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So I’ve decided to take initiative and force my socially inept self to be more outgoing at meets. I imagine a lot of other gulls struggle with this kind of thing too, so maybe we could give each other some tips. How does one avoid wallflower syndrome?
>inb4 autism
Yeah, yeah, but this is 4chan. What else would you expect?

>conversation topics and ice breakers
>topics to avoid
>social dos and don’ts
>pet peeves
>best/worst conversation experiences
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This really depends on your country's culture
Asking for specifics is silly. The way you learn to talk to people is to crash, burn, and learn. Just keep talking to people, keep forcing yourself to go outside your comfort level and you'll pick up all of these things yourself.
please do not go into a meet with 'planned' conversations you will make things 100x worse for yourself

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Eh, take away the bottom half and it's salvageable. More like a nitpick. Post actual ita.
wtf? this is actually quite beautiful. the sleeves can stay or go. only thing to make it perfect would be something dark grey up top to match the faux lacing tights.
and also, an ironing.

Does more only look good on tall thin people?
I'm average height and have wide hips and relatively big boobs, would I look ridiculous in mori?
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nothing looks good on tall people
Some distinctive features of mori are long cardigans, shawls, and skirts. If you're not tall and thin, you'll just look frumpy.

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If well done group cosplays can be amazing and more eye catching than individual cosplayers.

Do you have a group cosplay that you've always wanted to do? Why haven't you?

Mine is getting 20 or so people together and doing the entirety of the Ember Island Players cast and costumes. But with so many people, it's never likely to happen.
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some day
One day man, one day. I don't even need all of them, Edgeworth, Phoenix, Gumshoe and Maya would be enough to settle my need.
Today's your (mostly) lucky day, anon.

Since WTBs get swallowed in the BST threads let's make a thread for dresses, blouses, etc. that you're looking for which aren't exactly holy grail dream dresses, but you still really want them.

I know there are many other anons who religiously browse auctions and second hand sites, so let's help each other out.
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Melty Ribbon chocolate skirt in pink. I can never find the pink colourway. I also have some interest in any of the ap chocolate Jacquard skirts in any colour. I'm trying to limit myself to the pink but I may end up buying one in every colour.
dropped pic

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haven't had one of these in a while
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milky cross.png
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Top tier lolita/J-Fashion only
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Any good FNAF makeup or costume's you've seen?

Saw some youtube videos and saw this guy starting to do a makeup series. Seems he may try to do one for Halloween. Might be interesting. Always neat to see the cosplay of them. Wonder if he'll sculpt a head too.

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Don't self post. This is shit.
lol, not a self post. Was wondering if there was something else you'd seen mang. Something I could try out. Just saw that one and was like, meh, gotta be more out there.
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Saw these cats one time at the local comic con. Was a pretty tight costume.

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Post about your feels, and tell feelsy stories.

Keep it cgl-related. Try not to pick any fights and get the thread deleted, okay, gulls?
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>tfw you see two dresses on mercari slip out of your grasp while you wait for your SS to open

That was pure pain.
Sometimes I just want to be a bad person and vent out all the ugly feelings I have towards lolita. Post caps of my mods lying through their teeth, comm members talking shit about each other, posting the efame hoes on the ita thread where they can get picked at by gulls until there's nothing left.
I know I want to do all these things because my comm members have done it to me. That's the whole reason why I started lurking here. Nothing sucks worse than finding out that your lolita friends are not your friends at all. I wish I could dish it right back at them, and make them feel like shit as anons from all over chime in to the frenzy.
But that's not who I am, and it sucks.
I'm a big beardy manly-man and I can never be cute and pretty.

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I've noticed over time the tendency for people to want to customize the look of fashion staples to make them more personal or to put a an unexpected "twist" in there to catch people by surprise.

With designer handbags, woman often like to take silk scarves and weave them around the handles or to loop through a ring on the hardware to make a bow.

But is this something that exists in J-fashion? Or is J-fashion somehow not receptive to this kind of thing?

Like, I started to wonder if I should pair different detachable waist ties with different dresses to create contrast, or pair an otherwise Otome style outfit with a Chanel tweed jacket.
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I don't see why you shouldn't if you want to. I know vintage Chanel is extremely popular in Japan right now, and a Chanel jacket would probably look great with an otome coord. As for mixing waist ties I think that would depend on the dresses and prints in question but could potentially be pretty cool looking.
I was thinking of pairing solid-color waist times with a print dress or vice versa. I'd make sure they would color match, but I've never seen Lolita dresses with multiple waist tie options before, or other people switching them out.
That sounds really dumb

