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Old one is saging

Feel free to post your favorite accounts and self post, and share tips, advice and photo editing apps. No one cares about your vendetta.
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Some of my favorites are

My favorite editing apps are meitupic and linecamera.

I love 'clean' instagrams with post being of similar color or well, beautiful people in general (in my own sense of what beauty is, I don't want to offend anyone)
My account isn't cgl related, but how I deal with dark circles is that I edit them with the heal tool (spot and shades) on pixlr express (I use the online version). I also use the heal tool for any pimples. I use linecamera after for everything else (brightening, filter, etc).
You should give meitupic a try! It easily removes dark circles as well as you can also remove wrinkles and nasolabial folds

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I didn't know which thread this would be most appropriate in so I just decided to make one.

I'm a guy, it's a dumb story but one of my friends saved my life basically and I told her I'd do whatever she wanted to make it up to her. She is into cosplay and lolita and she later linked me pic related and said she wants the two of us to dress up like this. This is pretty much as far away from my comfort zone as possible but I don't feel like I can say no so I'm going to try to be a good sport and have fun with it, I essentially just said "sure sounds fun" and she's massively looking forward to it. I told her she could just pick out the clothes for me but she said that'd be too easy, she wants me to pick out my own co-ord (I've been doing a little research on the terms and stuff) and she'll match what I pick (she wants the theme to be sweet lolita). There's no deadline or anything, she just wants us to go to whatever convention is happening nearby whenever we have our outfits

So... How do I into lolita as a guy? I don't really have to worry about price because I've got money and she said she'd help cover it. I've never done anything like this before though, I don't even dress up for halloween, I've never worn girls clothes before, let alone something that's this incredibly feminine.
Are people going to think I'm gay or a pervert?
Why does the thought of doing this give me so much anxiety/shame and how do I get over it and have fun dressing up with friend

And for those who might want the full story: we were driving to lunch, another car ran red light and smashed right into mine. My side of the car got smashed more, one of my ribs broke and I was knocked out cold and not breathing. She gave me cpr until ambulance got there which kept me alive.

If this thread is too bothersome to you ladies because of my newfaggotry, I'll delete it so it's not taking up space here
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use the help thread, lurk more, no one cares, kill yourself, blah blah blah.
>>9183553 for the help thread, for future ref anon.

If you're worried about preserving your masculinity, go into kodana/ouji. It's basically the male lolita, unless she wants you to actually wear the dress and petticoats.

In that case, just look for dresses and blouses that have a larger width at the shoulders, and other parts that aren't typical girl length (this would help to get your measurements in centimeters.) If you want, shop on Taobao because a lot of brands offer custom sizing for an upcharge, and that would probably help you in your case. But if you don't want to get custom sizing, I think I heard somewhere that Meta is pretty accommodating for larger shoulder widths.

Don't be afraid of makeup, shave for Christ's sake, find a wig that hides your manly jawline and contour to make your face look more feminine and you should be good!
Brolitas are a thing and a lot of comms accept them, as long as you're not creepy then they shouldn't care about you being at a meetup/event. Good luck!
Don't think you're special because you're dressing in lolita as a guy, hold yourself to the same standard as girls, you have to learn to do make up, do your eyebrows, shave, don't expect lolita's to respect you cause you're literally using their fashion as a costume

Is Tohou the only series where the amount of females cosplaying is less than or equal to the number of crossdressing men?

Sure we know plenty of shows where crossdressing women outnumber the guys but its super rare the other way around
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Daiyousei but no Letty?

Breakin' my heart here, anon.
there's also the Kancolle fandom
Nanoha seems to attract crossplayers too, but I'm not sure is the % is high enough to compete with the females cosplaying.

That said, I guess it makes sense for Touhou, as it really seems something male otaku are into.

Arrr! Listen up, salty seagulls! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I be in the mood for a contest. Post yer best COSPLAYS of pirate-type characters, or yer best pirate-type COORDS. None o' them Halloween store costumes and no wishy-washy """"nautical themed"""" or candy-ass "sailor" coords. This here is a thread fer the best of the best /cgl/ can find. Arrr, ye can even self-post in a closet cosplay or coord, if ye have the cannon balls to dare! Who will find more treasure, the mangy cosplay seagulls or the rum-bellied lolita seagulls?

The rules fer this contest are as follows...

