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First German Comic Con!

So much WOW, so much Stars, so much merchandise! Awesome cosplay area with huge german cosplaystars. Wrestling & Lasertag. So much Comic! Competence and friendly people everywhere.

Tomorrow day 2! San Diego Comic con is nothing in comparison!
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Dunno, can you sound more like a shill till I'm convinced?
Laughable shitshow
Sarcasm much?

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What degree did you get in college?
What profession do you work in now?
Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
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> What degree did you get in college?

Theater arts with an emphasis on costume/set design and costume/set construction

>What profession do you work in now?

I'm a seamstress for a dress shop that makes ballroom dancing dresses for the competitive ballroom dancing circuit. Which is a thing. The dresses you see on Dancing With the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing? Shit like that except not held together with duct tape and prayers.

>Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?

I very rarely buy new dresses these days, but if I so chose I could throw money at all the brand I wanted.
>What degree did you get in college?
General English
>What profession do you work in now?
I'm in the Education field (and not a teacher). I work with colleges across the US to do data and enrollment reporting mainly.
>Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
Oh yes. I'm able to budget for brand easily.
>What degree did you get in college?
Master's in Library Science

>What profession do you work in now?
Librarian at a research institution.

>Is your salary enough to buy the brand you want?
Yes. I have to budget wisely, but I can usually afford to get at least one brand dress a month or more, depending on the cost of it.

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bag organize.jpg
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Old thread is autosaging >>8680227
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Just looking for some neat J-fash blogs to follow I really like Otome type things but I'll follow anybody at this point because I'm starting a new tumblr from scratch.

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I would love some gothic lolita or EGA blogs. Or just general goth-y blogs.
Also any fairy kei, cpk, creepy cute welcome
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Bits of a lot of things but all generally cute pink stuff

I lost my folder, pic related is literally all I have left. And it's a pic for ants, too.
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oh man anon. i got you. you want specifically gothic lolita, right?

How many of you have actually dealt with the stereotype of the mean lolita brandwhore elitist that newbies and itas exaggerate and live in fear of? What did you think of them?
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This thread will probably not end well.

Those type of people do exist but they're fairly rare. Out of my 200~ person comm we maybe have two that act like that in person. I have a feeling that most people who really feel that way keep their "mean girl" attitude exclusive to cgl and btb, as well as their close friends, so they can vent it out safely without fear of repercussions.

All that said I think newbies do have a fear of those people for good reason, but only when it comes to sharing things online. Seagulls can be vicious.
When I was a 17 year old ita weeb at my first con I complimented a girl's IW bag and she said "Oh it's really expensive so I don't think you can afford it"

I encountered another elitist a year or two later who owned a lot of brand but dressed like shit. She'd do this faux big sister act with newbies and then shit talk them later.

On the flipside I've been called an elitist meanie for recommending someone buy a petti over $10.
Someone commented on the about how cheap and tacky the brand of dress I was wearing is after I told them what it was. I haven't bought indie brands since lmao.

>thinking you can embarrass me because I'm new
>but I'm not fat and actually fit into brand

Stay classy

In your opinion...
>Which brand has the highest quality? (materials, construction, print quality, etc.)
>Which brand has the lowest quality?
>Have you ever bought or not bough pieces based on quality concerns?
>Which Taobao brands have the highest quality?
>Best quality for the price?
Post some detail shots you have to prove your point!
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I haven't noticed any major quality differences between brands, but I do find that the two dresses I own from Innocent World are the most comfortable dresses in my wardrobe, lolita or otherwise.
With time, major brands have been decreased their quality, I can only talk about AP and Baby though
I'm constantly disappointed by new AP quality. Holy Lantern wasn't bad, but the one that really set me off was Cameo Window. The brooch was a cheap plastic that looked like children's jewelry and their fringe detail is cheap as Hell. For me I think that IW has the best quality for the price, but I agree that they all have kind of gone down hill. I'm still really impressed by JetJ, even if that's one that's suffered a bit as well.

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Comic Con Edition

Post photos, share your experience, talk about your favorite and least favorite cosplays of the weekend, etc.

What's next on the calendar for Portugal?
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I think the next Portuguese event is Festasia, but it looks to me that they will delay it for another year.
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It was cool i guess. A LOT more stuff than last year, but the guests and panels weren't as good.

I went to that as a STALKER from Freedom. Don't suppose anyone arround got a picture with me, since i didn't actually take any?

It's not like it's a very recognisable thing or a very good cosplay, but it was a first and kinda put thogheter in a hurry...
Are we upping our cosplay quality, Portugal? I'm impressed

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dear god i hope there's spoilers
need more new AP prints
Pics are in Lolita Updates. Several new prints debuted, and one new Imai Kira collab.
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Cecilia Cross

Haven't seen one in a while. What is your favorite online store to buy kigurumi from? I know of Kigurumi Shop and Kigurumi.com but I'm sure there's more out there. Or do you make/commission/design your own?

