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Is there a way to make yourself look nice, even though you're overweight and chubby?
Like this dude. The costume seems fine, but the way he looks and the way he is photographed make everything look like shit.
Is there a way to avoid looking like a pear shaped piece of mozarella?
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Shapewear, makeup, wigs.
Angles angles angles. Three-quarters angle with camera slightly above you works wonders.
lose weight

flattering angles

Slightly warm lighting so you don't look pale and sick

better posture, That guy should roll his shoulders back and lift his head head up, instead he just threw his neck back.


Get the photographer to stand back and zoom in. this will slim the face and make you look taller (mirrors give a similar effect, if you've ever wondered why you look better in the mirror than in photos that's why)

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So how's the event going so far? I'm not in Madrid these days...is there any trouble with queues and stuff?
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We need salseo.
Surprisingly, no problems with qeue in a saturday
>not otaku kawaii nyan

Post lolita and other jfash pics that tell a story, pics that make you imagine more is going on than just a pose or a photoshoot.
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Funny/goofing off shots are accepted
as well as artistically odd shots
Oh I love this. I always like seeing silly shots or pictures of girls actually doing something rather than just posing (as long as it isn't a creepy shot).

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Anyone have any good safety tips for congoing? Aside from "don't dress like a whore" I mean. Something more practical and less obvious.
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jesus christ you can see her asshole
Not slut shaming, for one thing.
Upon entering a convention, take your time to look at a map with your friends to designate a meet up spot. Commit to a time to meet up, and be there. This is especially important if you're like me, and your phone dies in the blink of an eye. Make sure you keep your bag to the front, pickpockets do exist at cons. Try to bring an additional safety pin for your badge so you can reinforce it on your clothes. Some places only give you a bullshit clip that does NOTHING if someone rams into you.

Hope that helps! Use condoms!

How does /cgl/ feel about full-on costumes like pic related?
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Mascot costumes are fine when done well.

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This looks more larme than lolita.
Aww she's cute but oh lord honey that hair.

She needs to learn how to flat iron properly its a frizzy mess. And so are her pigtails I wanna give her some coconut oil or something, sweety define them curls! Or flat iron all of it. This is just weird and awkward. I just feel bad, like no one tought her how to deal with her black hair, where is her mother?
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How does cgl feel about buying likes? Who are some cosplayers who obviously buy likes? Have you ever bought them yourself? What was the outcome?
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I've been tempted to buy ad space for my cosplay page because I'm finding it to be a pain in the ass to get people to actually notice and appreciate your work unless you do titties 24/7; social media algorithms can be a real dick about what people see.

I don't do a lot of revealing costumes but I work in the arts and want to beef up my portfolio a bit for hopefully teaching workshops at cons.

I've met a lot of people whom are pretty low key and friendly irl but looking at their pages it's pretty apparent they buy likes. I guess its ok if it helps people deal with their insecurities and not be drama-starters irl. Not everyone is a histrionic like Nigri.
There's other ways to work the social networking system without buying fake attention.
But that's not what this thread is about.

>guy in op has 20k likes in 1 month
>only gets 10-15 likes per post

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New feels thread? last one seems to be auto sage. >>>>8748166

>that feel when you sew an entire hem inside out by accident

I've been sitting here with this seam ripper for an hour.
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goddamn OP that sucks

my feel:

>wear earphones for cosplay
>wear earbuds while making cosplay
>develop impacted earwax with tinnitus

i'm an idiot.
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can you at least pretend to keep the thread on topic, bait-anons?
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>Dicking around on Y!Auctions, looking for a piece that I know is never going to show up.
>Stumble upon one of my dream items that I had given up on long ago
>In preferred colorway
>In good condition
>For less than $100
>Win that shit, thanks FJ

I'm over the moon for sure, but I can't help but feel anxious. Something has to be wrong, I can't be that lucky, right?

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Kancolle Thread!
Working on Musashi right now and I need some boat girl inspo.
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>small c


Anyway, dumping my small collection.
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Though I must say, looking at the in-game CG or something should help quite a bit.
3 sushi images.

First two look decent, last one kinda sucks.

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FEstasia is near us, Iberanime announced Blasted Mechanism.

What are your opinions so far?
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Does anyone really believe festasia will happen?

they ofered the stores 50% discount for their presence, noone is going.

English only up in this board.
It's clever and cool of them to support local artists, it's cheaper to fly them from Brazil or Japan anyway. I just don't know how much Blasted Mechanism means for the average anime fan.

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Can cosplay lead to modeling, ect? Some cosplayer have built up a fan base and started acting (Luna Lanie) and others who are modeling for companies (pic related)
Is it possible to break into modeling from cosplay?
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It's possible, as you've already posted two examples, but it's highly unlikely. Best way to get paid for stuff like that? Lots and lots of fans. Companies will contact you because they want to use your big fanbase and you cooperate because you want free stuff.
Depends, does it have to do with Niles?

