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Does /cgl/ participate in the "maker" subculture? I'm thinking about joining a hackerspace so I can realize my dream cosplay next year.
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Go for it! I've only recently gotten involved in maker subculture (mostly through my university's expansive facilities), but I've already met so many great folks through it. I think the best way to get involved is to figure out first what kind of stuff you might be interested in (for me, it was 3D printing and resin casting/molding), then look into joining some groups centered around those activities. Many of them host workshops and classes, and even if they don't, you can learn a ton just from listening to the pros talk. I've had a huge advantage in that I can use my university's stuff completely for free, but for those who don't have access to that kind of thing, makerspaces/hackerspaces are a godsend.
(hoping this thread won't die, maker subculture is so interesting to me!)
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I want to experiment with the idea of integrating LEDs in my cosplay, or helmets with visors/faceplates that open and close on their own.

<-Think pic related but not exactly that. Stuff like it.
I tried to find one near me but there's fuck all to do where I live, sadly. I'm moving soon so hopefully I'll be able to find one.
I really love the idea, it's so cool. I hope they catch on and become more popular.

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What is the AZ lolita comm like? I heard it's filled with drama and itas
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hey fellow AZfriend, I just joined the comm's facebook and am going to a meetup this month so im worried about drama too. Can any other AZ ppl give us tips?
Don't talk to Victoria and you'll be fine.
Cool thread OP I'm sure you'll get some helpful responses

L.A seagulls, Since it's coming up this weekend, who's gonna go?
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I am. Was looking forward to the monogatari movie. But tickets sold out. Cosplay?
Only going for the Kizu screening.
I live 5 blocks away from there so I might as well go

Anyone about to cosplay/cosplayed non mainstream magical girls? What were your main struggles/the making of the costume ect ect.
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>not mainstream
Compared to CCS or Sailor Moon it really isn't. At least for how often it's cosplayed in NA.

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This might not be the right place, but I figured you guys would know more than /jp/. I was wondering if anyone knows any good places to shop for yukata and kimono in the Tokyo-Yokohama area? I am looking to go on a day long shopping trip to look at as many stores as I can find, I would especially love to see some more modern or unique designs!

Also just talking about them in the thread is fine too!
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I've never been to japan, born and raised a westerner but I love to see people dressed in traditional Kimono and yukata!

I've always wanted to attend a Lunar festival in one~

General question for the thread; Is it rude for a white person/ anyone that is not Asian to wear a Kimono? I'm not talking about for everyday fun, but for some sort of event/convention?

Just curious!
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Are you looking for new or used? I always recommend that you look for thrift stores in the area. You can pick up very nice (even silk) kimono and accessories for much much less than buying new. When I was in Kyoto I went to the Chicago Thrift Store, the whole second floor was kimono. They have a storefront in Harajuku, you should try there.
If you're just looking for new yukata (much more affordable really) then I suggest walking around shopping malls or train station shopping centers. I know I saw at least three kimono stores in the 3 hours I spent in Shinjuku.
It isn't. Asian diaspora in America might give you shit for it, because SJW etc etc fuck your white privilege, but it is NOT an issue with Japanese culture. Native Japanese encourage the spread and appreciation of Japanese culture globally. I've never encountered an actual Japanese person that was bothered by my collecting or wearing of kimono. In fact, every Japanese person I've talked to on the subject has been extremely happy that I'm interested in it. Kimono is not a cultural dress of religious significance, it is JUST CLOTHES. It's important to wear it correctly, and understand the different TPO of different types of kimono, but kimono was just the very day clothes of Japan up until the 1930s. There's no great symbolic meaning or anything like that. Also, the kimono industry is dwindling. If you can afford to invest in kimono you are helping perpetuate that culture and a dying art form.

Season two has started and it doesn't quite fit into the idol thread. Feel free to share plans, recent cosplays, works in progress, etc.
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Last one is on sage again >>>>9188856

>"What is Menhera?"

>"What is Gurokawa?"

Please try to ignore/do not respond to obvious bait (like "that" one anon that is reposting bad coords for drama and calls everyone fat).
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And LF's designer is already working on the last part of the fall/winter collection after the 3rd one was released today, let's hope there won't be more wonky anime catgirls.
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Already out of stock wtf
Seriously? Fuck. Do they usually restock?

Make Aliexpress Great Again edition
Old thread >>9178344
As usual:
>buying makeup, sex toys, and consumables is not a good idea
>want to buy electronics? go to >>>/g/ and search for /csg/ and ask your questions there
>taobao thread (strongly recommend for larger orders) >>9178371
>stop asking about finding menhera on AE. just use taobao
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For fans of Engrish
I prefer my Engrish to make some sense
I got u senpai

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Previous thread: >>9155101

Petite Dollies intro to Larme and style guide: http://blog.petitedollies.com/2016/04/about-larme-magazine.html

Brands/Models List (WIP):

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine (annoying narrator alert):
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what is this bullshit
A gimmick to get people to click? I don't consider a lot of those things as "boy style" personally. Maybe "tough" is a better way to describe them but (faux) leather outers and sneakers, etc are even used in super girly styles like himekaji sometimes. It's not an indication of boy style.
I feel kind of bad for this girl. She tries so hard for recognition but she doesn't fully "get" Larme so no one pays attention to her or her blog.

