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Old thread hit the bump limit >>9216572

Confess unpopular opinions, dark secrets, evil plans, and cringey or bad things here
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There's this Ita weeaboo fatty that's been all over my friend just because said friend is studying in Japan. It's so freaking obvious Fatty-chan is just all over Friend because "omg Nippon desu buy me merchandise and japanisu snacks", but Friend is oblivious to her self-seeking attitude, and I'm not about to be rude and point it out.
Plus Fatty-chan is trying to learn Japanese when she can barely speak English (she makes super basic mistakes even though she INSISTS on talking in English to everyone even if they speak her mother tongue).
Yes I am aware this isn't any of my business but I'm still salty people like this exist and can get away with their shit.
I picked on old drama in my local lolita comm. The comm was already split in two groups. The picking lead to a major fallout between the groups again. Since then both groups are pretty much dead.
They don't know who I am and never will as I never met them. I didn't intend to cause this. It was just me asking in the local comm thread if rumors about this major bitch and drama in the comm are true. After that the shitfest began. I'm sad the comm is completly dead now, but glad I avoided all the drama.
If neither of the groups could keep their shit composed when a noob asks about old drama then those comms were already broken. Once a group splits, anything between them later is usually just aftershocks unless something new happens so likely the damage was already done. But anything could happen, either or both could become active again, a new comm could form or more likely, there's one or more private friends groups who meet but don't post much about it.

But a noob asking about drama rumors is a bad introduction anywhere so it's not going to get you invited if there are private group meets going on. People watch for that.

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>90% of d.va cosplay
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>deadpools that are fun and not obnoxious
I have yet to see a deadpool thats a asshole
>90% of Harley Quinn cosplay
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>100% of pokemon gijinka cosplay

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Starting this one off with a weird bathroom pic too, because why not
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How far you can you making it too ?
Of course the Hetalia fandom is at the forefront. Why I still claim this shitty fandom I'll never know
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Con ita spotted

More info on this in the post below.

Previous Thread: >>9204806

Previously, on Dutch Thread:
>TomoFair and the Curse of it's Nearby
>"Usage of the bouncy castle is at own risk"
>"Animecon stole the term Moolah from some game desu!"
>Creepy Anon posting butts and how it's different from us joking on Abunai Overwatch Bulge Guy
>Crash course on portrait rights in the Netherlands
>What should I bring with me to a convention?
>Best cosplay you've ever seen in the Netherlands?
>Nishicon: Where is everyone?!
>Nishicon: What went wrong?
>Nishicon: What was the most fun and why was it karaoke?
>”Firstlook was fun”
>Deshima Sounds talk

Next five major events:
>Imagicon (October 15th, Ede GLD) is a Cosplay, Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy con. They also have a cosplay compo.
>FACTS (October 22nd & 23rd, Gent BE) is an anime, comic and cosplay fair similar to ACC and DCC.
>MGC Experience (November 19th, Nieuwegein UT) is a gathering for anime and J-culture fans
>Terracon (November 27th, Houten UT) is a convention for reptiles who like anime.
>Dutch Comic Con Xmas Edition (December 17th & 18th, Utrecht UT) is a pretty self-explanatory title don't you think?
Full Google Calendar by OP can be found at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=17gim9nkndjpvpnhp1pr64l410%40group.calendar.google.com
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so anyone going to MGC exp?
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Earlier this year I held a little survey about us Dutch gulls and our conventions. Considering how the convention season is as good as over I figured I might as well run the survey once more to see how things have changed. The questions are mostly the same as last time and I’ve added more conventions to rate because why not. You may skip all questions you don’t feel like answering, and if you just want to rate the conventions page 5 is where you want to go.
Of course all data is stored anonymously and only the global results will be visible to others. Once replies stop coming in I’ll close the survey and release a new infograph based on the results. Keep in mind I am recovering from a wrist injury so this might take a bit longer than usual.
The survey can be taken at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUuAxG1v9W5RVuSLq5CYWy8gHXcLfyh1HlJ0GbLdM9EDi3rg/viewform and the results can be viewed at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeUuAxG1v9W5RVuSLq5CYWy8gHXcLfyh1HlJ0GbLdM9EDi3rg/viewanalytics

Pic related, these were the results of the previous survey.
why the "" at the firstlook part. It actually was hella fun if you love gaming and the WCS and C4 were done well, or shouldn't I read the sarcasm in it?

