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This. Anyone sold/bought anything yet? Feel like it's the same 10 people posting their stuff on here.

dat logo doe, lol.
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Is there a way to transfer LM listings to kei market?
i saw someone on fb comment about transferring something from kei to lace and a mod said to message them
They wanted artists to come up with one.

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Is it just me or is Lolita dying off? Seems like there are less and less people, second hand stuff is getting cheaper and cheaper too. For example, things used to be worth so much more, now some pieces are barely worth even half of what they used to be worth. I remember the good old days of Egl-comm-sales years ago and it's just not the same.

I know lots of Lolitas who left but I always assumed new girls would take their place. But it somehow just feels like we won't even be around in another one or two years. Anyone else feel that way?
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gr8 b8 m8
Lolita is larger than it has ever before. Second hand stuff is cheaper because there's more of it, and comms have more members than ever. Lacemarket is more active than the EGL sales com ever was. Everyone on there seemed to be doing leaving lolita sales all the time anyway.
It definitely is dying. Bitches are in denial.

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Starting up a thread because we don't have one and I'm thinking about getting my own embroidery machine. I'm very experienced with the Brother PE-770 at my makerspace but know how valuable it would be to have one in my home. But I was wondering if people had other recommendations for home machines before I just get something in my comfort zone.
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I can't answer your question OP but I have a question of my own too. I'm a complete newbie to sewing and thinking of getting a Janome 525S. I have the money and I'm looking for a solid investment machine, it's also the same machine a local sewing class uses so I'm hoping to get some experience there too.

Can anyone vouch for it or do they have any warnings they want to make known?
Not a lot of Amazon reviews to go by. But if you're a noob and it's what your local shop teaches on then do it. I teach basic sewing and it's a struggle because my shop just replaced the old, user friendly a chines for some higher quality machines that come at the cost of a higher learning curve. It will be incredibly valuable to have someone who knows your specific machine
If you already have access to one, it's probably not very useful to also have one at home? I got an embroidery machine almost two years ago, and while I'm thankful to have one, and love the projects I've made with it, I haven't used it nearly as much as I thought I would. Not to mention you still have to shell out for digitizing software if you want to do fun stuff.
Unless you plan on churning out an ungodly amount of lace, or something else that would be difficult to do in a makerspace, I think your money would be better spent elsewhere.

No new CoF thread? New CoF thread.
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I love her mannequin

My computer died and I lost all my nail inspiration! I'll try dumping what I've got from the web.
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ITT we give a "yes" or "no" answer to the question, "Is it ita?"
This is only a fill-out-the-form thread, don't kill each other.
Share your thoughts, talk about yourself.

Is it ita to...
Have unnaturally colored hair/wig?
Wear a cutsew with a non-casual coord?
Not match all of your pinks?
Wear a replica dress?
Use a replica bag or shoes?
Not tone down your coords and stop wearing sweet when you're 30?
Wear full sets?
Wear socks over tights?
Wear bodyline?
Act unladylike (drinking/smoking/swearing/roughhousing/etc) while wearing lolita?
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Is it ita to...
Have unnaturally colored hair/wig?
>No but that doesn't mean it won't look bad. Certain colours like cheese yellow will never look good though.
Wear a cutsew with a non-casual coord?
>No. Not all cutsews are casual. Just look at Moitie.
Not match all of your pinks?
>No but if it's really pronounced eg warm pinks with cool pinks it will look terrible. Heaps of non-matching motifs is worse in my opinion. It looks too costumey if everything must be 100% perfect. That goes for the hair question too.
Wear a replica dress?
>Yes. Including non-print replicas too.
Use a replica bag or shoes?
>Yes. Aside from being tacky, replica bags like Loris are an eyesore and really distracting.
Not tone down your coords and stop wearing sweet when you're 30?
>No. Besides, lots of 30+ year olds are cuter and more youthful looking than teens and young adults.
Wear full sets?
>Literally the furthest thing from ita. Boring? Can be.
Wear socks over tights?
>Not if it's done like how Mana does it. That is, solid OTKs over textured eg lacey stockings.
Wear bodyline?
>Not inherently but it's still trash.
Act unladylike (drinking/smoking/swearing/roughhousing/etc) while wearing lolita?
>No, ita is about the outfit. But it's trashy if it's excessive. Please don't smoke in your brand if you plan to sell it too.
>Have unnaturally colored hair/wig?
No,it can be done well. Just often times done horribly
>Wear a cutsew with a non-casual coord?
No opinion, I haven't seen enough examples to decide.
>Not match all of your pinks?
If they are mismatched warm/cool tones then yes. But varying shades of pink in the same family are fine , like various warm tones for example.
>Wear a replica dress?
>Use a replica bag or shoes?
No, some people legit can't fit burando shoes.
>Not tone down your coords and stop wearing sweet when you're 30?
No? I'm going to wear sweet to the grave. Also seeing happy older women in Lolita give me life.
>Wear full sets?
No because they look good like the brand intended. It lacks creativity yes, but isn't ita.
>Wear socks over tights?
As long as the tights are either flesh toned panty hose or solid colored it fine imo.
>Wear bodyline?
No, there are good bl chords out there. You just have to know what's good what's not and how to make the outfit work.
>Act unladylike (drinking/smoking/swearing/roughhousing/etc) while wearing lolita?
There are some pet peeves I have for this, like when lolitas do derp Lita. I just think it's dumb and not funny at all. But drinking swearing whatever I don't care, not everyone lives and breathes lolita
Ew, flesh toned pantyhose does not look good with lolita. Looks fetishy. Solid stockings also a bo unless they're plain black or white as otherwise they look cheap af.

