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Hype level: GET
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How long are you gonna spend inside your cosplay?
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Two days straight the entire time.
>tfw arrows I made fit perfectly inside the quiver box
Wish I would have realized this before I went out and tried to make a box for the arrows via 10"x10" box and wrapping paper tube.
Oh well

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Will AX be streamed?
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I think Crunchy Roll might.

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Tips for a first time attendee?
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Lurk more.
Never been to a con of this size, nowhere near. I go to local anime cons but even at those all I can say is you can never have enough spending money. I don't care if you have to whore yourself out on the street, bring as much money as you can.
beat me to it

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Cringy Naruto/Narutard cosplays

Let's see them
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>fedora village ninja

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Please stay cool
Please take it easy
Please drink lots of water
Please do not die of heatstroke or heat exhaustion or anything of that nature
Please take frequent breaks, especially if you're in a cosplay
Please do not stay in said cosplays longer than necessary. Stay comfortable and cool
Please take care of yourselves

A seagull who loves you other seagulls very much and wants everyone to have a great time despite the hellish SoCal heat
I'm not having enough fun unless I'm two steps from dying.
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Looking for Rias/Akeno cosplayers

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I love giving panels and being the attention whore that I am I double love it when I get big crowds. One thing I've noticed is that panels in general have a hard time building an audience. What I mean by this is that your numbers highly fluctuate with each con and you can fill house at one show but then get pitiful numbers in another only fill up seats again. It's vary rare that a panel can build its numbers up from con to con. Sure you can advertise at the con and on social media but it seems your at the mercy of the attendees. Even if you promote AND do a good panel, its no guarantee that your next outing is going to be as impressive. Meanwhile doing the same panel at the same con the following year will yield similar numbers.

The reason why I ask this is that I notice that panels like the cosplay wrestling federation are one of the examples of a show that can walk into any con and fill its seats. Not to mention on repeat cons in following years they've actually manage to out grow their rooms and get placed in larger venues. Obviously the panel's quality has helped in its popularity but when it comes to promotion, they don't seem to do be doing anything really unusual and employ the same strategies as everyone else. Is it simply word of mouth that's attracting people and the CWF is fortunate enough to have passionate fans? If I want to have a panel who's numbers actually GROW, what would I need to do?

Obviously I can't expect myself to get results similar to the CWF but I'd at least want to outgrow the 20/30 person rooms I'm in
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Well what kind of panel are you running? Is it fandom specific? Niche?
I've done a panel on speedruns that got 20 people and I've done a Homestuck panel that filled a 200 person theatre.
A lot of it depends on what your panel is
It might just depend on the programming as well. At what time was your panel held? Did it overlap with other events or panels that are relevant to your target audience?

If you can compare this data for each panel you did, maybe you can see a pattern.

If your panel sucks, no amount of promotion or word of mouth will help you.

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So we all have donated some blood sweat tears and endless amounts of pain to our hobby. Cosplay is no easy task.

What are your horror stories /cgl/? What flesh have you accidentally donated to the cosplay gods?

I myself just turned accidentally turned some of the detailing on my hand sewing red with an over enthusiastic jab through the fabric straight into my finger. Good times. And by that I mean I'm crying.
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I've thankfully never stabbed myself, but I have wedged my finger between the foot and the fabric and accidentally stepped on the pedal. Luckily my finger wasn't in the middle but from now on I move my pedal over to the side when I have to fiddle with the needle. Shit's dangerous if you're not aware.

I also have a fear of having the needles in my mouth and inhaling them into my windpipe. Heard about people doing that with toothpicks and now I don't even use them.
Oh man.
So one week before a con and I'm freaking out trying to style my wig. I'm using a hair straitener and for some reason I put it on the floor and get up on the bed to check my refrence photos. I go to get off the bed to get back to work and manage to step into the hair straightener and get it clamped onto my heel!
It burned the flesh off of both sides of my foot by the time I got it off. It was agonizing and by far my stupidest cosplay mishap.
This wasn't me, but one of my friends had a corset on and she had it on TIGHT. The girl could hardly sit down and could barely breathe. I told her to loosen it up but the sacrifices we make for cosplay, right?
She just barely made it the whole day but as we were walking out of the con she passed out.
Fun times,

