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Tanbi kei - 90s edition
The aristocrats of 90s visual kei, not limited to just lolita or aristo though. Let's discuss good old bands/styles and share pics. Pic very related.
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Has anyone ever done Hotline Miami, and can anyone offer some good tips if my cosplay is bad?
I plan on doing some more in future, but my issue is money. Tips, tricks, anything?
Also if you've done it, post it, i wanna see.
You won't be able to see it, but the B that is stitched on is yellow and black. It's alright, but i need to change that out.
I have another i can post, to show i have the shoes just fine.
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2nd pic.
You can't use weapons with the Tony mask. Your cosplay should be weathered. You should post in the help thread. Sage.
I know, That is what i did in my previous cosplays. I had a friend with me doing duo cosplay so i carried the Bat in her interests, plus it's from Hm1, so it's intended as that Mask, (which allowed him weapons)
I was going to look into getting some acrylic paint or food dye to add to the costume.
Hm2 tony, which i am doing at one point, i intend on no weapons regardless of what others say.

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Welcome back to reality, friends!
I hope you all had a safe and fun time this time around.
Now to prepare for next year!
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Time to start working out for next year
Post your favorite:
>Better Reg
>Better dealers
>Better guests
>Better concerts
>Better shuttles
>Larger AA and game hall

Everything Fanime did AX did better. Holy cow this was the most one sided fight I've ever seen.

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Do you think there's a age limit in cosplaying?
I honestly don't think so.

what about you guys?
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There is no age limit for cosplay. Only an age limit for characters.
you mean like characters shouldn't be over 21 or?
30 is the limit

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How was everyone's time at AX this year?
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5 D A Y S N E X T Y E A R
Fucking wat.
AX was shit. The staff was retarded, it was overcrowded, the AA was hell, and I honestly didn't feel like throwing more money for all the extra stuff. I didn't get many pics of cosplayers because it was too crowded. I honestly only went to 4 panels and the only one worth it was the trigger panel. Probably will avoid AX next year.

For those in Artist Alley did you rake in the cash or were you fucked by the tiny crowded walkways?

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Let's do a popularity check!

>Are you a lolita/jfash or cosplayer?

>Which social media do you use? (FB, Insta, Tumblr, etc.)

>How many followers do you have on each of them? (or one with highest follower count)

>Any tips or tricks for becoming more popular/efamous?

>Are you happy with your popularity or do you want a bigger audience?
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Hi keksandra, nice dubs

>Are you a lolita/jfash or cosplayer?
Lolita primarily, cosplay very poorly just for fun at cons

>Which social media do you use? (FB, Insta, Tumblr, etc.)
FB, Tumblr, G+

>How many followers do you have on each of them? (or one with highest follower count)
Nobody follows me other than some girls in my comm on FB

>Any tips or tricks for becoming more popular/efamous?
I wouldn't know. I just try to dress well

>Are you happy with your popularity or do you want a bigger audience?
I would like more friends, not e-fame
eh whatever ill give it a shot

>Are you a lolita/jfash or cosplayer?
>Which social media do you use? (FB, Insta, Tumblr, etc.)
mainly insta. I want to branch out but insta has a better community for gaining a following
>How many followers do you have on each of them? (or one with highest follower count)
just 300+, not very many but whatever
>Any tips or tricks for becoming more popular/efamous?
cosplay popular flavor of the month things. dont live like me
>Are you happy with your popularity or do you want a bigger audience?
id like a bigger audience. sure i could lie and say i cosplay for myself but that would be untrue so yeah
>Are you a lolita/jfash or cosplayer?
>Which social media do you use? (FB, Insta, Tumblr, etc.)
instagram and tumblr
>How many followers do you have on each of them? (or one with highest follower count)
3k on my insta, 700 on my tumblr
>Any tips or tricks for becoming more popular/efamous?
Regular updates, responding to messages
>Are you happy with your popularity or do you want a bigger audience?
definitely looking for more, especially on my tumblr

I want to make a cosplay of something that requires some sort of electrical/mechanical design. All I can think of is making an android/gundam type costume, or do some steampunk fedora shit.

So what are some costumes I could make that would incorporate some mechanical/electrical design? LEDs, Motors, etc.

Pic related would be a little above in beyond, but you get the idea.
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what about props? LED Sword are fancy
They're a bit overplayed imho.I'm just looking for costume ideas based on certain characters and whatnot and I'm drawing a blank.

Another idea for incorporating LEDs would be pic related. So basically any character that would have parts that "glow" in their respective medium.
Lots of fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Characters from WoW, Diablo, League. Halo. Mass Effect. They usually have something glowing, like eyes or gems or wings or weapons, though you said you didn't want that. Robot characters lend themselves to lights and sounds as well.

How's your con going?What do you like and hate about this year?

Last meetup tonight at 9pm outside the west entrance?
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Badge pickup was hell. And like last year, the smell of body odor is ridiculous.
Oh and the majority of the volunteers can choke on a dick. Power hungry fucks.
Artist alley is really over stimulating. There's so much to look at at once it's exhausting.
What the hell just happened in little Tokyo? They rushed us in to a store, said there were tons of cops with rifles and search helicopters, then said it was all a fluke but 20 minutes still tons of cops and air search?

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Has anyone used it yet? Is it safe?
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....what is that for? I've never heard of a con safe space.
Why is this a thing?
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No Nanchatte thread? Let's fix that!

>What is your favourite style of Nanchatte?

>Favourite brand?/Taobao store?

>Where/when do you usually wear Nanchatte? Do you wear it daily or only for things like cons?