WE BE SALTY SEAGULLS AND WE BOW TO NO RULES BUT OUR SALTY SEAGULL CODE (aka "read yonder sticky, matey, ferchrissakes why don't ye lurk before posting")

Arrrrrr now post yer scurviest, swashbucklingest, gentlemanoffortuniest inspo pictures! We'll see which side of the Dread Ship /CGL/ is the piratey-est.
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kickin' it off fer the EGL Gulls with one o' dem Pirate Princes
Here be a practical lolita pirate, ready to loot some burando
Got near enough frilly raiders to crew a ship, and not a cosplay in sight

So I work in a beauty supply store, tons of fucking wigs. One of the managers made a suggestion to try to up-sell more wigs for Halloween. Besides the obvious pic related blonde wig, anyone had any other ideas on what would fly off the shelves this year?
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Popular female superheroes. Also Rey, as long as it's a realistic lace front. Maybe Misty thanks to Pokemon GO and the fact that she's the most popular Pokegirl with normies.
Gorillaesque wigs probably
Probably out-dated split dye wigs.

Can we have a magazine thread?
Fruits, Kera, Egg, Ageha, Gothic & Lolita Bible etc...
New and old images are welcome!
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Kera Volume 14, November 1999

No salt, just good costumes. Dump your inspo here!
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How do I clean out fleas in stuff that is delicate like cosplay and wigs?
They recommend hot water wash and drying which is too hard on cosplay
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Baking soda + salt will dry out fleas. It's how I used to kill them in my carpets.

Also, soaking stuff in plain blue dawn dish soap for 10 minutes will kill them. It's also a safe method if you have a pet that you can't or don't want to use flea shampoo on(like a young kitten or sick animal)
Also. If the fleas are getting into your cosplays. You need to kill them in the rest of the areas. They will mostly be in the carpets and fabric materials(like couches, bedding, etc...) Make sure you flea bomb the rest of the home. You can sprinkle carpets with a 1:1 ratio of salt and baking soda. Let it sit for 30-60 minutes, then vacuum it up. Do this every couple days for a week or two to kill off any adults and eggs in the carpets. Fleas usually lay the eggs in carpet and movement cause the eggs to hatch. Any fabrics that can be washed in hot water, do it. After you wash, store them in plastic totes until you get rid of the flea problem.

Good luck with the flea problem anon.
Are you sure its fleas and not bedbugs? If its bedbugs, you will need to quarantine your cosplays in black garbage bags for at least two weeks with poison.

Helpful link: http://chipptips.com/bedbugs/

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Anyone have experience with dancing in cosplay? Be it at cons or for separate videos etc.

How long would it take to get this dance down?
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>How long would it take to get this dance down?
Dude if you even have to ask that, don't do it. Any dancer worth their salt would learn this in a few minutes.
Noob dancers make me cringe.
That is a very nice dance.

For things that are actually wearble
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Got anything for casual mens fashion?

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New feels thread.

>tfw you have a major fight with your SO and spend over $1000 immediately after

I'm the best at finding adult ways to cope with things. A-at least I'll have 4 new main pieces, right gulls?
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I buy lolita & otome clothes I'll never get to wear. I've become a collector because I'm not ready to leave.
>dropping $1000 on nonsense
whatever makes you feel better, I guess
Why are you even on this board?

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no worn thread? let's fix that. requesting dreamy baby room salopette worn. i love worms.
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Let's start this thread off right, shall we?
this is really obvious and unfunny.
wow, tone down the salt there, boyo

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cosplay event edition
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No otome thread?
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Is there a certain rule on Jane Marple's sizing? their cuts seem to be identical for most prints, but I never see proper bust and waist measurements on lolibrary. I'm mainly asking about the typical JSK, typical OP with a collar and the cutsew dresses.
JSKs are meant to fit 90/70cm but can often run smaller, especially in the bust. Also the shoulder width is a bit on the small side and armpit holes are usually tiny af. Fitted OPs with collars are cut a little roomier, i'd say like 92~94/74, sack OPs are of course free size. Cutsews are stretchy but might look bad if you're lumpy at any size. Dans le salon items are much bigger.
Could you give a shoulder width estimate for their JSKs and non-puffed sleeved OPs? I'm well within measurements everywhere else, but my shoulders are on the broader side.

Old thread: >>917431
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Oops >>9174315
Whoever styled them needs to taken out back and shot.
Likely whoever that same genius was who styled Soufflesong for Nolcha.

muh high fashion muh rules fuck this poofy shit, et cetera

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