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So, hands up if you think this is going to be a disaster.
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>prize money

If it's a competition at least it'll be more interesting than heroes of cosplay.
Disaster? It'll be fucking entertaining
To be fair, heroes of cosplay was a shitshow ((remember sam?)) but also gave some helpful tips for cosplayers, what to do and what not to do. This looks like it'll be a ton of pretentious bitches sabotaging others.

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is there any reason i haven't seen japanese websites promoted here? i'm not sure about shipping yet, but websites like queenlens, rakuten and even donkihote have way more options than the english sites, and at a much lower price.
if i'm mistaken and this has been discussed before, which sites are recommended? lens thread..
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to elaborate, i bought a few packs of one-day lenses when i was visiting japan last month, and greatly prefer them to re-wearable pairs.

some pluses:
-they're way more comfortable
-a defect can be tossed without worry since there are at least 10 to a pack
-you can switch it up more often/cheaply because of that
-and in japan, options are extremely numerous

i was saddened to see that honeycolor and the other usual go-tos had hardly any one-day options.
I'm not sure why. It could possibly have something to do with getting popular in Korea first and the prices are usually cheaper.

Unrelated to the OP, but I just bought 3 pairs of lenses. I don't normally wear lenses but I had used Freshlooks or w/e back in the day in high school so I know how to care for lenses. So far I've tried 2 of the 3 and they are almost unbearably dry/uncomfortable with the hour. They don't sting but feel very thick, like my eye can't breath. Is this normal or did I just choose shitty lenses?
I checked to make sure they were authentic. I soaked them for 10+ hours before wear and the rewetting drops only provided 5 minutes of relief. I tried working my way into them by wearing them for shorts periods of time, but no dice.
Excuse the typos, it was a long day at work.

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Which subculture is more inclusive, goth (actual goths) or lolita?

I read an article about "ita" lolita that had a bunch of exclusionary shit, such as not being able to be fat, black, have mismatched outfits, non-brand oufits, etc.

It made me think twice about engaging such culture.

Goths on the other hand seem to be pretty inclusive as long as you have the correct mindset (be creative, find beauty in "dark" things that others usually dislike, and the music of course).
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Your mistake is thinking that lolita is a subculture. It's not. It's a fashion and as such it has rules.

>as if this isn't b8 though
All of the goths I know say that goth is way worse and very exclusionary.
Link to this article or I won't believe it.
>I read an article about "ita" lolita that had a bunch of exclusionary shit, such as not being able to be fat, black, have mismatched outfits, non-brand oufits, etc.
you sound like you are baiting or retarded because no comm actually thinks this way

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Go ahead, the old one's dead.

Post your findings, hauls, reviews, anything eBay related.
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Here are some cute planners I found:
Big Alice in Wonderland planner with lots of stickers:
Smaller Alice planner:
Cute unbranded planners:
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The Little Prince:
File: hairtie.jpg (37KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 500x500px

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2016-06-23 21.32.14.png
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How does this make you feel, /cgl/?
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pfff, I cannot care less
Couldn't care less either
Trashy af, but still could be worse. I need that hat something serious though.

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AWA is a few months away, who is all going? I went 5 years ago when I was 15, so I sorta know what the con is like, but can't remember too much.

This year I will be attending as an artist. Does anyone have any tips with anything such as parking or food? Would it be a good idea to try and get a hotel room with another artist to help keep down costs, or not worth the trouble?
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I went to AWA last year and it was okay. Nothing really stood out until I attended the two concerts. Otherwise it was an okay con.

Parking wise you can just park behind the mall and walk through the skybridge. It's not that bad of a walk but it rained all week for me. There's not really a lot of food around except for what's at the food court or if you have money to splurge at a fancy sit in.

I'd reccommend checking out the artist alley thread and see if anyone is interested. I didn't table but I heard from people that they didn't do so well last year.
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Never been before, my last and only con was years ago, so this is me getting my feet back in the water. Not cosplaying this year, but will wear lolita all four days!

Never met the Atlanta lolitas, but I hope it won't be too hard to meet a few nice frills. Heard bad things about that comm man.
I hope you'll have a good experience anon. I'm in a SE comm (not ATL) but I go to AWA. Looking forward to Meta being there.

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Old thread a kill >>9054719

Remember not to feed the seagulls.
Report & hide off topic posts.
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What's everyone's favorite and least favorite Lolita trend at the moment?
What's going on with Rufflecon? They sold out their special events but it seems like there's no lolita stuff getting announced. The guests they have so far is just steampunk or tangentially related non-lolita...
If you don't wear Lolita daily you cannot call yourself a daily Lolita without that being a lie. Obviously days where you stay in and only wear PJs don't count, but if you are not wearing it every time you go out you are not a daily Lolita.

>inb4 poorfags start whining about not everyone being able to afford it

I don't care if you can't afford it, it doesn't change the fact you aren't a daily Lolita.

Old one is about to die.
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Shoo bop doo wop
oh damn thats gross
Reposting from old thread.

