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Post cosplayers with adorable faces

Males, females, and crossplayers welcome.

Nothing too provacative. Modesty is cutest.

And keep the sodium levels to a minimum
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Anime Weekend Atlanta is about a month away.

Anyone here going?
>what are you looking forward to?
>are you cosplaying?
>advice for new comers?
>thoughts on the con?

So far had a blast last year looking to go back and have more fun this year.
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Waiting to hear about the usual "Send Hayley's friends" to Japan contest scam.
You mean Hayley Becker or Hayley Kuma?
>>what are you looking forward to?
honestly? hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a while. They moved away for grad school and are now moving closer for their job and I'm excited to have them to hang out with again.
>>are you cosplaying?
I am, still a bit in the air about what, but stuff I already have.
>>are you cosplaying?
Pre-plan? I guess? Mark the things you def want to do to or experience. maybe make alarms for it.
time in the dealers room can fly by without you realizing if you're a dealer's room shopper (I'm guilty of this), this is esp true if you're a cosplayer, you might get stopped a bunch and it'll take much more time.
>>thoughts on the con?
AWA is my fav Atlanta con and i think on of the best in the SE. If nothing else, people watching there is fun.

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Anyone else following the Twitch Creative Cosplay Contest?

I'm looking forward to seeing all the entrants since voting starts Friday.

With the impressive prizes hopefully there will be some equally impressive costumes.
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I want to see what people have done so far.
I watched Akuriko stream for this, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
I hard a hard time finding entrants when they weren't streaming.
You can see some people's progress under: twitch ( dot ) tv/directory/game/Creative/cosplaycontest/videos
but I don't know how many of those people actually ended up entering. If you look close you might be able to locate the 1 min Highlight vids they had to upload to submit but they are all jumbled up, as much as I can tell.

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Old thread in auto sage
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>not writing the full thread title

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Introductory tips:
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Cleaning the closet

Located in the US (free ship to those who are also)
Gladly will ship international
Feedback link

I am very open to offers/possible trades

Heres what I got
Lief rabbit n berries - SM - (NWOT) $180
Lief Bridesmaid - LXL - (NWOT) $180
FINT dress Mucha like painting - (NWOT) - $30
ETC Air Pop JSK - (NWT) $200
AP Classic Fairy Tales Skirt - (Worn once, in like new condit) $150 (??)
AP Classic Fairy Tales Headbow -(Worn once, in like new condit) $40

Shoot me a message for more pics and stuff.
Still looking for trade offers for my Vampire Forest Elizabeth OP. Gothic pieces only, preferably from the series Vampire Prelude, Vampire Requiem, Vampire Nocturne,or other black Vampire Forest pieces

Post the good ones!
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Just dumping this person's

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Next Event: European Cosplay Gathering UK Preliminaries - Sunday at EGX
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Hello my friends
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Insomnia 58 this weekend has a League of Legends competition with a £1250 prize

Sorry this is a bit late. Old thread >>9128064

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):
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First time poster, long time lurker. I'm new to larme and have only posted in the UK fb group (though I'm a member of both) and didn't get much feedback - I only have offbrand items which probably doesn't help. If I share co-ords here can I get real concrit and feedback? I don't mind if it's "mean", I'd rather it be said to me directly than quietly thought about me, as I fear might be the case on fb!

Really been enjoying this style and these threads, so thanks to everyone who's posted so far.
Yeah, go ahead and post! I love seeing offbrand larme coordinates.
I post real critique these days. I don't like sugar coating but it seems some people are too sensitive in the Facebook group for starters. The larme kei style discussion post and the stuffed toy bag one haha

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I'm kind of a beginner to cosplay and want to get into Armor making cosplay, what are some good materials? I kinda want to start with something like pic related.
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>start with
No no. Pick something easier.
You are going to fuck up your first time so do it with something that you don't have your heart set on. Save the big things for when you have more experience.

Anyway, look into EVA foam.

I don't have the worlds best experience, but here is what I have learned:

1: don't be afraid to start with someone to use as a base, and build on top of that. If you are making a helmet, you probably don't need to make something entirely from scratch. Find a real minimalist helmet that has a similar shape, and then turn that into the helmet you want it to be. Let someone else's work solve the 'how do I wear this on my meatbody' problem and that way you can focus entirely on making it look the way you want.

2: the first draft of everything is always in cardboard. Don't skip to the end, you will mess up with more precious materials.

3: have a plane for how the finish on your armor is going to look before you start. Certain types of finishes don't work with certain materials. If you want your armor to look like actual metal, that's difficult to do if the armor is entirely made of foam. Foil can have the right texture, but tiny imperfections in it can accumulate and last forever. Just have a plan.

4: For 'realistic' armor, actual metal may in fact be an option. 22 gauge sheet metal is about as thick as construction paper, and you can bend and shape it with your bare hands. All you need to work with it is some metal shears/a dremel, a couple of hammers, and some files to clean up the edges after. You can join that metal to basically anything with cheap metal epoxy, and once you have the tools for the job the actual metal sheets themselves are pretty cheap. I managed to work with this stuff in an apartment, you probably can too.
Just have realistic expectations of what you can do with actual metal. If you use too much metal, it WILL weight what you expect.