From last thread:
>Shop links

>FAQ (Work in progress, open to suggestions)

>Facebook group
F B .com / groups /nanchattefashion/

>Nanchatte for fun tumblr
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will post some inspo!
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New feels thread, now with more feelsy feels.
Last one is autosagging.

>feeling so roneri and so sad
>asperger so relationships are emotionally draining as hell + scared of sex
>very little friends because i'm bad at being social,met them all by internet
>they all live far away if they are in my country at all
I only have animu,lolita,... in my life. I don't know what to do, i just feel so sad. I tried groups but i only attract weirdos and real weebs.
I just want someone special or a small group of friends to weeb out with, be close to them,...
I'm depressed.
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Are you me, anon? You're me, aren't you?
We will weeb out with you anon. Keep reaching out to people and things will get better.
>Find out that there was massive family dramu before i was born that resulted in an older brother (15 years older than me) being taken away from my parents
>Grandma finally let it slip while drunk, good old alcoholic elderly relatives
>Hesitate about trying to track him down because i think he might not want to meet someone associated with the family/worried i will just be dragging up bad memories
>Eventually do it, find him and contact details, only lives about 45 mins away by train.
>Send him an email since it seems like the least invasive way of contacting him
>He replies!!! After a few weeks of emailing and calls (1st phone call so awkward) go to meet him and we get coffee in the morning then end up spending all day together, get on well
>Next week visit again and go to his home and meet his partner too (but not daughter as he wanted me to meet partner before daughter), see that there is one of those kids sewing machines at there house and ask about it
>They had just got it for their 12 year old daughter because she said she wanted to try making toys and clothing, but neither of them know much about sewing/craft
>SUPER HYPED BECAUSE I KNOW THIS SHIT, offer to teach her if they and she would like that
>Going to go and stay with them for the weekend in 2 weeks time to go teach my niece who i only found out about weeks ago to make cute shit

i'm so excited gulls, I've only ever used my sewing/craft skills for cosplay and now i will hopefully be able to use it to bond with my new-found relatives! They showed me her room and some photos of her and stuff so since then i've been collecting some fabric and patterns for simple clothes and teddys and things that i think she will like. She seems really sweet and my brother and his partner are so nice, it's way better than i dared to hope for when i found out i have a brother. I honestly thought i would get no response or a rejection or something!

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old thread >>9054647

talk about your comms, don't single anyone out, etc etc
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How often does your comm organize meetups? Can anyone organize it, or are certain people (ex: mods) only allowed to put them together? Do the frequency of meetups change with the seasons/weather?
My comm is a bunch of fucking noobs. Everyone is allowed to organize but barely ever anyone does. It is very difficult to be a lolita where I live due to the economic crisis, so I don't expect much to be honest
My comm is pretty big so we have pretty frequent meetups

-We have regular monthly meetups (unless something comes up, in which case we move it some other time in the month)
-Anyone can organize any kind of meetup based on pretty much anything- themes, high tea, picnics, whatever
-I've noticed more meetups in the spring/summer when the weather is nicer and when more people are out of school/are taking more vacation time

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Ever since I went to a convention recently, I've been wanting to start a small business based around 3D printing props, accessories, etc. for cosplays. Do you think there's a demand for this? Things like pins, decals, maybe masks or weapons if I ever get around to it. Would you personally be interested in 3D printed cosplay gear?
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I work with 3D printers (Engineering, I help designing and programming them).

We also print custom parts, and they are usually small pieces and really expensive, as 3D printing takes a lot of time. We can charge like 20€ for a 5*10cm part, I'm also in an europoor country, so I guess that in America this would be a lot more, and it takes about 10h to be printed, depending on the detail level.

I don't really think that someone would prefeer something like this (time/cost/quality wise) over other methods
That why I was intending to do pins and decals; add detail to a cosplay without being overly large or expensive. Things like a brooch, hairpin, chest decals, etc.

I have a printer of my own so I know the time it takes. The booth I saw also did "finishing" of parts, in the sense that they sanded/painted them lightly to prepare the for additional work on the customer's side.

Another thing with 3D printing is that I would assume that people would sometimes prefer it due to the custom aspect of it - i.e., "that specific part available online is too big/too small/too ugly, could you make X for me" or "I want this but with Y change to it". I might be wrong, though.
I already do for some cosplay props I've made in the past. Though I simply printed them in the colours I wanted, I didn't cast/sand them or such.

I'd like to learn how to though.

Didn't see one in the catalog, so new eBay thread?
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I was wondering if anyone has a link to these shoes on eBay. I rather not buy from aliexpress if I don't have to.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Womens-Girls-Bowknot-Faux-Suede-Sweet-Candy-mary-Janes-Chunky-Heel-Shoes-34-43-/171769893282 there's multiple listings of them, I just grabbed this one. When you get them could you do a review?
Seconding request for review!

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The badly paired gold shoes edition

Last thread: >>9070821
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this is like... so many trends and things people do in lolita that i hate rolled up into one coord
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I like how this looks but I don't like the hat. Personal nit pick.
The gold shoes aren't the problem, since she's trying to pick up the "golden frame" in the picture.
The bows don't match pefectly and look so random.
The lace cardigan is way too classic for a galaxy print. She should wear a blouse instead or look for a more fitting cardigan.
The star socks match the theme, but they look too casual for lolita and are not necessary when wearing tights.
The necklace is out of place. Just like the Luna and Artemis buttons on the waist.
The hair isn't the best for lolita. Short hair rarely looks good in lolita, and when it does it's usually some curly ends or a nice bob. Her hair looks more scene, it's too straight.
It's just not a very polished look.

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