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The good, the bad and perpetual.

Tell us about the last meet you hosted, what went wrong? What did everyone love?

Are games important? What games are better, in your opinion?

What happened at the last meet you attended? What did you really want out of it that you either didn't get, or didn't expect to see there? What was the most memorable part of your experience?

I've been to two meets, and so far I can tell that food is a sticking point. Based on other people's feedback here, it's a very common issue. What was the most satisfying/impressive food set up you've ever seen?

Meets in private residences, are they ever a good idea?
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I haven't hosted any meets this year because of my job, but I recently attended one at a bakery!
>what I wanted out of the meet
To actually sit and enjoy other lolitas company. Small talk about what they've been up to using info I remembered from the last meet. Gush about the latest glb, latest buys, dream dresses, whatever.
>what I got out
Segregation between the novice and the core group. Usually this isn't too much of a big deal because we get seated at different tables based on rank. But this time, we were all sitting on one large table and the core group made it a point to segregate the table by using chairs as bag holders in the middle....it was really awkward. Barely anyone talked to one another outside of their circles. The itas were loud and obnoxious which was especially embarrassing because the bakery echoed.

Food is probably the best thing to do in a large group because you have something to do/eat when you're not engaging in conversation. It also offers conversation starters for those who are shy.

I've never been to an in home meet, but I imagine them to be quite dull unless you're all very close. I know I wouldn't host one because I can't trust my comm members with personal information, let alone access to my sanctuary.
Private residence meets sound fucking weird unless you know the host pretty well.

The last two meets I attended were disappointingly small, not enough people in my comm have the same schedule and a lot of them are also cosplayers, so they haven't been wearing lolita lately because of all the cons

One was a bakery, the other was sushi. Typically museum meets get a lot of people to come out, I was hoping for a museum meet but nobody would commit to go this time and it got cancelled
my comm has meets at members homes a few times a year for things like halloween and christmas parties, it just gives the host the opportunity to go all out with decorations and whatever and then everyone who attends brings a plate of food to share. it tends to be the same smaller group of members who come to meets frequently, so we all know each other fairly well.

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ITT: Post your con creeper stories,
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u first
Get it started u poosy
Kill yourself roastie whore , people stare at your half-naked body at a con and when they're not attractive it's ''creepy''
Die of AIDS

Given how popular the game is and how many 10/10 designs it has I would expect more Granblue cosplays.

Ferry a cute.
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I am very confused by this anatomy.
I love the character designs for this game
because it's a mobile app probs

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Old one is auto-saging again >>9153766

>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce

Now that a lot of the bigger cons are done this season:
>what did well for you, what would you do differently?
>post some great/terrible AA stories
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Can we please get some business resources such as tax related stuff? Its hard to find stuff through google since most people have permanent locations they sell at, unlike us, who travel to sell.
Almost every thread someone asks about this too.

I think there are some resources on AANI if you havent already looked. I'm not sure how good they are but yeah they are there. But I think adding a good resource to the OP would be good as well
The harder part about taxes is it varies to such a wide degree by state and the income you're having from AA, as well as keeping accurate records for expenses you can write off against profits gained.

Ghibli Cosplay Thread

Post what you got!
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File: 1395962066006.jpg (56KB, 487x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread >>9158241 →

Glad to see AP is now giving us a monthly release schedule.
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Antique Chocolaterie is listed first.
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Cirque de l'etoile
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Followed by what I assume they meant to translate as Magic Amulet.

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So, I've seen quite a few specials over the years try to argue that certain things they don't approve of make you "less lolita" (swearing, not being super nice, having sex, smoking weed or drinking, being what they consider unattractive, etc) but I have never once seen someone say that you're more or less lolita based on how much you own, except in reference to replica and Bodyline wardrobes. I know that this is partially because telling themselves that they're "more lolita" because they're a ~pure maiden~ is part of how bitter poorfags and people with low self-esteem cope, but I do find it interesting that no one ever says owning 5 pieces makes you less lolita than the girl who owns 50. What do you think, is someone "less" of a lolita to you based on what they own/wear or how they act?

For me, I consider someone more/less lolita depending on their wardrobe, knowledge, and how often they wear it. Calling someone less lolita because they swear/fuck/smoke/drink/etc in their private life is a clear sign of a newfag since it means you're clearly unaware of the "rotten girl" version of lifestyling coined by Takemoto.
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It's not a competition man. Wear it or not.
Momoko wasn't a drunken whore, though.

Have you ever thought of making a full scale mascot costume for a cosplay before? Have you thought of making original character mascots like many hobbyists have in Japan? Do you prefer using fur for realism or smooth fabrics for a cartoon look?
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I love the official Pokemon mascots. I wish they had more than just Pikachu and the starters.

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So, is there a Tokusatsu cosplay general? Has anyone tried to make their cosplay to provide any tips? I think I want to make Ex-Aid my first one.

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I really want to cosplay Kabuto
>shinken gold
I love seeing Shinkenger cosplay.