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Ever have a cosplayer who's antics just destroyed a character for you? Weather it's via being a dumbass in cosplay or just trying to LARP As a character in a really weird way? If you do in character cosplay than that's awesome and I applaude you. Just sometimes cosplayers behave in such a squicky fashion that no matter how amazing they look as a character they just ruined that character for you.
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All of homestuck
Cos-hoes and Overwatch.
Cos-hoes and Pokemon.
Cos-hoes and anything, really. Also fakebois.
Please never say that again

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How was your first encounter with lolita like?
No matter how old or young, no matter if it dates way back to the early 2000's or 90's or if you just discovered it last week. Here's mine:

>Be me, 12
>In the middle of the naruto craze
>I bought a magazine that had naruto in the cover. My first anime mag
>It turns out that naruto was only in the cover and some pages, the rest of the magazine had stuff about japanese culture
>One article about lolita
>It didn't had much information, but it had pictures of that era lolita
>I immediatly fall in love with it
>Bought another mag
>It also had another lolita article for some reason
>It talked about guro lolita (you know how it was back then)
>To this day I still want to do a guro lolita coordinate
Didn't attempt to dress lolita until I was 17 due to missinformation. My first coord was kind of ita too.
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I feel like my story is less standard so I'll go...

>20 years old
>be in love with the idea of capsule wardrobes and ~style concepts~
>find western fashion boring as fuck, but I want that #minimalist closet
>accidentally stumble on fyeahlolita's wardrobe post
>find nirvana

it's 3 years later, and I'm mostly otome (I've never seen a style more me in my life), with lolita as my "special" wear and I couldn't be happier
>be me in high school, around ~2005
>friend goes to ~artsy~ high school and introduces me to her friends
>one of them is a total weeb and is obsessed with Japan
>she and my friend pour over FRUiTS and Gothic Lolita Bibles.
>on several occasions she dressed in ~lolita~
>from what I remember they were frilly lace monsters with no petticoat
>thought she looked dumb as shit
>fast forward to 2015
>browsing cgl for cosplay
>find modern classic lolita
>fall in love
>been building wardrobe for about a year now

I guess maybe I just don't like old school? Its also possible that she just had shit taste.
>15y/o extreme weeb
>loved characters from anime like Moon Phase
>wanted to be a goffick animu neko princess
>first con in 2009
>see girls dressed up
>ask them about their outfits, they tell me it's lolita fashion

everything started from there, and I attribute that to why I was such a horrendous ita for so long

>fast forward to a couple months ago
>looking through old pics for nostalgia
>these are the girls whose outfits I loved so much

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Time for a lolita list game? Fill in the blanks: There should be more ____ in Lolita and less____.
Then list what you like best in Lolita (1), what you like least (2) and something in Lolita that you are wishing for (3)
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There should be more ____ in Lolita and less____.

There should be more quality threads and less bullshit like this.
Feel free to make one then.

ITT: "Lolita" in anime.

Some questions:
>Do you watch anime?
>Do you like "lolita-esque" anime or anime that has "lolita" characters on it?
>Did anime or manga influence you at any point as a lolita? (example: wanting to look like Miwako or taking influences from Magical Girls)
>Why do you think anime never gets lolita fashion right?
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personally I always hated how this character is dressed. It screams ita.
>>Do you watch anime?
Eh, I'll watch sailor moon, Madoka, and maybe the occasional other but I don't often nor do I know much about it.
>>Do you like "lolita-esque" anime or anime that has "lolita" characters on it?
All the designs I've ever seen look ita af.
>>Did anime or manga influence you at any point as a lolita? (example: wanting to look like Miwako or taking influences from Magical Girls)
I like magical girls so sometimes I incorporate that in coords.
>>Why do you think anime never gets lolita fashion right?
Because a lot of character designs in anime translate poorly to real life, Lolita is no exception apparently.
>Do you watch anime?
Yes but only certain series, I'm picky.
>Do you like "lolita-esque" anime or anime that has "lolita" characters on it?
Sometimes. They are usually not Lolitas, and not trying to be, just dressed Lolita-esque.
>Did anime or manga influence you at any point as a lolita? (example: wanting to look like Miwako or taking influences from Magical Girls)
Not directly though I have seen 2 dresses I liked in past anime episodes. My biggest influences were Japanese street snaps and magazines.
>Why do you think anime never gets lolita fashion right?
Because the writers don't care about the fashion or care about making lolita characters, they just borrow what they think of as cute, frilly dresses. I'm fine with that. I'm actually glad they don't attempt actual lolita characters. I think a Lolita-based anime would be boring and bad.

Behold- the new generation of "I was a lolita since I was born" has just arrived.
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Now for some relevant questions

>Do you plan to get married and have children?
>Would you adopt or get pregnant?
>How many children? Male or female? What would be their names?
>Would you dress them in lolita 24/7? Or just in certain occasions?
>Would you take them to meets?
>Do you want them to grow up to be a lolita as well?
>Would you still dress in lolita yourself?
>Would you dress in lolita while pregnant?
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