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So many designs on their homepage. Some look really great. Thinking of buying...but...

I've heard lots of negative things about other Chinese-based lolita "copy" brands but what about Fanplusfriend?
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Pure crap.
Can you explain, I'm a total newfriend.
Poorly constructed garments, crap quality, replicas galore, can't make custom pieces to fit people properly, also sell costume junk (although that's what their "lolita" stuff looks like)

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A few weeks back, I made a thread about bad things cosplayers do. It went a bit out of scope since there are so many different types of cosplayers.

This time, lets focus on convention cosplayers, just there for the experience, not participating in costume contests or trying to become web famous.

What are the things these cosplayers do that bother you? What are these poor costume construction mistakes that you wish people would stop doing? Have you yourself ever made a poor costume construction choice and just wore it anyways?

Here's another meaningless poll just for fun!
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Don't really think it's fair to have these sorts of threads about, as you said, "convention cosplayers." If they're not competing in contests or for fame, they're just doing this for fun and love of the characters, and who's to judge that?
This is like one of those /v/ threads where they complain about "casuals", isn't it?
Not really the intent. Most people who do their first cosplay lack knowledge and don't do things the right way, or try to look for a cheap/easy shortcut. It's interesting to hear people vent about things they see when they know a much better way to do certain costuming effects.

A good example is a friend of mine did a My Little Pony cosplay and everyone was amazed at how good her 2-toned tail looked. People were trying to use yarn, felt or things like that to construct tails. She just rolled up a hair extension and attached two clip extensions for the 2-tone.

But also I know there's a lot of people that just like to vent about the things they don't like seeing at conventions, so if you want, you can do that as well.

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Post feels. Happy, sad, as long as they're cgl related.

Previous thread. >>9039561
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I just broke it off with a perfect girlfriend of five years, and now I have no Miku to be Kaito with. This next con's gonna suck.
>shitty local con tomorrow
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>tfw you got too fat for your dress

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Anyone got any good pics or stories from this years A-kon?

This year seemed different from the others in good and bad ways
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>watching rocky horror picture show
>guys next to us have alcohol in water bottles
>they are getting very drunk
>offers me and my friend some
>say no
>offers people behind him some
>say no
>they are loud and obnoxious
>people start leaving around them
>his friend had actual tourettes and would say nigger and pussy farts a lot

It really just added to the experience.
Literally what
Cosplay was for the most part cool, but I'm having trouble comprehending why that Sylvanas in the really ill-fitting cosplay won an award. It looked like she was wearing a cosplay made for a friend 6 sizes smaller. Gross.

Yeticon is almost here. Who's going?
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I am. No plans yet, I'm working on a cosplay for it. I'm hoping to bump into nice people and just have fun regardless of what the con is like. Hoping for the best though.
Bro, you know it. Didn't even get a pass. Just gonna be drunk the whole weekend.
Going but more for summer fun with friends than anything. Cosplay guests are pathetic did the just ask their friends?

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Sausomecon is happening next week. Let's see if we can force the thread to survive long enough
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I wish Motaku was still a thing
last year was pretty good for what it was. also, how old is chii sakurabi?
I'm thinking 30s since she's been active so long and because she moved to America for JPOP. It seems like they want idols to be younger and younger

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Last thread: >>8995312

Post your Undertale cosplay pics and projects in this containment board.

After Fancy Toriel (and her knock-off!), pic related is the second most stupid thing I've seen in recent Undertale cosplay stuff. Feel free to prove me wrong and post even more dumb shit.

Also, MCM-anon, post your pics here.
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But that's pretty clever senpai
How? He literally just slapped two memes together
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I've been meaning to ask, does anyone know the maker of this sculpt? Saved it several threads ago, saw it in my folder again today. I can't find her tumblr anymore via Image Search, and I'm just curious if she ever made it into a mask.

Rise up! Street Fighter thread,
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A Cammy from NYCC '15
File: image.jpg (1MB, 2440x3264px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>inb4 turns into fap thread

Didn't see a wig thread in the catalog, so here's a new one.

Pic related, is there any other good source for lacefront short wig besides Arda?
I am not in US or Europe so I wanna check my other options before committing with the expensive shipping.
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Wigisfashion have good lace fronts, though the caps of their wigs + hairline is occasionally a bit oddly shaped.
Color.salon on ebay are pretty good for natural wig colours.
File: PS0-R1-1-10x15_wat.jpg (242KB, 1000x1510px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Speaking of lace front wigs.

