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Old thread >>9016413

Keep it /cgl/ related.
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>took a lolita hiatus before finals so I could focus
>finals still went pretty badly
>found out after finals that my bf was spending the summer 1000 miles away and leaving sooner than expected
>been spending every day with him to try and enjoy the couple of weeks we have left
>just moved into a new apartment with lots of issues
>cleaning and fixing it is draining most of our time
>broke after resulting unexpected bills
>had to sell some things and cancel going to a con this summer
>missing ILD because I have to visit family after bf leaves
>not going to be able to wear lolita again til July
>friends are all out of state over the summer
>too broke to cheer myself up with online shopping
>too broke to buy new shoes and bags so dresses I can't coord are sat in my wardrobe unworn
>trying to become less broke by getting a job but haven't even got an interview yet

Most of these are pretty common problems so I feel bad complaining, but the whole thing is making me feel really tense and irritable, especially with being too busy/broke to wear lolita to cheer myself up.
>buy dress for Fanime
>pay girl 2 weeks before I need it
>girl never gives me tracking
>keep bugging her
>this morning: "I just shipped it out anon! Here's the tracking."
>Fanime is in 2 days
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>just moved to NY
>was planning to go to AZ, booked flight to home town so I could visit with family, found a ride from town to the con
>day before flight, my ride to the airport tells me they can't take me anymore
ok whatever make new plans
>ride from town to con backs out
>my car breaks down, can't get to airport
>miss flights, cry for hours because not gonna make it to con or see family
>parents trying to guilt me into buying a new ticket to fly down even though I don't have the money for it.
CGL, I'm so bummed. I worked really hard on my cosplays for AZ and was finally going to cosplay with my best friend who also was the person to get me into cosplay.

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I'd like to see some black sweet coords, show me what you've got. Just because it's black doesn't mean it's gothic!
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fuck yes, this is my thread! I wear nothing but black sweet
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Also, dumping what I have
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It's Summer and this year in particular is supposed to be abnormally hellishly hot, at least in North America. Thanks, Bill Nye.

If you plan on cosplaying any cons this summer you could literally die from the heat if you are not careful.

That's why this thread is here! To spread awareness and information on how to not collapse from heat exhaustion while wearing 50 lbs of foam and metal in the sun!
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Oh and by the way you should totally buy Cool Shirt(tm)! (only $420.69)
Here's some tips I've gathered from reading and talking to other cosplayers. Luckily America has been at war in the desert for years and a lot of research has gone into keeping cool in the heat.

Make sure to pay attention to the weather forecasts. Knowing ahead of time can help you adapt accordingly.

If you have a bulky hot costume then get a hotel room as close to the con as possible. Not only will this cut down on the time you spend outside in it but it also means you can get to a cold shower quickly if you need one. Cold showers are great ways to cool off if you feel yourself overheating.

Those instant ice packs are great in emergencies but you need to know how to use them. You radiate most of your heat from your hands and feet, even if your face and head may feel hotter. If you feel yourself getting too hot, ice packs can be applied to your hands and forearms but make sure not to just hold them in place. Cooling your palms with the ice back can serve to just constrict the blood flow to that area. It'll feel cold but won't do much to cool the blood reaching the parts of your body that need it. Rub them slowly along the palms and backs of your hands and the underside of your forearms.

Actually I was going to suggest making your own. They're just vinyl tubing sewn into a spandex t-shirt.
probably worth it for furries and the like desu

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C4 Comiccon.jpg
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You know when your fan run con is shitty is when.
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Sure, jan
Even if this were true
>giving every Tom, Dick, and Harry admin privileges
>not thinking to remove privileges as soon as association is done
Just say you were hacked. Nobody will believe that either, but you sound slightly less shortsighted and stupid.

How do I make myself a WWII outfit? I'm willing to pay up to $120 (gun not included). Everything I find is either a general or an officer or just plain overalls. I'm not worried about all the accessories such as a knife, binoculars, water can, and such. Either a backpack or a couple of ammo belts is alright.

I live around Philadelphia if that's important.
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Go to your nearest surplus store. They usually have fake/old uniforms for sale.
ebay has a huge amount of replica outfit sellers
>what is the help thread

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Old one's about to die, so here's the new.

