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the guest list got huge between now and a couple weeks ago
I fully expect them to drop more bombs because it seems like a very AX thing to do this year
Anyone still need a room? I'm at the JW Marriott with some friends just trying to get a better split.
It be $250 for 4 nights (30th-4th). Email me if you're interested.
Since AX has been announcing like crazy, who are you still hoping for them to announce as a guest?

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ITT: characters who you wanna cosplay but have the right body yet
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>tfw 4'11 girl who will never know the joy of cosplaying her husbando
Never say never, anon. Work hard and you could make a very cute mini-Kars.
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Correct body type never

T-theres always genderswaps, r-right?

Let's talk about Disney face character costumes. Thoughts on Mulan's new costume? I think so far it's only implemented at Walt Disney World.
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>that complete change in eras from the slightly more accurately dated Wei era to the sluttier Tang dynasty

My sides.
I wouldn't have even recognized the new one as Mulan, to be honest.
The old one was so much better. Liking the new hair, though.
Also, Jack Skellington always looks exceptional in person.

Dumping inspo for understated but formal coords that could be worn to a somewhat fancy non-lolita evening party type event.

They won't all be black, this is just what the inspo folder is named. I don't know how to explain so here comes the dump.
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Old thread died, talk about your local lolita comm here!
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I love my comm!! They may not dress very well (with the exception of maybe three girls), but at least they're nice. I feel bad for people in comms with e-fame whores and salty cunts
How to find?
One of the members in the comm near my area is one of my favorite lolita YouTubers...I kind of live vicariously through her videos.

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The thigh highs are ok.

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previous thread is about to die.

upcoming local gta meetup this sat at uncle tetsu's angel cafe at 6pm followed by boardgames at castle board games on spadina/college. who's in?
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Nooooo I would love to do that on a weekend off ;___;
Take the day off!

So how many people are confirmed going? I'm still on the fence myself.
going to a comm meetup earlier in the day, also for cheesecake, but i'd be down to join up for board games later if i'm not too tuckered out

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The brand new larp thread after the previous one in autosage yet again

Now with 27% less knife eared pieces of shit.
Don't forget, around elves, watch yourself
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Why are you Orange..
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high elves in the elder scrolls universe have olors like that.
Although in reality it was more of a yellow is but the guy who made that pic put some weird filters on it
Hmm, perky Freya nipples.
The spraytan makes it look like a New Jersey elve. Its better on the other pic though.

Post cosplay from Colossalcon last weekend: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Pic related: Morrigan
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you've got some nice dick sucking lips on you
Is that you? Nice.

inb4: This thread going downhill fast
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Does cosplay of Tougou count or is posting it cheating?
>Going downhill fast
Like a wheelchair with no brakes
end the thread now

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How does a seagull find a con party? I'm going to a con that's coming up and don't know many people there and they deff aren't the kind that party. Any tips on finding one?
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Keep an eye on the threads for the con. See if any seagulls selfpost, that way you can recognize them. Go to seagull meetups and make connections.
>How does a seagull find a con party?
Pay attention to the thread a few days before or during. Most people only post about parties day of or during to avoid idiots.
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Ayy its nice to see my picture floating around. Ask around where it might be, check online or if you can, listen for music to play. On the note of con parties, anyone know of any 18+ or 21+ after parties/con parties at nyc comic con?

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I really enjoy these threads every time they come on. While identifying a dress on Lolibrary I came across this lace monster from AP. Will post more if I find some, feel free to post gross brand.
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Terrible fabric choice, also AP
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>lace monster
Anon, please.
There's almost no lace on this dress

post coords that make your heart skip a beat
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Previous Thread: >>9055379

Previously, on Dutch Thread...
Anon proved to be the real MVP and shared links to Animecon videos and pictures (>>9055933, >>9055938), Shy Femanon failed to meet a cute guy while Anon looked taken by walking around with lady friends, Alcoholic Anons shared what they were drinking, J-Fashion started to gain more attention, and a bunch of summerlicious newfags reminded us why we can't have nice things.

Convention news and agenda up to October:
>Tomoplay (July 2nd & 3rd, Berghem) is a retro video, card and board games related meetup. Tickets are €2,50 (€5,00 incl. bus).
>Castlefest (August 5th - 7th, Lisse) is an outdoor fantasy convention. Tickets are currently on sale starting at €21,95 per day.
>Abunai (August 26th - 28th, Veldhoven) is the other big Dutch anime convention. Hotel rooms are sold out and day tickets are running low, so make sure to buy your tickets while you still can.
>Amsterdam Comic Con (August 27th - 28th, Amsterdam) is a comic convention much like DCC, only Showmasters quality which is still an improvement over DCC. Tickets start at €15.
>Elfia (September 24rd - 25th, Arcen) is an outdoor fantasy convention held in Arcen. Tickets are €29.95 for the entire weekend.
>Tomofair (October 1st - 2nd, Nijmegen) is an indoor market with bootlegs, cosplay, and overpriced snacks and will be held in Nijmegen. Tickets are €4 for Saturday and €3 for Sunday.
>First Look (October 7th - 9th, Utrecht) is a gaming con. As in, the biggest in the Benelux. As in you already know what it is.
>Imagicon (October 15th, Ede) is a Sci-Fi, horror and Fantasy convention and that's all I really know about it. Tickets are €17.50
>Animecon 2017 will (probably) be held on June 9th till June 11th, Novotel rooms ales will start within the next three weeks.
>If there are any conventions or events I missed, which I did, feel free to post it in the thread and I'll include it in the next OP
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excellent image OP
Who comic con damsko
As long as it has the same vibe and tends to be bigger, I think I'll go

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Let's have some fun.
Tell us funny stories that happened to you in lolita/cosplay/...
Share funny images/greentexts/... that are /cgl/ related. Let's just chill.
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No she'd always be our glorious Queen. May we all be as blessed as the fish she kisses.
I tried using a tripod to do pictures of myself and it's hard. Newfound respect for our queen.
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