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Ugly dresses you also love go
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This print is so ugly but I love the idea.
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I don't even care how ita it looks,I just really want it

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old one hit the image limit
Post your favourite accessories, you know the drill
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old thread a kill >>8699690

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first
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I made a small document with some buy/selling tips and info. Concrit/feedback welcome, it's extremely rudimentary right now:

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1391-S3x95QY-yuzuJD1tsMQOoT8ngCRtDPxmXw1N8GI/
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Dear Celine OP.png
1MB, 1440x731px
Still looking to sell my Dear Celine OP, $80 + S/H
First owner, worn once. No damage. Comment or shoot me an e-mail if you're interested! Feedback here: http://www.lacemarket.us/author/celticfreefall/
DT for Merry Making only, please no offers to buy

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>Adelaide Supaova
>Brisbane Supaova
>Who's working on what?
>How did you guys find PAX?

All this and more in: Australia Cosplay General
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I've been attending Brisnova for ages and it's becoming less and less fun every time. Now I mostly just use it to meet up with friends that I don't see very often.
What do you guys enjoy most about cons? What would you consider a "must see/do"? I want to make it fun again.
Is the Aus dollar killing anyone else at the moment? Cosplay and Lolita are expensive enough hobbies as is.
Christ yes, I have so much shit I want to buy but I'm just holding off in the foolish hope that the exchange rate will become less terrible

what is fairy gore?
I heard it's a mix of Fairy kei/Lolita/Menhera?
Pretty much cute pastel with bloody sfx make up and self harm items?
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Please stop mixing fashions in an attempt different.
not a jfash.

go back to tumblr please
I don't think they are mixing it?

Fairy gore is a fashion not originated from JFashion
It was a fashion started by cosplays of Elfgutz and Saccstry.

The origin also started of a pale grunge and pastel goth.

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Countdown to Christmas Edition
Old Thread >>8736452

Comm Thread >>8716442
Closet of Frills Thread >>8739917
Coord Help >>8738411
Dream Dress Thread >>8729715
Dumb Questions >>8737527
Handmade Thread >>8705820
International Lolita Day >>8734946
Lucky Packs >>8734556
Price Check Thread >>8683617
Worn Thread >>8690934
Brolita Thread >>8713032
Boystyle Thread >>8697142

Lolita Guidebook

Does your comm celebrate the holidays? Do you celebrate other events during the season? (winter solstice, new year's, etc.)
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Does anyone know a shop that has decent quality straw boaters that's preferably US based?

I know it the middle of winter, but I want to wear a country coord god dammit.
If you are requesting US-based for shipping purposes, you can filter ebay results by USA only. If you're looking for US-based construction...that's going to be a lot harder to find or else a lot more expensive. If you want Made-In-The-US, let me know and I'll keep looking.
I got mine from Forever 21 for like 8 bucks. Simple but functional.

>Anime Matsuri Hawaii invites YUEGENE, cosplay guest from Thailand
>She gets to Hawaii
>Con organizer doesn't send anyone to pick her up
>Con organizer doesn't contact her
>No one does shit
>Doesn't speak english, no translator
>Issue with her visa
>Police arrest her and throw her in jai
>Still no translator
>Organizer still doesn't do anything or make any contact attempts

She eventually got out and was sent back home but had to pay for everything. Sounds like Anime Matsuri flew her out here just to get her in jail.
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Holy fucking shit. You don't get a strike two after that.
Man, I knew there was gonna be some shitstorm at this thing. Did any seagulls end up going?
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>people trusting anime matsuri
>people even going to anime matsuri
What happened to that boycott?

I'm surprised she even got out, I full expected them to outright claim she was never invited

Old one is sagging
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>goes in thinking not that bad
>zooms in

y? because she's fat?
Dress is ill fitted,
No makeup for a character shown to wear it.
jeggings rather than tights
Terrible posing that makes one look like a man in drag

>why is bad??

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Lets make a thread about cosplays that you want to do but are on the fence about or can't/won't for various reasons (or delaying).

Post pic of who and why.

I'll start

Gowther from the Seven Deadly Sins (I'll get better taste in anime one day)

>Be guy (even tho character is a boy)
>Not as petite or feminine (have almost no "boyish charm" slightly?)

I am however very slimming so i'm on the fence

What about you?
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my favorite character from literally anything ever i would die to cosplay him. but i am very small, too feminine, and my skills at crafting aren't anywhere near where they'd be to make this (particularly the arm ugh fuck me up)

also asahi from haikyuu because once again i am very small (anout 5'3") and his hair would be so difficult to make look good with a wig. and my natural hair wouldn't be right for it, plus i don't believe in using natural hair for cosplays
Chibi moon. I've got D cup breasts and a womanly body though. Also I have a bit of a childish face but I'm not sure if it's childish enough. I don't want to look like I'm fetishizing her or something :( maybe if I do the teen version that was in one episode? I really want to do the sailor uniform rather than black lady.
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Similar case
King from Seven Deadly sins
>Be a girl who's really into the manga and caught up to the current arc
>A tomboy/sort of manly looking but has a baby like face
>Is 187 cm so can't do it
I don't want to do Diana because I'm not comfortable wearing her outfit and I'm not really that cute either.

What would be the best/recommended way to cover/ hide overlap ridges when using worbla? Especially if they can't be flattened out.

Also worbla general if you want
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Get a thick paintbrush. When the worbla is hot roll the end of the brush over the overlaps to smooth them out.

>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money.
>>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money.

How so? Not disagreeing with you, I've only used yellow worbla.
>Black worbla is crap. Don't waste your money

How so? i like how much smoother the surface is, it saves me hours of priming and sanding.

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sales horror stories thread. give us your worst.

just in case you forgot, here's the story of the moldy orange peel AP JSK

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Who can forget the classic real cookie brooch.
What was the story with this one?

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Have you made your dream cosplay? Are you working on it now? Well why the fuck not? DO IT SEAGULLS!

Post you in your dream costume. Post progress. Post what it is and your bullshit reasons for not doing it yet. Then have other gulls yell inspirational things at you.

Pis related, I'm working on it for Katsu
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Seriously, fuck Lulu's design, the top half is awesome and great and everything but those fucking belts ruin it for me. I've never seen a cosplay where it doesn't look stupid, because it even looks stupid in 2D. If only she had an alternate outfit I could cosplay her, she's basically a perfect character for me looks and body-wise. Fuck Nomura, seriously
>rant over
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Finally tomorrow I will bring one of my dream cosplay, Eiko Carol, stil hating her "pants".
Godspeed on those shoes, anon

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How dead is fairy kei?
[spoiler]it ded [/hiropleasegivecglspoilers]
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File: 8vqiyr.png (2MB, 800x1066px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 800x1066px

So...anyone going to be cosplaying anyone from this?
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God I hope so

Didn't think anything of Zebei then I heard his voice and hnnnghhh gimme all the husbandos
I want to see Kushi with that giant fuck-off hawk. Or Tungar with his turbansword.
Fuck it, I really want to see all of them.

Except fatties attempting Phoebe, that'll suck.
There was a Razmi in a recent WIP thread

Old thread is in autosage.

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
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does anybody know where you can get full colored lanyards printed from?
If you want them cheap, and don't mind mass quantities, the answer is pretty much always going to be Alibaba/Aliexpress. You can also get smaller runs at pretty much any place that does dye sublimation, but it's not going to be as profitable.
You're awesome, thanks! I never shopped Alibaba before. How do you know if a seller is legit and won't run away with your money?

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