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Remembering Paul Walker edition
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Old thread >>8897809

>It could have been a James Franco's uncomfortable selfies edition
>order item without noticing delivery estimate
>get tracking number, notice it's fedex
>your item will reach you in 2 - 7 days!
I feel like I hit the jackpot.
lol I had no idea I needed a shirt like this.

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Old one's gone.

Rules: If possible, make 4 suggestions for others before posting your picture, otherwise no one will suggest anything for you!
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I'll add more suggestions as people post. I'm working on Rei right now, and Joffrey has been put on hold until I can find the perfect fabric. Please, give me anime suggestions, I need a new show to binge watch!

I think you've got a good face for Satsuki Kiryuin. Out of your picks, I think Hex Maniac would be good. You've got perfect eyes for Sabrina from Pokemon as well.
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Hex Maniac would be a good choice. As for suggestions, I'd say Maya from Occult Academy.
Sadness would fit you, as well as Chibitalia from Hetalia.

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Linecon never dies. It just strikes when you think everything is okay.

Old thread (>>9020381) was on autosage

What are you doing?
Who are you wearing?
How drunk are you going to get?
Are there betting pools for how long badge pickup will take?

We're live! Have fun!
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Stuff that's happened so far:

- Linecon returned
- Took my friends 3 hours to get their badges
- If you go to Clockwork Alchemy you can get your badge super fast but you are stuck with their badge art
- Bunch of people didn't actually have rooms at the Fairmont and had to be given rooms farther out. GJ Fanime housing
- The new Convention Safety Initiative kicks in at 8am when trying to go to the second floor. If you happen to be upstairs before then I guess you don't need a badge so technically you could live up there the entire weekend.
- It'll be 80s for most of the weekend and 90s on Monday (or so says weather.com right now)

So, why did linecon come back when they had fixed it for two years?

Straight from a staffer on facebook:

>Fanime switched from CMR (who did Registration 2014-2015) to Experient at the last minute. I don't know the reason why. Different system and printers, we had network and printer outages on multiple computers on several occasions throughout the day/night, hundreds of misprints that had to be reprinted from only one computer/printer, low on IT troubleshooting staff
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Gonna be on my way now from LA (it's currently 3:20 AM). I just hope I make it in time for the Metal Gear gathering at 4 PM.

Probably gonna end up doing CIA instead of Hitler because I can't get my hair to work for him.
I was in line for almost 5 hours. Forgot my phone, too. J U S T

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>T minus 2 days
How screwed are you?

Friday meetup 8pm
Saturday meetup 10pm
Washroom meetup midnight, IP men's washroom near food area
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>How screwed are you?
Considering none of my packages have arrived yet, I am very screwed.
>>9011002 Old thread

I didn't want to put this in first post since it's still undecided but where's the meetup going to be? Iirc last year it was in the hall next to the pool and in the food area.
Considering that I'm just here for the meetup, not screwed at all. First con, looking forward to seeing it all

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Old thread (>>9004948) is on autosage

Schedule released (finally): https://issuu.com/fanimecon/docs/fc2016_programforweb_051716
Pocket guide: https://issuu.com/fanimecon/docs/fc2016_pocketguide_web_051716

Have you finished your cosplay yet?
Have you packed yet?

Yeah, me neither.
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Anyone cosplaying the Fanime OCs?
Literally why, they are shit, just like fanime.

I only partially unpacked from acen, 3 days is just barely enough time to recharge between the two cons.

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Old thread >>9014874

International Lolita Day is near, any plans yet?

Also, now that the colors for Diner Doll are confirmed (pink, sax, navy and red) who's gonna get it?
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pics and sauce on red color way?
Someone on Lolita Updates posted it.
Oooo not cute...

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Trying to put together an ironic postmodern cancer cosplay suit for a shitty con

help me out
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I'll probably substitute a pair of movie 3d glasses i own for those steampunk ones, shit's too expensive
ask on the help thread
You need cat ears and a tail

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U mad bro?
C'mooon, give us details!!
Who won the contests?
Was the catwalk worth it?
Tongo in the Royal fest contest or not?

