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Anyone else who worked for a Lolita store have any stories?

>worked for burando store in San Fran
>landwhale comes in
>asks to try on dress
>politely inform her of our policy against letting people try on the dresses who clearly won't fit them
>"but how do you know it won't fit me if I haven't even tried anything on?!"
>bitch is too fat to even fit in full shirring
>explain that everything is one size and runs really small
>she throws a shitfit and demands to speak to manager
>we don't usually have managers working the floor
>when I tell her this, she demands I call up my boss so she can tell them the situation
>do just that
>boss straight up tells her she's too big to fit the second she reveals her dress size (which was 20-something)
>girl storms out angrily, saying she's never been fat shamed so bad in her entire life
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Actually, it's very common for us to have to turn down try on requests, this is just the only one I've had where the person lashed out about it.
I remember an e-famous lolita working at AP San Francisco briefly. Was it Ellejay?

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Hey gulls, I thought it might be nice to have an appreciation thread for prints/burando involving dogs, kitties, bunnies, and cute animals in general. Lolita is nice but I have a lot of love in my heart for animal prints so non-lolita styles are welcome! Just post cute animal prints and be merry.
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File: Puppies Skirt.jpg (232KB, 700x463px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Puppies Skirt.jpg
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I have this old Bodyline skirt that is actually really adorable. It has puppies in the print.
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I'll kms now.

last one died
the hell? am I missing something? is this dress really going for this much damn money?
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Yes, anon. That price for that dress is completely normal.

That exact print and cut is my DD :(
The sewing isn't bad or anything, but the print screams 'ita as fuck' to me

Con's over now. What'd you like? What'd you dislike? Lets get the ball rolling
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I didnt really enjoy any of it lol
Big as I can ever remember it. Kinda cool to watch it expand. Wasn't expecting my panel to be that popular. Heard the usual bitching about cosplay and I thought the super-crackdown about dress code was both unannounced and biased, but they don't really affect me so I don't really care.

I was disappointed at the lack of Harambe in the artists alley.
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First time coming to this con in 5 years . . . holy Christ did this con get big. Parking was a nightmare if you didn't get there early, I definitely ended up parking a mile away on Saturday. As a local I almost wannabe hipster about it and be like "I remember when this con wasn't mainstream" but that's fucking retarded and I'm glad it's gotten bigger even if it takes me half an hour to find a parking space.

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Old thread >>9077763
Continuing dump of Knight's kitsune from >9094200
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File: 1.jpg (790KB, 2550x3300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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New Closet of Thrills thread.
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Comicon is coming to Sydney and Brisbane in the next few days. Discuss and post:
>Cosplay plans
>Excellent cosplays from the event
>Possible cgl meet-ups
>Guests you want to see
>After hours activities
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When will the list of after-hours events be posted and what are they likely to be?
Who will win Syd/Bris and the overall title?
Overall title, I think Artemis Costuming. So far hers has the best finish to it.
I say this as someone who's entering Sydney

Last thread is archived

Itabag FAQ and Beginners Guide v. 2.1
Read the document first before asking basic questions that have been answered time and time again like "is making a bag for ___ ok?" and "where do i get the heart bags??".

Buyf/a/g Guide
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Here's a mini-dump of stuff from the tumblr tag

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What is the latest, Texas gulls?
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Not too much going on, I think.

Summer cons are over so now we have a few months until anything else.

I think ANT is next? And maybe some random comic cons sprinkled around the state.
Reynosa fag here, going to the Gamers Con at McAllen tomorrow.
Probably going to Alamo City Comic Con in October. Is it any good?

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larp thread

previous one
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FIRST. Or something.

HLF, do you have that pic of the Landsknecht camp's banner where they basically fight against all Drachenfest camps?
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Bucket Knight edition!
File: SAM_1936.jpg (2MB, 4320x3240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you mean the painting at our fence?

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So anyone in /cgl/ actually want to discuss what could be done to improve or just ignore this and carry on.
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I'll go first, I think the global rule is completely fine. But the cgl one is dumb, it censors out the community too much especially for name and shaming people.

>when cgl kept deleting threads and posts pertaining to genso box
I'm in favor of a board split or at least bringing back /con/ and sending all the cosplayers there but it seems to be an unpopular opinion.
But on the subject of more achievable things I think we should:
>ban hwc (not sure how she keeps coming back)
>ban "sexy cosplay"/thinly veiled fap threads, they belong in /s/
>ban whoever is going around spamming "am i the only one who likes kawaiigoods/hollyteatime?"
>combine the eBay and Aliexpress threads into something like what /g/ has with their chink shit general, we could call it cheap chinese shit general or whatever
I want to be able to talk about people again. Yes I understand vendettas and spamming about stupid shit is annoying, but I hate that even mentioning someone who is a legitimate cow or has a lot of drama surrounding them gets the thread nuked. This board thrives on posts about people, both in a good and bad way. Because the convention/lolita scene does involve IRL people and not just weabooshit/waifubonding/whatever else you can post in other boards, there is a more personal level which doesn't exist anywhere else, and the fact that this has largely been discouraged is one of the leading reasons I believe that /cgl/ is largely dying down and just becoming a board for shitty generals and "where can I buy xx??" threads. The community culture is dead that that's why closet cosplays, what are you working on and other selfpost threads don't exist anymore.

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Old thread: >>9181975
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Since the help thread's looking awfully cosplay-only, does anyone know if prepaid visas will work for placing FromJapan deposits? Just moved to a new country and dont have bank account/Paypal set up yet
Please fuck off to the help thread. It's there for a reason, don't spill your cancer to other parts of the board.

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It's been a while gulls
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this Photoshop job is wonderfull

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Does anyone else get really annoyed when people call Lolita modest? The definition of modest in regards to clothing is that it's not eye catching or extravagant. The reason skimpy clothing is considered immodest is because it is attention grabbing. Lolita is an extremely extravagant fashion and by definition, cannot be called modest. In fact, Lolita is actually less modest than short shorts and a cleavage exposing v-neck because it stands out much more and people are far more likely to notice it.

I just really wish people would understand that modest=/=not skimpy.
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Did this post trigger you, anon? Do you want to talk about it?
Seems like it did, thats what I though when I saw this thread too.
modest means someone who is humble about their achievements

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Old thread saging
I just got the 6 pack of Berrisome's lip tint, which I'm super excited to try out (but probably won't for a while). I also grabbed the piggy carbonated clay mask but that's more of a skincare thread type thing
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where did you buy the 6 pack from?
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Memebox, I also got these two lip products but they're for my sister's birthday so idk what they're like
theyre way cheaper on amazon

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