What are good couple cosplays for a pale girl and a tan guy?

My first thought was Wednesday and Joel

Any other ideas?
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Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
That's fucked up, dude
dude no

Hi /cgl/

Im a cosplay fan and i see many cosplayers using Patreon or another plataforms to sell Prints and Sets.

Maybe some of you are in the same "work model" so i want to ask:

- Camera Man: Do you Pay for your Photos?
- The Photos: If you pay for them, are yours? the photographer cant claim some kind of weird rights?
- Patreon and Photograper: Do you pay for session and its over or you make an arrangement for % of sales?

If you have another topic relative to this, please develop, i have so many doubts about this because i have some friends who make cosplay and photosets and they want start in the "cosplay bussiness"

Obviously, to paying more cosplay.
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As a photographer who's shot a few camgirls:

1) Of course you pay for your photos. You're going to make money off of them, but not going to pay the artist who took them?

2) Photographer's rights are spelled out in your modeling contract. If you don't want to pay for photos, expect the photographer to keep almost all the rights (which will almost certainly include the right to sell the photos). If you pay, except to get the rights (though I personally always reserve the right to artistic use - say, for gallery shows). But BE SURE TO CAREFULLY READ THE CONTRACT FIRST.

3) I always ask for session pay. I don't bother with %s, it's too big a headache, too much accounting, and too easy to cheat or get into fights over. I don't have any experience with Patreon, tho.
If you take a session, Do you preserve rights of any photo?

Like, i have a session with you and i pay for it. As cosplayer, i sell some prints and one photo of the set becomes a best seller...

Do you claim for some money?

But a photographer can. I don't want that sort of headache, I like to be paid upfront.

But some photographers would be willing to work with such an arrangement.

What do you guys think about this?
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dash con 2: the electric boogaloo
This can only end in disaster.
I know I'm excited.

Last one is auto-saging >>9167564
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Posted this in the last thread but nobody responded and I'm just looking for input on this:

Does anyone feel like they don't have the right face for cosplay? I'm not ugly but have a very young looking round face, which I like but I don't see on other good cosplayers. I look at amazing cosplayers and think that even with makeup I just don't have the right features or something. I'm male too and most bishounen type characters seem to have really sharp features.

I can't explain it, I'd like to know from any good cosplayers if this is a normal thing everyone gets subconscious about.
We just cosplay for what we have or don't whine about it. Why don't you do shotas or something instead? You don't have to do bishounen characters just because you're male.
pls b bf?? u wan sum fug??

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Any pictures of the costume that won? Opinions?

I'm shocked the con is even acknowledging this and fixing it.
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In my ten years of cosplay this is the first time I've ever seen a contest acknowledge that they've fucked up, let alone make amends.
I'm just glad that they fixed it. It's super rare for cons to admit they're wrong about anything.
The costume that won Best in Show, not sure if this is what they mean though?

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I found a whole stash of early cosplays photos from here that I had saved. Lets look back on how cons and cosplay used to be. Feel free to add your own photo collections.
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File: 1207199187204.jpg (171KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Old thread: >>9164902
New releases: >>9171463
Trends you want to die: >>9173039
WTF Brando: >>9173683
CoF Thread: >>9171907
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Also, are boots out of fashion? I love the look of boots like in the OP pic, but I've not seen anyone really wearing them for a couple of years now.
Well, the odd person here and there wears them, but not much. Having said that, that's just what I've seen, so it could be subjective to my area. Are boots outdated now?
Printed socks/tights have been really popular for the past few years, which might be a contributing factor to why you don't see that many boots taller than ankle anymore.
I think they're more seasonal.

I'm taking bets! Will this be Germany's Dashcon desaster?

Will it go down in history as Epic Fail Con?

So far they market themselfes as big big big, but have nothing to show for. Not even a team.

Is comic con hypocrisy now establishing in anime con wannabes?

So many of them had their mouths full of expectations and couldn't deliver shit. It's even a pain to watch from afar.

So, put your bets at stake, what's to expect?
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Is this con new? Never heard of it before.
I had to google it and so far it looks pretty promising, although I'm not sure if all of the expectations are going to be fulfilled. I won't attend it anyway, but damn those Japan tickets sound so good...
Established cons tend not to fail as hard.

I'm trying to make a costume for halloween that will challenge me to make something with some amount of mechanical/electronic design. By this I mean costumes that make use of programmable LEDs, motorized mechanisims, etc. I have very heavy background knowledge in electronics so I can whip up nearly anything.

I'm not sure how much of an audience there is for this on here, but could we get a inspo thread for "tech" costumes? While I can build a whole lot of electronic gear, I have no inspiration as to what costume to build. I'll contribute the best I can.
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>fashion a portable smoke machine, hide it discretely in the costume
>pipe smoke out the mask
Similar concept to Subzero, throw in some programmable neopixels and LEDs

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