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Hi, /cgl/. I have a question for female cosplayers (or male crossplayers). I'm a writer, and I'm trying to create the appearance of a character for my current story. One thing I always do when designing characters is look at cosplayers, and talk to cosplayers. Not necessarily because I expect my characters to ever be cosplayed (they never have) but I like to design the characters with the idea that "what kind of fantastic clothes would people actually like to wear."

My question is simple though, pic related might give it away, what are your thoughts on cosplaying female characters with bald heads?
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Its hard to do because bald caps are either shitty looking or expensive and most people don't want to shave their head.
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I wouldn't because it's a hard look to pull off, you have to be super beautiful facially
This scene cracked me up though
Bald is odd because generally speaking only women who are traditionally beautiful can "pull off" the look in most people's eyes, and these same women would still look better with hair anyway. (i.e., Charlize Theron.)

Very few cosplayers will ever try to emulate bald characters as being bald; the vast majority of Furiosa cosplayers will still have short pixie cuts, most Aang gender bends will suddenly have long hair (without even the front part shaved like airbender women usually do), Eleven cosplayers will always do her blonde wig instead of the bald version. There are TONS of bald female characters across comics and sci-fi, but they're almost all very obscure or else aliens that would take a lot of body paint or even prosthetics, like the Asari from Mass Effect (if you count fleshy fronds as baldness, anyway.)

There's also the problem where a lot of people like to emulate a character and look at least somewhat the part. Hair is very recognizable. People will often remember others for their hairstyles (cut, colour, etc) other than their faces; a wig is way easier to do than a bald cap, and having no hair draws SO much attention to the face. If you don't really have the face for a character, it'll be a lot more obvious if you're bald than if you have a recognizable hairstyle.

If you still want the same feeling, though, maybe an undercut on your female character instead, OP?

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Old one auto saging >>9205633
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old thread is saging >>9187460

>Taobao/Alibaba services (broken link)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce
>Convention List (WIP)

Anyone trying to get on top of the Inktober craze? My poor excuse for not doing so is working a fulltime job.
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I'm doing inktober, but I'm not really using it as a marketing opportunity or anything. I just love the excuse to play with brush pens for a month, and getting the chance to do some traditional art when all I ever do for work & AA is digital.
Do colored acrylic charms sell much worse than clear? I kind of dig Zap's frosted acrylics.
>full-time job
>not making time
>expecting to do a full blown illustration

weak sauce.

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anyone else here old enough to cosplay and bring their kids along?
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I don't go into hours and hours of work on the cosplays but I like to do something that includes my wife and my daughter when we go to shows.
Simple family fun.
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on another day my daughter was Kiki
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My son just turned two. I dressed him up as toon link for a con in winter. I currently havethe fabricto makemyselfa Chichi costume, him a gohan costume, and I'm waiting for my husband to pick a version of Goku since he's not feeling the standard gi version.

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BL centric games/series cosplay or fanservice.

Also discuss any BL cosplayers like Baozi & Hana or other BL related topics with fellow fujoshits.
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Practical and comfortable outfits to run errands
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Idk if there's one of these threads already but I figured that there might be at least one other person beside me that still enjoys cult party kei.
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CPK is dead
I still love it though
I love California Pizza Kitchen

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da kootz.png
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Post every pieces you're looking for ! Personally looking for this sweater I've only seen on Dakota Rose
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This pink jacket.
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This dress.
I'm never going to find it.


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What are your favorite and least favorite Etsy stores for jfashion and accessories?
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Moon Bunny is my all time favorite, I've been thinking about this candy house necklace for a long time. Sucks that she's in Russia and her stuff takes forever to get here, but it's always worth it.
Seconding this, I love Cute Moon Bunny accessories, I have a hair clip and necklace from them and they're so well made and adorable. Takes about a month for it to arrive, though.

