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Old one reached limit
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I think that's enough spending for awhile... most likely...
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Derp, dropped photo
A small, happy little haul.

I didn't want to do a Taobao order until late May, but then the Collared Dove series popped up. I knew I had order that divine blouse before the store became overwhelmed with orders for it (and alas, they closed the preorder for the blouse already). My *true* Taobao haul later this month will be way more socks/shoes/cosplay.

And gotta have menhera tights for whenever Bunny & Black finally re-release the Nurse JSK.

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Last one's gone the way of Old Yeller.

Less than a month to go, are your cosplays done yet?

New shit this year
>Wig styling contest, 300$ prize
>Waterpark open until 2am Friday night for con people only
>Lolita fashion show and tea party
>Tabletop gaming relocated to Maui Sands waterpark down the road
>Wrestling? Battlebots??

Old thread

>Captcha: select all images with popcorn
Yeah that's probably how this thread will go.
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Anyone heading it from NY? How are you guys getting there?
My cosplay is pretty much done.
I'm still salty that Nick refuses to swap my panel, though. What's so hard about swapping panels? I'm a first time panelist so maybe I'm not getting something. I've heard in recent years that the old panel director had no issue moving panels..
This Nick Dude sounds like an ass hole... Someone should send me a pic so I can harass him at the con

What distinctions separate aristocrat/gothic lolita/western goth? Does it matter? Any newbie tips for assembling a wardrobe? Makeup suggestions?

Discuss or just post pictures.
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moi meme library.jpg
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unholy mother of fuck, checked

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>Shop links

>FAQ (Work in progress, open to suggestions)

>Facebook group
F B .com / groups /nanchattefashion/

>Nanchatte for fun tumblr
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Anyone have some cord inspiration using royal blue and white?
File: 1432964996158.jpg (144KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the closest thing I have to a royal blue/white.

Also, is there any update on the NYC nanchatte meetup? Completely forgot to email anon, so if you're around, please drop your email again.
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Also this, which like the previous picture, don't ring as typical nanchatte but more inspired

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Post some good ero lolita coords here.
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welll that certainly isn't one

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Arda Iron Wig Round 4 entries are up. Theme was any Super Saiyan from the DBZ series. Wig used: Malinda with wefts in Pale Blonde.

Vote for your favorite: http://435972.tbits.me/

Toki hasn't submitted yet due to personal circumstances.

Attached photo:
Havenaims cosplay
Make-up: Toriko Cosplay
Photography: Zantaff Photography
Model: Justin Bennett
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File: JakCosplay_r4.jpg (114KB, 1200x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jak Cosplay
Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A8nvmvHTy4&feature=youtu.be
File: UPcosplay_r4.jpg (117KB, 1200x681px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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U.P. Cosplay
Photos by Daniel Gray Photography http://www.danielgrayphotography.com/ )

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Can we have a new guro inspirations thread? The last one was ages ago...
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guro lolita isn't exclusively menhera anon
it kinda CAN be but menhera doesn't really go for the broken doll creepy halloweeny look which guro lolita can have
Guro lolita =/= menhera/gurokawa you fucking newfag.
File: 1431538597297.png (262KB, 333x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You guys are fucking stupid. I couldn't care less about menhera/gurokawa. I want insp for guro lolita and only that. Newfags...

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New Uchuu-kei thread since the old one is dying
Old thread: >>8978704
Good links:
Chloma - http://www.chloma.com/
Hatra - http://hatroid.com/
D/3 - http://webshop.d-3.club/
PredatorRat (for tigh highs) - http://predatorrat.shop-pro.jp/
Galaxxxy - http://galaxxxyrocks.com/
Tsurutatsu - http://tsurutatsu.theshop.jp/
Takuya Angel - http://takuya-angel.com/
Cyberdog - http://www.cyberdog.net/
Artifice Clothing - www.artificeclothing.com/
Coquetry Clothing - https://coquetryclothing.com/
Kiss Me Kill Me - http://kissmekillme.fr/
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These links are a godsend. Thank you, OP.
There's some shitty uchuu kei stuff in that nintendo social app right now.
File: image.jpg (255KB, 1280x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't know if it would be considered uchuu but BALMUNG has a similar feel to hatra's work, plus spacey graphic prints


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Old thread >>9026401 was on autosage

I'm on my phone so super short post.

What are you doing?
How has your cosplay been holding up?
Have fun?
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Bout to head over late for the last night my dudes. I hope I can meet at least one person
This con was a total disappointment for me. Aside from the hotel security going full gestapo, the con itself was kinda a bust. Absolutely no good events or panels and the exhibit hall was mediocre at best. Artist Alley seemed alright, but that's not really my thing.

