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“So I pretty much put in lenses full of hairspray, which burned the crap out of my eye, like, holy hell did it hurt.” Johnny told Houston Press. “So out of sheer desperation, I pinched out the contact lens, taking a chunk out my eye with it.”

Racing to a nearby MedSpring urgent care location, Johnny was told that “he may lose his eye” as a result of the injury. He’s going to an actual optometrist later this week with hopes of better news.
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Fucking hell
>inb4 he tried to sue the contact/hairspray company
Retards are retarded, why is this news?

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Do you think cosplay will still be a thing in 10 years?
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Considering there's more models getting into cosplaying, yes.
Over time it slides into normalcy. It's more socially accepted than 20 years ago, and in 20 years it'll be even more so. So, I think so.
Why wouldn't it be?

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What are your opinions on the current state of the cosplay community? How has it changed since you started cosplaying?
I am personally curious about the Patreon trend. Everyone has a patreon and everyone sells "sexy photo sets". I'm interested to see where it goes. You can only take so many photos in lingerie before your fanboys get bored. What are your predictions for the future?
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Do we not complain on cgl anymore?
So my friend started dating a cosplayer that's...I guess out of my local community but was close friends with a big cosplayer in my area. I was a little happy about it bc I was like 'cool, new friend to do stuff with!'
But me and my friends are pretty chill about cosplay. I have a lot more income than them so I can afford to buy nice cosplays or throw a bunch of money at a cosplay when I make it.but my friends buy cheaper cosplays more than they make anything.
This new girl...is a judge mental elitist who likes to make fun of my other friends personal life and then rub it in her face and gets offended when my friend gets upset. When she asked where I got a cosplay and I told her taobao she made a nasty face at me and turned away.
She tells her bf that she really likes the rest of us and wants to be friends with us so he tries really hard to help us all be friends, but she's just kinda a cunt.
I'm seeing this shit more and more and it's annoying. I also thought she'd be a great cosplayer bc of who she used to be friends with (they had a huge falling out), but she's really not and she will only be in cosplay for a max of 2 hours before changing and whining about it.

I feel like my local community really just fucking sucks as people. They're all judgmental elitists without the ability to back up that attitude and I'm sick of their bullshit drama.

yes but mod deleted the threads

plenty of patreon threads get deleted

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Talk about your local comm and don't get the thread deleted again.
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I'm going to Colossalcon next weekend to have sex with my husbando. How's the Ohio Comm?
Not wanting sex with your husband.
Why did it get deleted?

Didn't see one in the catalog
Thread for asking questions about hair or just posting cute hair pics
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How do I deal with putting hair that ends at mid back into a wig? every time I try it looks like I'm Jimmy Neutron.

I've started my own Cards Against Humanity deck specifically to play at cons, and I'm looking for some help from my fellow experts at the subject. Let's see what you've got, especially EGL cards.

Black cards:
There's a _____ meetup today
The ____ cosplayers ruined the jacuzzi
I've always wanted to cosplay ____
Jessica Nigri dressed as a sexy ____

White cards:
Cosplay is not consent
a man in a zentai suit without a dancer's belt
the bible autographed by Vic Mignogna
Unsealed body paint
con funk
Cosplay GoFundMe
Cosplay Patreon
Yaya's Yayas
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Kind of relevant.
White cards:
Homestuck cosplayers
Margo Palmermo
Mr. Yan So Dreamy
Male cosplayers who don't wear makeup or wigs
JoJo Posing
Overpriced Etsy shit
Replica dresses
Fat lolitas
Cosplay Deviants

Black Cards:

The convention banned _______ this year
I can't believe I saw a(n) ________
I blew over 100 bucks on a(n) ______
The ________ gathering looked like a huge mess
/cgl/ started deleting all discussion on _______

I'll post more if I think of more shit
I'm fucking crying. Where do I buy this deck?


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Do they have a reason to exist or are they nothing but attention seekers? Would you recommend making one?
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they give you a place to refer people to if you don't want to give them your personal facebook. it also works as a more public thing in general. people can look up your cosplay name and find your page because they probably don't know your real name (which you have locked down to begin with).
I know I have one just so my coworkers don't see my cosplay pictures. Some people prefer to make it so only certain people see the pictures, but I find it easier to just have them all in one spot.
I haven't thought of this. This is a pretty good reason. Thanks.