Kawaii Goods is alright, I only like the bear hat and the cookie clothes. The rest is just a clusterfuck.
Let me go through my favorite-ed shops. I dont believe I've ordered from any of them, so I dont have any irl experience with them.

shop/FigliaXHANAKO - Taiwan lolita brand, i've seen one of their JSKs in person and it was really nice. I really like the strawberry print they have up

shop/SakuraFairy - lolita accessories

shop/milkybon - cute sculpted and resin stuff

DreamCathedral - anon from resin threads, beautiful cameo stuff

shop/JellyUltra - another anon from resin threads

shop/BatnBunny - adorable needlefelt stuff

shop/NozomiCrafts - more cute needlefelt,

shop/BadgersBakery - really great miniature food jewelry as well as miniatures for BJDs

shop/KawakkoiiParty - some cute weeb-shit type shirts

shop/ChicKawaii -adorable sweet enamel pins

shop/FineGeekJewelry - metal geeky/magical girl jewelry. Available in precious metals

shop/Deedeegoods/items - sculpted sweet charms etc

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Share feels. Good or bad, as long as they're cosplay related.

My friend lost a toe last month, and she's been elf conscious about cosplaying ever since. It hurts to watch.
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>My friends both asked me to do a group cosplay with them both
>really excited
>first group cosplay
>spend months and a ton of money building and buying
>3 weeks to go
> they haven't started at all
>'sorry anon but we both had a kin shift!'
>fucking otherkin
>gonna go to con and kick ass in my great cosplay anyways
> they haven't even started on their new shit and their room got canceled
>tfw never had sex
>walk into the hotel room
>girl I came with is having buttsex with some dude

Really fucked up the con desu.
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>some friends see me in burando
>now they only contact me if they want money

This happens way too often,

>buy secondhand clothes from a girl in need to help her out, we become friends
>she learns i wear burando and is impressed, we stop talking for a while (unrelated)
>suddenly she calls me a week later (she hasn't even shipped the clothes yet) saying how she has bpd
>comes crying to me saying she can't afford medication anymore and needs me to send $100 asap (keep in mind I bought some
>pretty much tell her "good luck with that"
>she tells me last time she was off her medication she tried killing herself and she told me she was absolutely positive she'd try so again unless she gets the money to get medication
>pretty much tell her "good luck with that"

the other story i cant mention because I know the person lurks /cgl/.. but if they realize what they did I just want them to know thats why i stopped hanging out. your constant asking me for money wasn't cool.

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Fate thread
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At least try to contribute and get it going, you can't just create a new thread and not post content. And think content will magically appear damn newfags.
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My hairline is receding.

Is it even possible to pull off a successful cosplay when you're bald?
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What are wigs???????????????

>many bald characters

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Let's play a game!
Reply to the posts above. Choose which dress you would keep sell and burn and post your own.
Try to keep it in a theme.

>Day Dream Carnival
>Sugary Carnival
>Carnival applique
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>probably shouldn't play this round as a goth/classic lolita but I do have a strange sweet spot for ddc

keep: daydream
sell: appliqué
burn: sugary
keep: carnival applique
sell: sugary carnival
burn: day dream carnival
Keep: Sugary
Sell: Applique
Burn: Day Dream

Powder Rose/Lauretta Rose/Monochrome Rose

How does this make you feel, /cgl/?
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>ita representation in media
What else is new
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>called out for being a conlita by DP

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>Have no friends
>Parents urging me to 'go out more'
>Are forcing me to go to a 'comic con' in my home town because 'you love comic books anon'

The problem is it is one of the worst lineups I can imagine. Link related


This whole thing is literal nobodies. I don't have the slightest clue who any of these people are yet my parents are threatening to triple my rent to £30 a month if I don't get at least 10 pictures with 'celebrities'.

How the fuck do I deal with this shit? I have bad social anxiety at the best of times so approaching random failed celebrities from 80's British TV shows and modern day shit daytime Dave TV is not going to go down well. I was thinking of buying a Spiderman costume to look like I am excited by the prospect, then I can find pictures on the website after of the various people who will probably go dressed as Spiderman posing with the 'celebrities' and pretend it is me.

Look at that lineup, it is rubbish. I have never been to a con before, which is why I need advise. I have already purchased the DVD of 'Storage Wars' and intend to forge a few signatures onto it as a backup plan in case my current plan fails.
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Literally all you have to do is not go
£30 a month rent? How old are you?
This is either bait or underage because holy shit son

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