We had a good party going, but only an hour and a half or so into it we got a first and final warning from the hotel. We checked with all our neighbors beforehand and everyone was cool with us throwing the party, so whoever complained wasn't even in the surrounding rooms. The way the hotel handled everything really killed my vibe and I just drove all the way back to SoCal yesterday evening, wasn't worth it staying any longer in San Jose.

Still looking forward to AX, ACC, and ALA. Don't think we'll be going back up to Fanime any time soon tho, this con was a disaster. The only redeeming quality was being able to hang out and drink with some cool people despite the hotel's best efforts to stop any fun from happening.
Come drink legally at the fairmont lobby

Can we have a big and pretty dresses thread?
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I really want to make this but I don't know how to do the skirt.
I'm not the biggest fan of full length skirts because i am quite short, but i don't know how I'd style this in a shorter length.
With floor length stuff, I use the opportunity to wear larger heel/platform shoes. The skirt will hide how crazy the shoes are and you get some nice leg height which in combo with a smaller torso can give the illusion of having goldon ratio proportions.
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Obligatory Dorothea

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Old one

Found this posted to an anime BST group.
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This guy is a serious fucking creep.
Yeah I'm throwing some salt but seriously
It's just three fucking red lines on the face with a smokey winged liner and black lips.. oh yea cat ears. Real original. Real fucking Kitten looking
She has a really fucking hard time putting in those lenses. I remember her posting about it because the diameter was huge compared to what she had been wearing before. I like Mary. No amount of salt will make me not like her.

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damsel in distress.jpg
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New larp thread, previous one is in autosage ( >>9001709 ), standard procedure.

Now with 10% less HEMA/HMB/SCA/etc bullshit AND gluten free
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Fuck that, you ain't taking my gluten you fucking slav!
>$80 burgerbucks
>I'm with ---- Thats a rip.

In case you did not know, things cost more in Europe. Even if you shop overpriced stuff from abroad it can still be cheaper than buying stuff domestically.
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Since there is no re enactment thread ill just ask it here.

What is a good company for re enactment weapons, ive heard kovex ars and jiri krondak(fabri armorum) are very good.

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I'm bored and so therefore hence commence the hot dude cosplay pls ty
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Is that motherfucking Stripper Vash? God damn that was a long time ago.

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MegaCon is slowly creeping up upon us. Anyone feeling the MegaCrunch? Also, OUTCon is this weekend. Anyone going?
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Megacon roll call!

>What days are you going?
>What events are you doing?
>Where are you staying?
>What costumes/what days?
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
>What days are you going?
All 4
>What events are you doing?
Got photo ops with the HP guests, HP cast Q&A, wanna hit the AA hard. Other than that I mostly Jung hang around, people watch and see friends
>Where are you staying?
Rosen Plaza, next door. I miss when the con was in Feb/March so I could stay at a better hotel and just walk over. But this late May heat? Hell nah.
>What costumes/what days?
Not sure of the exact days, but cosplaying as random characters from Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Bob's Burgers
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
Biggest relief? Being able to get your wristbands mailed to you in advance. Thank God, no pre-reg lines for me. I'm not even annoyed at the price, 4 days and great guests so I'm cool with it. Biggest gripe? Besides the horrible time of year, I hate that the anime and universal contest are both on the same day, no way to watch both. I'm interested in seeing what will happen at the anime costume contest now that Anime Sushi is no longer running things. Those are big shoes to fill.
>What days are you going?
4, hope the pass comes in on time
>What events are you doing?
No idea, I like to wing it
>Where are you staying?
Hilton, like I give a fuck about heat
>What costumes/what days?
May do my plague doctor though it is an old cosplay so it is pretty beat up.
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
Wristband mailed to me, holy shit is that nice. Biggest gripe is that I didn't book a hotel sooner and that it's probably gonna be crowded as all hell. This con has gotten so fucking big.

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I'm going to be generalizing a bit based on my anecdotal observations but would it be appropriate to say that in terms of east coast vs west coast:

West coast:
- People put on more of a front / fake image on average
- Are generally friendlier and warmer but it may be less sincere
- More of a party culture

East Coast:
- More cosplay centric
- Reserved and a bit more socially conservative
- More cases of passive aggressiveness
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East coast Photographers charge...west do not. East has more drama too with cosplay
Reading east coast cosplay/photog drama is possibly one of my favorite pastimes.
>west coast is boring

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