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favorite youtubers? what kind of content would you like to see?

can someone please link the google docs
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question, are watermarks not a thing anymore?
is the re-direct subscribe button at the corner of videos that youtubers add only show up after a certain number of subscribers?
example attached
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I hate his perfectly curvy hair fuck, only if my damn straight hair goes that way. Damn those bad Asian genes.
princess peachie

Do you ever feel like you're growing out of lolita, fandoms, cosplaying or conventions in general? Like it just does not excite you as much anymore, or you're moving towards something else.

Share your stories and thoughts.
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Dang Anon, you beat me to it.
I'll turn 25 next year, and I've always been fascinated by Lolita. As a greasy tomboy I've been bullied a lot by the girls from school and wanted to be cute and feminine. But I didn't know where to start so I started browsing different kinds of fashion until I came across Lolita. However, that weeby teen couldn't afford brand and parents thought it would make me be immature for the rest of my life.
Now I have a degree, an income, but I can't really be bothered to buy or coord and I lurk here to see the cute outfits.
It's sad to see how dearly I liked the frilly frills and fluffy pettis only to not really care about them now that they're within my reach.
I KNOW there are older Lolitas that still rock the fashion and are absolutely pro at it, but yeah.
I thought I'd grown out of anime and manga for quite a few years now but then a good friend of mine got me into Jojo. I've been in weeb hell ever since, and I love it.
If you feel like you're growing out of something you love and you don't want to let it go, try finding something new to get excited about, be it a new series, a new fashion style, a new way to coord, etc.
Just don't force it. It's okay to grow out of things, it happens all the time in many different ways, and sometimes forcefully hanging on to something that doesn't make you happy anymore can stunt your growth as a person.
I'm 28, but I get mistaken for a high school kid occasionally. I don't feel very "old" either. I don't think I'll ever grow out of this stuff.

Anyone know where to buy Lolita wall art? I see it when I see pictures of people's rooms, but I can't find anywhere to buy it.
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Why don't you go to the draw thread, see if there's anyone you like, and commission them?
Some GLB have posters in them, and brands do sell posters periodically, but usually not online.
Just print some Imai Kira art and frame them, it's super cheap.

Rimini comix edition: are you ready? Have you found a photographer? Did you book the hotel? Ready for the fontana of monnezza and svomitazzo notturno?
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bumping for interest
Almost done with everything, but I'm still struggling to find a good photographer, anyone has any suggestion?
Ma scrivi in italiano, bestia, ti pare che da altri paesi vengano per il Rimini Comics?

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I want to cosplay Raven from Teen Titans soon and wanted people to share examples of good and bad Raven cosplays to help me get ideas.
Found this one on Reddit today.
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this one could have been better with facepaint and the right boots. colors are off too but otherwise decent.
wig a little too long, wrong boots and colors off but everything else is good. they did a good job with the gray skin and the belt and gems are nice.
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nice classic comic book raven. good colors and fabric.


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So other than the usual Kamikaze Girls, what else would you screen for a meetup?

I've done Princess Jellyfish and How to Date a Fujoshi before and am running out of ideas.
Also have pic related but the theme is kind of mature and depressing. (It has awesome appearances of old school lolita though.)
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Gothic & Lolita Psycho
Bara no Konrei - may also be called Mana-sama, the movie.
you could she one of those overly ~*~elegan-uguu~*~ reverse harems

I didn't see a thread for this, and I've come across a lot of cosplays of cartoons from my childhood at cons recently. Old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, even PBS cosplays: if you see 'em, post 'em! Also post if you're planning any nostalgic cosplays. Starting off with this Judy Funnie.
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flat screen tv, totally innacurate

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So many replicas posts lately...why???
so ita. so sad.
Old Thread>>>>>9052879
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Old Thread>>>>>>9052879

contributing to the hot mess lately

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I got my first petticoat, but it was too long/big. About how long should petticoats usually be for Lolita dresses?

Also, where do you typically get your petticoats? Any suggestions? Any opinions on Bodyline petticoats?
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I really love my Black Ribbon one, it's a really great switch from my Classical Puppets, which is falling apart. The poof is great ans it's really soft.
Malco modes.
Thier customer service has me fucking hooked. Just gotta get another fix man. Waitin for dem cupcake pettis.
i was thinking of getting one from melikestea but her waiting list is long as fuck

Don't get it deleted this time edition
Shop list: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/shops
General overview: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/info
How not to do a coord: http://fymenhera.tumblr.com/post/144540469037/how-to-not-do-a-coord
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It was pretty tame in comparison to other threads tho that didn't get deleted.
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Time to share, gulls. I'll start.

>go to con dressed as idol version of chara
>someone approaches and says i look familiar
>say my character
>"oh i knew you were familiar!! why aren't you wearing her glasses? i would have recognized you then, god :/"
>character wears glasses 1/10 times she appears

Sure, buddy.
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>"When do you evolve into houndoom?"
>cosplaying poochyena
Day 1 cosplays are usually really dumb ones my friends and I do. One time we did some half assed Umineko that was made with some inside jokes and shit, but I look pretty generic anime girl and mostly unrecognizable.
>someone stops me and asks where I'm from
>being a shit I make up a VN name and say its pretty obscure
>other person smiles along and says that they played that VN a while back and said they liked my cosplay
>spout more made up shit about how I'm so grateful that they recognized this rando character and hope they liked that route the best
>lowkey liked watching them also try and lie

I know it was kind of an asshole move but I'm an asshole so. It was hilarious honestly.
What character?

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Indy PopCon 2016.jpg
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Anyone else going this weekend?
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I'm looking forward to being incredibly stoned the entire time.

Must be nice anon!

This would be my first time attending. How about you?
Yes! I had a cosplay lined up, but wig got ruined at the last second so I guess I'm just going to be a regular anon.
Anyone else have cosplay plans?

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I was at an anime convention and I was cosplaying as a shirtless ninja. I noticed there was this older dude that was trying to discreetly follow me around and check out my shirtless body from a short distance away. Eventually he went off and left. Even though it was kinda flattering, it was a little creepy. I haven't told anyone that this happened until now. Not sure what I should have done there if it happened again. Any advice?
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Congrats now you know how it feels to be a woman.
Get con security if you are being followed. If concerned, try not to be alone at the con. Stay with friends.

Also, please do not make an entire thread for yourself. "Creepy con stories" and including your own story is fine, just "My creepy con story" is not.

So much drama, who needs cable tv!

part of this group? post the cringe.
just an outsider...? Ready the popcorn!
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I feel like this should be in the Britfag thread, but I'll bite.

What drama?
you should just post the shit that goes on up here in the britfag thread when it's relevant.
i don't know if there's any 'drama' unless it's between people in certain friend/cosplay groups.
the only relevant thing about scottish cosplay is that it fucking sucks.
Post a drama example to get the thread rolling

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