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Ya'll down for a nail thread?
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Times you thought twice about cosplaying thread?

>be 17
>at family get-together
>nobody in my family gives a shit
>at 8 PM they started bringing out the champagne glasses
>by 9 everyone's drunk (except for me)
>when my parents are drunk they usually tell their darkest secrets
>of course they get drunk off their asses
>somebody starts dancing on the dining room table
>walks into living room
>sees mom and dad making out on the couch
>"You know, Anon, this reminds me of when we conceived you."
>you can almost hear the barriers of my sanity breaking
>"It was Halloween when we did it... That would explain why you like cosplay so much Anon."
>even the sound of people screaming and the dining room table splitting in two would not drown out my own internal screaming now
>"I was dressed as Catgirl, and your father was dressed as the Wolfman."
>u focking wot
>can't handle it
>walk into the dining room again
>sees my aunt without a shirt passed out in a pool of her own piss next to the broken antique dining table
>looks outside
>sees everyone throwing up in the pool

>MFW I'm gonna have to clean all this up tomorrow
>MFW I realize my parents are furries
>MFW my last name is Wolf

I am now grossed out at the mere mention of cosplay. I don't know if I have the stomach to do it again without thinking of that terrible moment.
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thank you for this story, anon
But you need to be 18 to view this board.

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What shops are definitely having black friday and/or cyber monday sales?
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your mom
Anyone know where I can get a good ringlet style wig?
Lockshop isn't having a black friday sale this year.

What are your guys opinons on buying cosplay?
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boring topic

no one cares as long as you don't lie about it
Let me give you a run-down of how this thread will go
> buying your cosplay is fine as long as you don't lie about it
> I buy my cosplay because I'm not talented at crafting and obviously don't know that no one is born talented!
> Buying is lazy, craftsmanship is superior cosplay type because I am an elitist
> buying your cosplay is fine as long as you don't lie about it
> Buying and making has the same value!!11! WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY EBAY COSPLAY IS SHIT??!!1!

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Going to Con Alt Delete to see Vic and some other guests. Who else?
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>going to a con to see dick mangina
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low b8

Post your worst experiences while sharing a room on a convention (Be it anime, furry, whatever)
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Not my story, and I don't know how much of it is true and how much has been lost in the mists of time, but one of my less close friends has a stepbrother who has, apparently, gone through hell at Dragoncon.
Joe was about thirteen, and was going to his first con. Being stupid, he decided to go to one in the US. His family was going on holiday there anyway so it wasn't such a big deal, and he'd met some people online who were willing to put up with him for a weekend provided he was fine with sleeping on the floor and paid his share. They were 15, 16, and 19, so his dad's reasoning was that they were close enough in age not to be creepy and old enough to look after him.
When he got to the hotel, everything was fine. His dad saw he'd found his friend group and promptly fucked off. Ten minutes later, the 'responsible adult' was shuffling grim-faced to the group, telling them that there had been a problem with the room and they might not get it. They decided to go look around while the adult sorted shit out. 3 hours later they got a call saying it was fine.
Con was next day, Joe was hyped as shit, everyone was weebing out, and Joe, being jet-lagged, fell asleep on his corner of the floor. He woke up a couple hours later with a very large girl, clearly drunk, breathing on his face, because she was worried he was dead and wanted to make sure he wasn't.
Joe was slightly worried. He decided to go call his friends, but none of them were picking up. He then decided to go out alone, because fuck it, but the door had been locked, and he didn't have a key. Drunk Girl had, by this point, settled by his sleeping bag, and had pulled a water bottle filled with something pink from her cleavage, which she was slowly drinking. Joe was repeatedly invited to join her, eventually relented, and came to learn that Adult had found her at a bar after sorting out the room, invited her back to the room, then realised he had to call his cousins+friend to tell them they even had a room.
Adult then decided he was being far too responsible, and he should go out and have some fun, dammit. He sent 15 and 16 back to the room, told them not to go down to the con without him, and didn't come back.
15 and 16 were getting nervous about Drunk Girl, because A) it was well into the early hours and she showed no signs of leaving, B) she had started to undress and said she needed to shower, and C) she was shitfaced enough to drown in the shower and nobody even knew her name. They shrugged it off and went to sleep. Joe woke just after dawn to find vomit on his sleeping bag and piss all over the bathroom floor. He also found Adult, and Adult's new friends, a lanky guy,Acne and a worryingly small girl, Bones.
Adult told Joe, 15 and 16 to go to the con without him. Drunk Girl then stumbled out of the bathroom (she'd slept in the bath) and announced she'd accompany them. This turned out to be a blessing.
Drunk Girl sheperded them along, made sure nobody got permanently lost, and was generally responsible. On their way to eat, they met Bones and Acne, but there was no sign of Adult, who had vanished. Nobody saw him until that night, which was when the real fun started.

Bones and Acne split off from the group to go to a party. The others stayed in the hotel room. Drunk Girl had managed to get her hands on a large water bottle, which was filled with something Joe didn't recognise; it looked like tea, but this was Dragoncon, so the odds it was tea were pretty slim. They decided to drink it. It turned out to be an unholy mixture of alcohol and something Joe is convinced was weed, and Joe passed out not long after.
This time, when he woke, it was to a party. He had been stuck under the bed somehow, and could hear the springs above him, coupled with loud moaning and cries of 'Onii-san! Yamete, yamete!' which is not something he particularly wanted to hear. There was something that looked like a tripod at the foot of the bed two inches from his face.
>'Onii-san! Yamete, yamete!'
>tfw roommates acting out incestuous rape fantasy right above you

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Taiyou Con 2016 thread!

So this convention is almost a month away? Who is going and who is excited?

