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I want to know where in the us has the most posters on /cgl/ vote here

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I'm not even from America.
So triggered rn.
South Sweden

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Post feels. They can be happy, sad, whatever. As long as they're cgl related.

Previous thread. >>9050177
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>tfw my dying grandma wants to be buried in my favorite dress

I'll feel like a supercunt if I say no.
Get a replica.
>read sad story about an obese-chan who had to cut herself out of burando
>actually cry

My period is making me too empathetic.

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Any of you gulls already working on your cosplays?
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Why haven't they approved any panels? San Japan is sending panel approval out today and they are a month later.
No music guest announced. All signs says there won't be one.
They've been approving panels little by little.

How far have you gone for cosplay? Anything from losing weight/getting in shape to dyeing your hair or moding your body. What's the craziest change you've seen someone do to fit a character?
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I work out on the reg now, mostly for health/functional reasons.

There is a relatively big part of me that wants to get fit to pull off muscular characters. Kamina/Simon is pretty realistic and not too lofty a goal. Maybe down the line, Mikisugi from KLK just to do the strip and whisper NUDISTO BICHO to other KLK cosplayers.
>dying your hair
don't do that
get a wig
and loosing weight really isnt that crazy
Accidently got a xl instead of a large. I didnt have time to send it back because the con was the next day, so i had to cut half of the armour by the side and put velcro in it to give it a better fit. All in all it came out ok

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We all have those wigs that just sit there unused. Let's change that. Post the wigs you have, get suggestions for characters that could work with them.
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I received both of these wigs through trades. Not really sure what I can use them for.

>no male characters please
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I have a wavy brown wig laying around, would love some simple casual/comfy sugestions

Maybe Makina from Macross Delta for the pink wig? Although it might be slightly too short for her.

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You know the drill, unkindled ones.
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Post pics of your favorite Sailor Moon cosplays and props
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What's the best place to get a Sailor Moon wig? That wouldn't be too expensive
I prefer Arda wigs but if you're on a budget I'd check ebay!
I think kasous wigs on test has a nice prestyled one :) also ayanamisatoru on eBay although they don't have as wide of an inventory anymore so not 100% if it's still on there, but worth giving a look!

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Tell me about con love /cgl/
I want to live vicariouslythrough your stories.
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I met a guy at a con. He was introduced to me from a good friend, and he started talking to me about anime I liked so we became friends. We talked a little bit online afterwards, and had a pretty good friendship.

A few years later, we both got out of relationships. I hadn't been feeling satisfied sexually in a while, so I finally worked up the courage to proposition him. We decided to be friends with benefits. Once we started hooking up, we became really close friends. And, as cliche as it sounds, we fell in love with each other.

We've been together for 2 years now. It's the best relationship either of us have been in. We enjoy cosplaying together and going to cons, he loves my clothing style and lolita. I feel like I could be with him forever.
>be me
>hitting on nerdy crush at hotel jacuzzi
>everything's going according to plan
>get in elevator to go back upstairs and change with him
>6 fats from the gaming room cram into elevator with us
>obese as fuck
>elevator goes over weight limit and breaks down
>can't even sit there's no room
>nerd crush mans up and holds my hand to calm me down
>firefighters get us out 2 hours later
>start dating 2 days later

and now we're married nerds!
Ok time to shake things up in here

>be homestuck trash
>go to homestuck shoot
>start doing pictures for pairings
>get paired up with rando guy for picture
>thought he was kinda cute but didn't think much about it
>photos get posted
>oh no he's hotter than I remember
>make call out post hoping to find him
>through some miracle someone recognizes him and points him in my direction
>he lives too far away to visit regularly so we start chatting as friends and having a good time
>I was still under 18 and he was in his early 20s so no romance
>fast forward a year to where I'm starting college
>still chatting daily and finally I decide to start dropping hints
>he seems to reciprocate at every turn
>I am about to go pick up friends and he was on the way
>text him about possibly meeting up for dinner because it had been a long time
>get in bad wreck and end up at the hospital right near his dorm
>he comes and visits to cheer me up
>fast forward to a couple days later
>I'm stuck in my apartment with my injuries for my birthday and ask him if he wants to come over
>"I don't think my girlfriend would like that"
>over a year of chatting and after 2 months of what was definitely flirting back and forth, he dropped on me that he had been with another girl the whole time
>we have a huge fight
>heartbroken, I stopped talking to him
>I eventually tried to reconcile months later only for him to start pulling the same flirting shit again
>I ask before anything else if he was still with that girl

I basically told him to fuck off and have avoided him ever since. I was fortunate not to bump into him at all this year.

