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Didn't see a thread on regrEtsy items or shitty sewing projects while surfing through. Les do dis!
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We're petering out, but I know there are still more gifts to come!

>If you think you have been grinched, email [email protected] (not me)

>Some people have items still with their SS, I recommend if that's the case that you say so, to let your giftees know!

>Post if you have sent/received gifts
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AH from QLD! Today I got your gift and I don't know where to start. I love everything! (Well I haven't tried the plum and seaweed tea)

I was so looking forward to everything! I'm in love with the broach, I saw the first? Ones at your store and almost got one but I'm so glad I didn't (id have gone for red haha, I don't know what you'd have done) and the set of jewellery goes amazingly with my Gardenberries! It looks like cherries and I have cuffs with them on it too (thanks Bodyline). The gold necklace had to be untangled by my mum, I think shipping just tangled it, but it's so perfect. I can't wait to wear it with my coords. The beret is also super gorgeous, I'll have to buy some pink/green accessories to match it to my wardrobe because I love it so much.

The perfume smells amazing, the hand cream is like silk, and super cute! The sticky notes are probably the most adorable things ever and I will definitely put them to use since I'm so forgetful!

Chesepin has affectionately been named Dani and I am affectionately named blown away. Thank you so much again!

/end blog post
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>At first glance I thought those tea packets were tampons
If there is a gull that's been grinched, could I feasibly step in and send them something?
I have never participated, but I was thinking I'd like to.

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So how do you eat at cons? Food Court? Grocery Store rations? Live Large and go to a nice restaurant for that touristy feeling?
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My appetite always completely vanishes at cons, I hav no idea what that's about.
Mine too, although I force myself to eat at least once a day so I don't faint.
This happens to a lot of people and I'm not entirely sure why.

As for OP, it depends on the area. Raiding a fast food area nearby, and sandwich rations if nothing is near.

Too much to do, personally I like living large at an out of town con and hit the fun restaurants like Blue C for Sushi. It also helps break the monotony of the con a bit when there isn't much to do.

Harry Potter thread
Focus on house uniforms rather than character cosplay specifically.
Let's get some inspiration in here
Self Post OK
On-model/lolita version OK
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I'll start with a small dump

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It all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down.

Old thread >>9029601
is autosaging.

How'd you do?
Thoughts on this past Fanime (complaints are important too; remember to route them to the right channels)?
Favorite cosplay you saw?
Post photos if you took them (gonna be honest, I didn't take many)

I'm still at the Fairmont.
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First for save image limit for pictures from the con.

also, checked.
I'm glad it's over
Alright, I guess. It went by pretty quickly but when I look back, it felt incredibly empty. All I did was make rounds in Dealer's Hall, AA and gaming center. I only went to one panel.

AN is kill. What now? Anything happen to you cgl/fags?
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Pretty underwhelming compared to past years, prob the worst year in a while

>Panels weren't as exciting
>Cosplay overall wasn't spectacular
>Dealer room was mediocre
>Godawful heat

Organization I found to be much better though. Got my pass in under a minute.

AN is in dire need of a new venue though
best party was the bathroom party
How many of you gulls were at the tea party?

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Lolita general: daddy's cummies dress edition. Old thread is autosaging >>9019915

At least there aren't any crosses on it, right? Are any gulls going to pick this up? Will it be popular outside of /cgl/ like wrapping cherry was?
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I like it but I get paid on the 3rd so I guess I'll have to get this second hand some time.
Also I like Dreamy Planetarium and everyone here seemed to hate it. /cgl/ opinions are whatever because I've got the sailor cut hanging in my closet.
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This is a question I've never seen brought up: would anyone or has anyone ever worn an underskirt just as a skirt?

Little Dipper has some pictures of girls wearing their underskirts like that (they aren't great though) and I feel someone could make a cute coordinate with the one pictured here, if they covered the elastic waist with a sash or wore a long enough jacket. Thoughts?
I get tired of seeing AP discussion heading lolita general. Sometimes I feel like that's all it is.

The old one seems to be in the archive?

Opening image is from Kera issue 1, April 1998. It shows a girl holding bags from "PRETTY", which is Angelic Pretty before they became Angelic Pretty.
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This looks like it's a lolita petticoat and bloomers being worn with an Adidas jacket?
oh, it actually says 古着 (second hand) for her skirt, so it might just be a vintage petticoat.
Note the rectangle headdresses.