I personally was not that excited until they announce Kappei yamaguchi. Finally it seems like Arizona is finally stepping up its game on getting quality guests at their conventions.
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I'm going. The only AZ con I've been to is Saboten, so I'm hoping this one will be a better time.
What was wrong with saboten?
Everything, Greg.

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One thing I spaced on before my last Japan trip was the possibility of visiting a thrift store in Japan. I'd like to avoid that this next time around and would love to hear seagull stories. Talking points:
>Stores to check out. I've been bookmarking Okoku or Purchase Kingdom
>Selling clothes. Anons have mentioned that bringing a suitcase of ridiculous retro American clothes can fetch a pretty penny
>Stories and finds
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I had a really...werid thrifting experience in Japan. I'm not even sure if it was thrift store to be honest, it was just a small store across the street from ... I think it was Abeno Belta. There were no duplicate items and nothing had tags so it seemed like they were all donated, but I'm not sure. I was carrying all my groceries but I decided to take a look inside and I was greeted by a super sweaty old man who had a heavy kansai accent and was stuttering and was almost impossible to understand. He talked to me for like 30 minutes before I could get started shopping. I managed to find a weird zip up sleeveless hoody made out of some kind of chiffony material and then this shirt/dress with the most adorable engrish on it. It says like "Ranning souls I go with the wave" or something. I have a pic somewhere.
????/10 don't know if recommend.
So yeah if you're even in Osaka, give it a go I guess. Personally I avoided it after that first time but that's just me lol
Most "thrifting" in Japan is expensive, and they won't give you much cash for anything you bring in
>ridiculous retro American clothes
But that stuff is great, and if you have any that's usuable in Jfashion you might have better luck/make more money selling things like that on EBay or something, especially if >>8742260 is right.
Off topic, but years ago, for a brief moment in London, a big American thrift store opened up selling loads of imported retro American stuff for cheap; it was great, I still have a few items. If the same thing happened today all or any of those items would be expensive as fuck now, I just know it.

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Christmas is less than a month away.
What's on your wish list?
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A friend.
Sonico figures and a black Milk purse right now

I'll likely just get money from my parents, so either way, I'll be happy
My dad got me a dremmel as an early gift, which has literally been a blessing from god, hoping for a dress form and a few Monster/Ever After High dolls from the rest of my family/bf. My bf's been hinting at having gotten me a Super Sonico figure so I'm excited for that also. If I get money I might end up saving it to get some nice blouses or something.

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Noctis supporting Patron and fundraisers is basically trying to justify begging companies to sponsor her because of her body, looks and likes
New Kita name:
that was so beautiful, I laughed my arse off

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Are you going?
Are you in the cosparade or fashion show?
Share your opinions and hopes/fears for this years con
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Last I heard they were still waiting to hear back about the Cosplay Parade?
Their organisation seems to get shittier and shittier every year.
Yeah, people in the fashion show have heard back but I still haven't heard about the cosparade yet, it's seriously put me off wanting to cosplay there now
I haven't been in a good few years so I have no idea what to expect.

Last time I went the fashion show was 99% lolita and they gave a prize to a girl in the audience wearing full ugly yellow ita bodyline. So I don't expect it to be any better now.

Old thread hit the image limit, here's a new one to fill the void.

>Do you prefer old-fashioned style, or modern?
>Seifuku or blazer?
>One-peice or two?
>Did you school ever have a uniform?
>If not, why do you nanchatte?
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>Do you prefer old-fashioned style, or modern?
I mostly do modern but I'd be down to research more about old-fashioned and see if I could pull it off!

>Seifuku or blazer?
Blazer, def. Well, I'll do a seifuku one-piece but wearing a sailor top feels too cosplay to me.

>One-peice or two?
Either! I have one summery dress and a wintery one coming in the mail.

>Did you school ever have a uniform?
No, we had a "unified dress code" which is essentially: where your school shirt or a polo and some type of pants that go past your knees. Borrring
>If not, why do you nanchatte?
It allows me to look cute but professional at the same time. I always feel so put together when I'm wearing it!
>Do you prefer old-fashioned style, or modern?
Old-fashioned! Showa-style is the best, it looks very cute and a bit romantic, due to the sailor motif or old-fashioned style of dress.

>Seifuku or blazer?
Seifuku all the way, blazers are for normies.

>One-peice or two?
Hard to answer. One-peice is best for formal occasions, two-peice is best for practical times.

>Did you school ever have a uniform?
Sadly not. I don't live in one of those countries. I envy those who did.

>If not, why do you nanchatte?
Sailor moon gave me a seifuku obsession, and since that day it has been my dream to wear a cute sailor outfit like that.

Also, I like Edwardian style dresses, which many one-peice or sailor motifs hearken to.
Links ahoy!
(I know it's not much, but I hope they're at least a little helpful to anyone looking for some uniforms!)

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Can we have a thread dedicated to sexy Rule 63 cosplays? Gajinkas allowed to.

Jellyfats need not reply.
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0/10 bait

Cosplays from the Stakes episodes or some rarer characters would be interesting.
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Old thread is saging.

I hope people don't start thinking that this is casual Lolita, this doesn't have a single Lolita element in it. It's a really nice non-Lolita outfit, but it just doesn't belong in CoF.
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If only she would have a poofier petti and a lolita hair accessory I think yes it would be lolita. Maybe even different shoes. It's really all in the details sometimes..
Why do people bother dying their hair odd colors if they're just going to let them get washed out and dingey. Washed out blues and green look like mold.
Nah, the skirt doesn't even look like it'd hold a bigger petti, and it looks a bit short anyway. If the skirt was even two inches longer, accommodated more poof, she'd get away with adding a hair accessory and having an entry-level casual Lolita coord.

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