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Teddy Motors.jpg
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Old thread: >>8694705

Forever rooting for you, Teddy Motors anon.
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This motherfucker
I fell in love the instant I saw it. I'll take any colorway, but red and black are my preferred
Well, my wallet is in pain (this came up at a really inconvenient time, to be honest), but I finally found it! And with this beautiful bonnet included. Thank you, kind anon, for alerting me to the auction.

Honestly, I haven't felt this much for a dress since the first JSK I ever bought. And that bonnet! I can't wait til it gets here and I can wear it. It's just so perfect. Thank you so much, anon!!
I'm so happy that you finally found it, anon!

Makeup like this..
Things that make you cringe in cosplay and J fashion
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It's not THAT horrible but the lashes should be a lot higher up. Also... Is she cosplaying chibi moon? Why are the colors like that?
I think it's Sailor Lux or whatever the skin is called in League.
eyebag eyelashes

Any tips, /cgl? Am newb is sorry
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Follow the same hair and skin care advice that cis girls do with the following additions

- Cover up lingering beard shadow with thicker concealer
- Wear a lot of "shapewear" (Spanx and stuff like it)
- Frilly, poofy crap lolita hides your broad shoulders pretty well
- If you're going to use the men's restroom please cough or sigh or something so that the other dudes don't get too mindfucked in case they get violent at the thought of a "lady" using the men's restroom
Not a crossplayer, but nice series/girl choice, anon! If you're ever in the North East, we could cosplay Oreimo together and be cute.

I'd recommend falsies+circle lenses to make your eyes look much girlier. If you're new to makeup, TheSushiMonster did a really nice cosplay makeup tutorial that's pretty extensive. Posting 1st part.
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trapguide 1.png
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I see all these people posting about slots being open for Katsucon, and last thread here wasn't very helpful. I'm looking what good photographers are good to work with at Katsucon.
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Tbh I want to know the answer too, however this is 4chan. You could get a lot of photogs self-promoting, or vendetta-chans whining about photogs that may be lovely to work with. So this isn't the best place to ask this question.
Or you could just have assholes that want to fuck with your head to reply. Or people know some good ol dirt on photogs.

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Screenshot (424).png
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Veterans Day is today and Black Friday will be soon upon us so post any relevant ads or deals here!

>pic related is for Michaels craft store for Veterans Day
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All Brother sewing machines are on sale at Michaels.

They've also got a 3D Printing Pen for $99.99
Anyone know of any possible airbrush/compressor deals happening for Black Friday or the holidays? Hoping to get one before December.
$80 is a good price. I might have to grab one of these.

I guess this image has been circulating around facebook. From what I can see the only people commenting/sharing are whining about not getting recognition and and bawwing about how they're putting too much money into their own hobby.

I guess I vaguely get the idea, but it just seems like butthurt.

What do you think about people bawwing over the cost of their hobby?
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If they're salty over the cost of the hobby then maybe it's time to get a new one...
i havent seen this picture before, but it would be a helpful thing to show people who get offended when their commission costs over $20. a lot of people thing a full set of armor should only cost $100 and a full dress should be $15, etc. other than that, im not sure why cosplayers would be sharing this image. yeah, cosplay is expensive, everyone knows that
I get where they're coming from, but it does read more as "I put so much of my own money into my own hobby and therefore other people are obligated to appreciate my work" than whatever they were going for.
>listing food and drink as a cosplay supply

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Old thread here >>8702389

All I know is there's Tea at The Drake tomorrow. Any other Comms doing cool stuff before the holidays?
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i am attending the LA comm's 'winter lumiere' for the december ILD. The previous ILD event looked nice so i hope this one will be also.
Feeling really good, gulls.
For the first time ever, my comm and that of our sister city south of the border will be having a meetup together. Thanksgiving weekend! Our own members have expanded now that we have more exposure and there will be great feasting in this international metroplex.
>Living the First Thanksgiving dream
any news from Paris lolitas?

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Any plus-size gulls working on cute last minute autumn or halloween inspired coords before winter takes over?
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There was a cute shop linked a while ago that does some plus size stockings. Considering them.

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Boystyle Thread >>8697142

Lolita Guidebook

Lolita designers and models are frequently guests at cons and lolita events. Do you have any stories to share about when you met one, or if there’s anything you would like to say to them?
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>Do you have any stories to share about when you met one, or if there’s anything you would like to say to them?
Stood in an elevator with Maki during Anime Matsuri while wearing Marine Kingdom. When she got off she turned around and looked at me and smiled while saying "wow! so beautiful!"

...should've been wearing Melty Mermaid because I was a puddle, I was so giddy
What shopping service do you guys use for mbok?
like what would be the cheapest?
used FromJapan last time, I was really happy with the prices

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I thought I'd start a thread for the little things roommates do that annoy you.

Being noisy on the toilet in the morning. Yes I realise you probably thought I was still asleep but I could have done without hearing you groaning on the toilet as you strained to take a dump

Snoring, enough said.
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My worst con roommate experience was at Katsucon 2015 when I shared a room with a semi-famous cosplayer and her super awkward boyfriend.

