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Kickstarter Logo.png
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Any new Kickstarters looking good? Anything actually worth backing at the moment? Backed any past projects? Talk about it here!
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Ill just get it started, I found this one by Doc Dailey and friends, he did a successful project awhile ago, and is doing another helmet, looks intresting, pic related are helmets being made. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2126202269/frontier-buccaneer-3d-printed-cosplay-prop-helmets
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People kickstarting their trips to cons? Seriously? And some weebs pay for that? Wow...

What is casual lolita? What is not? What is acceptable and what isn't? Post your opinions and pictures!
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Real talk?

It comes down to how old you physically look. If you're still passing for highschool age, then the mish-mash j-fash styles incorporated with lolita look pretty cute and casual.

When you start to show your age, then it's time to hit up the Fanny Rose tumblr for style tips and aim for a more casual vintage feel.
I want every single thing in the coord! It's actually so lovely!
Sauce on skirt/vest?
I'm not keen on the tights but I can deal.

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Feather Suit.png
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Have /cgl/ ever considered making costumes as a job?
Skilled artisans are needed for the film and commercial industry.
Why not apply?

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That is my planned career path actually. I'm still in university, I'm studying Fashion Design at the top design school in my country. I decided to study fashion over actual costume because I felt like it would give me more options in industry and more transferable skills.
I have friends who study costume, and while their course looks fun creating beautiful and elegant ballgowns and such, they seem to cut a few corners, in drafting, construction and other areas.
it's the skilled part that's a problem
I'm actually in my final year at the top Theatre school in my country! I specialize in Lighting Design and Costume Construction. Having studied fashion design as well, I think the main difference is not so much 'cutting corners' - I don't think we do at all to be fair - but more the construction aspect. A fashion designer creates a piece of art that while intricate and very precise in it's construction, and does not have to withstand a week, or month, or longer, worth of run time. There are definitely different techniques to both fields, and where as costume construction will typically be more period pieces (but not always!), fashion is more free to explore a piece of clothing as a piece of art telling it's own story - a costume for theatre of film however is more a tool to tell the story as a whole.

I suggest to anyone considering either field to do both if you can! You will learn so much in each sphere of design. Each field also has so many options as well! Stichers, Cutters, Management, Textiles, Mistressing and so on and so forth. And if you do happen to choose one, talk to graduates of the program who have pursued varied work.

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con badges.png
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When did you go to your first convention? Which con was it and how old were you?
How many cons have you been to since?

For me, My first convention was Hama-con in 2010 when I was 14. I've been to about 25 conventions since then (7 as an artist), and kept my badges to most of them (I lost a few :/).
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>first con
katsucon 2011
i was 13
>last con
otakon 2013
i was 16
conventions were too overwhelming for me
i moved on to lolita and jfash
I went to Anime Iowa in 2011, but didn't really cosplay until Kumoricon 2014 after I moved

I keep all of my badges as well
>grandma took me to first con
>she had more fun than I did
>she be handicapped
>sat in lobby
>she had a blast watching the 'costumers' walk around
>she always asked for me to mail her pics of me at cons after I moved across the country
>she passed away a few years back
>still have her badge hanging in my room

Thanks Grandma
If I'm right Phoenix Cactus Comicon in 2007 was my first con. Went to see Vic Micnanang, my 14 year old dreams were crushed when I found out he was a massive asshole.

I've probably been to over 20 conventions in since, but the only out of state con I've been to is SDCC, hoping to go to PMX this year and change that trend.

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Seagulls, Linkle will be like the new Elsa?
Is cute, is relative simple compare to others important female Zelda characters.
>Also, overused cosplays to next year thread
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female Link was already overdone
But now Nintendo did it canon
Mettaton EX. It's all over tumblr.

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Can we discuss dodgy SS and webshops?
Having trouble with one of them and want to share your concerns and stories?
Were you scammed or are you still waiting for your goods after many months of waiting?
What SS and webshops should we avoid?