So help me I'm making a thread; I know for a fact that there will be a group at Dragon*Con this weekend. Anyone have pics or plans?
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Steven Universe cosplay thread

old thread >>9130287
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i found this rose on twitter.
Steven Pooniverse

Previous Thread: >>9160585

Previously, on Dutch Thread:
>Abunai: it's so hot!
>Dark game room, bright edit.
>"I saw a trap!"
>Hotel room sweeps at 1am
>OP is not a femanon?!
>A CaliAnon is moving to Middelburg
>Deshima Creep
>Deshima afterparty where?
>Room B124, be there!
>RIP AMV compo
>Actual Abunai pics (see second post for a list)
>GamePit Coup part 2: Electric Boogaloo
>ACC happened
>Columbine Shooters Cosplay
>The DCC organiser died
>Deshima VS AbuDisco: Stop liking what I don't like!
>"Let It Go..." cringe
>Miraculous Ladybug duo won the Saturday CAC
>Penis bulge Overwatch cosplayer. Bulge removed from OP image, you're welcome my fellow MenAnons.
>Got any Abunai 2017 ideas and sugegstions? Mail them to [email protected]

Convention news:
>Abunai 2017 will be August 25th - 27th, and ACC the 5th & 6th of August according to Anon.

Next five /cgl/ related events:
>Elfia (September 24rd & 25th, Arcen LB) is an outdoor medieval/fantasy convention. The programming is still in the making so there's not a lot I can really say about it yet.
>Tomofair (October 1st & 2nd, Nijmegen GLD) is a cheap small fair with anime, manga and other J-culture relevant items. Just keep your expectations low and you might find yourself having a fun day.
>First Look (October 7th - 9th, Utrecht) is a gaming convention in the Jaarbeurs. They have a cosplay compo where judges mocked contestants last year.
>Nishicon (October 7th - 9th, Almelo OV) is an anime convention which for the first time will be 3 days long.
>Imagicon (October 15th, Ede GLD) is a Cosplay, Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy con. They also have a cosplay compo.
Full Dutch convention agenda: http://pastebin.com/QaZ23aUA If there are any cons missing form the list, make sure to post it in the thread so I can add them.

Mandatory post-con strawpoll: How were Abunai and ACC? http://www.strawpoll.me/11115086
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Links to Abunai pictures and videos that were posted in the previous thread:

>Anon's phone pictures

>Anon's Deshima Souns Undertale video

>Another Anon's list of albums. Replace (fb) with facebook url, (yt) with youtube etc.
Overwatch shoot: (fb) RoarandClank/photos/?tab=album&album_id=285582295156120
Photographer, more shots to come soon: (fb) /JeroenWeimarPhotography/?fref=ts
Profile photographer, more shots to come: (fb) /Kaleidoscopy/?fref=ts
Yet another photographerâ„¢: (fb) /deschuurr/?fref=ts
And again, a photographer with a lot os shots already uploaded: (flickr) /photos/[email protected]/albums/72157669850500264/page2
But wait, there's more! Also he isn;t afraid to order random people to assist during shoots (fb) /kees.stravers
DNStje's impression video is probably coming soon: (YT) /user/dnstje
And another video will be probably be posted at: (YT) /user/HollandianGProds

Links to ACC pics:
>Nobody posted any yet ;,;

Got any more pictures, links or what not? Just dump or post them in the thread for all to enjoy
Aw man I was wondering how a normal image made the cut for OP image but then I noticed smol tully, never change OPanon.
Yeah, I already had a layered version of that picture from my "quick fix" posted at >>9164247. I figured I might as well replace Nic Cage with Tully and use it for the OP, especially with how fast the post-con threads tend to go.

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Cosplayers assemble! Show me what your plans are for the next year.
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So there's a TON of other stuff I wanna/gotta do/finish between now and whatever comes in 2017, but these are some of the things high on my list of finishing/starting
File: cosplans_2016.png (755KB, 1247x730px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Might as well get in early

You're the perfect guy to do Kukui, looking forward to it
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Really looking forward to next year!

I'm a little nervous no one will know who I'm cosplaying when I'm Tak. But, I'm fulfilling a dream of mine since I was younger. I thought there'd be no better time than now since Invader Zim was recently brought back in comic form.

Alright, who's going to PAX?

>What are you cosplaying?
>Excited for anything in particular?
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i tried cosplaying last year but it was kind of hard since it's such a busy and packed con

i love taking pics of everyone though. there are some seriously great costumes that show up
I'm enforcing this year, but I asked for early shifts so I could possibly cosplay later on in the day.

I was going to bring my Clover from 999 for sure. Probably my old Ellie because I haven't made any new video game cosplays. No idea what else, honestly.

I'm just excited to see what games are coming out this year. I didn't have my PS4 for a long while so I skipped a lot of announcements.
Last year was my first PAX, I learned then that complex costumes will have to stay at home. So I'll be bringing Clover from 999 and Wendy from Don't Starve. I'm really looking forward to the Rooster Teeth panel actually, and seeing the Pokemon and Yokai Watch stuff!!

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Old one died!
Rules: Make at least 4 suggestions before posting your own picture! If you don't make suggestions for others, no one will suggest for you.
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I really want to participate in this, but I am not willing to be the first to post.
be a man and do it; at least you won't have to post suggestions for others
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I'll step up and firstpost.

I'm currently working on Diantha from PKMN(from the last thread, thanks anon!!). Looking for some simpler cosplays but anything is fine really.

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