5: Expect the first time you use any new tool or material to result in something you think looks ugly. You can be pleasantly surprised, but don't pin all your hopes on your first try at anything. This is a learning experience.
Note about the actual metal though: a lot of conventions don't allow it.
It's fine to make this if you want, but don't plan on wearing it to a convention.

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Last thread: >>9013187

> Cosplay Masterpost: http://pastebin.com/ekZP1fhg
- Tutorials and links that can help with Homestuck cosplays. Refer to it if you need help. Any contributions welcome.

> Crunchy Cosplay List: http://i.imgur.com/QRRWqRn.jpg
- A list of suggested Homestuck cosplayers to follow and check out, as they have great cosplays and some also have good tutorials on their blogs.

To discuss:
> Are you working on any Homestuck cosplays right now?
> When did you start doing Homestuck cosplays?
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> Are you working on any Homestuck cosplays right now?
Yes. Putting the finishing touches on a knight of doom outfit this weekend.

> When did you start doing Homestuck cosplays?
I guess technically I started work on this back in april? So April 2016. Kind of late to the party.
you both know the page god tier has a belt right
I was just thinking...
Tbf I think they'd make a pretty good jake just they had dance tights, a more flattering pose, and better fit clothes (the massive amount of wrinkles looks really unsppetizing). And the colour of the belt, of course.

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I've been interested in J-Fashion for awhile now but over the years I haven't actually found a style that I'd like to wear, mainly due to the fact that a lot of the styles guys are stuck with tend to be samey and boring compared to the huge variety girls get.
So I was wondering if any of you guys have spotted some styles that aren't overdone or conventional (kawaii, visual kei, etc.)
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No photos or examples to post. :(
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heres a happy pupo to cheer you upo

I'm not particularly interested in this stuff, but I am briefly curious about a single matter. I've noticed a majority of costumes (ergo. What I casually see on the Internet, so it might not be a problem for the community here) have a problem with fitting and scale. Again, I'm retarded when it comes to this, but is it that difficult to measure yourself before making something or are most people just lazy and want to adhere to the look no matter how badly it doesn't mesh with themselves? I don't know it's just weird to see someone make a costume, yet seemingly be unaware that it's 12 sizes too big and it ruins the whole aesthetic.
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Yes you are retarded. Fit issues are not about measuring yourself but about...fit. You can be in the measurements of your costume but the materials, stretch, and curvature of your body may lead I'll fit. A lot of costumes are unrealistic so there is the battle of how accurate can you be and it looks good. If you buy the costume it's more likely to fit awkwardly too.

It takes a lot of skill to make your own stuff and makes sense that a lot if people lack this skill when they are using materials they don't normally.
While we're talking about fit and sizing, this tool is a lifesaver.

Oh my god thank you. I've done this myself by hand. This is amazing.

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I was at rose city comic con in cosplay on Saturday and lots of people loved my original costume and took pictures with me, but it comes sadness realizing that people like a character that has no personality that I created more than my actual self
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That's why I only cosplay things that cover my face.
I was at Rose City Comic Con on Saturday in an original costume I designed myself and the only people who liked it were little kids and middle-aged women in faire garb.

Of course people will like your costume more than you. They don't know you.
This. Chill out OP. These people don't like you because they literally don't know you. It literally has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

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MKX - Black Jade.jpg
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Usually Crcked does it right, but something about this article make me think they got their sources wrong. It seems like they literally have no clue.

Does anybody know what site they were referring to when they wrote this piece of garbage?
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Cracked haven't been doing it right for a very long time
>Does anybody know what site they were referring to
Cosplay deviants is referenced several times throughout the article.
Cosplay Deviants, and a lot of it does sound right, like the copyrights and legal definition of pornography. Cracked didn't research anything, that's all info from Shodan the person being interviewed/writing the article.

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I want to be a life style lolita. ITT discuss if it's possible.
>Current substyle
>How often you wear it and how you incorporate it into job/uni/etc.
>Are your hobbies in line with your style?
>What about music taste?
>Food too?
>Is the rest of your home decked out to represent the frills in your heart? (Sweet lolitas in a j-pop culture cocoon, classic lolitas in a home better suited for a grandmother, goths in a coffin)

Also post articles and blogs about the lifestyle life and lolitas in public doing their frilly thing!
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Anon I like the idea of this thread but what do you mean by food? I can't imagine what "lolita" diet you could create you could actually live off of.
More along the lines of sweet lolitas making trips to the bakery, goth and classics finding tea shops still thriving.
It was meant to be more cutesy and joking than anything
I want to wear lolita to work and theoretically I should be able to. However, I am the youngest member in the department and therefore everyone treats me as such. Dressing as a Victorian toddler isn't going to help my case, unfortunately.

Any tips for working the aesthetic would be appreciated. I'm into classic btw.

It's coming in a little over a month.
What are your cosplay plans?
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Aki Con is that old relative you wish would die already, but somehow lives on just fine despite it looking like death.
Are the ghost's eyes supposed to look like nipples?
My cosplay plans are to go to Kumoricon because it's the same weekend and a better con.

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