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Stay safe, stay hydrated, and have fun!
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Today is the day
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So about that orgy...
I'm ready and waiting to shove my cock up your ass anytime you want anon~

Anyone go this year? Heard not so good things.
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Pretty shitty as a vendor. It'll take them a year or two more to bounce back. Should have capped it at GVSU, charged 5 bucks a badge, kept it 2 day, and donated proceeds or something. Jafax was a success due to its unique venue and nostalgic feel. Now it's just another poorly ran Michigan con.

Feels bad man. GVSU was such a fun place to have a con. Hope they can bounce back next year and not wind up as another Godaiko.

I will say this, even if it needs a year or two to bounce back I much prefer having Jafax back as my #2 MI con (Youma #1) over Shutocon. Stefanie Shall ruined that convention for me this year. Her bullying disguised as SJW'ing really tarnished her reputation this year imo.

Jafax wasn't as great as it had been but I'll keep attending it since it's in MI. There's too much experience within the con itself to go the path of GoDaikocon.

Pictures of these dresses when
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Sooo Japan has stopped/halted trading.
Where is our god now?
Lol at all those people saying Diner Doll would be a blood bath.

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New wig thread since there doesn't seem to be one in the catalog!

unused wig suggestion thread
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how would I go about doing this? I don't want to use an afro wig because they look like shit and are cheap (plus he has straight bangs). I was thinking about using arda's Stevie in dark copper and teasing it, but I don't think it's light enough...
I have a question about wig dyeing. I need to ombre dye a wig from a blue-purple to a red-purple and wanted to know if it's possible to do that (using FW acrylic inks) on a wig that is already red-purple. Reference photo for character on left, wig in question on right. Also, for anyone who has done ombre, what is the best technique? Dip? Spray? Paint on?
what i'd do is style it and use createx airbrush paint on it (with an airbrush duh)

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Hey guys! I'm going to be in Shanghai for work for the next months. Does anyone know of any local places where I can buy j-fash or anime goods other than Taobao?
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To Alice has quite a bunch of local stores all over China but I have no clue where you could find the adresses.
Why would you buy stuff in Shanghai that isn't an essential? It's actual Chinese quality that'd never pass US inspections and customer service (return/refund/exchange) is nearly non-existent there.
Source: I am from Shanghai, got out of the country
You should check out cuteshanghai on blogspot, she has a lot of posts about cute things to do there.

If you know how to shop, you can come out with a lot of great quality pieces for cheap. Where did you live in the city?

Last one hit post limit, chat and discuss.

Here is the current campion thread

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Linked to the wrong thread here is the proper link

What are some unique and fashion involved cosplays?
>Misspell campion and link wrong thread
>10^3 + 2^3 +2^3

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Is anyone going to Anime Blues Con this year?

It's kind of ghetto. My friend went last year and was terrified the whole time.

On the plus side, they do have Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial. I may go.
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It's ghetto as FUCK.
Terrified of what? The old ladies at the gospel convention happening at the same time or the BO of the greasy congoers?
As long as she stayed within the con area, she's fine. Only dumbasses who walk around the city at night alone are the ones who should be terrified. Memphis is a shitty city, but the con is one of the few things I actually enjoy here.

I'm going but not for the programming, just to hang with friends.
For real. I'm driving three damn hours just to get my Panty and Stocking signed.

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Last one auto sage >>9054459
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Is this someone's mother trying lolita?
nitpick at best, don't have anything better today.
The whole thing just looks really off.
I would agree nitpick. Kinda boring honestly but it's the safe route and it worked. I would hate to be her though. Such a large bust like that has to be stressful and painful in the back.

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Old thread is saging

>Taobao/Alibaba services
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
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Half of the comments in this thread make me want to punch a kitten in the face...
Old thread
Tell me more. Do they know the reason it's so famous or are they too young?

Old thread: >>9030221

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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The site has completely crashed and burned. What else is new.
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I went to buy a dress and noticed this shit too. GDI
Anon, proof or seriously stop posting about it.
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Anyone want a review on these when they get in? Ordered a pair and there was no reviews on the site, thought people might be interested. (Ordered them in brown for reference)

I'll be taking off the crown clip when I use them, but I'll hold on to it just in case. Thinking of crafting a bow to attach to the front instead!

Previous thread here: >>8886368

>favorite shops?
>new purchase shares?
>anything you're making?

Image isn't mine, but I figured it was better than a picture of dickbutt.
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is it too late to delete that image? it has nothing to do with the board. why would you even choose it, anon? what about that says "jfash and cosplay" to you?

also, it is a jewelry and accessories thread, not just a jewelry thread.

i am disappoint 2bqh
All of the jewelry in that pic is gross.
Sorry gulls, I tried to delete and remake but it wouldn't let me. It was just the first image I got when I googled "indie jewelry" because I thought it would be conceited to start a thread with my own piece.

If it's that egregious, maybe the janitor can nuke it and someone else can start a new thread.

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Let's have a historical costume thread. Actual historical clothing/fashion plates/etc is fine as well.
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Has anyone been able to find the new Simplicity Outlander patterns in stores yet? They were designed by the person who runs American Duchess.
And speaking of Outlander: good god, the nipple dress. How long before someone tries to cosplay it...?

I know it's from the book but I wish they stuck more to the book description (in the books there are pearls covering the nipples themselves to hide that they are inverted) even though the book version is still far too risque for regular court.
Wait what the shit? What was even the context for this in the show??

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Is this the latest trend in cosplay photography? Shooting parts of the person now, instead of what is considered a portrait or full-body shot of the cosplayer? Am I missing something, because I see these shots posted, and I'm like, "What's going on?"

I can understand showing off details in 1-2 photos, but zero full body shots or at least a medium shot?
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Like you said, detail shots are pretty fine if you have a full shoot going on. What I find ok as well are "guess the character I'll be cosplaying at X-con" style teasers.

These are cosplays? Eeeh...

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I can't be the only one who thinks the name of this was clearly not thought through at all...
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That or they know exactly what they're doing. 50/50 chance.

From the same company that brought you Cherish my Juicy Cherry, though.
Don't mind it anon, it's engrish...

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