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New Chibipa/Florida thread since the last one died. Anyone figure out a meetup location?
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Meet at eight in the common area by all the panel rooms?
I'll be lurking around. first time going to this one but the location is whats selling it for me.
Okay, so I guess eight by the couches will be it.

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Do any of you guys use DA anymore?

I noticed a lot of my favorite cosplayers have abandoned their accounts, some even leaving journal entries announcing their departure and telling people to follow them on Tumblr and Facebook instead. Even some of my friends ditched Deviant Art for Tumblr.

So is Deviant Art officially dead for cosplay?

Oh, and if you do still use DA, feel free to post your URL. I'm looking for more people to watch.
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Christ that new logo still makes me shake my head. It doesn't make sense no matter how I look at it.

Ever since they re-branded the site its really gone downhill. The price for premium membership has gone up drastically and unless you want your page to look like arse you better be ready to fork out the dough for it.

FB and other stuff is more relevant but I always preferred DA over them since you can present everything nice, clean and organized without all the bs ads and junk that comes with FB and other platforms.


Not really a big fan of the updated site and logo and as >>8712957 mentioned, that premium membership price increase is rather off-putting. I used to use and renew regularly but now, hell no.

As you observed, most of the community has shifted to other sources and likely brought their following with them. I used to like having a way to create folders and rearrange/organize costumes individually or by source but since letting my premium membership expire and seeing the kinds of shit that groups were allowing in (and as a mod for a few groups - seeing the shit people wanted to submit and then fight about it when their stuff didn't get accepted), yeaaa. I generally left and didn't look back. No one needs to see 5 horrible photos of your dark/grainy selfie of your wig fresh out of the bag or your duck-faced makeup test that doesn't look like anything.

I think the reason FB is a big draw now is because so many people are already on their for their personal accounts and it's easy to just click a few times to get to someone's cosplay page on there as opposed to going on DA to look for updates.
I quit deviantart after they changed their policy so that they basically own all the rights to your pictures as long as you hold them on your site. So if they wanted to make money with your prints, they could. You agreed to the terms.

The community was shit too and attracted furries and fetishists so I gave up.

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Looking for photographer advice.

Let's say your a cosplayer, and you get back a photoshoot and the photographer has neglected to clean up your shiny nose or massive bags under your eyes. Or left your underwear hanging out, or didn't do any color correction, etc. any manner of small, easily fixable flaws.

What is proper etiquette? Should the cosplayer approach the photographer and ask for additional edits? Should they do the edits themselves and hope no one notices? Or just... hope no one sees the photos and pretend it never happened?
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File: Youma-1216.jpg (222KB, 533x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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example: this is a cute photo, but the photographer didn't edit out acne/eye bags/yellow teeth/bobby pins. otherwise the lighting and poses are great.

(This photographer has since upped their editing game)
I'm a cosplayer, and I say for things like eye bags or shiny nose, it would be nice if the photographer edited them out automatically for you, because chances are at the beginning of the day you looked fine but being at the con + sweat + touching your face has made your make-up slip a little. Whereas if you're underwear is hanging out, either your photographer's a creep, or you looked a bit shit all day and should have seen it and fixed it. Same with yellow teeth, or other lasting issues. Generally though I'm a fan of a photographer telling you of any issues with your costume/make up during a shoot or letting you stop for touch-ups.

It the situation you said, I think you can approach and ask for extra edits but obviously offer to pay for them, but you risk pissing off the tog. I used to ask if I could do them myself but now I'd be crucified for asking to do that, and rightfully so. The last option, hope no-one sees the photo, is probably the safest and most polite option. Stick with that unless it's truly atrocious.
What are you talking about, the lighting is far from great, and the pose is highly unflattering for both of them. It's not a shit photo, but far from great.

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What was the most you ever spent on a cosplay/lolita outfit?