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Who else is really tired of sewing?
Ballgowns are the worst. Damn my love of fluffy things.
Yo, when's Third Strike?

1 month till the 17th impact

any yuro going?
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off course
I'm thinking of going, is everything in french?
it's mixed. there will be all french events and all french booths just as there will be enlglish-mixed/only booths and stuff. Everything like plans and informations will be in both french and english though.

Share the best and the worst.
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sonico is shit
Not shit just obese.
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I guess that's why fatties always cosplay her.

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I didn't see a brolita thread, so I decided to make one. I don't even know where the hell to start. Where does a brolita buy clothes that fit them right?
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Like any other lolita would. AP, Baby, Meta, IW, etc.
>Where does a brolita buy clothes that fit them right?
take your measurements and check them against brand measurements. see if you will fit. if not, look into indie brands that offer either a wider range of sizes, or custom sizes.

additionally, there is no issue a man has fitting into brand that a woman does not also have. rather than research clothes that fit men, target your specific issues: flat chest, tallness, wideness, etc. there are flat, tall, and large lolitas that are also female, and you will find many resources that way.
Toabao brands and bodyline have larger sizes that you could try first without buying the more expensive brand. You could try replicas, too, but I personally don't like the thought of replica.

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Old one is autosaging >>8970192

Post questions, advice, inspiration, completed works, and WIPs!

Resource Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15mrdnoKqy7csGQ7XhyFy_wXVnLUzKX0sd2agIvHDXVw/edit?usp=sharing
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dumping resin ideas for cat themes, i know we have some cat ladies around and there are a few cat prints coming up
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Old thread is auto-saging >>8999205

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce

Thread may be slow due to summer cons starting up. Share what you're working on if you dare.
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i know this has probablt been asked before many times but how long does it usually take for Vograce to produce the samples and finished charms? i'm currently waiting on mine (just confirmed the outlines few days ago) and i'm just being impatient (and also bit worried since i need them for the second weekend of June, i got the fastest shipping and all but still kinda worried haha).
average for the US seems to be about a month from sending off files to the package arriving, give or take a week.

Not sure about here in Canada and other countries but I'd assume the same
The largest order I've made so far has been for 175 charms, but every time it's been under three weeks from initial email to receive the package of charms.

New thread, because the old one didn't went so well.

>how and when did you find out about gyaru?

>what is the thing you struggle/d with the most? hair? nose contour? finding brand you fit?

>favourite mag?

>do you dance parapara?
If yes
>what's your favourite routine?
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>how and when did you find out about gyaru?
for me it has been around 2009/2010 when a random ganguro video popped up in the youtube side bar

>what is the thing you struggle with the most?
since I've mastered the nose contour I'd say my hair, I usually just wear it straight down, in a dango or twin tails. I'm really untalented if it comes to hair I guess

>fav mag?
forever EGG followed by ageha...though egg is funnier.

>do you dance parapara?
I try, but I'm a failure at dancing

my fav routine is POISON
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Dropping some inspo so that this thread will go a lil'better than the last one

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Old thread >>8998532

Lovelor claimed to not have an opinion about this.
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Her argument doesn't make any fucking sense. Brands are well aware there are oversea customers, else they won't open official shops there.
lol i don't know why people were freaking out about this, it wasn't exactly a groundbreaking video.
Can we talk about how bad Lolita Humor is? Wtf finally they got moderation

Old one >>8971669
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Gonna start off!

I'm still looking for Melty Ribbon Chocolate!
Will pay good for bitter, going price for brown and reasonable for pink. I'm really deperate. Please take my money so I won't get bitter and buy something else on impulse.
Because the search is never ending. I swear to all the fairy tale and chocolate prints I will own this OP.
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dream dress graphic.jpg
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So close and yet so far to completing the list...

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There's one for Lolita so why not cosplay?

Things that happen at conventions that you simply can't stand.

Personally I'm tired of the sea of deadpool you always see at conventions.
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all these years later, still waiting for homestucks to go away
I imagine this year it will be pretty bad since the series is done. But it will probably die off since they will move to something else with fresh material.
Well to be fair they pretty much migrated to Undertale

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