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Alright guys, it's been a while since the last thread, and I just printed a Cosplay ID card for a friend today and figured I might extend my card making services to you guys, as well as getting the new ID's back on track.

Last thread here: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/thread/S8845014
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Dang this is so cool. Did you ever set up an esty for these?
The design is still a work in progress. We need to come to a better consensus until I begin mass producing them.
I'm not a tripfag, but damn I wish I was. this is really fucking cool.

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Old thread a kill: >>8983889

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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WTB Holy Lantern Skirt or OP in lavender colorway only, also looking for matching socks.
WTT/partial trade

for stained glass I'll take any colorway but red, and for holy angel any except white/gold. Looking for the long lengths only.
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Derpy Choco anon, because LM is terrible for sending pics.
Back has partial shirring, a zipper, and corset lacing. Waist goes up to 34". Only wore it once for a cgl meetup. It's printed on spoonflowers cotton sateen so it has a decent weight to it.

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Iberanime is finally over. What did you think of the new venue? Was it worth it? Did you get to meet Reika? Tell me everything
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First time there, had no cosplay or anything, first experience at a con.

Tbh cosplayers seemed to be having fun in groups so I kind of got curious about the whole cosplaying thing and I am now more interested and I may cosplay next time.

I bought some cool stuff and tried to get some photos, that was pretty much it (I also enjoyed playing in some arcades)

I feel like if you dont go with a group of friends it is pretty shitty, it doesnt help that my group of friends only wanted to buy merchandise and gtfo.
If your friends only go to cons to buy merchandise, they made a really crap deal. Ticket price + overpriced merchandise (which a lot of it is bootleg/fakes), might as well have stayed home and gotten a bunch of official merch online.
Glad you enjoyed your first Iber tho, do cosplay when you get the chance, it is quite fun, especially in groups.
The new venue was ok I guess, but the fact that there were so many people didn't help at all, and apparently it rained inside if I heard correctly.

What is otome-kei?
>Japanese for 'maiden'
>Focuses on a feminine and quirky look
>No set rules
>Outfits often use colour popping, interesting print combinations, and contrasting materials
>Generally has a kitsch or twee vibe
>Sometimes overlaps with casual lolita but is still a separate style

Main otome brands:
>Emily Temple Cute/Shirley Temple Cute
>Jane Marple
>Leur Getter

Other Suitable Brands*:

>Ank Rogue
>Axes Femme
>Candy Stripper
>Franche Lippee
>Lois Crayon
>Lolita brands (accessories, legwear, bags, mini skirts, cardigans/boleros)
>Melantrick Hemlighet
>Merlot Camp
>Wonder Rocket

Suitable Non-Japanese Brands*:
>Alannah Hill
>Cath Kidston
>Hello Bones Jones (Indie)
>Miss Patina
>Mulberry Chronicles (Indie)
>Peppermint Fox (Indie)

Non-japanese Socks/Shoes*:
>Sock Dreams, Teja Jamilla
>Melissa Shoes, Bait Footwear, Dkode Shoes, Neosen, Fleuvog

*NB: these brands are not all specifically otome, but sometimes produce suitable items
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Appreciation Blogs:


Individual Blogs**:

**NB: Many of these blogs dabble in both lolita and otome or exist in the grey area between the two. There's also varying experience levels.
Just received this in the mail. Any suggestions for coording it or worn pictures?
This is so weird and kitschy, I love it and hate it at the same time.

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Old thread in sage >>9033782
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By request, link to Wonderfinch dramu from previous thread: >>9040054
Just read this and wanted to add I really don't buy the drama, especially trying to drag it into this new thread suspiciously. If someone has an issue with a seller, e-fame or not, just leave them poor feedback or make some blog post somewhere leaving a review. I bet no such thing with magically manifest.
I once saw a posing picture dump in here but didn't save it. Does someone have the link? Other databases with great posing pictures would be nice too.

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Any gulls going to Ninja-Con?
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yeah but mainly because i won a free badge, otherwise i probably wouldn't every year so far has felt more like a gathering rather then a con. I might not bother cosplaying.
Yeah. I'm hosting a JoJo panel there. Will probably go as Oldseph since Richard Epcar will be there.
This is my first time going, and it looks so small that I'm expecting it to be more like a Lottle Tokyo meet-up. I'm mainly going to see the animators panel.

I'm getting into prop making, what props would you love to have anything goes

Show your props off
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I just finished this. Also made a few weapons...I need to sleep.
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Here are some weapons from Fate/Stay I made recently.
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Mmm nice and clean.

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Is there a way to color steel like this?
Working on a nazgul cosplay, and caught between buying these and making my own out of sheet steel:
(Will probably end up doing both) and I'll have to do it either way.

PS. I'm aware the gauntlets I linked don't have a glove attached yet
PPS. If anyone knows where I can get a decent cloak, share to save a life
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hey matt
If you just leave shiny steel out where everyone can touch it and spread their skin oils all over it; it will oxidize to a dark steel color naturally.

You can also do what the Japanese did and mix piss with sawdust and throw your steel in there.

Shitting on a cosplayer? Praising a cosplayer? Just wanna say something?
I just wanna see what happens in this thread desu, no other real purpose in making this.
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florida cosplayers are annoying, im not excited for the next con, but im going anyway to buy cute shit that i dont need
Please take this to the Florida thread. I love a few cosplayers and I don't understand why a few shitty ones are popular but why make 2 threads
Link the thread?

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HALP! Last minute cosplay ideas! Really simple, I was busy with work and school, couldn't properly prepare. Pleaseee, my hair is red, and I have a long blonde wig! Like the one in the pic. Help me anons, pretty please.
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there's a help thread you know
but idk, go through blonde characters and see if there's a casual outfit you can buy/make easily. i have a friend who has misato katsuragi's yellow top+shorts outfit as a backup if she can't get the other cosplay made in time.
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The more fitting thread would be the suggestions thread, actually, but YOU must also participate and help others to get helped yourself.

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Would you rather have:

1. A closer cosplay community with less normies and popularity chasing faggots but much worse cosplay quality in general


2. What we have now
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1, I'm a shitty buyfag anyway so I really don't care about costume quality over community.
Only antisocial fans or popularity chasing fucks would choose 2

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How do you go about affording your cosplays? I just got into j-fashion and was so excited to find out about how cheap taobao was, but when I realized how much shipping was even with SS it gave me second thoughts. What do you anons do to afford your stuff?
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I don't have to work, I'm pretty and cute enough someone wants to take care of me
Get a job, sell stuff or have rich parents. [spoiler]Or get a sugar daddy.[/spoiler]

I have a job but my mind is blown how people can afford $300 on just shipping for things. It's a turn off for someone financially sane.

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Old thread about to hit bump limit

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Date was just announced for October 16, 2016! Who's planning on going?
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>october 16th

welp my pass isn't good and it'll be crowded as shit
no thanks
I have always wanted to go to this! Hopefully this is the year my friends and I actually go.
I intend on being there. The weather will have cooled down in So Cal so at least we won't be roasting in our brand.

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Old one's in autosage -

Who else is sitting in line for rooms? This shit is bananas.
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I'm like halfway down. This is like Dragoncon level room madness, fuck this shit.
in line for hotel rooms? what?
Line to reserve room for Colossalcon 2017.

I'd do it but I'm probably going to Animenext next year and they're around the same time so

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