I just ended up dropping $200 on Spider-Gwen, once all the accessories were accounted for.
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Most of my bigger cosplays end up falling in the $150-$300 range. I usually don't spend more than $15/yd for fabric because I have a few local stores that are accessible, so it keeps the price lower than it might otherwise be.
I just spend 1,200 buying new from Baby a dress, underskirt, blouse, bag, tights, shoes, bloomers, wrist cuffs, necklace, bracelet, headdress, and parasol. I have no self control. I walked out of the store and immediately went, "oops". But it looks pretty at least ;-;

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Shit that makes you angry related to cosplay
>explaining cons/cosplaying to normie bff
>"I'd go to a con, could I do a cosplay?"
>showing legitimate interest
>get excited
>"I wanna do something sexy"
>die inside
>"I could go as Harley Quinn"
>"I mean yeah, just make sure you invest in a quality wig-
>"fuck that im not wearing a wig"
>her hair is black
entire conversation for the next 30 minutes continues like this
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light face.png
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people who ask for help but have their own ideas about how to do everything and bitch about your suggestions
>"anon, how do you think I should do this armor?"
>"well you could do foam, or thermoplastics, or...."
>"do you think I could just sew it and stuff it?"
>"I don't think that would look good"
>"it'll be so much easier that way!!"

weeks later at the con
>"anon how did you make your armor look so good? can you teach me?"
you don't have to take every scrap of advice I give, but don't ask if you already know what you're going to do and you just need validation
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My sister is in town. She's poor as fuck. Never took care of her teeth. Basically they're rotting out. She came to visit my parents for awhile on their dime. I come over to visit to be cordial. I'm married. I have a decent house, decent full time job. I can afford to have hobbies and take care of myself.

>I want a Civil war costume!
>Keeps hinting at it.
>Insist that it's going to be really fucking expensive to get one made like she's trying to imply.
>Fabric, notions, patterns, mockups, and all of that will cost at least 100+ if I skimp on quality and use coupons. Not to mention time/labor. I don't make shit for free.
>Direct her to some made in China sites where they cost about $150.
>See Milanoo "lolita" dresses.
>Suggest anyway.
>Balks at cost.
>Sorry that's what this stuff costs.
>You don't need a civil war costume. You need dentures.
>What are priorities?

Just because I'm able to live more comfortably doesn't mean I'm making you something out of pocket for free.
Friends who want help buying stuff and then flake for the orders and for the cosplay events.

>I want to get into cosplay, anon!
>Could you keep an eye out for stuff from these series I like?
>Sorry, I can't afford to buy anything you found right now but thanks for spending hours looking!
>Hey, you're making an order? If you find anything from this series, let me know!
>I never see you anymore, we should go to an event together!
>Yeah I can't afford to go to this one..
>Oh, thanks for inviting me to this event that's in a few months, I'll see if I can go!
>Yeah I can't go because I spent all my money.
>I can't believe I'm sitting at home by myself when everyone I know including you is at the event!
>So I want to buy a costume from this series, let me know if you find anything!

Repeat and repeat..

Dear /cgl/,

What in the actual fuck is the technical term for the ring/rivet combo that holds the bell on collars?
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A ring ring.
fuck you thread killer, there's multiple threads you could have posted this shit to. you aren't going to get a whole discussion out of this.

shaking my head at your thoughtlessness
It's an imageboard. Thread will be in and out.

Would you agree?
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she supports people like jnig and yaya so no. not with her. people like this always target the product of issues caused elsewhere.
Well, but she does make a point about cosplay being something that is a hobby and about fun. When you go to a halloween party you don't give a fuck if the fat guy in the ghostbusters costume is just himself in a brown overall and a soap box tied to his back because you have fun at the party. Do that on a con, and you're the target of ridicule, on the con and possibly on the internet as well. And that is even worse if you are female.
Sweetie do you know where you are?

Old Thread

Starting off with Cadney in gothic.
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She looks really great, I think gothic suits her face much more than sweet.

Also, hahaha when will it stop...
It definitely helps that she's not doing her usual forced smile. I almost didn't recognize her.
Posting some recent outfits to get things rolling.