Here is my story.
I bought something from an SS on facebook named Loli Loli Paradise, they also have another SS account named Ieong Kam Seng.
This is a Taobao SS.
My transaction took place in May, it was a pre-order for an OP (not a print replica, fyi) and matching headdress.
At some point I sent them a pm which they didn't respond to so I went to their fb account and see what's in the comments.
There I read several people were having troubles with this seller at this point.
Since my time was running out and I had no choice, I filed a paypal claim in August.
They begged me to drop the claim but I said I'd only do that if they sent me my things. Once received I would drop my claim.
This prompted them to send me the OP, which they already had in possession, but not the headdress because the shop producing these hadn't finished them yet.
They gave me another headdress as a gift when they sent the OP. I will probably never get the matching headdress at this point, my messages go ignored.
All communication ceased again.
Basically all this time they never kept me updated, I had to keep pushing the SS and eventually threaten with filing a claim (which I actually did file at some point but cancelled after receiving my OP).
Anyone else having these problems with Loli Loli Paradise?
I've been a customer of theirs for several years now and always liked them but after this experience I feel the community needs to be informed that there are problem with this seller/SS.

Picture unrelated.
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You kinda fucked up there yourself. You forced them to send you something which they did and they cant make the stores work faster. They need to communicate better for sure if people are unsure about what is happening but with taobao waiting months is the norm.

Was the op you got the katrina replica?
Yeah I know fucked up a bit, but if I didn't file the claim I probably still wouldn't have had my dress?
Waited as long as I could with my claim to give them time but at some point you just have to you know?
I sent them so many messages politely asking for an update, which they all ignored, they only started replying when I filed the claim which says everything really.
Their biggest issue is definitely communication. I know it's hard to keep in touch with all buyers but if there's a big delay, as a buyer I'd like it if they just post a message on their wall to explain what is happening.
I'm kinda at peace with not getting the headdress at this point. The gift headdress was quite nice and works well with it so it's not that I'm left empty handed.
It's just that they promised me to send it 2 weeks after they sent the dress, it's a promise they didn't keep. I even would have covered the extra shipping costs.
And yes, the dress I ordered was the Katrina replica.
>Order from Qutieland on Oct 5th
>Invoiced the 9th
>Pay immediately
>5 days later, order status still not updated (awaiting stock confirmation/awaiting payment)
>shoot them a mail about it
>Get a mail on the 18th saying the item I bought was out of stock, they ask if I want a diff colorway and that they will know next week if they can get confirmation of materials to make the one I originally wanted
>8 days go by, and no response
>mail them
>2 weeks go by, and still silence
>send them a couple mails with alternative choices for things around the same value
>no replies
>By now it's November, so I file a dispute hoping to get their attention
>3 days of no responses before I escalate it to a claim
Of course they didn't respond to paypal either within 2 weeks deadline, so I won by default.

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Is it...cool if we have a black hair jfashion inspo thread? I have a straight up afro and I have absolutely no idea how to uncorporate that into himekaji.
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Bangs. You definitely need bangs. I know someone is gonna come in here and yell at me in about five minutes for saying this but uncovered foreheads rarely look good, especially if you have a big one.
Get some clip in bangs from the local beauty shop, I think even chains like Sally's carries them. Bangs add cuteness and youthfulness
*Incorporate. Oopsie.
Clip-in bangs with a fro look stupid at worst, and at best they just look really obviously fake.

I do agree that it looks nicer with the forehead covered, I think you can simulate bangs with nice braids and all, but I don't have any examples.

I didn't see anything in the catalog relating to events in Japan, any gulls out there actually living here? Discuss upcoming cosplay/jfashion events.

>>design festa - anyone else attend and spend as much money on cute stuff as I did?
>>harajuku fashion walk December 12
>>december comiket
>>tfw you live in Japan and have no cosplay/jfashion friendfs
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Typing fail.
No but I did pay a shopping service to buy me stuff at Design Festa. I would love to know what you bought. I hope that someday I can go to Japan and shop at Design Festa myself, it's so not fair to see all of the cute pictures of designers' merchandise on their Twitters and then just cross my fingers that the shopping service will do the best they can. I'm sure if I went there in person I'd buy about 100 more things.

Design Festa is sensory overload. I definitely recommend going, but only if you can dedicate the whole weekend to it and you have a lot of spare cash.

I ended up buying a ton of postcards and prints this time around, but I did get some cute accessories and stuff. I usually hate perler bead things but these I thought were pretty cute for a pastel coord I've been putting together.