>>out until 3am or later every night, made a ton of noise coming in each time and woke everyone up
>>turned off the air conditioner at night because "it's February!!" Even though there were 6 people in the room, literally woke up in a puddle of sweat each morning
>>spent the whole time bitching about how shitty other people's costumes looked while saying "oh but you look cute anon"
>>bragged about how she was friends with jnig and how she ~could have~ roomed with them
>>boyfriend literally said zero words the entire time they were here, even when spoken to

...yeah. I'm never rooming with them again. That was my first (and probably last) Katsucon.
>big group of friends maybe 12
>have two rooms next to each other at big con
>One designated quiet room one designated party night owl room
>group splits about 5 to quiet 7 to party
>couple in party room causes such drama that by the end of the weekend it was 2 to the party room and 10 in the quiet room
What sort of drama?

Classic thread? I've been contemplating getting back into the style, convince me with your best pics.
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Especially looking for darker classic. Reds, greys etc.
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Marie Rose 4.jpg
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I had an idea for a thread that I thought would be nice. What's the best meetup you've ever been to, or your fondest memory of wearing lolita? I thought back on all the fun times this fashion has given me and I'm curious about yours. Describe your favorite lolita memory, either with your comm, with friends or another situation!
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I think my fondest memory was when I decided to dress up to go to the museum with my SO. There was a group of young girls, maybe around 5 years old, that were on a field trip. They were so excited to see me. They all wanted my "autograph" and kept asking me if I was a real princess. I told them the generic "all girls are princesses" response, which they loved. One of them grabbed my hand and begged me to go with them. It was the sweetest moment in lolita I've ever experienced.
This melted my icy heart, anon. That's adorable.
I had a similar experience to that and it really does feel absolutely wonderful! (and is really adorable)

When I was in college I had an elective class that was fiction writing, and for the whole semester we worked on our children's book. Did drafts, illustrations, submitted it to *pretend* publishers, etc. Instead of taking a final, we all just went to a local elementary school and had a reading day with the kids. I was decked out in full VM classic as it sort of matched the theme of my book and all the girls wanted to sit with me and hear my story and one said, "I never thought I'd meet a princess at school!"

Heart was beyond melted.

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Lets have a new german thread, i'm gonna post pics from the Vienna comic con.
Everyone allowed, talk about cons/comms/photogs/whatever.

webm related is the winner of the cosplay contest at the VIECC, "Iron Man Germany" with his transformer cosplay.
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3rd place in category anime&manga
File: IMG_2658.jpg (203KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2nd place
File: IMG_2691.jpg (220KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1st place.

"Shave your head for undyne and look like youre literally con cancer" edition

What are your hopes for upcoming cosplays?
Are you working on a cosplay yourself?
Cute Undyne/Alphys couple with accurate height difference when?
Share your tutorials.

You know the drill.
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I kind of wish Made a bunch of cardboard annoying dogs for the last con I went to.
I still feel like most Temmie's choose wigs that are way too light.

Speaking of. I was gonna cosplay Temmie but I'm planning on doing Alphys hopefully instead.

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It's been a while since we had one of these threads, so let's get one started! What kind of reactions do you get when you wear more unusual fashion out in public (Fairy kei, visual-kei, lolita, etc.)? Mostly positive? Mostly negative? What are some of your most memorable experiences with normies while dressed up? Please share!
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I'm a sweet lolita, and the reactions are mostly positive. You get your "Are you in a play?" and "Who are you dressed up as?" questions, but they don't usually mean any harm. But I did get a "It's not Halloween yet!" yelled at me from a speeding car once. It was only a few days before Halloween, anyway. Even if I was in costume, people have Halloween parties early sometimes... Don't know what her problem was. Also got a "Little Bo Peep" comment from a mall Santa a couple days ago, lol. As if he was in a position to comment on people dressing up.

Still, people are generally positive and complimentary. A lot of strangers have called me cute while I was wearing lolita, which is a nice feeling. A lot of old ladies seem to like it, and I've also gotten a surprising number of moms getting excited and telling me about how their kids would love it. A lot of people ask to take my picture, but I don't mind. (Even if I always look derpy in photos, oh well.)

Overall, not bad.
I wear Lolita every Friday, since I typically have labs and can't wear skirts or dresses, and then I go out to eat with my mom.

I got froyo with another lolita recently, and people loved it. We actually found a mother who's daughter was a lolita and had been wondering if there was a local comm!

Out to lunch though, my own boss won't even recognize me, he charged me full price on accident when I wore gothic on Halloween.

It's mainly the older people who question it or ask if I'm doing a play or if I'm doing some sort of Art Project for the college.

I've only had one negative experience though with someone saying it was offensive for me to wear a dress with crosses on it after a large religious event occurred at school and called me out on the town facebook page. But once I told her I wasn't trying to be offensive and explained myself, she apologized and explained herself a little bit better.

So all in all, it's been pretty well, never had anyone make any rude remarks to me, I have had people take photos of me when I'm stuffing my face full of food or trying to order food in public, but that's to be expected.

Honestly though, my work place loves it! They always try to guess on Friday morning what I'll be wearing in to lunch that day and find it great that I am into such a nice hobby.
I love the reactions from kids the best. Shortlisted:

The little girl who utterly lost her shit when she spotted our tea party through the front window of the cafe.

The toddler on the bus who was fascinated by my gloves. I held out my hand and let him touch the lace, he just patted my hands in awe.

The little girl who looked to the side and saw me waiting behind her for the walk signal and started yanking on her dad's arm and trying to whisper to him to look at the princess.

The group of kids who wanted to take turns wearing my flower crown.

Every little kid who has stared at me in wide eyed wonder on public transit.

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