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Dumping what I have. No gothic, visual kei, ouji, mori, etc. Just interesting male streetwear from Japan.
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wait, looks like 4chan's image hosting is acting up again. i will return to this thread later.
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Have some questions that need answering about a few certain things. Unsure of which threads to ask them.

1. What are the best cons I should save for next year?
2. Who is great to commission and who are the worst commissioners to watch out for?

3. I heard Texas should be avoided at all costs because the cosplay community is fucking nuts. Is this true?

4. At Colossalcon, there was talk about a fight between BlackstarLee and Artemis Moon about their relationship and that one cheated on the other. Is there any real claim to this or is it just someone poking the hornet's nest?

5. I heard the Florida community for cosplay is also off limits and should be avoided. Why?
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Although she stopped doing commissions, some girl who goes by Skye H.
Skye Honey?
Bumping because curiosity

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Okay /cgl/, let's make up some Lolita-themed cards for CAH. The aim is to hopefully come up with enough supplement into a regular deck, or even create an entire new deck. I feel like I saw something similar online a while ago, but a lot has happened in the Lolita world in the last two years and there's definitely a lot that could work in a game of this.

Pic related. Black or white cards are cool.
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>Fatty-chan's sugarz
Did Deerstalker ever end up putting the Lolita CAH deck for sale like they said they would forever ago?
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For ease, there's a generator here: http://humanity.toadgrass.com/

Post most favorite or unique accessories that you own or wish you had.
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I need one of these for the summer. Dumping some of my pics of accessories.
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Since the final Hunger Games movie is coming out this week, let's see some related cosplay!
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they could have least tried an angle what would hide the fat desperately trying to escape the dress and the double chin.
Shit that's gorgeous

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General discussion thread.

My friend and I were brain storming whether to enter but all of our 'detailed' cosplay options have been done in the finals the past couple of years. Like there's nothing we're in to that has, I don't know how to describe it, other than level of difficulty of previous entrants.

And finding something to like or paying our hundreds of dollars just for a competition costume seems like a cop out.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Any cosplays you wish people would do?
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I don't think your specific issue should be a problem, anon. Lots of costumes have been repeated over and over again for lots of different reasons. I know some teams prefer to choose costumes solely based on complexity or how well it fits a skit concept they have in mind, but honestly, as long as you don't copy a skit AND repeat a costume, you should definitely prioritize choosing costumes from a series you like.

But it is tiring to see the same five series in my country's finals (USA). Every year there's a shitton of CLAMP, Utena, Fushigi Yugi. This past year was pretty good in terms of series diversity, though.
Just focus more on skit, make it flawless. Unless you want the brother award.
Any updates on the USA prelims location or any updates at all, honestly?

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Old Thread >>8715449

Some Lolita-Related Threads
Comm Thread >>8716442
CoF Thread >>8717322
Coord Help >>8689365
Dream Dress Thread >>8694705
Stupid Lolita Questions >>8686235
Old-School Lolita >>8688812
International Lolita Day >>8699332
Indie Thread >>8671548
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Worn Thread >>8690934
Buy/sell/trade Thread:>>8699690

Lolita Guidebook

Cold weather gulls, how do you dress up for the winter? Any favorite accessories? I'm loving the chance tow ear my heavier fabrics.
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>lotsa layered tights
>long sleeved OP's
>fuzzy berets

Nothing too special as far as accessories are concerned, tho.
One of my friends is pissed at me because my outfit lineup for an upcoming con is all rare brand, so now she doesn't want to wear Lolita with me. It's really obnoxious because she actually has Cat's Tea Party and Puppet Circus, but refuses to ever wear them (neither have even been tried on despite having them both for over a year) on the grounds that they might get damaged. Now she's making nameless FB posts bitching about how easy it was for me to "replace" her as my con buddy. She's not being replaced, the other girl was always going to hang out with us, we just decided to twin after she left our con trio. How do you guys deal with con drama and weird jealousy that doesn't even make sense?
She's not worth your time if she's seriously worried that you're gonna ~outshine~ her with your outfits. These kind of people make me wonder if they're in lolita for the right reasons (to wear the fucking clothes) or if they are more interested in status and popularity.

Be frank with her and tell her she's being petty and selfish by trying to discourage you from wearing what you want. You have no business pandering to her with your outfits.

