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You know the drill.
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Last thread reached autosage: >>8546384

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion.

Look up buttcape's "Ouji Overview" before asking any questions here.

Google "elegant gothic aristocrat" before asking any questions here.

Read the whole thread before asking any questions here.

Post coords, questions, tips, inspo, etc. OC and selfposts encouraged! Picspam discouraged, we've seen most of it by now.

DISCUSSION PROMPT: Did you do anything princely for Halloween? What special occasion, meetup, or brand release are you looking forward to next?
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Do other gulls do long hair or short hair for ouji? I've seen both
boyfriend was going to do his first boystyle coord on Halloweem for a meet but none of his clothes came in on time. I felt really bad cause it was his first time hanging out with the group but he looked handsome in normalfag gentleman clothes. If anyone had any U.S. shops to recommend that doesn't take 28383828 years to ship that would be so helpful!
>Did you do anything princely for Halloween?
i attended a mid-October Halloween meetup, and explored downtown in a simpler ouji coord for Halloween. a beggar complimented my outfit.

>What special occasion, meetup, or brand release are you looking forward to next?
my first ILD. i feel that i should wear something special or new so i will budget for another secondhand haul.

do what works best for you. i do short hair.

how big is your boyfriend?

Anyone have any idea what is a reasonable amount for AATP Beauty and the rose promise in Ivory? :)
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How much is a fair price to sell AATP Black Cat Witch and the Apple Tree op in navy + matching headbow?
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Antique Beast's Bat Headband?
I've seen it range between 40-80 at an inconsistent rate.
Are you selling?

What are you up to, Mass seagulls? Also, other than Anime Boston and AAC, what are your favorite cons that aren't too far from the home state? Been looking to branch out since those are the only 2 I attend annually.
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personally, i've always really loved ctcon
i live in nh and the only anime/cartoon cons in the area i've been to are AAC, drawncon and qck (which is shit dont go). i'm thinking about going to AB next year though.

you could try out portcon or conneticon, which are fairly well known. portcon is pretty cool from what my friends tell me

Ctcon is shit and literally the same price as some of the best cons in the country.

OP you could try ghosting Arisia, it's pretty alright if you don't pay for a badge and the parties are great

I think most established lolitas have had one or two binges, whether they be because of a tax return or a bonus at work or anything, really. Tell us about them, gulls! Did you blow it all on that new release or just buy 5 new dresses all at once? Do you regret it? Why or why not?

My most recent binge I spent something like 500$, so not too terrible. I have no excuse other than I was sad.
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My last binge was 1000 euros, I spent it all on oldschool dresses and the Misty Sky re-release. I only regret not getting more tops, because I promised myself I was going to use it for more blouses and in the end I bought like 7 new main pieces and 1 cutsew.
>pretend shopping by making a y!ja watch list
>not so much pretend anymore
>going to justify it by saying it's a christmas present to myself
>almost 2k16
>binging brand instead of melty cream donut replicas

Old thread in auto sage >>8720742
Remember that gifts need to be sent out by the first week of December!
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Reporting since the last thread is almost dead:
ML from OH and KAL from NY, do either of you have allergies/food issues? I would like to bake some holiday cookies (linzers and gingerbread or sugar cookies, probably) and send with your packages, but if you can't or won't eat them, I'll just hold off.
KAL here, I don't have any allergies. looking forward to the sweets!
Should we mark them somehow? I have a ton of packages coming and would hate to accidentally open it!

>mfw I accidentally opened a gift today because I got 3 packages at once and had no clue it was even a gift

Maybe write Lolita Gift Exchange or /cgl/ on it somewhere?

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Share your funny /cgl/ related shit.
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Let's talk about fashion inspired by Junko Mizuno and Uchuu.

Warning: Aspects of gurokawa may include vomiting, self-loathing, abortion, and general self-harm.

Also please no discussion of real mental health or who can/cannot wear this stuff.

We are here to talk about pretty clothes with pills and syringes, so if you don't like the imagery, please go somewhere else.
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i thought it was fucking called menhera.
Menhera is part of it, but I want a thread to disscuss the Junko Mizuno stuff that was shown in the last thread, not just menhera. People pointed out that the two have much in common, so samethread?
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Didnt see one in the catalog. What's been your makeup inspiration lately gulls? Plan on treating yourself to any Holiday palettes this year?
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Can we also ask for help in this thread? I'm searching for a primer...may someone recommend me one?
I've heard a lot of nice things about the Hangover primer from Too Faced. Personally I use Cover FX anti-acne and mattifying primer but it seems like a lot of people hate it. I haven't had any weird issues with it though, and it doesn't make my face break out.
I love MAC paint pots. They are incredible.

