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I can't be the only one that loves super frumpy lacemonster dresses. Super frumpy lacemonster dress appreciation thread.
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I just bought the AP pink Dressy Time dress. I'm in love. I can't wait to get a parasol to match.

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Let's discuss some topic ideas, favourite blogs, layouts, or link to your blog. Haven't seen one of these threads in a while!

Lolita Blog Directory (hasn't been updated in a few months): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yO9r--waeN1UbKJJM92uJPu4mmTm0jU4I5eTnuqeUDg/edit?usp=sharing
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Man I remember that blog collective. Sweet memories
it makes me so sad that lolita blogging seems to be dying. I don't quite understand why. normie fashion blogs don't seem to have an issue integrating with modern social media, why can't lolita make it work?
I think that people are simply losing interest in it. The most well known bloggers (F Yeah Lolita, Parfait Doll, etc.) update sparsely or haven't updated at all in a very long time, and the smaller bloggers either don't provide content that hasn't been covered before or are not well known enough to garner a lot of interest.
It's too bad, really, I do enjoy following blogs about the fashion and reading what people have to say about it.

Photos, nostalgia, old school and mostly quotes!
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Looks like Saboten Con is doing a new comic strip for their tenth anniversary. Though it already seems like this isn't going to be anything special. Shouldn't an anime conventions mascot be excited for something that's actually anime? Already looking like next year is going to be bad.
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Why is the art so bad?
Is K-pop anime?
Who the fuck is Rena?

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Other thread reached image limit. Rolling along.
Previous thread:
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At what point does a personal style of one person become a Kei? Is there a certain degree of saturation in public consciousness, a certain amount of "copy cats" or what? Is there even a way to define or quantify when this happens?

As far as I can gleam; Kei roughly translates to the international as "style category". A way to file people's general look together so it's easier to search for, track and shop for. Certain looks like "Larme Kei" seem like they might or might not really count; so where is the line?
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needs to start in Japan to get the -kei suffix
needs to have a name
needs to have defined rules and/or aesthetics
needs to be worn regularly by at least 10 other people
Does it matter if the trend is "artificial" or not? There was some evidence in the Genderless Kei thread that the trend was engineered on purpose to promote an art book and boy band. It then took off on the streets, but it's origins weren't "organic".
You can use kei for things other than fashion styles, so just because something is ''a kei'' doesn't make it a fashion style. It's sometimes used to describe a trend, it can be used as a promo/buzz word to promote something, music styles can be ''a kei'' (tanbi kei, oshare kei etc). There may be other uses but I don't speak Japanese.

Outfits that are bad, but not necessarily Ita.

something about a coord is rubbing you the wrong way? found a coord that follows all the rules of lolita but still looks like shit? Unsure if something is ita but it still rustles your petticoat?

post it here.
Bonus points for outfit breakdowns of what you hate about it.
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Probably extra salty since CDC is one of my dream dresses, but here we go.

Blouse neck straps are twisted. Would have looked better in longsleeve if they were showcasing the colours in the dress. As it stands, looks out of place. Hairbow is the wrong shade of navy (*autism*) and is not as ornate as the dress.

This could go really well with a better headpiece (with gold accents and maybe some dokidoki star accessories or something similar), a longer blouse and perhaps a more formal hairstyle.

Also, boobloafing but I appreciate how hard that can be to avoid in some dresses. :c
I was talking to my friend about how bad she looked and then she came up to talk to us. I don't think I've ever felt so awkward.

The print looked really faded so I thought it was a replica but then she said she got it in closet child? But she also said she coorded with all black because that's what she had. She then tried to justify the black by saying it matched the navy in the print.
saw this girl at japan matsuri, it really is obvious how much of a replica that dress is. You can clock it a mile away.
1 - better petticoat
2 - coording it with black was a bold move, and might work if there was any black (and yes, she was wearing black, not navy) in the print, but there isn't, so it doesn't really look cohesive as a coord. Coording it with white would have been better, with printed otks or tights. It was pretty warm that day, she could have gone with ankle socks.
3 - that bow. It isn't the colour of the dress so looks really misplaced.

