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I know this comes up on here every so often but whats /cgl/'s thoughts on cosplayers using Patreon?

Ive seen alot of cosplayers I know start these and I have had some friends insist I should try the same. I am a fairly accomplished male cosplayer but I don't think guys tend to have much success with the platform since it tends to encourage things like prints, which aren't nearly as big a thing for male cosplayers.
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Personally? I don't have much issue with it. As long as the person donating is getting something in return. Like a thank you email for lower amounts and so on. It is a monthly thing after all. If you can give something in return I don't see it as awful. But it was hacked recently so I'd be careful.
As long as you give good rewards to the people who are doing you a huge favor by giving you their hard-earned money. It peeves me to no end when people ask for money and give nothing in return, like they feel entitled to their fans' money.

I can be good for popular cosplayers with a big fanbase because they expect you to keep producing new things fast and that gets expensive. If you're an absolute nobody though, or your cosplays aren't anything extravagant/cost very little money, it's pathetic.
>. It peeves me to no end when people ask for money and give nothing in return, like they feel entitled to their fans' money.

No one is forcing anyone to hand over their money. If someone just wanted to hand me 100 bucks every month just cause they like me? Hey thank you.

Discuss everything related to shopping blogs like
>Favorite blogs
>What do you like to see on a blog?
>Why do you read shopping blogs?

Pic related. A blog I found from one of the old Tumblr threads.
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Interested as well.
I'm interested too!
Interested too. Which blog is the pic from?

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Old one is autosaging >>8763380
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jesus christ she looks like a lumpy blob

who the hell puts that on and says "yeah, that fits"
Compared to her other shit, this isn't really that bad.
That handle always reminds me of anal beads
Noticed it when it first came out, can never unsee

Let's talk sponsorships, CGL. What is your opinion on cosplayers who are sponsored by lens/wig companies, or even mass-made cosplay sites? How about sponsorship programs where cosplayers are paid to post photos of products? Are they beneficial to the company and/or the community?

Post your experience if you have a sponsorship of your own, or if it's something you've considered.
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I don't mind people getting sponserships, I'm always a little bit jealous of the free stuff they get. I do have a problem with people who are happy to be sponsered by companies that sell replicas and art theft, encouraging companies to keep ripping people off and stealing designs just so you can get free goodies is shitty
a couple days ago, there was drama about some lousy german fetish photographer, who offered 200€ sponsoring to a cosplayer commenting under their facebook post with their planned cosplay project, but they had to hand him over all the corporate rights of their taken pictures
Photographers automatically own rights to the pictures they take.

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So, a friend of mine is kinda dragging me to this con and it's my first time going so I have to ask:

>What to expect at this convention?
>What events are worth going to at said con?
>Who to avoid at this con, be it photog or congoer?
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>>Who to avoid at this con, be it photog or congoer? Travis Photography goes every year. Avoid him.
whats wrong with travis? I always thought he was nice.
Yep, I'd definitely avoid Travis.

Do any of you have an issue with you boobs when wearing lolita? I know there are lolitas who have problems with their boobs being too big while other lolitas have problems with their boobs being too small. This is a self-esteem issue for a lot of us. Lets talk about it.
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I think anything C cup and under is fine. Anything bigger and you should probably think about binding.
I have a B cup and Jane Marple is way too big for me. It's very sad.


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I'll go through the tag to start this thread up with some content.

>Obligatory "What are you working on?"
>Who do you hope is getting a new design soon? (Peridot, Jasper, Lapis, Centipeetle, new gem, etc)
>Seen any good SU cosplays at cons recently?
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this cosplay's from a while ago, but it's still really cool
i really hope they do something in the future to make the bottom mouth look more realistic, like fake skin. the bottom mouth is the only thing i really don't like about this cosplay. the rest of it looks fantastic, just that second mouth looks so out of place.
i do like that the color seems to match the rest of the skin tho.
the beer in the background made me laugh

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It's coming up in a few weeks, is anyone going to this small con? Any cosplay plans? Expectations? Will the masquerade be horrid again?
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Free drinks at the hotel. That's a win.
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So when the fuck is the schedule coming out? It's getting awfully close.
Not sure how well it will go because it's sort of last minute but i'm planning on going as a white mage from FF and bringing my friend whos going as Link. It's generic I know but I'm still relatively new. Not planning on going to masquerade.