What do you think about people who use cosplay to make a living, or at least earn money? (Whether through appearances, doing parties, etc)? Have you ever thought about it?
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Can we add making a living in Jfashion aswell? I'm curious about people doing it without being efame fucks.
As long as they're not scammers or ditching their fans and going somewhere else like JNig, I don't really care.

However, it's not a viable career option and people who think they can live a comfortable life just by doing cosplay are delusional.

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Hey /cgl/ lets have a maid cafe general!

Have a maid cafe near you? Work at a maid cafe, even if its just at a con? Come share stories, pictures, etc.

I'll Start:
I've been working for a small con the past few years doing maid cafe, and we've changed some things around and need some nice, not too expensive dresses for the maids to wear. Anyone have any ideas?
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>all those facial lines
definite head maid right there
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Yay I love maid threads!

bodyline has some cute ones that aren't too bad of a price. Their quality is okay and slightly better than if you were to get one of the amazon dresses.
That does look cute!
is there a way to get them in different sizing though? some of our maids are... well, bigger...

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Countdown to Christmas Edition
Old Thread >>8736452

Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8739917
Coord Help >>8738411
Dream Dress Thread >>8729715
Dumb Questions >>8737527
Handmade Thread >>8705820
International Lolita Day >>8734946
Lucky Packs >>8734556
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Worn Thread >>8690934
Brolita Thread >>8713032
Boystyle Thread >>8697142

Lolita Guidebook

Does your comm have a meetup planned for Christmas? Is it separate from ILD or is there just one big bash?
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sizing jetj.png
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So I'm considering getting the new JetJ shoes, but the sizing just doesn't make fucking sense to me.

I'm a EU 38, my feet measure 23,8cm, that pretty much equals a Japanese M size on that chart (24cm).
But according to the UK size on this chart, the shoes in M are only a Japanese 23,5 and according to the French (EU) size the shoes in M are only a Japanese 23,0. So they suddenly wouldn't be the right size anymore.
Going by the Japanese sizing again, the L size (25cm) would definitely be too big for me, going by the French size, L would fit me again.

So which size am I supposed to pick now? I'm hella confused. If anyone owns JetJ shoes and can tell me what the sizing is truly like, I'd really appreciate that.
Those are ugly af, don't bother
Has anyone else tried ordering from Maiden Clothing and received this error when trying to pay? Every time I hit the next button on my payment screen I get this error before I can input my information. Any idea what to do? I'm going to email them about it now and see if they can send me a new payment link...

I am very sorry. Could not your application.
Please press the "close" button.
※ "close" when you click the button if the browser is not closed
Please closed on the Close button on the browser (or tab)."

Old thread in autosage

>"cat-maid lolita"
I fail to see any of those 3 things in this picture...
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she's obviously wearing neko ears and tights so obviously shes a neko maid loli
Girl on left looks cute

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Old one reached limit
Old Thread >>8724906

Will we ever find a perfect Undyne?
Any tutorials you can share?
Post your upcoming or completed cosplays
and WIP's
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I'm upcycling my velvet Eridan cape into Asgore. It's pretty much the same process as any HS cosplay. Just... snout? What to do?¿
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Finished the base of the napstabot chestpiece. I'm hoping to completely finish it by the end of the night. I just need to add the speaker and create the cross-faders that are going to be on the other side of the chest.
>What to do?¿
go back to tumblr

Can we have a decoden thread? We've had them before and they went really well.

I'm thinking about getting some whipple cream, anyone here have experience with it? Also what are your thoughts on the amount of people who use it to decorate phone cases? Is that market pretty much full or should I try to get in on that?
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I used to do a FUCKLOAD of Decoden (pic related of a couple did)

I actually just bought "Whipple" branded whipple cream today.. Its a lot like watered down fimo and Im not sure of its lasting capability, I actually used to use silicon as as much as it smelled horrid for the first week, it was waterproof and had incredibly strong hold on the case and the deco pieces.

Basically in the decoden market.. Its like:
1. How good are your creations
2. How cheaply can you price

When I was selling I bought in MASSIVE bulk and could undercut everyone. My cases in the pic were around $15USD. Saying that though, I have seen people sell some absolute garbage for $50USD so its really about your marketing.

As for my thoughts on it... its tacky as hell and I am a tacky bitch.. so I really like it! And making it is a lot of fun,
Wish people made S5 decoden cases, but no one does it. Cases are too expensive compared to iphone I guess...
Your stuff looks a lot like what I see on instagram!
Unfortunately I don't know enough about silicone to make these kind of phone cases.
I thought it was like dyed glue? The video I saw of someone making a case made it seem that way because they put it on, and then stuck a bunch decoden stuff in it and it dried perfectly.
I've also seen videos of people dropping the cases they made to prove it holds up and it does, at least for one drop it does.

Most people only have their phones for like 2 years tops, so it needs to last 2 years max but could probably get away with a lot less than that.

That's good to know, anon! Maybe that's what I'll focus on once I get good.

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