Oh and selfposts are welcome!
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How long does it take for Kigurumi Shop to ship once you complete your order? This is my first time buying from them.
Kigurumis make you look fat FYI
They were ment to be nightwear. No one de fuck should care how I look while I sleep. Though all these anime kiddos wanna look cool in their ill fitting panda and pikachu kigurumis on cons, smelling like they haven't took a bath in ages

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Old Thread >>8735813
I have about 500-1000 dollars to drop on lolita, depending on how much I want to spend on cosplay. I was thinking of only dropping 300 or so, and I was planning on shopping from cc/ww/yja/mbok or something but I also saw a dress I really liked on lacemarket. It's hard because I tend to get anxiety about spending, my finances were only recently partially separated from my family and they pay for my tuition (not much) and I pay for expenses, school things, etc. But they can see what I spend and I worry they will judge or confront me for spending so much on myself right around Christmastime. I feel spoiled and self-entitled and it's really gross. Half of the money in that account is from them, the other half is from my job. So I can spend that part however I want.

Not really looking for asspats, just felt like venting and seeing if anyone had advice. I just wish I wasn't such a sensitive person.
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I have a fairly rich friend and i kinda use her for money sometimes i feel bad but i'm so poor and i can't get a job until my body is fully healed in one year.
She always buys me small things even if it's just paying for my food when we go out or buying me an expensive makeup palette i was looking at. It makes me feel embarassed though in a way but i've always dreamed of having so much money i've been poor all my life.
I never ever ask for anything though that would be dickish and it would show i just use her for money (which isn't totally the case, as i actually kinda like her)
The fact that she has a deep crush on me despite her boyfriend and seems super admirative of me and litterally bought all the lolita i was selling on the comm sales (just because i wore it maybe idk sometimes i wonder) doesn't help i feel like an asshole.

but in exchange i really try to be understanding with her mental problems, i support her, i reassure her (she's massively anxious and needs reassurance quite a lot but it's fine, she's a cool gal and i have a great time when i see her in real life when we hang out at her house or at mine)

Am i a terrible person /cgl/? I had a girl that was a huge dick i befriended in hiogh school (only realized later she was a dick,spread a fake rumor,invented herself a life to make me jealous) and when i came over i would steal some money at night out of her bag or something. But i was 15 and seriously i can't imagine stealing like even 5$ from a "friend" now.

I'm a terrible cunt but i'm so fucking poor and i can't do anything i just hate it i want nice things as well but i can't even HAVE a job. I'm just so jealous i wish i had nice things like all the other people once in a while...
I am internet stalking some lolitas and get a kick out of it somehow. I once dared to talk to one to buy her blouse. It was a nice blouse znd it smelled so so good...i spent like an hour laying in bed and fell asleep holding it against me because goodness it smelled so nice.
I am a creep. I am not even lesbian.
Keep telling yourself that, anon.

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Prints get all the love these days, but no print dresses can be just as gorgeous and usually have interesting details.
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What material is this made of?
File: 01lv_0.jpg (65KB, 280x373px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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old thread >>8716442

ILD is coming up. Any cute winter/holiday meet-ups your comms are doing (for ILD or otherwise)?
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whoops, sorry for humongous image
not as humongous as tartan-chick's arm
Some people have no experience hosting events and don't feel comfortable taking on all that responsibility by themselves the first time, anon. There's no need to insult them for it. I really hope you're not my comm's mod.

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Old thread in auto sage >>8705608

Itabag FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wnFufd64j3cOxe50I8Amhj5lPvjZAlnupbXnhAJ6SbE
/a/'s Buyfag Guide (mostly about figures, but helpful if you're really new to buying chara goods): https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1Y1U5YDGrvgFW-5H_cBnDoHwCfWjPDaQ6p05-HJMcVh4
buyf/a/g guide: buyfag.moe

Share your progress, buying/arranging tips, and post some of your favorite bags or themed outfits/accessories.
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File: BDAaZrb[1].png (764KB, 593x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: nuyafnL[1].png (749KB, 599x595px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are you doing something cool with your comm? Maybe you're just chilling by yourself or with some friends/family? What do the coordinates that you're working on look like?

I think it would be interesting to hear nice or horrific past ILD stories too.
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My comm has organized a high-tea and Secret Santa gift exchange, followed by a trip to look at Christmas trees!

It'll actually be the first meet I've attended, so I'm hoping that I can easily fit into the group.
I'm really looking forward to this meet as well. It's great when new people come out. We're a pretty friendly group.

My new meta bag came in today to finish my ILD coord.
So I'm assuming that you're another member of the Victoria group? (If that's the case, awesome! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone.)

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