren't 5 million colors of wigs and worbla readily available. Katie bear tutorials and sharpie dying were like witchcraft.

I also found cons less autstic (granted, I'm a bit aged out now, but if kids are having fun that's good). It was much less competative cosplay-wise, in the fact that you were just excited to see someone cosplaying from whatever series, it didn't really matter if they were missing a wig or construction was kind of shit. Since cosfame wasn't really a thing outside of Yaya or your online fave, there wasn't a ratrace amongest cosplayers. You were simply lucky to find a photo of yourself online in a gallery since everyone had disposable cameras. It all felt more personal to me.
Cons back then were more of a fun and chill Halloween party compared to how cut and polished things are now, as a norm.
That's not knocking on today's cons, because it's honestly pretty amazing how far things have come in the last decade or so.
Pretty amazing, ngl. This might just be the nostalgia talking, but in ye olde day cons were a magical oasis that you pilgrimage to once or twice a year. The conventions themselves were shittier with garbage programming and guests unless you were at one of the huge ones like Otakon, but in the late 90s and early 2000s it was much harder to come by anime merch and videos unless you were in a dealer's room. So it was something to get excited about. It was also harder to meet other weebs and cosplayers in the wild since this stuff wasn't mainstream yet. Most anime cons were smaller too, so it was easy to meet and chat with other nerds, since everyone was so desperate to make friends and have a good time.

It was a really different feel, especially from a cosplay perspective because virtually nobody was dressing up to get famous or take photos were better than potato quality.
Less bitches showing tits

I know there's a new actual handmade thread, but u didn't think this was the right place for it.

So I've been thinking about immersing myself more into Lolita, but I've heard from a few people in local community that you are basically outcasted if you make your stuff as opposed to buying brand. I just love the fashion and style and want to be part of the community but I don't have $500 to drop on a coord.

So opinions? I'd like to know your feelings on handmade?

Also pic is just one of my inspirations.
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If you can make it look good, go ahead. Most lolitas hate handmade because on top of being poorfags, people that go that way usually can't sew for shit.
> basically outcasted if you make your stuff as opposed to buying brand

I'm really curious about why this is such a common misconception. Everyone who asks about this is told that handmade stuff is only ridiculed by the snobbiest of snobs as long as it's good quality, and in my experience, that is completely true.
I honestly wish I knew how to sew. I have a lot of very cute ideas for dresses and would love to wear them but I suck at physically making them. If your ideas are good no one will mind handmade. If they're good enough I'm sure they'll even make other people jelly since no one else can have them.

Since I haven't seen one in a while.

I can't decide if dear celine's small sailor college salopette would look good worn or not
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Tricky Nightmare Factory Skirts worn, please?
I know it's new but I'm hoping someone has pics.
Infanta's coffee time jsk?

Old thread is kill. More ILD coords are pouring in late.

This is not even a sceptre, it's a staff, which seems to have been intentional. I hate sceptres and props but this isn't the worst, thought it looks horribly impractical.
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Poor dress..

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Has anyone got any good Ranger/Sentai cosplay?

I'm kind of tempted to get a Crimson or Navy Thunder suit, but i'm really sceptical of the quality and timeframe they give you.

I think Aniki is the most popular one but i've heard some really dodgy stuff he does, and people are waiting 6+ months for an order.

I talked to JTOKUCOSTUME and they've been quick and upfront with my questions, but they don't have any pictures of the finished product (no prior commissions I guess?) I want so i'm unsure how it would turn out.

Are there any other places to go through for decent ranger suits that won't take forever to make? Or any places that I should stay away from, like obvious scammers, etc.
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What's your budget?

Low: --> Buy a kit for the helmet and paint/sand it yourself. Or use model for hobby/colorsuits stuff. Be warned, it won't look very good.

Medium -->($800-$1000) Aniki. Buy 1 year in advance, especially if it's not a super popular ranger they make all the time.

High -->($1500-$2000) Go on rangerboard and commission pieces from US sellers.
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Probably medium, but I don't want to wait so long.

I'm not very handy at all so making it myself would be out of the question.

>tfw JTOKU only does Navy

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Splatoon thread.
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>No tank
>No gun
>No ears
>No fangs
>Wrong shorts
>Not even trying to match any of the clothing styles in the game

It's shit.
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then post good shit faggot
>No tank
>No gun
Inklings don't always have their gear on 24/7, calm down.

>No ears
Agree, needs ears.

>No fangs
If the food is just for the shot and not actually meant to be eaten, then I agree. Otherwise no, eating with cosplay fangs is a horrible idea.

>Wrong shorts
>Not even trying to match any of the clothing styles in the game
I don't think this was a very serious attempt, screams of "muh closet cosplay".