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Make up a street style that you'd like to see, that is completely ridiculous, funny, etc.

>clothing tones from pure white to very dark grey
>floaty/poofy dresses, puffy jackets, anything goes
>as long as you look like a cloud.
>rain motifs/splashes of blue or sunshine could work too.

Do your worst, cgl
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>tacky glasses
>floral moomoos
>garish make up
>realistic cat shaped purses
>short curly wigs, especially blonde or grey
Honestly I think it'd be kinda cute in its own way?
>My grandma-kei
>Only wear clothes from Ashley Steward and black wool socks with Birkenstocks
Double points if the glasses are the old-fashioned cat-eye ones to match the bag?

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I'm half French and spend my Summers in Paris. The situation over there is breaking my heart and a Paris themed lolita thread would really be nice right about now.

Feel free to throw in any Russian themed coords you like, too. I would also invite Lebanon themed ones, but I don't think that's a thing.
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I saw here once a collage on coord thread (or coord inspo, I don't quite remember) Of a French coord. It was so pretty, but I didn't save it. If someone post it, I would love you forever. Sorry for no contribution tho.
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does a soviet union themed coord count as russia

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Let's discuss mainstream representation of cosplay and J-fash. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

To start, here's a terrible representation of what appears to be a sweet lolita outfit. This is in an exhibit on Japan's "kawaii" culture (already cringe even without this hideous coord) in the Japan pavilion at Epcot. This is literally the best Disney could do. And if you read the blurb, it's described as a "cosplay outfit".


I actually emailed Disney complaining about it and saying it's basically making a mockery of a legit fashion. I'm wondering how they'll respond.
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Forgot to state that the ugly coord shows up at around 5:30
I doubt they'll actually reply but please do post caps when you get a response
I actually posted this mannequin in an ita thread a while ago and someone responded with "tfw I know who you are" even though I don't know anyone who goes on 4chan. Are you the person they mistook me for maybe?

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What does /cgl/ think of host-kei in general?
It is not too popular among white people, due to the fact it looks like shit on them ( or so, that's what I've seen ) but I am curious if you guys have any tips/opinions or such.
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Stop making up fashions, this doesn't exist.
>It is not too popular among white people, due to the fact it looks like shit on them
:/ Wuh-oh.
Is that even a thing?

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Since the new ownership of 4chan and the addition of extra boards, what says the /cgl/ community about the possibility of splitting Lolita fashion from cosplay?

>Lolita constantly is trying to assert that it is a fashion and not a costume

>Cosplay has absolutely nothing to do with Japanese fashion

>Lolita should never be fused with /fa/ because it's primarily male fashion

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This conversation is as old as the board itself. Neither halves are active enough to require its own board. Also there is a lot of overlap regarding certain topics (taobao/ebay threads, makeup threads, then/now threads, etc.). And a lot of users are both cosplayers and lolitas. It's a really stupid idea to split the board.
It's been brought up before, but long story short: the board is too slow as it is. If we split it, you would have two nearly dead boards instead of one board. Plus there's a lot of overlap with sewing, makeup, hair and skincare, etc.
I'm down for the split. I'm tired of being grouped we the cosplayers.

A general alt fashion board would be nice, /fa/ is entirely to normal fag and trendy.

You chose a god awful IMG btw…

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So gulls, couldn't find a non-archived hair general.

Question: what is the name of the colour of the hair at the base of her head? I love the whole look of this but no idea how to start dying it to get it like this. Same length hair only black (dyed - naturally redhead)
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champagne pink
>dyed - naturally redhead
wasting this natural gift...why anon?
It's never really looked right - it may sound odd but my natural hair doesnt really actually suit me - it's not like a normal ginger - it's dull and mousy

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1443564780477 (1).png
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old thread died
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Would it be acceptable to post my picture again to see if anyone else has anything to say? I'd give suggestions again as more people post.
File: cgl.png (1MB, 1990x1300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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will post recs when theres more postst
File: 1446513439651.png (880KB, 2189x974px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sorry about no ideas ha

File: mintwhite.png (81KB, 277x541px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mint x White
Mint x Lavender to start
I'll be posting whatever I can find for these colors, but there's not much so it may not be the best.
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