I actually think her hair is alright and I don't mind the glasses, but black just wasn't the right colour for this coord.

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Why are fursuits so expensive, and why does spray-on-foam never get involved in construction?

Also, I'm surprised there's nothing fursuit related in the catalog.
Are fursuit threads allowed?
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>spray on foam
Like the construction foam that expands? That shit is fragile.
>nothing fursuit related
There were a few threads recently but the same old "ew furries" thing is still a thing.

Are these threads allowed? I guess, as long as you can keep it on topic, like talk about construction, tutorials, posting neat suits etc. Anything cosplay-related.
Will people generally like it? No.
Darn, I assumed construction foam was rubbery in texture.
It'd be pretty neat if you could make a fursuit by sticking fur to your skin with something, cutting it off, then holding it together with magnets.
Although magnets really wouldn't make it tight enough.
>Why are fursuits so expensive
Because fur is expensive. It is 2 to 10 times more expensive than regular fabric. They are also usually unique, meaning more craftsmanship has to go in them, so more time, and more money.

>Are fursuit threads allowed?
Yes, but probably not your image since this is a christian board.

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I see a lot people say this board is mostly female, and i'm curious if people come here mostly for lolita or cosplay, so, if you wish, take the survey! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1w64AOJ2o_cXJFrQd5q3Dd7GDWPr4_02Gc0BFBDWW1ok
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we already took a census earlier this year. check the archives for it. the census confirmed that this board is mostly female and a majority of people are here for both jfash and cosplay.
Does anyone know if /cgl/ has the highest amount of female posters over other boards??
I'm male and browse /cgl/ everyday but I don't cosplay or wear jfash.

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Thoughts? How do y'all think this will turn out?
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I hope it goes well with all my heart but have a feeling it won't. Nyaf was one of my first cons and I still miss it
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I'm excited and I'll probably go next year since it's right after my deployment.
as long as the tumblr is barely existent it'll be great

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Old thread:

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I want Magic Amulet. Do both of the JSK's have shirring? It's really dark in the photo to me.
Does anyone know when Rabbit Letter is getting released?
The regular definitely does, the long is too dark on my screen to tell as well, but AP's JSKs usually have shirring

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French Thread !
>cosplay progress
Discuss about next cons !
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French comic con was incredibly shit last year and looks to be even worse this year, with the retards organizing it raising the prices while ignoring the complains.
I hope it'll crash and burn soon.

>We'll never get back to the Japan Expo / Comic Con golden era
Anyone coming to HeroFestival in novembre ?
It's a pretty based con.
Are there any good French general J-fashion groups?

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We haven't had a handmade thread exclusively for lolita in a while. And it's about time to be starting Halloween-inspired dresses, right?

>pic related from JoAnns, similar to one anons liked last year

>Lolita-suitable mainstream patterns doc, in case anyone needs it
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And some owls.
If anyone is making witch hats, please share. I love them so much and I'm about to start on my own.
I posted the skirt I made with that fabric here

They didn't bring it back this year. I'm disappointed since I wanted to try making an improved one.

New Online Comm thread!
Let's talk about the girl who is pretty much blog posting on RC about how her school wants her to do a fashion show but she doesn't want her class mates to wear her pieces.
I felt bad for her at first but she's sucking the sympathy out of people and posted all six dresses she has. Now it's just "weh feel bad for me guise"
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who caught caps of the 15-y.o. pitching a fit to that indie brand owner about her $40 cutsew being "ridiculously expensive"
damn, I missed this too!
> $40 cutsew
Bitch, I've bought blouses from Western stores that were more expensive.

Old one is in auto
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I found Sharpies to be pretty weak dye. If I was cheap alcohol ink should I get some FW?
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I'm really digging how this turned out. It's too bad the shop who made this is on hiatus now. There are very few plain bottle molds that can fit larger stickers.
Which shop did you order it from?

I just got an email confirmation on one of my mold orders shipping. So hopefully I'll see it sometime this week. I have another one shipping from China so I don't expect that one till more of the middle of August.

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