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Let's talk about Lolita and Jfashion youtubers, the helpful, entertaining, cringey, whatever. I need more to watch.
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Confused as to why this thread is dead?
Uhh... don't know why this thread hasn't gone anywhere, but I really like princessmei. She's really cute, and nerdy enough to where she's relatable.

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Didn't see one in the catalog.

Winter edition?
What have you bought/wish listed lately?

Sadly enough Ive been buying all my stocking stuffers on here.
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I don't know if it's been posted in past threads, but I just found this shop, and it's cute as hell. I just bought ten items for 24.99, and it only cost that much because two of the items were like eleven dollars total.


I've only been looking at the school supplies, since everyone fucking loves getting kawaii college supplies. One of the comments on the pens said that they weren't sure if they were legit Sanrio pens that just had a manufacturing defect (blue ink instead of black), so I'm hoping that means most of the stuff is actually good quality.
Ah yeah, house of novelty is actually really popular, Ive bought stuff from there too. Its always nice to see reputable sellers on AE, because I'm always skeptical with each order I make from there.
Oh, woops, my bad. I usually hide AE threads because I'm poor with my impulse control, lol. I was really glad to see that nearly all of their items had pages and pages of reviews; I've never been fucked over by AE, but it's still a good feeling to know that a store has a good reputation and following.

The old one reached its image limit.
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Mail arrived destroyed or didn't even arrive at all?

Mail carriers steal your packages and the wonderful goodies inside?

Share here!
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Sharing some stories/pics I found.

>Dear USPS,
>Thank you so much for sending me such a nice letter to apologize for any inconvenience you may have caused when you lost the contents of the package I sent through your high-quality shipping service.

>Thank you also for sending back the damaged, empty package (as pictured) that looks like it has been drop-kicked by a postman that “went postal” and then thrown into a puddle of water, driven over by said postman followed shortly by him/her tying the package behind his delivery truck and dragging it back to the post office at high speeds on a gravel road and upon arrival immediately sending it through an industrial sized paper shredder then proudly stamping the ridiculously ruined package with “”damaged by the United States Postal Service” and “return to sender”.
>Item advertised as shipped through UPS. Kind of expensive for shipping a simple envelope but whatever.
>UPS does not like to leave packages at my house, so ship to work address instead
>Turns out that package is sent through monstrous piece of shit service known as Surepost where delivery takes twice as long because UPS drops the package at random UPSP location, who then later on delivers it
>Tracker says item delivered on Saturday, left in front
>Wait, what?
>Massive office building is locked on Saturday, they must have just thrown it somewhere at one of the entrances?
>Package is long gone, UPS says it's out of their hands, USPS says they can't track it because surepost is cheap and uses their shitty first class mail service.

Every single mail service updates the tracker with "business closed" on Saturdays and tries to deliver during the week, but I guess the guy at this post office decided to be a moron about it.
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Screenshot (9).png
381KB, 602x695px

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CoF seems full of them
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I'm not really seeing what's so ita about this. It's not great but I wouldn't call it ita.
This on the other hand is disgusting.
I think you're blind, anon.

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Post coords/dresses/skirts etc. with the main colour scheme being a shade of pink!

In a mighty need of pink insp, hence this.
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This is literally almost every thread.

old one >>8755493 is saging.

it's pretty cute. feels like something is missing but I don't know what it is.
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Reposting some of the recent ones from last thread
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Post your prettiest people in jfash. Go easy on the shoop, natural photos are better.

Watch your sodium levels. Everyone's taste is different.
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Can we get another dumb questions thread going?
Didn't see one in the catalog.

Anyway, what dress is this? It's Alice and the Pirates, right??
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Its a jacket and its from Infanta. Its actually meh irl, those buttons dont line up right.
Wait, I think it's a coat and it's Infanta?
Back up on this?
Yep. Infanta:

Are they worth it or are you better off watching Youtube?
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never heard of them. are they any good?
Every single one of them is still learning.

You will probably not learn much.
I have done a photography panel at a convention before, and it was well received.

If the the lecturer knows what they're talking about and they're engaging AND entertaining, you'll get something out of it.

If not, you shouldn't waste your time.

Let's start a thread for indecisive people like me.
Post something you want to buy or do but are unsure to. Anons will help.
I begin.
I never got into lolita even though i know it since 2006. Parents were assholes. A friend of mine sells this dress for 50$. I love old school style dresses in black and white but...i am just not sure. Should i take it anons?
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Yeah, it's a pretty good deal. You can find them cheaper on auction and stuff, but then you'd have to pay for shipping. Old school's also super trendy right now so if you like it you should go for it.
Hm yeah but i am just indecisive bc of that three ruffle thing...dont really like it. But its still super pretty
If you're not sold on it, I would check out auctions and browse for some other items before making a final decision. See what's out there first.

The contestants for Iron Wig 2016 were announced today. Let's discuss. What are your opinions on this contest? Who do you think has the best portfolio example?

Pic related: Cade Cosplay, USA
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FallenWings, Germany
Havenaims cosplay, USA
Jak Cosplay, Germany

Old Thread a kill>>8750376

Comm Thread >>8744550
Closet of Frills Thread >>8755493
Coord Help >>8738411
Dream Dress Thread >>8751124
Dumb Questions >>8737527
Handmade Thread >>8705820
International Lolita Day >>8734946
Lucky Packs >>8756986
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Worn Thread >>8690934
Brolita Thread >>8713032
Boystyle Thread >>8697142

Lolita Guidebook

Angelic Pretty Tea Party happend, lots of new prints have been shown, yet not much pictures.
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Do you think the new prints will be shown at the AP SF tea party?
What programs do you gulls use to draw and create your own custom prints? I have an idea for a forest print with centipedes and spiders and mushrooms but I have no idea where to start
That print is pretty bleh. It looks like something a Taobao brand would put out.

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Do you guys know any western artist that wear lolita as inspiration?
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Thought it was pretty amusing that Amy Lee got posted in the ita thread recently.
Of course she'd be a fucking ita wearing tacky bodyline.
I like the mix of lolita and 50s in melanie style, but that teeth is really cringy...
I mean, those are just her teeth. I'm not a huge fan of them either, but I don't expect her to spend time and money to get them fixed when her career is going well.

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