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love live cosplay time
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Cute photoshoot, but the face scares me, fuck (the shop is pretty bad on there)
Why are there so many thirst threads? Are you neckbeards sad because no one wants to spend the holidays with you?

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Old one at 300 >>8628695

Just came back from an appointment at a beautician, she said I use too much different products with oils and white wax on my face, she could tell from the sebum on my forehead. Of course she wanted to push the salon's expensive products on me (med beauty swiss) but seemed reasonable most of the time.

what's your opinion on only using oil- and parrafinum/white wax free products on your face? any suggestions?

also: what toner do you guys use?
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Depends on what they're for. You shouldn't stop using lip balm, of course, but I don't even know of that many products with white wax.

Maybe she meant parrafinum liquidum (mineral oil)? Which seems sus because it's one of the least comedogenic oils you can use but I guess there's people who break out from that too.

I don't think that many products contain white wax but if you want to be sure just run each one through cosDNA, that should tell you all you need to know.

Sebum is completely normal to have on your face. (Fun fact, if you think you have blackheads on your nose, there's a strong chance they're actually sebaceous filaments.)

And one of the best ways to reduce the appearance of any unsightly sebum is massaging your face with oil, including mineral oil (guessing that's the same thing as white wax). And while some people do have bad reactions to mineral oil/white wax, it doesn't sound like you are one of them. So yeah, she's trying to push products on you.

As far as toners go, I just use a PH balanced cleanser, so there's no need for it. Sometimes I like to spray rose water on my face though, but only because it smells really nice.
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>Start fancy new asian skincare routine, never had bad skin, but it could be better
>Becomes smoother, less oily and refreshed looking
>eventually develop some strange rash like thing on one side of my mouth, not really a breakout as there are no pimples
>Have stopped new product usage for a few weeks
>no worsening or improvement of signs, still have weird rash thing on one side of my mouth

It should be noted I don't have sensitive skin (in my 24 years of skincare, I've never had a bad reaction to a product, the worst thing would be a cleanser or two drying me out) or any food allergies. It's the most bizarre thing, and the quality and tone of skin overall is great, but I'd be super bummed if one of my products did this.

The symptoms are hard to search, because I keep getting results with pimple like things (which I don't have).

Cleaned my external hard drive and hit the motherload
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How feasible is it to make the 'metal' parts of a video game character suit from 1,5mm or 4mm plywood? Pic related
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>This didn't need its own thread
>Use foam/worbla/wonderflex/sintra/whatever
Okay. Does anyone hold/know of a pre-made 3d model that I could use? Mostly interested in the mark iv suit
>pre-made 3d model that I could use?
didn't link character or game name, expect us to reverse image search and hold your hand

You are planning on making a full suit of armor and can't even provide basic references, and don't even use the help thread. You are off to a grand start.

Yes, you can make this out of plywood. It will probably only take you the weekend. Please post pics on Monday.

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Old one: >>8713830

Self explanatory
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I''m shocked these two haven't been these threads yet. They burn enough bridges in the East Coast community.
>Self explanatory
About your vendetta? Yup.

There's nothing "bad" other than a yawn.

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I find this really inspiring and I want to try something similar on my next shoot. Let's have a cosplay photo before and after thread.
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General cute fashion thread! Last one reached max image limit
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Also last anon wanted to see kota's room and i tried to make a plan of it. It was actually fun to do.
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though i got mistaken, it's less bigger, you can actually see the inferior right corner of the room way closer to her vanity. I feel like a total creep but it's actually fun to do for some reason.

I know we have this thread from time to time, but i need some suggestions for my friend to help her avoid looking like pic related

she has every intent to lose weight, but in the mean time she wants to cosplay someone. she was suggesting pyro or fem heavy- and those are fine, but i don't know if i should encourage it because she hasn't cosplayed before and i doubt she can make something as elaborate as pyro.

suggestions? big gulls, what have you cosplayed in the past?
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Is she actually tall or just wide?
There was a good plus-size cosplay thread a while back, with a Miss Piggy I particularly liked. Search the archives.
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curvy hilda.jpg
146KB, 778x1000px

"Curvy" Hilda from Shadow Hearts 3.

Hell you could even go as "Slim" Hilda with her.

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Embarassing moments you had in cosplay or jfash go! Share the shame. I will begin with what happened today
>day off todah
>decides to dress in sweet lolita
>put on a cute coord and feels good
>decides to go to a nice cafe to treat myself to a pastry
>everything is going well at the cafe,eating a slice of cake with some hot cocoa
>suddenly bowels movement
>oh god i have to poop so bad
>go to the cafe's toilet in a hurry
>release...quite loudly...
>thankfully there is no one right?
>Right as i open the goddamn door i see about 5 women standing waiting for their turn silently staring at me
>wash hands and run away before even finishing cocoa and cake
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Is this bait?
I legitimately avoid doing fun things like going out and car rides to conventions because of my IBS-D. It sucks so much.