>>neko hat + pin 3200 yen
>>matching dolphin rings 3800 each (bf wanted one too)
>>perler floppy disk keychain 600
>>perler heart necklace 2800
>>penguin sticker 200

I also have about 30 business cards to go through, I could make a list of their Twitter/websites if anyone is interested.

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Post the nitpicks here instead of clogging up the ita thread
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This belongs in the ita thread.
I agree with this there is basically nothing I like about this.
what belongs in the ita thread
-lace monsters
-shiny halloween shit
-shiny cosplay shit
-colours clashing horribly
-terrible hair
-terrible makeup
-wtf accessories
-everything that makes you think "why would you even go out like THAT"

what doesn't belong in the ita thread
-not perfect (by whose standard?) coords

Alright gulls, you've got $2,000 to blow. Put together a coord.
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$2000 in which currency?
I'm not OP but considering there's a "$" sign, I'd assume US dollars
The $ is used for more than USD.

What kind of dreams have you had, which made you realize you're way too invested in cosplay or J-fashion?
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I once dreamed about finding a rack full of lolita in a thrift store. I wish it were true.
You know that dream people have where they show up to class or work naked? I sometimes dream I show up at a meet without a petticoat and wearing dirty ragged shoes. Terrifying, that one.
I don't sew very well, so I alter cosplays I order, but I had a dream where I was at a convention and this kid called me out on not being a real cosplayer because I didn't make everything from scratch. Then a whole lot of other people started bashing on me all at once right after the kid spoke. I was forced to back up to the top floor of the convention center and I fell off over the balcony then woke up because suddenly I was in a falling dream.

:| Yeah. Fun times.

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the dress.png
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Nostalgia time. Remember "the" Hot Topic dress that came out in 2005 or so? And the dramatic posts saying that lolita was "now dead" because girls would go into Hot Topic, buy the dress and declare themselves lolita? Good times.

What are some other 'remember whens'?
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Is is too soon to remember the collective rage when that CTP was cut apart?
There's still collective rage about that because she still won't shut up about it.
Oh man. Was that dress really 2005? I thought it was a bit later than that.

Remember when Momo's Handicrafts was the Milanoo of the lolita world? Remember when they changed shop fronts about a dozen times due to negative feedback?

Old one is in autosage >>8673920
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so someone just commissioned me to make this outfit. this is my first commission ever and i have no idea how much to charge. the materials cost around 40 something usd and i can probably knock it out in a few days. any advice or suggestions would be helpful. thanks guys
I want to commish someone to make me the body armor , helmet, and shin guards from Licenseless rider, but I don't know what is a reasonable price. This is my first major cosplay attempt.
If you aren't sure yet of how long exactly it will take, then you probably shouldn't be doing these things, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt.

For now since it looks like it won't take you too long and there's no rush on you, it's better if you try to look at prices of similar cosplayed that are commissioned by people of your skill level, and just judge by that.
In future commissions you might want to raise or lower your price to pay yourself a fair wage etc.
Always ask for the cost of the initial materials to be paid before you start as a deposit.

Most important: Keep a notebook of everything.
It will be useful not only for this commission, but for informing you for future commission timelines. Put in every reciept of your materials etc, and write down every minute you work on your costume.

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/Eirtakon aftermath/ edition

>Con experiences/good buiys
>Fav cosplays
>Cosplay ideas for next year
>Con creeper stories/panel stories

Let's be havin' ye then, lads
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Cloak room wasn't a mess, so that's good i guess.
Akuma con didn't announce anything, did they?
They announced they're all virgins.

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Let's have some fun /cgl/


>Jadeのロリータ服は黒を基調としていて柄は星柄 。頭にはバラの花をつけており、髪は桃色のツーサイドアップ。ブランドはAngelic Prettyがおすすめ!
>Jade should have dresses that are black with star patterns. You should wear a flower crown, and your hair should be pink with two-sides-up. Recommended brand is Angelic Pretty!

Shindanmaker thread I guess
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fuck me, recomended brand was bodyline
>tfw destined to be ita forever
Maria of Lolita clothing can handle have tones and sax plain. The head has put the roses, the hair of black tails. Brand recommend metamorphose!

>Meta is my fav and I prefer black wigs
It knew I love pink Victorian Maiden dresses!

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