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Anyone planning on attending Armageddon next weekend?
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G-guys please
Pity bump
Nahhh. Stranding in a line for 80 minutes, being pissed down with rain and generally not having a good time ain't my type of thing

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Has anyone tried the new Yaya Han gloves/socks/boot cover pattern (McCall 7397)? Is it any good?
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I hope it is, because I'm pathetic when it comes to drafting glove patterns. I can't do it to save my god damn life, it's like I have a mental block. Ball gown? Sure! Fine! Tracing my hand to make a glove? Awful.
Wanna trade? I can do gloves just fine but anything else, especially sleeves, and it's a damn disaster.
Sleeves are really easy, just tedious. Get out a ruler or string to measure the armscye (both the sleeve and armhole on the bodice).

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I'm traveling to Europe soon (Ireland, Italy, Germany, England and France), and I was wondering if anyone could suggest cute stores to visit ( because all the live journal pots are super old). I'm already going BTSSB in Paris. Anything else worth checking out
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When you say cute stores what are you after exactly? Lolita/jfashion stuff or places with a cute atmosphere in general? Because if it's the first one then you're gonna have a hard time finding anything in the UK. I think there was a shop in North London/Camden selling overpriced lace monsters but I've never been there myself. Always wondered why Paris seems to get all the cute shops instead, I guess it must be the Japanese tourists tho
Yeah, think I'll avoid the lace monsters. I'm just looking for anything cute. Even just cute cafes.
I'm assuming you'll be going to London. I'd definitely recommend the Fan Museum in Greenwich, it's the daintiest place I've been to in my life & the exhibition is beautiful, they also have a conservatory where they do incredibly good value afternoon tea. There's also
a Laduree around Piccadilly but that's pretty expensive obvs.
In terms of shopping Shoreditch has two shops that carry Korean fashion (Our Wandering Minds and Glassworks) if that's your thing. There's also a Tabio shop in Covent Garden which has Japanese socks and tights, some of them are incredibly cute and the quality is great. Covent Garden is pretty good for cute shops in general.

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Let's see some of the good, bad, and weird of North America's indie lolita.

Pic is one I saw pop up in a few fb groups. Looks cute at first but looking closer I'm not too sure about the naked baby/women.
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looks like shit desu
Does Automatic Honey count? Their recent designs have been pretty cute, but everyone seemed to just forget that they started out essentially doing AP rip offs
That's right! Weren't they all over behind the bows because of that drama?

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Subject Line literal.
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Any tips on how to make a Doomguy helmet/what to use as a base?
Not OP but i recommend giving this a look. Hes pretty good at explaining how to make armor from free form.


Old thread >>9023452
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Posts have been kind of slow. I'll try to find some new content.
i feel like this would be improved simply by a more voluminous petticoat

the huge cartoony headdress makes the deflated outfit look even more sad

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didn't see one in the catalog
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what the hell is going on here
Oh god i am so sick of this girl on my facebook.
I present to you, B.
B used to dress in typical pinup/edgy geekgurl/.. then discovered Melanie Martinez,tumblr aesthetic and lolita fashion. Now she is wearing lolita everyday, but it's her own kind of lolita guise!1! She mix lolita fashion and Lolita (as in the goddamn movie from Kubrick) together and if you say anything about it she'll tell you that she can do whatever she wants anyway!!. I only keep her because her bunny is super cute
Dropped my pic woops.
And no this isn't a wig but her real hair and she refuses to wear a wig or tone it down because she think it looks good like that. Same for her makeup.

ITT: Ouji and EGA (aka "boystyle," "boystyle lolita," "homme aristo," etc.) coords that feature main pieces with an actual fucking print. Not a pattern (like stripes or tartan) but a legit print.

No promo shoots please, just actual coords made by actual boystylers.
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Old thread hit image limit >>9017498

Discuss/Post cosplays, meet ups, panels, etc etc.
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Here are some pics from the first day
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Slaying the vag
He was in the wrong game

Let's have fun gulls
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Is this really a cosplay?
Looks like a normie's halloween costume with friends.
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Discuss makeup!
>favorite newly released products?
>favorite/least favorite new trends?

I'm looking for a new highlighter and bronzer now that my skin is getting less shitty/I'm better at concealing. I'm tempted by the Too Faced Cocoa Contour, but it might just be because the packaging is cute. Is it better to purchase them separately? I'm looking for something drugstore to mid-end ideally in sturdy packaging. I'm thinking of both a shimmery and matte highlighter. I have warm-toned light skin.
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Why did you choose this picture? You have such shit taste anon, please never be the first poster again.
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Sorry, senpai, just wanted it to be /cgl/ relevant.
shut up anon, she looks like an awesome gyaru, sorry you're so basic

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Last thread is dying fast and it still looks like people want photos so here's one last thread before we all move on to whatever con happens next.

>Only 360 days till next AN
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I saw someone in the last thread requested pics of the FE shoot and I found several dumps so here goes, sorry for potato fb quality
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Someone promise me we won't stand around in a hotel gym like autists next year

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Lolita General, baby did it better edition.

old thread auto saging
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Anon, don't buy shoes from lolita brands. Their quality is terrible. Buy shoes from companies where their specialty is shoes.
My AP shoes are pretty nice.
Funny joke anon.

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Hey guys, can we get a thread all about skirt coordinations? I bought an AP skirt (not the image) while I was in Japan and I'd really appreciate some inspiration and a bit of a point in the right direction.

I also feel it's such an under worn style!
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I'll dump what I have.
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File: 4416946_Mercator.jpg (247KB, 932x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do you guys think gaining fans and "fame" changes cosplayers?
Does having more fans change the choice of what to cosplay? Have any talented cosplayers changed their style once they became more known? I.e. Dressed more scantily
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I have a friend who recently got up to some ten thousands of likes and she completely changed.
She started acting catty with other cosplayers (talking shit about their costumes, etc) and bossy with friends. She became very attention driven and makes every conversation about her.

I hadn't see her in a long time and went to hung out with her at a con. I was carrying a large and very detailed prop and people kept coming up to me and asking questions about it, complimenting my work etc... She started acting annoyed and "jokingly" saying hers gave her more trouble, she spent more time making it and that nobody came up to her to compliment her work.

So unclassy.
Bitches be crazy.
I believe fame and praise can change anyone, but yes cosplayers too. They get this feeling of entitlement to being a prick because their fans will eat it up. It's especially bad for people who aren't exactly famous and don't know how to handle so much attention. A(n ex) friend of mine was like that in high school. No one paid any mind to her but when she got popular she turned incredibly two faced and was like a dog doing tricks to make people pet it more.

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