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Momocon is next month at the Congress Center!
What are you plans? Who are you cosplaying/ what are your coords?
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>Obligatory Trustfundcon-Censorshipcon-Shitcon remark

I was going to do Sakuyamon from Digimon but I don't think I have enough time to do an armor build so I may push it off until D*Con. Leaning towards doing a Raven variant.

What are you doing OP?
Nice! Id love to see what you look like.

Im doing a full power armor cosplay for DragCon as well that wont be ready for Momo. I have the helmet all done but nothing else.
Anyways, I may do a Fallout raider with my power armor helmet or try to throw together a Diamond Dogs soldier cosplay in time.

Last year I had a great time with some Anons doing a Hotline Miami cosplay group with me, hopefully I find some equally as cool people
Can't believe nobody has posted in here.
Havent bought my tickets yet buy im hoping to do a Killzone cosplay

I am getting involved in my local goth scene and want to bring my love of Japanese gothic/visual kei white-face makeup with me. Post inspo, tutorials, and tips! Selfposts are fine too
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Keep them cgl related

Old one >>9006789
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>convention next week
>suddenly pimples under skin, on chin
>hate life
>Fanime is next week
>Didn't make any of the costumes I planned to make
>Didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose before the con
>Don't want to book shit as a photog because I still owe people photos from ages ago

Oh well, I guess it'll just be a room party Fanime.
Are you me? I have the exact problem...

So I just read that Super Cosplay Cafe isn't attending Anime St. Louis anymore and posted this long all of text to their fb page. Rather than just peacing out and saying thanks for having us they wrote a long shitty post about how they dislike LGBTQ and black cosplayers. Like in 2016 why are we still dealing with shit like this? The panels had nothing to do with them yet they got pissed enough to leave and had the audacity to call people out about it. I'm glad they're leaving, cons are negative enough without shit like this happening.
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>getying mad at 18+ panels at an anime con

what kind of puritan delusion have they been operating under?
I'm on their side. I'm fucking tired of all the goddamn special snowflakes wanting their own play pen. At least be honest and say you want segregation again.

Adult shit is fine though, I'd say keep it for later at night, but as long as there is plenty of other shit to do, who cares.
Are you serious? It's a fucking panel. How does that even come close to segregation?

>previous thread is on autosage

>ask all your CGL related questions here
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Unanswered questions from last thread:

I can't find much information on raised detailing with sintra, but I seem to be having some troubles with my Silas cosplay for Fire Emblem: Fates/if. This is also my first time working with the material and I picked a difficult project for my first time but luckily it's working out, failing a lot but learning a lot.

Does brand of sintra matter? I seem to overheat/curl often on small detailing bits, could be that I'm impatient or my heat gun is disturbing heat unevenly (using low settings) I also seem to have problems getting it flush to the base piece
I also see that people glue the detailed bits first before forming, but I have a lot of curves in the armor so I wanted to avoid that since the diameter/length would change so I form then add the detialed bits and form on top of it.

How do you fill the seams for small detailed parts? I know bondo works well for big seams (eg. darts) but for small parts can I use bondo as well too? I'm not sure how well it can apply to small cracks. I've heard spot putty can work well from what I've researched online

I posted my progress pics on imgur in the following link


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Old thread is autosaging.

Less than 2 weeks now. Have your finished your cosplays yet?
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> have you finished your cosplays?
HAHAHAHA..... No.....
Not a damn chance. I'm just going generic Jfashion one day to make up for it.
Schedule is out.


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For decoden, whipple crafts, and beaded crafts.
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This is actually the first example of decoden I ever saw.

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You tried edition. Old thread saging: >>>9008709
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Someone talked about the tattoos matching but I think they clash horribly and make this look even worse.
>That ill-fitting bolero
this is a hot fucking mess

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>Fandom Lolita Thread

>Post good coord, bad coords and whatever in between
>bonus points if you state what is fixable in a bad cool
>extra bonus points for a good vs bad comparison of two coords with the same theme
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>Fandom Lolita: The Bad, The Worse & The Ita
are things like Disney collab prints automatically fandom lolita?

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Now that the schedule is out. When is the cgl meet?
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Saturday night?
I dont care when we have it as long as I have time to go to this panel.
Men's washroom meet at midnight again when

Any lolitas or LARPers at WGT this year?
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also dumping coords from past WGTs. i know it's big with LARPers and steampunks but i am mostly interested in the jfash side.
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same lady

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Let's talk about things you love in lolita fashion and and lolita things that makes you feel warm inside.

(Will post mine tomorrow. I am super tired but i wanted to have a lovely thread to wake up to. Love you /cgl/)
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when kids ask me if I am a princess. it makes me really happy to see them look so excited and in awe just from seeing a "real life princess."

the fact my clothing can make others happy like that makes me happy, like I'm doing my part to spread smiles

I know it's cheesy bullshit but I really like that about Lolita
Seeing my lifelong love of beautiful stained glass windows being incorporated into a fashion.
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>giant and majestic full pettis
>soft and comfortable light pettis
>cute shoes that are a little uncomfortable but you ignore it
>being very conscious of how you walk
>looking down at your pink shoes, pink phone, pink nails, pink purse all covered in rhinestones
>trying to subtly look at yourself whenever possible

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Old thread: >>8973651

FAQ (Please Read!):

Taobao Dictionary:

New Store Spreadsheet:

Shopping Services Spreadsheet:

Budgeting Spreadsheet Template:

Pop-up dictionary: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zhongwen-a-chinese-englis/kkmlkkjojmombglmlpbpapmhcaljjkde?hl=en
Good EL-CH dictionary: nciku.com
Translate text from images: newocr.com

Anon that will translate stuff: [email protected]

REMINDER!: Image search function and detailed filters are only available on non-US/global Taobao, so switch to the default Chinese mainland version in the upper left on the homepage.
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I've been trying to find those (pic) cat-ear necklace frames (just the frame, without the picture and clear cabochon) for diy purposes, using a lot of different keywords from other similar listings on taobao and google tr, but to no avail. Does anyone know a better term to find necklace frames (I don't think I'm even using the right English word)? Or if anyone finds them while looking for their stuff, please link me.
Does anyone know of any shops that sell anything kind of Y.R.U replica/rip off shoes?
Can someone suggest the best seller of the "Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki" cosplays from Love Live?
Picture related.

Whatever one that looks the best.

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con rave.jpg
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Has there ever been a good con rave? Are they always just doomed to be a mess?
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What makes a good con rave?

I usually show up with a few drinks already in me, make myself look like an idiot on the dance floor, and leave.
In all seriousness, what am I supposed to expect at a con rave? Like music wise? Sure, something j-related, but what in particiular? When I hear the word rave, I still think of the glorious 90ies, when techno and its consortia were popular.
Don't expect much. Most con raves play basic club music with little anime content. If you're not socially inept you can usually find people to dance with though.

New touhou project thread since we hit image limit. Last request was for Yukari
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Let's live in a lovely cemetery!
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