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Haven't seen one yet and the conventions coming up relatively soon.

General discussion thread for Project A-Kon
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I think we haven't had a thread mainly because we've just been talking about any A-Kon stuff in the Texas general thread. But hell, that ones close to auto-sage, so why not! How about some fun questions to get the thread rolling?
>How fucked are you with you cosplay as we approach the "not quite panic mode but I kinda fucked up and put this off" one month out milestone?
>How much do you plan to drink this year?
>Do you think there being an actual tea party and j-fashion track is going to be fun or a hot mess?
>Have they improved their guest selection?
>What do you make of the cosplay contest upping the quality of their rules?
>How much are your thighs looking forward to walking back and forth across the Anatole several times a day?
Oh and the standard questions:
>What are you wearing and what days?
>What programming are you attending?
>Will we have a gull meetup and would you want to attend?
I'm planning on drinking a lot. I haven't looked at the guest thread too much but I'm excited for Steam Powered Giraffe. Saw them at RealmsCon two years ago and it was pretty fun. Kinda want to hit the masquerade too, but I doubt the boyfriend will be up for it.

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Last thread is in autosage >>8870393

Brands/Models List (WIP):

FAQ(WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7rG9uqr-qHej3zqML5zfFXcZCA1p_aKkyFfunvN-Bo/pub

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPx5HuTSiHQ [Embed]
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Based off a thread on /c/, post an image reply to something with a corresponding theme/color/item/etc. ex: a picture of a lolita holding a drawing might be a reply to an actual drawing

I'll start off with a few so that everyone can see how it works
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Item: Salopette
File: 1438496736226.jpg (126KB, 478x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Theme: Polka Dots
Colors: Sax x Pink

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JapAniManga night is next weekend in Davos Switzerland.

Anyone from /cgl/ going to be there? Its my first time overseas and I am pretty nervous about it.
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It'll be my third time attending the "JAN" as most of us swiss call it. really curious about the whole friday concert thingy and i hope the food is better this time.
>calling something jap-anything
Not even an sjw but that's kind of cringy
I barely pay attention to manga and anime, but even I know that "japanimation" was the term used for what we now call "anime" before it got more mainstream, in somewhere around the 80's, I think.

>Its my first time overseas
Where you from?

Can we have a cat/animal ear thread?
What do you think about the popular sellers and their prices?
Is there a good tutorial out there to make similar ears?
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I want to make fox or the realistic cat ears similar to the ones at kittens play pen , is there a tutorial out there that isn't just "sew 2 pieces of fabric inside out"
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looks similar to my ears, if I were to actually put effort into them (idk why people buy mine so quickly). No sewing required. I'll see if I can find the tutorial I used, though, it was several years ago since I found it.
Found it.

Though, I don't recommend hot glue at all. Use fabri-tac.

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Old thread was autosaging >>8981668

Looking forward to anything?
Who are you wearing?
Did you finish it yet?
Panicking yet?
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Im fucking stalking the swapmeet page right now so that as soon as it hits 9:00pm, Im signing up and grabbing a fucking spot.
Panicking, definetly Panicking. Did not expect my finals to take as much time as they did so cosplay has been on the back burner

Finals are killing me, cosplay is killing me why do I like to make myself suffer like this?

Time to pick a god and pray.

Is there any chance we could get a lolita graphics thread going?

I just got a new computer and my external hard drive with all my graphics stuff on it is in another country.

Pictures or links to websites and lolita-esque or lolita appealing graphics are welcomed as well!
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As OP I'll post what I have so far

Can we have a kimono thread? Seems like there hasn't been many around here lately.

Also, is anybody a member of IG on facebook? Usually the kimono community has very little drama, but there has been a lot lately. What do you think about it?
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I'll dump some stuff. Been really into hakama lately.

Last thread in autosage >>8928089

Please no idol wars, everyone are free to like whatever shows they do
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small irl idol spam !
currently working on some BWT outfits and some from new years NHK, the costume change ones !

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Old thread >>9012919

Con is over. Post cosplays and lolita here. Discuss about the Con.
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Anyone wanna finish driving me home? I'm at a rest stop east of Madison.
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That was some fucking good weekend. Embassy is the GOAT hotel. That video/arcade room too, fucking amazing. Acen just keeps getting better and better each year.
Is J-jim okay?

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gen 2.jpg
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Old thread a kill >>9010353

Discuss new releases, ILD plans, bloodbath woes, etc. How far ahead do you plan your coords? Do you like to buy new main pieces for them?