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It's in a few months. I've never gone but I'm planning on going this year. Is it worth it? What's the con like? What are your cosplay plans?
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is the construction on the convention center even finished?
Last I heard the food court and the main stairway were both closed off
I didn't even know there was construction
Sounds like the big stairs will be shut off this year. Which REALLY sucks as that's THE hang out spot.

It won't stop me from enjoying the con, though.

My cosplay plans are "have a reason to be shirtless and drunk".

That being said, I've attended the con sober before. 2 years ago. The rave and panels were amazing

Because we all need a palate cleanser.
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You first.
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I did lol

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Last thread we were talking photos, cosplay contests results, people being stupid assholes with hotel property
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good luck on this one not dying.
I got tons of photos taken of me this weekend, but no one's posted them.
Might take another day or two
Went Friday & Saturday. Had an uneven experience overall; met some cool new people and loved seeing the Lolita's and seeing Minori. The panels, lines and body odor are almost deal breakers though. For such a large con, kinda underwhelmed with the selection. I don't know if I'll come back.
>For such a large con, kinda underwhelmed with the selection. I don't know if I'll come back.

This was my thought about the con too, especially it being my first ever.
However, going back Saturday night and Sunday, a much more calm day as everyone was winding down, and talking and meeting more people convinced me to give the con thing another go. I mean 80% were total weirdos but the rest were decent people.
Plus, maybe I'll snag myself a qt cosplay grill.

Hey, can you guys post some Overwatch cosplay, thanks.

Also is this board mostly men or women?
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Pizoobie is my favorite Mercy.

Can we get some cute Mei cosplayers? I wanna cosplay her and want some inspiration.

Also, thoughts on chubby Mei? I know it's canon that she's "chubby" but I still feel awkward cosplaying if I'm a little overweight.
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Here's the thread for the Virtual Tea Party for a late ILD celebration! Any questions or concerns should be posted here.

This is the last one for tonight but any plans for future ones or suggestions for improvement are welcomed here as well.
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Virtual... tea party.
Here's the link for the room! The room is open for right now, I'll make a post for when I have closed the room so just just join in until then. For right now, it is an open invitation so feel free to click the link! Wear lolita or not, just be ready to indulge to talk about the fashion.


When entering, you should have options to do video/voice chatting, even text only! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
They weren't shitting up the general though. The general shits itself just fine without any help so stop trying to find a scapegoat.

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Post feels. Happy, sad, as long as they're /cgl/ related.

Last thread >>9021694
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>meet really cute Ruby Rose at a con
>really hit it off
>find his Instagram by luck
>mfw he's gay
All my friends went to a con without me.

I'm gonna shit~
>driving with sister
>see a flock frills walking
>couldn't stop the car to say hello or anything
>they were gone in less than a second
The good thing is I know there are frills still here in 912
Bad thing is I sold my only dress to help out my mom and sister a few months ago so I can't join you.

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punk moon.jpg
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What is your opinion on different "versions" of characters in cosplay? I mean like, "Punk [insert character], Goth [insert character], etc
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Some of them are fine, but a lot of them suck and aren't even recognisable as the character. Like your picture- you only know it's Sailor Moon because of the hair and the giant patch on the back. Other than that, it's just a generic, rather bad, punk outfit. I really dislike the trend for "punk sailors"- almost every single one is a hot mess.
I like them if they're cool, interesting, and recognizeable. Unfortunately, these days, 95% of the time alternative outfits has become code for "I don't have either the time, the money, or experience to try and create a cosplay of this character's regular outfit, so I'm going to closet cosplay it/buy a bunch of random things and pretend it's an AU outfit"
I made the thread because I ran into a punk Madoka this past weekend. She did a REALLY good Godoka and a couple of other good cosplays though, so I didn't hold it against her or anything, but it made me want to try a gederbend punk Luna ans a sort of casual cosplay for Sundays at cons and such. I just can't figure out how to do it without it seeming super lazy.

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Didn't see one in the archives considering it starts in two days.

What are you wearing
What panels are you seeing
General talk about Phoenix comic con.
Done with your cosplay?
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I'll only be there one day this year. Hoping to see some frillies I haven't seen in a while. Maybe get a photo with Bob Morley to feed my massive 100 boner.
Party at Squid Ink saturday
Clock King, Captain acold and Riddler
Nolan North, Diggle, Omundson and some of the education ones. Got get those easy profesional development hours! Also the stand up, last nights was good.
Yes sir.

Any /cgl/ meetups?

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