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For those of you who are self taught in the art of sewing, what resources you used, what did you use for practice? I have found a ton of things on the internet but I don´t know how to filter the good from the bad
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Go with youtube sewing channels or blogs that are dedicated to sewing and not cosplay sewing. The cosplay editions tend to be a little shabby and leave out steps.

Grab some old sheets from a yard sale to practice things on and look up
>how to finish seams and edges
>basic sewing machine
>basic handstitching
>installing zippers
>how to read sewing patterns
A few google searches, a simple design, and a bit of time spent working out logistics of each step will take you far starting out. I'm the furthest thing from an expert but what I have learned made no sense on paper until I actually spent time doing it and then focused my research on what problems I had. Keep a seam ripper handy and dive in and you'll at least start to figure out what you don't know
YouTube and fucking up a lot were my teachers

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Didn't see one in the catalog.
Old thread: >>9004538
Uchuu starter guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14yoC-oya4tyluRPG1aI3yt776jOUnWknnIJd2p4TBKo/edit?pref=2&pli=1
Good links:
Chloma - http://www.chloma.com/
Hatra - http://hatroid.com/
D/3 - http://webshop.d-3.club/
PredatorRat (for tigh highs) - http://predatorrat.shop-pro.jp/
Galaxxxy - http://galaxxxyrocks.com/
Tsurutatsu - http://tsurutatsu.theshop.jp/
Takuya Angel - http://takuya-angel.com/
Cyberdog - http://www.cyberdog.net/
Artifice Clothing - www.artificeclothing.com/
Coquetry Clothing - https://coquetryclothing.com/
Kiss Me Kill Me - http://kissmekillme.fr/
Balmung - http://www.balmung.jp
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Could've sworn there was a thread, but no, it just got kicked into archiving.

Picked up pic related recently, but unsure if i'm going to do anything with them but wear 'em normally.
I thought uchuu would have some music associated, because i see always uchuu styled outfits in J-core music album covers. What do you listen as uchuu appropriate music?I love most typical electronic, one of most fitting is j-core for me, techno-trance music genres are the most appropriate rather EDM or house in my opinion that usually has nothing futuristic or these music styles in general doesn't make me think " aliens, space, robots".
The kind of cute uchuu style seems to be most popular with japan's chiptune scene.

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I'm putting together a boardtan group for AN next year. I need all the references you guys have.

I don't think anyone's done boardtan cosplay before so I'm pretty excited.
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Disregard that I suck dicks.
It's been done before, /cgl/ is usually a lolita girl and /fa/ is super edgy Asian fashionista.
>I don't think anyone's done boardtan cosplay before so I'm pretty excited.
You fucking newfag

Is it always a cringe fest, or is it acceptable under some conditions?
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Never acceptable. It looks awful 99% of the time.
Not even sure if this is an exception, but when you have bald hair and the character is bald (aka Krillin)

What's even worse is when people dye or spray dye their hair, it looks fucking awful.
if you can style your hair correctly AND the color fits (correct tone of brown for example) i think it's cool. i acutally like it when people can manage that, but most can't and it ends up looking lazy
If the character has buzz cut length hair with exposed scalp, or it's a live action character who either isn't wearing a wig or is wearing a wig that cost thousands of dollars and is completely ventilated out of human hair and the style isn't too ridiculous to do with your own hair, it will sometimes even look better if the cosplayer uses their own hair.
For instance:
Bad Superwholock cosplays where they always use weird looking wigs that don't even look like the actors hair. You're not going to find a wig that works for Dean Winchester. The actor's hair is too short.

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Hey guys, so I have put together a Division Agent cosplay that I'm using for a con and I was wondering what you guys thought and how I might be able to improve.

>pic related
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Consider adding a walkie to the front and sling the gun on the back potentially?
Also a side arm like a handgun could be added to the side as they generally had a side arm in Division. Or just a second gun, one to hold one to sling.
I will be adding a sling to the gun I have the strap, I just need to sew the ends to fit it
Only reason why I don't have a side arm is because finding a Nerf gun to fit the holster is kinda hard, plus they won't allow air soft guns after an incident last year where people were acting like they were in a war zone and it honestly got so bad that the police we called in one incident

anyone hear of this group??

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no idea but the interviewers nipponese is god awful
lol this ^

これも皆様が今回のクラウドファンディングを応援、拡散して下さったおかげです!本当にありがとうございます!つきまして、頂いたご支援は全て返金させていただくこととなりますが皆様の温かいお気持ち、応援はしっかりとRÖLI ANGELS一同頂きたいと思います。


本当にこの度はありがとうございました!アメリカでのイベント必ず成功させてきます!日本からの応援、よろしくお願い致します! RÖLI ANGELS

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>9 more days

Time to go into my normal routine of burning the midnight oil to finish up cosplay.

Fuck it seemed like it's still a month away

I'm still not finished with my main costume and I thought I'd do a second costume

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