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Nun dresses thread!
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Last Thread: >>9003104

MegaCon has ended, and it was a shitshow. Anyone else want to share their experiences? Also, anyone going to FandoMania in a couple of weeks?
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wasn't able to go this year because I was out of town. what was so back about it?

Tickets were expensive, no game room, and on all days the showroom or whatever closed at 6/7

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Post pics of bad cosplay makeup.
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It's not even that bad. Like it's not really good, but not awful
I'm calling vendetta, especially since you only posted one picture...
>not even that bad

Are we looking at the same pic? Have you seen the eyebrows on the right?

This is mostflogged right? Her eyebrows are always pretty scary

Another worn request thread!

I'm looking for coords with IW's Mucha prints; any colorway, either release. I'm thinking about getting it and am looking for inspiration on how others have done the art nouveau theme (or haven't done it).
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please n thanks
Dear Celine's college stripe short sleeve summer doll op
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Not a particularly great shot but

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Hey pals,
I have a friend of a friend who is interested romantically in me who is a Fairy-Kei / Lolita Fashion enthusiast.

I want to get her something to show my affection. Any ideas?
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well what's the price range you're looking at?
$40 - $120
you can always search lacemarket for a purse or accessories or something, or a wig? depending on what kind of lolita she's into. make sure you take that into consideration tho, if you get the wrong style of lolita it's not a very usable gift.. also there are some good dresses on there for cheap if you know what she likes to wear
on the fairy kei side you can buy her a bunch of accessories off etsy (some cute ones there) or join a kawaii sales page on facebook and look for stuff. storenvy is a good place to look for fairy kei stuff too.

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Hey so I'm planning my first Photoshoot at a con and I was wondering is it usually assumed that a professional photographer will be present? I've been to one before and it was just regular people taking pics and the only professional ones were from photographers that happened to walk by. Like I don't know what the norm is and if people will be all mad if there isn't one present? Thanks for the help. Pic unrelated
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I've been running meets for 3 years, and no, pro photos are not expected. Just make sure to include everyone, be flexible, and work with whatever characters show up, and you'll be fine. Meetup pics are more for fun than showing off.
You have to contact one. You should have a dedicated photographer. preferably one you've paid. Just ask what their fee is and how many people. Shooting 3-4 people is chaos enough, throw in 30 and forget it
As a photographer I don't go to gatherings anymore because it's a cluster fuck as the other poster hinted at (and they aren't worth much artistically). There will always be a random taking photos do you could try asking one of them. If you've got any friends willing to help who also have a decent camera ask them too because you can bug them for the photos

How does one go about becoming a good lolita vlogger? What are some dos/don'ts and what kinds of videos do you love or hate? How do you feel about the more popular vloggers (like Deerstalker, Lor, Peachie, etc) and what sort of things do you wish there were more of in Lolita related videos?
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I hate any kind of "lolita " video where they aren't wearing lolita! Like the fuck is that shit? People doing un boxings or rant videos and they are wearing fucking pjs. I came here for lolita goddammit. Updating consistently is also super important and it helps to have a cute house.
>high quality video (1080)
>high quality mic
>good lighting
>simple music in the bg
>good voice overs
>neat, simple bg
>wear the clothes

>fucking music box music
>or loud, complex music
>have vids longer than ~5 mins until you get popular
>single shot the whole video
>lolita transformation - seen one, seen em all
>messy, overly crowded bg

Please note, all of the above are my personal preferences and what I've seen be successful.
I wish there were more classic and gothic lolita vloggers. Obviously, if you're not, you're not.
I agree with pretty much everything you said except the lolita transformations. It's nice way to show people how you get ready and you could even make it a makeup tutorial based on the coord you're wearing. I would probably avoid using the word transformation if I was to make videos though.
People like to watch make up and get ready videos so I think it's a good way to get more people interested in your channel while you're also doing other things.

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