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Melbourne Comic Con is up next. Who will entering the championships of cosplay, will Ivy Doomkitty be a good judge? Discuss
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And this thread ends up bring a beke bashing thread as always. Mods should delete any aussie thread on sight. Same bullshit every thread.
Cause she's just too easy
Maybe cause no one likes her? Lol

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I'm a solo lolita and have barely any contact with my local comm, mostly because I'm introverted as all hell and interacting with my coworkers on a daily basis is more than enough to tire me out.
From time to time I do get a little lonely lolita-wise, and I end up posting made up stories in /cgl/ comm threads. Some are nice, some are funny, some are dramu but I've never been called out on making shit up. A few times I've gotten replies like "Anon I think we're in the same comm!" or been accused of posting about or even being particular dramamongers, derailing the thread for at least a few dozen posts. It's fascinating to watch.
I am 98% salt
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I am just really weird and creepy sometimes.
To the other lolitas in my comm I am apparently seen as a cute calm girl. I act properly, and dress quite well (without patting myself on the back).
For the creep part, i can sometime become kinda "obsessed" with a person? Rarely ever happens but.. If i find a girl really interesting i'll stalk her pictures on facebook,look at her wardrobe pics,scroll down her timeline or blog. It never happens anymore since i haven't found someone really interesting again since months.
But for the real creepy thing, once i bought a blouse from a girl in my comm (kind of admire her) and gosh it smelled so good...i hugged it and sniffed it for some time.
At the last meeting we went to a girl's house and i excused myself to the bathroom and secretly sneaked a peek into her room and touched some things,thought about stealing something just..even a small thing, but off course i didn't. Then quickly went in the bathroom where i looked at her makeup/shampoo/.. after peeing, and touched her beautiful cutsew hanging to dry to "try it" on myself (didn't take it off the hanger or anything) then put it back. On that day i also couldn't get my eyes off some girl's accessories and fantasized about stealing them for a short moment (i actually fantasize about that kind of things a lot? Like before going to bed i fantasized about having that girl's life, she's in my comm and her parents are reaaally well off, she always go on nice trips, do loads of cool things, has loads of pretty burando, cool friends and she's really pretty on top of it, she has my dream life) before coming back to reality.

Am i a fucking creep/weirdo or just autistic or something?

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I got some early to mid 2000's Japanese nail mags recently if people are cool with me just posting pictures from my phone I can upload a few of the better designs.
Yes please!
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Okay, I have 2 1500 word reserch essays due in like 48 hours though so if my dumping is spasmodic thats why.

First one is nail max, a gyaru styled nail magzine from 2006

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> What public figures would you love to see in lolita, and which style?
> Which public figures have done lolita fashion in the past, but are no longer known just for wearing lolita fashion? People like Kate and Jillian don't count.

Pictured here: Mortem3r of Game Grumps wearing lolita fashion five years ago.
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I dont know how to feel about them shoes
She always most expensive and gorgeous clothes but is a horrible failure at coordinating outfits.
> hating on the classic frilly rhs
Maybe it's the old fag in me but damn I can't dislike them no matter what. They were my dream shoes when I got in to the fashion.

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Do you like to attend cons alone, or do you have to bring your cosfam with you?

I'm about to attend my first solo con out of state (friends decided last minute to marry and honeymoon in Europe), so I was wondering, how do you have fun? Do you get social with other cosplayers?
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I always go to cons alone because I'm a sperg who can't make friends.

I feel like I miss the 'point' of conventions, but whatever.

I usually just kinda lurk around and maybe buy stuff + attend whatever panels I wanted to go to. I have fun, but I don't talk to people much unless I get 'adopted' and then it's scuttling around with whoever wanted to be friendly.
Alone! Because no friends, unfortunately.
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I've only went alone, but since I was cosplaying as Tomoko, it felt right.

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Hi seagulls, long time no see. I'm hoping to go to the AP tea party in Paris in July. I've been planning coords and I don't have any shoes to go with my navy cosmic jsk. I'm thinking of buying either silver or gold (leaning towards silver so I'll have an excuse to buy me a silver melty moon bag....) but those are hard to come by, especially since I want to avoid replicas, and I also can't wear high heels to save my life.

I found pic related on ebay and they don't ring a bell replica-wise, though I could be wrong. If anyone has them can you tell me how comfortable they are?

I'm open to any other suggestion /o/ thanks!
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*avoid AP replicas. As in, for the tea party. I don't care if they're replicas of other brands.
Sage for derp.
Those look like a replica of Baby's Antique Ribbon shoes, but maybe a pointier toe? Can't find a photo, but they came in gold as well as silver for a couple of releases.
can't find a photo of silver*

I meant

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AX finally got some guests edition

Old thread >>8996659 is autosaging

46 days and counting!

Thoughts on the latest news and announcements?
What are you cosplaying?
How many years have you been going?
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nine singers and bands
Love Live
One Punch Man

holy fuck
LACC hasn't been able to support AX attendance numbers for a while. They don't have enough big rooms for panels which is part of why you have long ass lines. By size it's around rank 34 in the US.
>T.M. Revolution

be still my heart. my middle school self is crying.

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