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Hey /cgl/,
>what advice do you give to someone who knows nothing about Lolita?
>What are some staples for any Lolita wardrobe?
>what are some tips for a first timer?
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lurk more and don't use an ita-tier anime character as a header for a lolita thread
Use Google. There are guides. Don't be so lazy and expect people to give you help if you can't put in the tiniest effort.
Advice: Don't do this

Chill and discuss.
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A-are premade costumes a no-no in the cosplay world
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If you want to join in competitions? yes. In general? No.

Just don't be salty when people who make their own costumes get more praise than you even if they look a little worse.
>cosplay world
what planet is that?
>stuttering in your post because it's so kawaii desu ne just like mai waifu :3


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Old thread auto saging. >>9035506
AX is about two weeks away now! How prepared are you? Also general AX discussion thread.
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>How prepared are you

Room is booked but havent paid my share yet. And I dont even know how many people are gonna room with me
One of my cosplays is almost done and im looking for material for the second one
80 bucks so far, (for food/souvenirs) in reserve.
My job didn't give me Thursday and Friday off, And I have school Thursday so im going to probably only attend 3 days
Honestly....preparation is better than last year!
Lmao my streak of making threads was broken
I was going to make one when I got home
You are now the new thread custodian
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Still haven't bought my pass

Overwatch thread.
Old thread>>9041791
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Bunny costumes are so fucking boring. Why can't they at least try to bring in something new?

I'd rather see everyone in school uniforms be the new trend because it would involve less shoddy sexy cosplays.
Why do people think bunny suits are still creative

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How often and where do you wear jfashion?
do you only wear it at meet-ups and cons, or do you wear on just a day out?
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I'm a daily Lolita.
I wear casual jfashion or like nanchatte inspired outfits but not full blown seifuku when I go out with friends. We usually just go eat or go shopping. I wear boring stuff to work and school though.
Yesterday I wore lolita to class for the first time in a while. I felt exactly like OP, all those disgusting normalfags. Since it was a rather hot day people were even more casual and somehow this ticked me off.

So originally there was supposed to be another thread and open up a cross board dialogue but some how that's gone, so I want to reopen that dialogue since the /fa/ thread is pretty much done.

I invite you to have your own thread about fashion, it's board, and culture thus allowing the two boards to read and share thoughts and comments, and clear up misconceptions about one and another; as I think the two hobbies are sister hobbies in a way.

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I'm wearing a pair of 10 year old hello kitty pajama pants and a some t-shirt with some band spraypainted on it that was going to be thrown out and a swimsuit bottom

I think that explains how I feel about /fa/
/FA/ Here, I went to a con once dressed as max from where the wild things are it was very nice. It was really hot though, I don't know how y'all do it for 3 days 10 hours a day I was dead after 1.
>I don't know how y'all do it for 3 days 10 hours a day I was dead after 1.
generally, cosplayers change out of cosplay after a while, or at least into more comfortable ones.

Old one hit limit. >>8918574
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What is your ideal number of main pieces? How many is too much? How little before you question if it can even be considered a wardrobe?
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go ask in general
>Ideal Number
Depends on how often you wear it. If you wear it daily or frequently, you'll ideally want a larger number. Someone who wears it for special occasions may be more content with a smaller number.

I wear it to meetups, outings, special occasions and conventions and I own about 24 right now. There are pieces I've not worn yet and some I haven't worn in over a year. My wardrobe is stuffed full. I feel this is a good number for me, but I have a growing wishlist. The most I've owned at once was 30. But I've only been wearing the fashion for 4 years and I downsized by half when I bought a house.

>Too Much
Basically if it's sitting there and not getting any wear at all, you might have too much. If it's taking up more than a reasonable space, you might have too much. If you have buy a large house just to store your brand, you probably need to downsize a little.

>Too Small
Like 1-3. You're just a sweet little babby lolita. I kind of miss those days. I have pictures of my closet from back then.
>Ideal number
This is so hard to answer. I have 51 main pieces and am not a daily Lolita, so I feel that I have too much. However, over 75% of my main pieces have been worn at least once and I like the variety that I have to choose from, so I think 40-45 would be ideal for me. Enough to keep the variety and not feel overwhelmed/like I'm running out of space. I'm selling things to get there now.

>Too much
Depends on the person and their style of wear. I think 50 is too much for me because things aren't getting the amount of usage to justify the price, IMO, but someone who is a daily Lolita would probably find this a great number or need more.

>how little
I think if you've got enough to make coords for a week, then you've got a wardrobe if you mainly wear Lolita to events. For a daily lolita, you'd probably need enough to live 2-4 weeks off of.

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Discuss cosplay fantasies.
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I would fuck someone cosplaying Sevastian Michealis but who wouldn't amiright?
Leon S. Kennedy. Right here, right now.
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I want to be the Rana to someone else's Cattleya

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Talk about things that had a course of popularity that you simply didn't like.

For me it's peignoirs. I have seen some cute ones worked well but still didn't find it my cup of tea. Then there where those who thought any peignoir would work and thrifted them off the goodwill racks.
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i love ops picture. it looks elegant!
Agreed it's cute. Which is why I included it. Just not the fad I jumped on.

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Is anyone going to Denver comic con? Haven't seen anyone mention it, but figured I may as well ask.

If anyone is going would you like to meet up? Hoping to pretend I have friends incase I run into someone from work.
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No, but I'm going to that game over party/concert on saturday night.
I may be going into the actual con on Sat, but Fri-Sun I'm working selling food right next to the con hall

>managers freaking out
>everyone on staff working
>pls be gentle
Saturday's the only day I'd be going anyway, would you be interested in meeting up?

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Old thread >>9047821
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Shiny Drop set (aatp)
This print was popular the first time around so I thought I'd post this too, Sakuya Lolita is doing another round of their stars print. This run seems to be really short, though.

Last one in autosage
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Imo, all the items individually are cute. Just...not together.
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this guy is a sissy too.
Ugh that replica

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Hey, I need some help.

I'm making a kevlar best of sorts.
I've used cardboard, normal fabric and thick stuff you use to fill pillows with.

Anyway, I need to connection the shoulderpeice with the rest of the bodyarmour.

Any ideas how?
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Jesus Christ, i hate autocorrect.

Vest, not best.
Connect, not connection
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Will be posting pics now.

>the two pieces
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This is the armourpiece.

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