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Continuation of >>9017420

How to Play:
Pick a theme, colour or item from the previous image, and then post a new picture saying what you chose.

Item: Belt
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item: brown hair
File: 1457497728113.jpg (106KB, 600x1076px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Item: Blazer
File: original.jpg (203KB, 375x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Color: Brown

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Anime Next is coming up, anyone going?
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Gonna be there, still not sure what cosplays I'm bringing though
I'm just going for the video games.

Is it worth it?

Otakon - Lol no. Fuck that

20-25 bucks a day to play a bunch of arcade cabinets that can't be found normally in the united states? Fuck yes
A decent size of people are going but I don't see a lot happening. I know this is the umpteen time its been said but Atlantic City was such a bad place to move.

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Discuss dance covers and dance groups/soloists!

Does anyone have an active odottemita community? If so, how do you keep it active? I personally do odottemita meetups at conventions to keep up with everyone. Does anyone else do this?
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Sharing some of my recent favorites! Does anyone look up to a certain dancer or group or follow one closely? I've been following Cuca since she was doing Kirarin Revolution covers.

i want to take advantage of my youth before i hit 25 and want to make a few dance covers
how do you upload your videos without getting copyright hits? how do you alter the music/ with what?
Altering music on a basic video editor is pretty basic depending on what video editor you use. Usually making It sound deep or high can be good enough. I would recommend using vocaloid songs so you don't have to alter songs as much

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I think we can all agree on a few things.
-Cosplay has changed and will keep changing
-for now people are more competitive and everything is a pissing contest
-sex sells but we don't all want to be a part of that scene
-there's no good central place to talk about cosplay anymore (cgl is dead)
-people are having a lot less fun than they used to as a whole

A lot of us feel like the community is down the tubes. We can't stop the fact that dude's are going to fap to sexy cosplay and cosplayers are going to exploit that so there's no point in fighting it. It also doesn't do us much good to shrug and just say "that's the way of the world". Even though there's no chance of changing the fact that money and fame chasing and soft core porn are a big part of things now I think we should be trying harder to save our hobby. What can we do that will foster the community that still wants to have a good time meeting people and making costumes? A forum that rewards advice giving instead of popularity? More local community meet ups? More con events that influence cosplayers in a positive way (contests, games, etc)? Tell me what you think we need to turn this ship around before we sail right off the cliff.

Tl;dr we need to talk about how to fix the community beyond hoping everyone will just suddenly change or trying to police each other. What can we create that influences cosplay in a good way?
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The issue is that people can't agree on what constitutes the "destruction" of the cosplay community. Where is the line of "fame chasing" drawn? Who gets to draw that line? At what point does self-promotion turn into a hunger for fame? Not even going to touch on the "softcore porn" angle you brought up, either.

The reason why the community won't "come together" to do any of your suggestions, is that there isn't even agreement on how bad the 'problems' in the community are, and if they're even problems at all.
Wtf is the point of fucjin focusunbg on the negative? Fu kin just love what you do aand kbock thatshit out like you the boss.
Ive got no timw for your shit
Are you having a seizure? Do you need help?

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Old thread >>9040587

So, here we have another AP print nobody asked for.
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This is the only AP print I've been interested in for about two years, save for re-releases. but I'm biased, I keep fish.

I just wish there were better photos of the navy colourway, because I'm sick of pastel vomit.
Time to play everyone's favourite game!
Whatever happened to this dress? I thought Honey Honey was on hiatus, and then they did a re-release of the cat print, but this perfume bottle print kind of ...didn't happen?

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england gb uk.gif
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Last thread autosaging

Post your hauls from MCM and discuss how good/bad it was. Also post your cosplay pics.
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was there an afterparty orgy?
Guess the people who were actually there is fast asleep rofl. Anyways, what makes cosplayers go nearly nude at cons? Exhibitionism, or is it just crying out for attention? Or maybe it's something else?

