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Post apron coords!

What do you think of aprons in lolita fashion? What about in other fashions? Do you ever wear an apron (other than for cooking and cleaning)? What do you think of maid lolita? What about alice inspired dresses with an apron? When will aprons finally become popular?
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Old thread is saging. >>9153434

Any questions related to crafting your cosplay go here.
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I have no idea how to make this. Where do I even start?
There's a post about that here: >>9170396
But it will likely fall off the board soon, so here's the link again.
Help threads are not hand holding tutorials. Ask specific questions and you can get specific answers, but we're not here to walk you through every step of making a costume.

A regular part of cgl culture. If one is deleted, two more will take its place.
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Why did the old one get deleted?
Because it was wildly off topic within 30 posts. Keep them feels cgl related gulls or we'll get this thread deleted too.

I got a notification that a package arrived at my house today and I'm sure its a dress I won on Lacemarket! I'm excited, I've had my eye on this dress for a while now.

Old one saging >>9167861
Pic unrelated to the video, but still made me cringe
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Does anyone have any experience with Cosplay Deviants?

I recently was accepted into the website, and I'm curious to know if it's worth it to go forward. 400 dollars for a set sounds like pretty good, easy money. I'm pretty frugal, so a good costume usually only takes me 150-200. I figure that worse comes to worse I could make a 200 dollar profit on each set I make. Is it worth going for it, or is there something shitty about Cosplay Deviants that I'm uninformed about?
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>is there something shitty about Cosplay Deviants that I'm uninformed about?
You mean besides being a whore for $200?
How would it be easy. You have to travel. Provide your own costume. And then remember for the rest of your life your image will be up there with someone jerking to it.
are you even good looking? cosdev is notorious for hiring unappealing women.

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Touhou thread!
>What are you working on right now?
>What're your favorite noncanon designs?
>What characters do you wish more people cosplayed as?
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New Coord Help Thread since the other one is saging and a hot mess.
Old thread: >>9126081
If you're new to lolita I recommend reading here first before posting: http://thelolitaguidebook.tumblr.com/
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some ideas for >>9151119
Burn everything but be bag.
Holy shit stop posting this girl to every single thread. We all know this isn't her posting anymore. You're trying so hard to spam this picture all over /cgl/... how have the mods not banned you yet...







starting with cosplay bc lolitas fucking decimated cosplayers in the pirate thread
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>implying weeb fashionistas can ever compete with a cosplayer's true warrior spirit
>implying LARP faggots ever look this good


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Get in here and post rare Manas
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Mana reaction images are fine too
Christmas Manas are a-ok
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images (2).jpg
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tshirt Manas are always in style

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ITT: Lolita in media / lolita-esque music / artists that wear lolita clothes

Some questions
>When was the first time you saw anything related to lolita or jfashion on tv?
>How did you feel about it?
>What's your general opinion on how tv represents the fashion?
>Do you remember any music videos with lolita stuff in them? Western or Japanese.
>Any lolita-esque music you would like to share?

Any example counts (even if they are ita as hell).
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>using her for OP picture
At least it wasn't sporty goth Amy lee.
We've had this thread way too many times.
Also how come there's no such thing as a decent western musician that wears lolita?
I wish lady Gaga would wear it more often. She seemed to just be into it for the trend value.

What's the weirdest thing you've done/made/said for cosplay? J-fashion stories also welcome. I've got two to start us off.

>Cosplaying Doll from Black Butler
>Need white false eyelashes
>I search high and low online, can't find anything other than shitty white feather ones
>Sometime later, I'm at an adult megastore with a friend just for fun, laughing at bad pornos and stuff
>Look over to a turnstyle display rack
>There they are
>The white eyelashes ive been looking for all this time
>End up leaving a sex shop having purchased only a pair of false eyelashes

The cashier thought it was pretty funny, too.
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You can get them on Aliexpress. I just bought some for Halloween
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2nd story

>Friend cosplaying Cidney from FFXV
>Cosplay has a thong peeking above her shorts
>But who has the time to wear a thong anyway
>Buy a cheap thong, cut the straps off
>I'm pinning thong straps onto my friend's shorts

The only one I could come up with was making a giant sling shot out of PVC Pipes, Duct Tape, and Ace Bandage for a Gijinka Angry Birds cosplay back in 2012, last minute

Getting judged by wig man edition

Old thread: >>9140880

Taobao thread (strongly recommend for larger orders):
>>9152872 (also in autosage though)

Let's not have this debate again:
>Makeup, sex toys, consumables, aka things that go in or on you are likely to not comply with safety standards
>While this is true of some things produced in China and sold in the west, you aren't going to be able to claim compensation from somewhere on aliexpress if something happened
>Its your choice, buy at your own risk
>It might be fine, might not be

PLEASE don't fill the thread with this tired debate again
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went to check my recent orders to see if I had anything interesting to contribute. mfw I completely forgot I ordered this

That's cute, which colour did you get? Please may you review it when it arrives?
I have the blue one in my cart right now, I'm debating on getting it but I'm not sure

New Overwatch thread.
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egg sisters also posted a video of one of the fingers moving. i'm so excited to see one of the hands done!
*drops panties*
weird how his girlfriend's widow cosplay is so... subpar

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In a world of bikini armor, let's have a thread for fully armored cosplay.
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Why haven't we been talking about the biggest thing to happen to Japanese street fashion in 2016?

Is it because it mostly concerns male fashion and /cgl/ is female-centric? There are women into genderless-kei too, you know!
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This is the first I've heard of it, and I really don't know how to feel about it.
"Not my thing." is all that comes to mind.

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