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Old thread is autosaging.

Old one: >>8723576
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Do you even need to see the rest of the dress?
>that tag abuse

Jesus christ

> people who think 'bjd make up' is a thing

please die in a fire.

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Old one >>>8722427

>tfw just got an adorable oldschool sweet piece but way too ugly and chubby for it to look cute

Thinking of selling it, I'm so embarrassed
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Work out!
Work out!


Everyone can do it, OP. If you need aduvce or backup, start a cos/lolifit thread.
I'm addicted to lolita, and my whole family knows it.

I'll literally blow my whole paycheck the day of pay day and do nothing for 2 weeks and hope I don't need gas in my car

My new years resolution is to budget. I'm going to put $50 automatically into savings for conventions and I'm going to start paying for a few of my own bills.
Start with walking anon! Park your car a bit further away from entrances to places, I always do that!

I do cardio at my house called 10-down
10 squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups

Then you do 9 of each, then 8 of each, then 7 of each, etc. I do that daily from martial arts and still do it!

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Bring out your dead, seagulls.

Show me the crazy shit folk used to do in the name of Japanese fashion. I'll start.

>this fucking hair
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>decora lolita
File: 1321593_P1020222.jpg (175KB, 473x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>ero lolita: "all you need is bloomers!" edition
Wow. I love this hair. I must have missed it.

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len cos.jpg
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How do you all go about planning for a cosplay?
I'm curious about the approaches others take to planning and making a cosplay.

Let's share our processes.
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As I watch/play things I keep a list of characters that I could see myself cosplaying as. When I know I'll be going to a con in the next year I pick one or two and then start gathering every reference photo I could possibly need. I'll usually spend a week looking at tutorials that would related to that cosplay and picking out wigs. Then I start planning out all of things I'll make myself, I usually draw out the outfit in my notebook and make notes of the colors of fabrics I'll need.
Once all of that is planned out I head to the fabric store and start buying things.
Cosplanner. I'm absolutely hooked on it. Used to have an elaborate series of ref sheets, checklists and excel spreadsheets, etc, but now I basically just keep it all in the app except for one detailed measurement sheet if i'm making it for someone other than myself
File: king sheet.png (658KB, 938x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
king sheet.png
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I used to hoard folders of reference images too but with my most recent cosplay I put together a sort of collage like lolitas do for coordinates, which I felt helped a lot since I'm a very visual person.

I never heard of cosplanner, I definitely want to look into that though!

ITT: Cosplays of characters you want to see, but still haven't seen. If you have a picture, deliver.
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Rudeus Greyrat
this whole shoot and the article that touted it as "no one will ever top this" is a fucking mess.
but at the same time, that will probably be the only, or rare, licenseless rider for a while

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Last thread: >>8647417

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
Full of tutorials, links, and helpful info for Homestuck cosplays. If you need any help for Homestuck cosplays, refer to it first. Any contributions are welcomed.

Let's discuss:
> Which characters benefit the most from having a prop with them, and which props?
> What is your preferred way of greying up?
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If a person doesn't know what to do with their hands, all characters in that case can benefit from a prop
For photoshoots literally any character will be bumped by a good prop, at least if you're shooting single. Sure, you might get a few neat shots, but chsnces are they won't be particularly interesting.
> What is your preferred way of greying up?
Kryolan face stick/Ben nye's grey grease paint for face, kryolan aquacolour for body.

I want to try pax soon though.

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Can we please discuss this movie?
I remember threads from a year or two ago with people finding it on a chinese website and roughly translating it. It's super obscure for some reason.
It includes
>maid cafe
>kawaii net idoru
>greasy otaku
>AKB48 members
what's not to like?
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File: 02.jpg (475KB, 1300x975px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There also is a small manga serie that this movie is based on it looks awesome but unfortunately it's nowhere to be found online and even less translated
File: 1439019626282.png (174KB, 443x443px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I actually used the movie for reaction images

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