Please keep it EGL related!
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Going to ask my question again. Where is the cheapest place for secondhand shopping if I have a PayPal?
It seems quite noobish, but I only just turned 18 a few months ago so before then I was forced to use my parents PayPal for purchases, and they did not want me to buy secondhand as they thought it was too expensive. So I was forced to only buy directly from brands or from people within my comm.
I didn't like to look at auction sites or international secondhand stores as it was unobtainable, but now I can. Ive bought from closet child already but feel as though there is surely somewhere cheaper. I'm asking here rather than looking it up (which I have done) because sometimes there are hidden costs that wouldn't show up when you look directly at a store.
I don't buy new main pieces for coords, I buy them because I like them. I can plan out coords up to a month in advance, but often change on the day. It's a fashion, not a costume, so I try to work with what I have instead of spending a lot on pieces for specific outfits for specific events.
If you want to find something cheap, there isn't really any other option than just keeping an eye out for good deals.

I'm not even sure what you mean by something cheaper.. second hand stores that have prices even lower than CC? It all depends on the individual pieces

Post about your local comms!
Be careful when talking about people, since we're not supposed to single anyone out specifically anymore. We don't want the thread to be deleted suddenly.

Any cool upcoming meets?
What do you love or hate about your comm?
What concrit would you have for your comm?
These are just some sample starter topics.
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sorry forgot to include the link to old thread
I think my comm is planning something for Phoenix comic con since they usually do. But I left the comm to get my shit together mentally and am too embarrassed to ask to join again.
Just contact a mod and explain why you left. I doubt they'd reject you for doing what you had to for your mental health.

Old thread is auto-saging >>8981831

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Kind of amazed with how long after the bump limit the thread just went on.

Either way, how many artists have cancelled AX so far? I know Shilin/Okolnir has.
I tabled at a first year con last year and it was so so dead I barely broke even.
I got a free table there this year from the art contest but I still can't shake the bad feeling I have about it as I prepare. Have any of you felt something like a "let's get this over with" about a con before?
Only when I was young and stupid and tabling with even stupider friends.
If the table's free you might as well go. Good luck with the con.

Under the Sea is coming up at the weekend, who's waiting for things to arrive in the post? What are you expecting to see? Got any tourist plans for being in Amsterdam?

I still havent finished planning either of my coords, looks like it's going to be 20-25 degrees Celsius though so I'm glad I don't need to pack too many layers
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I'll head off to Amsterdam tomorrow and stay there for a week. I planned a museum tour and also a day in s Hertogenbosch to visit the Bosch exhibit. Apart from that I'm prepared to blow all my money on the vendors at the event.

My coords are already planned but I fear I'm going to be underdressed as I'm neither very OTT nor sticking to the theme. I'm expecting that mermaid coords and pirates will dominate at the event.
Ugh, I've been to Amsterdam 4 times and keep just missing these events becausenI live under a rock, though I did go in full Lolita every day last time. How much are tickets and where do you usually book your accommodation?
Did you reserve tickets for the Bosch exhibition? It's sold out, so you can't visit the exhibition without a ticket.

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Dokomi just ended and no thread to post?
Didn't want to make one for the Dokomi alone, so German General but feel free to share thoughts about your experience!

> better than least year?
> was the big vendors hall worth it?
> thoughts on AA?
> cosplay thoughts?
> post pics
> also German General
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too big, too long queues, too crowded
shit weather, though that's not the orga's fault
eurocosplay skits were mostly disappointing, the winner did good, though
cosplay guests were cool but it seems no one ever told them they were holding a workshop
sounds like it was not worth it.
Kinda glad then I didn't go

I am curious what other anons say about Dokomi. First and last time I was on Dokomi, tickets were quite cheap for one day (~10€), but it was still rather boring. Since I moved to the Ruhr area, I was planning to give Dokomi and cons another chance, but their prices for tickets were raised by alot. All I heard from people I know who went there was that they grew alot in size and number of vendors. But is that all? I don't want to spend that much money just to hang around and see what is going on there.

Or to put it this way: Are cons just a thing for people who do know what they want to do there and not for more random curious folks?

>> also German General
Are german anons just not interested/too lazy to answer or are there really just a few on this board? The last "active" thread barely reached 50 replies, last one went down without any answer at all.

Woran hakt's den nun Anons? Bei den Holländern ist dagegen immer ordentlich was los.

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