Apparently epic cosplay has a sister site called posh posh wigs that sells lace front wigs. Though the selection is just a couple styles atm.

I'm wondering if they ship out of the same warehouse since posh posh says they're located in socal too.
Um, is cosplay-laurawu still trustworthy? Haven't bought from them in a while and I remember others having good experience with them, but their ranking seem to have tanked for some reason?

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Monokuma costume.jpg
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What is the best mascot costume you've seen?

I wish to make mascot costumes but I don't know where to start. Most people seem to kind of wing it with the shapes of the foam and then stretch the fabric and hot glue it all together.

Are there any tutorials or patterns that people follow for this type of work? I watched this which was helpful but I can't find much more on this subject

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Nodames mongoose costume is adorable and I love how it has that stitched look to make it seem more homemade.
This is such a good monokuma and I'd rather see mascots more at cons rather than those shitty ginjinkas with the two tone wigs
I've been wondering the same thing. I want to cosplay Teddie.

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Anyone know a place where I can buy a NCR veteran ranger armour replica the price is not important but I would like it if it looked decent.
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Do you plan on dying and being buried in it? because thats pretty depressing/savage.
buy the helmet and make the body armor
If I had it I would never take it off so it's a possibility.

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Due to some unusual circumstances, I'm currently living in a partially-renovated house with my dad and his fiancé.

His fiancé is a very sweet lady who is very thrifty. She makes all her own clothes and and will usually find a practical use for something, rather than throw it out (i.e recycling old bottles and jars to pot plants).

I had a Baby The Stars Shine Bright Strawberry and Cherry Ruffle jumperskirt that I didn't wear anymore, so I was planning to sell it. From memory, it cost about $400.

I put it out in the main room next to a pile of clothes I planned to donate to Good Sammies, so I'd remember to take photos of it for the sale. I then went away for a week to visit my grandparents

When I came back, I noticed the pile of clothes had disappeared. Cool, my dad and/or his fiancé had donated them for me. But wait... Where was the jumperskirt?

It was then that I saw the sight portrayed in the uploaded. My dress had been cut up to to make an ironing board cover and a tablecloth. I don't know where the rest of the material is.

It appeared that my dad's fiancé had assumed the jumperskirt was part of the donation pile, and thought there was no harm in 'recycling' it for her own uses. In her efforts to pretty up the concrete-y wasteland of a house, she had unknowingly destroyed an expensive brand dress.

Literally the only thing I could do in that moment was stare blankly. I can't even be mad at her, she had no idea.

So now I have a BTSSB ironing board and table cloth.
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Anon, I'm so sorry for your loss.
as heartbreaking as that is
that is now one kawaii ass ironing board
this is pretty hilarious

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I don't know why I've never seen lolitas in eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Hungary...). Maybe it's because in that part of Europe religion plays a big role in culture. I've only seen lolitas in talk shows on TV (shown as freaks obviously).
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Income is lower compared to Western Europe,
What about DIY lolita dresses?
Tracksuit Lolita when?

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I couldn't find it in the archive or catalog, but it seems it is time once again for a Historic Cosplay/Costumng Thread. Starting off with the first recorded costume, Forrest J. Ackerman in a "futuristicostume" made by his then girlfriend and worn to the first WorldCon in 1939. Just in case anyone was getting misinformation that costuming/cosplay started in the 1990's or something....
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File: 70s01.jpg (8KB, 411x269px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Angelique Trouvere as Vampirella in the 1970's.
File: 70s04.jpg (16KB, 359x326px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16KB, 359x326px
Angelique Trouvere as Satana from Marvel Comics, 1970's.
File: 70s13.jpg (29KB, 471x292px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29KB, 471x292px
A gaggle of Red Sonjas featuring comic artist Wendy Pini and Angelique Trouvere, 1970's.

File: 903253200264629233.jpg (58KB, 290x387px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll start. How much should I expect to pay for this? Rose Call Ribbon
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What's the price for Sugary Carnival Special set these days?
fantasic dolly jsk in black and pic related in pictured colourway? (it's missing the two bottom bows so i imagine it'd be marked down somewhat for damage). sorry if this is super newfag info, i've never sold any of my lolita before and i need these gone
This print in this color is quite popular, but sadly not in the OP cut. Maybe start around $150?

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