Please reference the link if you're looking for a comm near you:
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Let's get started with a survey!
>when's your next meet up?
>how long has it been since your last meet?
>what's your average turn out?
>does your comm do any larger events like OTTea Party?
>have you ever hosted a meet? Would you be interested in hosting one in the future?
>Do you feel like you fit in with your comm?
>what's one thing you like about your comm?
>what's one thing you would change about your comm?
>what's your dream meet up?
>when's your next meet up?
This Wednesday
>how long has it been since your last meet?
Two weeks Ago
>what's your average turn out?
>does your comm do any larger events like OTTea Party?
Yea, only at cons.
>have you ever hosted a meet? Would you be interested in hosting one in the future?
I haven't at all and I couldn't, too nervous; I'd leave it to the ones that know what they are doing.
>Do you feel like you fit in with your comm?
>what's one thing you like about your comm?
Drama-free and personal
>what's one thing you would change about your comm?
To have a few meetups that are not prone to one city/area (I'm a loner)
>what's your dream meet up?
I don't know per say, I appreciate all the meetups that I'm able to attend and they run/host
>>when's your next meet up?
the 24th
>>how long has it been since your last meet?
personally, 10 months. comm wise, about a week and a half
>>what's your average turn out?
>>does your comm do any larger events like OTTea Party?
yes, usually for ILD
>>have you ever hosted a meet? Would you be interested in hosting one in the future?
yes, and I'm thinking of planning another soon
>>Do you feel like you fit in with your comm?
not really since I'm not a local
>>what's one thing you like about your comm?
large enough to do lots of meets, but still small enough that it feels kinda close
>>what's one thing you would change about your comm?
the fact that we can only ever have meets in the city since almost everyone whines about travel
>>what's your dream meet up?
a mega meet between my 2 closest comms that happens in my city since it's about an hour from both.

It's been a while since we had one.

Wondering what milkyfawn is up to these days and secondly,
probably won't ring a bell for anyone but i wonder where Josca (a french lolita who was REALLY into the whole lifestyle thing, well known for being kind and all despite being eerie as she was so much into the whole "lolita spirit" thing. She suddenly deleted everything because apparently lolita community being so mean made her feel bad or something and she deleted every single video she made and social media she ever had to never be seen ever again. Last I heard of her she made videos making her dolls talk but that got deleted too.
Saw one pic of her at a TP from last year so i assume she is still into lolita. Wonder if she is still as lifestyle as before and is still on the internet.
Pic related is her well known wardrobe circa 2011
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So THAT'S who this wardrobe belongs to holy shit
Yup, her mother was a home designer and made it for her.
Lor posted a pic of milkyfawn at a con a week or two ago

Started because I didn't see one

Are Arda wigs smaller than they used to be? I know they talked about downsizing awhile ago but I haven't ordered from them in a bit. I'm trying to help some guys put together their first cosplay group but one guy has an enormous head and the Epic wig I got for him just barely fits and is causing pain. I was hoping I could go to Arda but it looks like they have the same 23" size as Epic.
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I know their Jeannie wig was one of the big ones, I learned that the hard way, and they changed it so you can order either the original large or the new small size.
But I'm looking at it and the large size is still 23" (the small is 21")
I should add that it's a ponytail style wig. Can I adjust the sizing by taking it out? I'm just hesitating because this has shorter hair and putting it back in could take some time.
Taking it out of the ponytail? Yeah it's doable. When you're doing it, I recommending pinning it to the wighead and clamping it upside-down. It's much easier to work it back into a ponytail than just doing it straight.

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Didn't see one and looking for cheap sailor fukus that don't suck.
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got this cause I reversed image searched it on taobao and couldn't find it so I settled for ordering from ebay.

I'm also very tempted to get a neko atsume set? does anyone know if it's worth wasting $30?
As in the neko atsume figures? If they're legit ones they're pretty good quality and super cute (especially the ones that come with big accessories like the train) but I'd look outside of ebay to see if you can find them cheaper since ebay sellers overcharge a fuckton for them.
If you want fakes, don't waste that much money. If you want the real thing, don't bother buying from ebay.

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Hey /cgl/ I'm pretty new to this board and recently posted a cosplay and got a lot of shit for "bad execution". I was curious what constitutes bad execution, thanks.
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Not sure what pictures you used, but bad execution usually means the idea is there if you look at it at the right angle but looks poorly or not enough like the source. But then again you're here so be ready to eat a lot of shit from people.
Right, then how would that principle apply to cross-play. Like something that doesn't have a source per se but uses multiple sources?
Just an ambiguous "could have been done better"?
Pretty much, yeah. IMO it's usually not a good idea to use a mashup of different sources for a character because it'll either look like you're some famewhore who looked up a popular character on google images, or you just don't know what you're doing.

Everything selfpost/OC goes here!

>show off your latest Jfashion coord
>get concrit on your newest /cgl/ artwork
>find fellow crafters by posting your projects

>no mindless hate / derailing
>expect comments regardless of what you post
>no bait, for fucks sakes
>no replying to bait
>old content can be posted, just whatever was your last or favorite projects/outfits/etc
>everything must be your own content!
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Starting off to get things rolling. It's not super new but this was the last project I worked on.
anon pls, we all know how these go
the second someone posts their face a vendetta anon is going to show up and shit post the fuck out of the thread.
The daily fashion one has been alright so far, actually. I figured we could at least try one for crafts/art and whatever else is board related.

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