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manly tomoe.jpg
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What's /cgl/'s opinion on MTF loli crossplay? It's something that normies can never, ever, EVER appreciate, and one of the main reasons I don't do it myself.
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Doesn't deserve its own thread
a thread died for this shit
ironic manly crossplay is a shit meme that fucking needs to die

First time poster on this thread but I figured this would be the best place to ask. I've heard of a lot of good things involving using expanding foam to create props.
Since I need just a basic shovel prop, I was planning on using a pvc pipe for the main shaft and expanding foam method on the actual metal pars (the handle and shovel head)

So any advice on using expanding foam?
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let that shit dry.
This, I haven't used it in ages but it takes a long time to fully expand and cure.
Not OP, but what tutorial do you guys recommend for foam?

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New Feels thread since last one is auto saging,
Remember to keep em cosplay related.

Old thread
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>tfw when you get to go to bed after hunching over a sewing machine all day
>even if it is already the wee hours of the morning
>start making jewelry
>start off with pokemon, then move onto more kawaii shit
>interested in branching out into gurokawa/menhera
>friend's baby died a while back, offered to make her a birthstone necklace in memory
>friend runs a non-profit, does bereavement photography
>friend actually offers to buy matching mommy/baby jewelry in bulk so that she can hand them out in kits to mourning parents before the photographs

Didn't see my hobby/business venture taking this turn. I planned on making kawaii and nerdy shit, but I might end up doing more infant loss jewelry than anything else. My heart's breaking a little, but I'm eager to help. It's really heavy to think that my jewelry's going to go on the tiny little wrists of dead or dying infants. It's awful and beautiful at the same time.

I was just planning on making syringe necklaces and eyeball hairbows and shit.
>Finally got my grandmother's sewing machine back from a friend
>tfw getting her OTHER sewing machine because she's moving and doesn't sew anymore

I'm so happy right now, all I've worked with before is a Singer Mini that I lost the manual to ages ago

Are there any rumors on when NYCC tickets might go on sale? While I appreciate the fan verification thing, I think the two day warning is a bit ridiculous and short. It would have been better if it was at least a week.

Also, why do they go on sale later every year?
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Reed Pop is doing more and more cons every year, so that why its getting later and later. 2 days is nothing considering last year there was a 23 hour notice for the physical tickets ion sale at Midtown Comics. Also less notice gives scalpers less time to organize.
Wait are NYCC tickets super hard to get or something? Didn't know there were conventions like that.

I went to the first one when I lived in NJ like 10 years ago.. Holy shit it's been a long time..
>Wait are NYCC tickets super hard to get or something?
They've shot up, yeah. Not one of the most difficult ones to get too, but it's certainly getting harder to get them each year.

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Does your bf like lolita fashion?
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inb4 DD/LG bait
No. He doesn't understand it and he doesn't buy me things or know how to buy me things. But he does know what JSK is.
Mine doesn't give a shit. He supports my interests and has bought me stuff from btssb when visiting his sis in Japan, but he couldn't care less about the fashion on its own or anything.

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The good, the bad, the ugly.
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Looks like you got two of those covered, now post The Good
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>Check yer privilege
>You can't be white and portray a Korean Character.
>ScarJo isn't even Japanese
>Major pls

>which character do you want to fuck in cosplay?

>is there any cosplay that you'd like to do the dirty in in? why?

>Any dream couples cosplay?

>do you have ridiculously high standards for certain cosplays due to the character being your husbando/waifu? Has any cosplayer fit this standard? (if so, pictures are appreciated)

last thread: >>9059331
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He's doing it, Sebastian fans.

Oh my God.

Look past the dirty mirror and be enlightened. He sent me a few test pics. ;u; why must he torture me so.
We've had these threads back to back. Is some crossboarder trying to find out how to get a qt cosplay gf or something?
This is the second thread. It seems to be more or less active and more of 'tfw there will be no one good enough to cosplay my husbando' than 'tfw no gf'.

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For all those roadtripping to cons, what's on your playlist for the long hours ahead?
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Super Eurobeat for doing 160 down the country freeway
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Mah nigga
Panty and Stocking OSTs and some Teddyloid
Blasting that Cherryboy Riot all road long

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