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It's that time again for another Arizona thread! What's been going on recently? People are boycotting saboten and are staff members of Arizona conventions being rude to the community? If anyone can explain anything please fill us in!
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I havent heard shit about boycotting anything. While yes some staff is rude as fuck, arrogant and unhelpful, ive also met some really sweet helpful people who genuinly care about the local con scene. Honestly it's the same sort of shit at any con, people in az are bored and just like to talk shit imho
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I'm at an absolute lost for words right now. This type of behavior from a staff at a convention is unacceptable. If anyone convention organizers can see this please talk to you staff members about public appearances
So you followed that whole convo huh?

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Have you ever successfully deweebified a weeaboo?

Or you yourself, stopped being the embarrassing weeaboo?
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A thread died for this.
I stopped being a weaboo myself. It was a gradual process. I became one in isolation from people who could explain why it was so bad and I was too young to see past my own interests.
Yeah, some autosaged general that's already been remade.

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"I'm ghosting this con because it does not deserve my money!"
>I think the con is still worth going to and will drop huge sums of money for transportation, multiple cosplays, and room.

"I cosplay for fun"
>I can't be arsed to make a descent outfit and instead of getting better, I'll hash out this excuse to deflect any valid critisism

(While talking to another cosplayer from the same series) "Oh I'm also planning a cosplay of ___.
>By planning I mean "I put it on a list on Facebook" really I'm just saying this as an easy way to continue the conversation.

"Let's do a duo cosplay!"
>Let me have you make both our outfits while do nothing until con time where I can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

"I never get any photos of my cosplay
>I'm totally ignoring all the con selfies I took and blurry hallway photos my friends snapped. Cosplay photos ONLY exist if they're taken with an HD camera by a person I've never seen before

"Look at my next cosplay lineup!"
>Look at all the characters currently popular on the internet

"I got a secret cosplay that you'll never know of. It's going to be amazing!
>My costume is going to surprise people even after I post detailed WIP photos and spam my FB with bathroom selfies filled with "tests

"I'm just going to crash and rest after the con
>I'm going to scour every single search engine, internet forum and social media website for new pictures or descriptions about me despite the fact that the con ended less than 24 hours ago.
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>It's cosplayers, not cosplays

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all related with big armor gauntlet anime/manga/cosplay
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need reference for cosplaying knight with big armor gauntlet
anyone have a picture anime/manga/cosplay?
this might work


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I made a Manny Calavera cosplay for a convention in Salt Lake. Thoughts? Any improvements I can make to it?
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The help thread is over here, anon.

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download (12).jpg
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I'm getting an Illuminati agent uniform tailored.

I need to find decent boots and gloves, though.

Can you help me?
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Here's a better picture.

I found a decent gas mask, and the pants are no problem.
Use the help thread
Holy shit, another TSW cosplayer
I'm working on a Templar Uniform myself.

For the gloves, you might want to talk to who you're getting your suit tailored from- it'll help match color, and you can find glove patterns online pretty simple.

As for the boots... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ebay+black+military+strap+boots

Furthermore, hijacking this to make it a general TSW cosplay thread. You're welcome.

I hope that there isn't a thread for a smilar topic already, but I've googled for something alike and didn't find it.

So I'd like to make some accessory featuring a small animal skull, likely a headdress or a necklace or something.
Has anyone of you experience in working with something like that?
I wonder how I could attach it to a cannotier or any base or whatever.
I couldn't imagine gluing it on or sewing it either. or maybe gluing could do it? IDK.
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Get a tiny drill bit and drill some holes under the skull. You can sew it on easy without ruining the piece for later use if you want to switch things up. Just drill horizontal to guide the thread from one end to another with the needle.
thanks for the advice anon!

can't wait to try this when i'm finally planning a gothic coord after a looong time.

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