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Con season is starting, so this is the megathread to post in as far as Texas is concerned. Possible subjects:
>Cosplay WIP and help
>Local Cosplayers
>San Japan
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Okay wtf is San Japan thinking trying to charge additional fees for the masquerade?! If I want to donate to charity, I'll do it on my own time to one of my choice. This is fucking ridiculous. This year's going to be my last San Japan if this keeps up. smfh
You're going to quit one of the few good cons in Texas over something as petty as that?
What are your talking about? You can choose to donate to get your ticket pre con. If you're too cheap to pay 5 bucks you can try your luck on site.

At least they're giving to a charity and not straight up profiting of the event. JFC anon.

Old thread >>8927888 not bumping. Let's have a new one going
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Were you that nekopara anon that posted pics of himself a few weeks ago on cgl ?
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Probably?? I think I did but idk if anyone else did as well.
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It must be awesome to be asian

How do i learn to makeup and any advice on extremely hot places? I live in a pretty hot region so i imagine makeup would be a mess at the end of the day, right?

And what is the makeup that hides beard shadow?

Hard mode: no Minori wannabes
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I love this girl's looks

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Finally a new thread.
Post more Coords ILD Spam Edition

Last Thread>>>>>9045454
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Last Thread>>>>>9040478

sorry! wrong tab link
Is this really that short? Fuck.

Let's combat summer newfaggotry with a good ol' hoverloli thread.

>Post pics (selfposts are swell)
>Transform other pics into hoverloli

I will dump a few examples to get the thread going but let's try for some original fucking content, please.
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File: 1407514619101.png (866KB, 900x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How to properly hoverloli:
1. Set camera on tripod
2. Take photo of background without anyone in it
3. Position self in scene
4. Take photo
5. Go to Photoshop, place blank background photo on layer behind Loli photo
6. Erase legs on Loli layer
7. ?????
File: 1430220926920.jpg (435KB, 800x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 4259_original.gif (966KB, 410x230px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
966KB, 410x230px

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Old one hit reply limit >>9029402
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"Pirate lolita"
"Steampunk lolita"
File: BGADMeqsiNn.jpg (436KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How might I dress myself up as a statue?
In particular the eyes, those look hard to do.
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I don't know OP ask this guy.
>paint face
>contour/shade areas of face/eyelids appropriately
>close eyes when people take picture

not that hard
white mesh lenses could also do the trick i guess

Or do whatever with your money. The point is that your wallet cries in the end.

Old thread: >>8999016

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Hi /cgl/

I'm curious, how do you prefer to handle cosplay weapons of ludicrous size? Is there anything you can make them out of that isn't ungodly heavy but doesn't look like styrofoam or snap in half in a strong wind?

I ask because I want to finish off an existing Dark Souls armor I have, which I have already worn to some cons, with an iconic weapon from the franchise. Ideally this would be the Black Knight Greatsword I have pictured, but I'm not 100% set on that since it might not be realistically practical.
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I've glued styrofoam blocks together and cut them into shape, using wood as the core and handle. it was sure light but it also bent really easy and I have to be careful when waving it around. But I mean as long at you dont rest your weight on it and you try to stop people being FUCKING IDIOTS AND GRABBING IT AND TRYING TO HIT PEOPLE LIKE FUCKING SPURGLORDS you should do fine.

What was the finish like on your weapon? Did you just paint the styrofoam, or did you cover it with something like a layer of plastic or something? The picture might not carry it across very well, but the blade of the weapon in the game is very glossy, almost glass-like in appearance.

I doubt I can replicate that level of detail, but it would be nice to try. I am also a bit worried that, if I do my weapon the wrong way, it will clash heavily with the rest of my costume. With a couple of small exceptions, the rest of my armor set is actual metal and some leather belts and such. Obviously an actually metal sword is impossible for a bunch of reasons, but Im worried that if I don't use the right materials I could end up sinking a lot of time and money into a weapon that doesn't really work with the rest of my costume.
I covered it in woodglue and then plastidipped it with the spray kind. If you're this new to armor and prop building i suggest going to the help thread.

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