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new ebay thread

>what have you bought?
>any good stores youve stumbled upon lately?

my question is where can i buy some good "mom" jeans and shorts? i can't seem to find any jeans but one pair of shorts.
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>my question is where can i buy some good "mom" jeans and shorts?
oh that's rich, mate.
im just looking for comfy highwaisted baggy pants? its getting cold here.
any good(not horrid) peter pan collar dresses?
(or things with scallops?)

What are some tips for someone looking to start a Lolita community? My area has no comm, despite a large number of lolitas, so I decided to make one. What ways can I prevent ita shit from plaguing it? What do you guys think of making a comm 18+ and having a dress code? The dress code won't be strict at all, just essentially saying that you can't dress ita as fuck to meets. I'm also looking for advice or stories related to
>social hierarchy
>banning people
>meet ideas
>getting people who don't know anyone to actually interact with other lolitas instead of awkwardly just sitting there
>dealing with people no one can stand
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Yeah, good luck with the 'don't dress ita' thing. I'm sure that'll go over really well.
Why? Im pretty sure the only people who would really mind that are itas, which are the exact people I don't want coming to meets.
The people who are ita will not know they are ita, honey.

And who gets to tell them, and when, hmm? Are you going to do it, OP? When they just arrived at the meet after spending perhaps two hours driving or sitting in transit, wearing $100+ of Milanope and that's the most they've spent on an outfit their entire life?

"Honey, I'm sorry, that looks like you bought it from Milanope, you can't hang out with us today"

She will inevitably be heartbroken and interpret you as bullies.

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Blog thread?
Share old and new blogs about Jfash/lolita/lifestyle/... anything nice to read and /cgl/ related, really
Selfposts are fine. I won't selfpost mine unless asked for and will send privately.
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>mfw guiltily updating mine right now because i've neglected it for like a month since i started my new job
Oh what is it about anon?
What platform?
I am looking for more blogs to comment on, i just wanna get some blog friends
>tfw too shy
There's a google doc with a list of blogs somewhere; on mobile so I can't link it right now.

I've sort of fallen out of blogging; I feel like I want to update but I have nothing to post about.

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blue gold lyre jsk.jpg
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Post coords you think look good! Lets get some inspo going of all styles.
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Since the gyaru thread specified that they don't want himekaji posted, let's get our own thread started!

I heard that Liz Lisa isn't going to do a box this year. Do you think there will be any other Liz Lisa/Lizmelo lucky packs? Think you'll get one? Any details yet?
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The fuck. They just announced the lucky packs and the largest one will be a LizMelo one.
ohh thank you! Sorry for the misinformation. Is that on TKL?
dumping some inspo pictures for winter

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Old thread in autosage
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Unanswered questions from last thread
Anon for >>8703880 and >>8704236 come back
>Is Ready Made Prison school cosplays any good?
Nothing Ready Made will be as good if you make yourself. If you want you can find a commissioner to make you the sweater or get it from Ebay/Taobao/Japanese cosplay seller. If you come back let me know since you are from Finland.
>Where can I find Madoka's soul gem
Ebay, Taobao, Yahoo Japan auctions, Amazon.jp, Amazon, Japanese cosplay stores, Chinese cosplay stores, or DIY if you want to be a cheap ass

If I missed a question repost it!
Wunderwelt ships via EMS with tracking. It's pretty good, gets around reaosnably fast after WW sends it out. They will bill you separately for the shipping; just click the links they send you after you pay for your actual purchase and they will be your shipping charges. Add them to cart like you do normal products and check out. Once they confirm you bought the shipping they'll ship it.
What could I make Ryuko's guitar case out of?
I'd like to be able to actually carry the scissorblade in it, so I figured making the case would be easier/cheaper than buying one. Only issue is I have no idea where to even start.

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Lolitas with guns thread. Itas too cause fuck it I guess.
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There is some japanese brand selling kawaii pastel guns btw, their twitter is https://twitter.com/GrandGuignol96

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/cgl/ confession thread? /cgl/ confession thread.

I am with my boyfriend since nearly two years now, "likes" lolita and such, and lately i've discovered he was texting another girl that was actually in cosplay and i saw he was sexting with her. (i basically trust in a relationship but it was accidental, mine was totally dead from the whole day and charging so i took his to make a call and...fell on all their stuff. He was basically sexting right before i came home. Wow)
Heart= broken.
He even said that my boobs were too small to "justify" his cheating what a piece of trash.
I was so sad and mad i saved his mother's number under her name
Long story short he sent dirty texts and probably a dick pic to his mom or something similar from all the yelling i've heard when he was at the phone with her.
I regret absolutely nothing.
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I think he got what was coming to him
OP you're my hero.
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fucking screencapped
serves him well

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