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Info copied from old thread:

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Can we link the Facebook group in the info too?
Not sure if I can edit it. Tried to just reply but it thinks posting the FB link is spam. It is listed in the Beginner's Guide v 2.1

Who else here loves decora?
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Those outfits are so cute!
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It's something fairly common in the fashion to reproduce some animal themed coords. I mean, Deers, Goats and rabbits are a recurrent theme in Lolita. I'll post some here, but it would be nice to get more inspired coords!
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File: deer2.jpg (28KB, 236x538px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haven't seen one of these in a few months. Let's discuss blogging! Post ideas, topics, pictures, your favourite blogs, or link to your own blog.

Lolita Blog Listing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yO9r--waeN1UbKJJM92uJPu4mmTm0jU4I5eTnuqeUDg/edit?usp=sharing
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I usually only lurk here (for the resource threads) but since I'm just starting doing lolita blogging I'll share mine here.

[email protected]
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Wow, anon, your blog layout is adorable! Did you make it yourself?
Thank you so much!

The coding was taken from a super old code developer (her site is no longer active) and I did all of the graphics myself~

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Fuck the north.
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>tfw no events in the north outside of MCM 2.5 frickin months from now.
Who would want to visit the north?

People who aren't cucks (ie not from london).

Hello everyone, I made a quick 5 minute survey about us Dutch Seagulls and our threads. It's completely anonymous and can be found here:
I'll make sure to post an infograph with the results afterwards. Thanks!

Previous thread: >>8987657

Last time on /cgl/ Dutch Thread, we talked about International Lolita Day and the fashion event Under the Sea. Some Anon spilled the beans on how to make money on being a professional cosplayer and another anon shared some selling horror stories. Animecon was a hot subject in terms of what to do as well as dumping some old pictures from nostalgia lane and finally, there was Abunai. Loads of complaints and bitching dominated the end of our last thread and we got a reply by "Someone From Abunai" stating that in the future we should email all our complaints to [email protected]

Convention related news:
>Animecon (June 10th - June 12th) is the next major con. Tickets are still on sale although good luck finding a hotel room in the Hague by now. Also their schedule is almost complete, hurray!
>Abunai (August 26th-28th) tickets are now on sale, but hotel rooms are most likely already sold out as always.
>Amsterdam Comic Con is held on August 27 and August 28 in the Amsterdam Rai and features many special guests. Tickets range from €15 to €25 a day.
>Do you like wearing sweaty cosplays made by others? Would you like to borrow your cosplay to random strangers who will most likely tear them to shreds? Then YashinCon is the place to be! Held on May 29th in Tilburg you can do this and nothing more for the low cost of €8!
>Nishicon (October 7th - October 9th) will be held in Almelo. Hotel rooms start at €189 single and €307 for two.
>Firstlook (also October 7th - October 9th) will be held in Utrecht and tickets will be available "somewhere in May"
>If I missed anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, feel free to post it in the thread. After all I'm only human.
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Surely it's a big stretch considering this following scenario actually requires Abunai improving something but if in some perfect alternate universe they improve the quality by hiring buses I wouldn't mind a 5 euro increase on the price.
It costs €1200 to hire a single touring bus for a full day. Say you hire two busses you can have each leave every 30 minutes at both Eindhoven CS and at the Con, and it would cost €2400 a day. That's 48 rides with 50 seats each meaning it would cost €1 per seat to break even. Clearly they could hire two busses and charge €3 per ride to make this work without losing any money.
Then again this is Abunai we're talking about so it will never happen.
Anon that suggested Tully here. I love this image! 10/10 Great job, OP!

I feel like older CLAMP series don't get a lot of love cosplay wise so I'd like to see some recent, non recent, etc. What is your favorite CLAMP series by far? Least favorite? What would you like to see (more) cosplay of?
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>What would you like to see (more) cosplay of?
Perhaps because I just had a sudden desire to retread them again, Tokyo Babylon and X. It's still a dream of mine to do both Dragons groups and Satsuki's and Nekoi's tarot designs.
came here to post this.

>tfw still waiting for the end of the world

>tfw Sumeragi twins deserve more than whatever the fuck has happened in Tsubasa

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