So how many of you are taking fashion inspiration from anime?

Anyone up on doing closet versions of this for fun?
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So you may have heard of the Project 333 thing. If you had to go three months with 33 items of lolita clothing, what would they be? The original project includes jewellery in your 33 items, but I think that's a bit impossible with lolita and same with petticoats.

But still, what would you pick? Post a theoretical collage or pics from your actual wardrobe and maybe explain your choices a little.

I made a chocolate themed sweet lolita collection in mostly mint and brown with pink and white accents. I only picked one bag, because it matched everything, and only have the makings of one "dressy" outfit, because I put this together with it being a Autumn-Winter (Australian winter, that is, so no need for giant coats) wardrobe for more everyday/casual wear but still wanted to have the makings of one nicer outfit for special occasions.
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What a fun challenge!
I'm going to attempt this now with a mixed classic/sweet/old school wardrobe.
I only have 19 items currently, plan to add another 2 skirts, an op, another print jsk, 2 purses and many more accessories.
This is much harder than I expected it to be!
I'm a little bit too lazy to make a collage, so I'll just write it out. I'd pick 2 colors for the main pieces, an accent color, and a neutral color that goes with the palette (like black/brown, or white if it's super pastel).

* 5 main pieces
- 1 solid color JSK
- 1 patterned JSK (stripes/polkadots/tartan)
- 1 print JSK
- 1 patterned Skirt
- 1 printed skirt

* 5 tops
- 2 plain white blouses, one short and long sleeved
- 2 "fancier" white blouses, short and long sleeved
- 1 blouse in an accent color

* 5 Outerwear
- 3 boleros/cardigans, 1 neutral, 1 in each of the main colors, 1 accent color
- match-everything coat/Jacket

* 4 pairs of shoes
- 2 pairs of flat shoes, 1 neutral color, 1 accent color
- 1 pair of fancier heeled shoes
- 1 pair of boots

* 5 pieces of headwear
- 3 headbows, 1 neutral, 1 in each main color
- 2 Berets, 1 neutral, 1 accent color

*5 pieces of legwear
- white/neutral tights
- 3 pairs of patterned OTKs, 1 in each main color, 1 neutral, 1 accent color
- neutral ankle socks

* 3 Bags
- 1 neutral everyday bag
- 1 accent color
- "fancy" bag, can be cute but impractical

Total: 31
I'd probably add another blouse or cardigan as needed to get it up to 33. Basically, I don't think you can have too many tops and especially cardigans/boleros, since they can really change the look of the outfit.

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Unpopular cosplay/J fashion opinions that you have.

>Be me, 20 pounds or so overweight
>Going to gym everyday and dieting because I think body acceptance in cosplay is bullshit
>Fully aware if I want to do this as a hobby I should look the part
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That's not an unpopular opinion.
starve yourself so you can cosplay papyrus too
On it!

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Show us what you're working on!
Previous thread: >>8679216
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Combat Cross from Castlevania I threw together in 2 days for a friend. Made entirely from scrap parts and leftover paint I had lying around.
Abel Nightroad crusnik wings. Realized I fucked up the proportions after looking at a better (non-cropped) reference image, first try on the right and somewhat amended one on the left. Still hate them.

gdi Temjin why is everything you make perfection
>2 posters
>2 replies
Lol one of you is samefagging.

Con's in a week and change. Anyone going? I know there was a thread last year though it didn't get a lot of interest. I'm really excited about the venue change

inb4 "Anime North is coming to Texas!?" Wrong con, bucko.
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Glad you made a thread, anon!

I'm local so I'm planning to day trip on Saturday, should be interesting at least.

I went the first year, didn't buy a badge, said my hellos to several con-friends and then left after an hour or so.

Considering buying a badge this year just to see Quantum Destiny's panels and maybe enter the costume contest.
I have a bunch of friends going, even some co-workers. They're all excited about Asuna from Sword Art being there.
What is everyone wearing?

I know ANT posted about all the pretty photo locations so we should at least get some good photography out of this, I hope.

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Post jfashion or cosplay Instagram accounts that you like. Of course feel free to share your own.

Also some questions for added discussion.
>what do you look for in an Instagram account when following?
>what do you hate when people post?
>what do you wish people posted more of?
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Is anyone else sick of seeing GLW and Lockshop shit in the eglcommunity tag? I had really hoped they'd stick to the obvious lolitafashion and lolita ones, and eglcommunity could be just for non-commercial stuff, but GLW tag all their non-lolita shit with the same tags and it's really annoying.
Yup it's super annoying. Honestly every tag seems to end up with so much commercial spam. It's frustrating to say the least.
I sort of wish you could report tag spam or something, it's really stupid. I just want to see people post cute shit and outfits.

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