And should it lead to her going to sleep?
If you want to be a model, pursuing actual modeling work will be a hell of a lot faster than hoping cosplay will get you discovered.

If you honestly aren't the traditional model type body or face wise (I'm not trying to be mean I wohld describe myself that way) and you're hoping getting popular with cosplay will get you modeling gigs by association then... it does happen sorta when popular bloggers and instagram users are sponsored by small businesses but it's a really far fetched goal and I'd reccomend setting more useful goals for yourself.

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Didn't see one in the catalog. Hope you don't mind me dumping a few pictures I have saved.
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>Post phone cases/accessories that you like or post your own
>cute phone apps and games
>your favorite shops and creators
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>go to post YY Kawaii
>too late
She is the best I've seen. I used to really love Jolie Petite but I ordered a case from her, she fucked up and I never got a completed case or a refund, looking for photos now, sounds like shit went down. But on the positive side, waiting on a YY Kawaii case! I'm so excited.
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I love the wallet cases but I have a 6 plus so no kawaii for me
All from ebay.

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Last thread: >>8682837

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

Let's discuss:
> As we are basically at the end of the year now, what did you think of 2015 overall in terms of HS cosplays?
> What are some of your favorite winter themed HS cosplays?
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I still love that group.

>what did you think of 2015 overall in terms of HS cosplays?
I feel like there was a huge drop in the amount of homestuck at cons. Otakon Saturday still had a good amount of cosplayers, but Friday was just pathetic. Maybe the game will give us a second wind, but the current hiatus fells like the nail in the coffin.
And with that I'll just throw it out there that (if there's still interest for it, of course) I'll make my year end review in a week or two, and that if anyone have any new (or old) names they want me to take a look at, I'd like to know about them!
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Crunchy Anon, you deserve it.

I have to say it felt like that last thread was never going to max out. Also my guess >>8746062 for >>8745923 still stands.

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Saw a thread specifically for "meet killers", but not for discussing meetups overall. Feel free to ask for any help regarding meetups if you are planning one as well.

> How long have you been going to meetups for?
> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
> Worst?
> How often does your comm hold meetups?
> Are you satisfied with the amount/quality of meetups that your comm holds? What would you like to change about it?
> If you have not gone to a meetup yet, would you like to in the future? Why or why not?
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What do you think about themed meet ups?
> How long have you been going to meetups for?
About eight years now.

> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
That's pretty hard to pick. We've had some really nice ones over the years. The ones I like best are the ones that allow everyone to chat, though. So picnics, high tea, etc.

> Worst?
We had one picnic that people wouldn't let go. Some of us tried to convince the organiser to move it to another day because the weather forecast was dire. It was mid-autumn, and started bucketing down rain in the middle of everyone eating. I didn't even bother wearing a full-on coordinate because I knew it was going to be bad, but wanted to see some of my friends all the same. We ended up going to a restaurant by ourselves when the meet broke up.

> How often does your comm hold meetups?
There's usually at least one a month. Lately, there's been as many as two "large" meets a month, with smaller groups holding more private gatherings as they want.

> Are you satisfied with the amount/quality of meetups that your comm holds? What would you like to change about it?
In general, yes. I do wish fewer people would RSVP and flake, though. That seems to be pretty common with most lolita communities.

> What do you think about themed meet ups?
Depends on the theme. A lot of our meets do themes more as suggestions than mandatory participation. If I have items that suit the theme or have time to come up with something that suits the theme, I'll wear it. If not, I don't stress about it.
>> How long have you been going to meetups for?
only nine months
>> What was the best meetup you've ever been to?
probably our recent ILD meet or our aquarium meet! I like smaller meets but I also enjoy bigger meets where I get to see more people and do something fun.
>> Worst?
I don't think I've been to a bad meet yet! I have been to a couple meets that had a small turnout though. Those weren't bad, just wish there were more people that could've made it.
>> How often does your comm hold meetups?
there's been at least 1 per month as of this past year. I've been in the FB group for longer, and a couple years ago things seemed kinda dead/there was only one meet every few months. I think the comm wants to try hosting 2 a month now that people are more active though.
>> Are you satisfied with the amount/quality of meetups that your comm holds? What would you like to change about it?
even with just one meet a month, yeah I'm pretty happy! I think one is enough for all of us at this point. I hope our comm does go through with trying to host 2 meets a month though - the way we want to do it is 1 sort of informal-ish meet that's just dinner and kind of the "standard" monthly meet like how some other comms do it, and then a second monthly meet that's like the usual rotating theme/location. meets tend to be us doing something, so I think having a more casual meet that's just getting in frills and having dinner with everyone will be nice!
>> What do you think about themed meet ups?
I like them, I think they're fun as long as the theme isn't mandatory; for the meets I've been to or hosted so far themes are just suggested rather than necessary - styles and wardrobe sizes are so varied in my comm I'm not sure if there's enough people with appropriately themed clothes to be able to have a strictly themed meetup that wasn't too small.

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