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MCD bitches
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AP has been releasing some of the ugliest stuff I've seen from them recently

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Old One: >>9195291

For cosplays, game inspired casual wear, and discussion of Otome games.
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If Yoosung says I'm like Rike once more I'm gonna ditch him for Seven

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What do you think about people who wear whole cosplays or parts of their cosplays in public on a daily basis?

Pic related. I used to see this girl everyday on my campus wearing the same Link hat + a multitude of black Nintendo T-shirts. It was as if she didn't own anything else.
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GDI image flipped.
I think people who do that end up looking just as dorky as the kids who wear Naruto headbands to school.
I don't know who's worse, her or you

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Halloween Costumes can be discussed here right? From hilariously obvious knock offs to "Donna T. Rumpshaker" and other mind boggling ideas for "sexy" costumes, lets talk because Halloween merch is starting to drop and that includes costumes.
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Spirt halloween had a sailor moon knockoff wig (but no costume?). They also had some AoT stuff, the swords and the jackets, and DBZ scouters.

And then there was this...?
Pink Hatsune Miku?

Did they have an off brand Assassins Creed costume?
We really need a Halloween sticky again...

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Sorry for being a faggot for asking but anyone know of any 18+ after parties at or in nyc comic con?

Also nyc comic con thread
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I need to know this too
SonicBoomBox is the one with the cosfamous attending since they usually get in free

Heard it was 21+ but ill still check it out

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I'm relatively new to lolita, and the comm where I live is pretty dead. Of course this won't stop me from wearing what I love, but occasionally I feel a sense of FOMO seeing other comms and their meets on the internet.

>what are your reasons for being lonelita? did you leave your comm, or do you not have one near you?
>how often do you wear lolita? do you wear it every day, or just for special occasions?
>how do your normie friends and family members feel about it?
>do you have any tips for other lone lolitas?
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I'm one of those.
There is a comm where I live and another really big one in the next state but, I'm just not really interested in hanging out with strangers just because we wear the same fashion. I dunno, I find it weird even if we can have more in common other than a fashion, I guess I am not interested in meeting people that way. However, I do wanna attend at least one meet just so I can see what it's like.

I don't wear lolita every day. I wear it any time I feel up to dolling up and when the weather allows it.

My mom thinks it's stupid and refuses to be seen with me when I wear it. My friends and boyfriend don't mind at all, they think it's cute.

Just enjoy your clothes, anon. Wear what makes you happy and don't make "onlooking to meets" too much of a habit because you might start feeling extra lonely in your frills.
>what are your reasons for being lonelita? did you leave your comm, or do you not have one near you?
It's mostly because I've got kinda bad social anxiety and being around people that I'm not close to is tiring to me. Sometime I want to try and go to a meetup but it probably won't be soon.

>how often do you wear lolita? do you wear it every day, or just for special occasions?
I try to wear it whenever I go out and sometimes I wear it around the house. I'm pretty close to being a lifestyler.

>how do your normie friends and family members feel about it?
My family and fiance all really love it. My fiance has sometimes dressed to match my coords. None of my friends are normies and they've all at least heard of the fashion before. At worst they're shocked that I spend so much on clothes but they don't judge me for it.

>do you have any tips for other lone lolitas?
There's no shame in being a lone lolita if it's what you enjoy. Don't feel pressured to go to meets if you don't want to.
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>what are your reasons for being lonelita?
I have a huge comm near me, but I'm just not interested. I'm also sick a lot so I think that I'd just hold back the other girls if I suddenly became fatigued/dizzy. I really hate leaving my house and being around too many people.
>how often do you wear lolita? do you wear it every day, or just for special occasions?
I wear if two to three times a week now, mostly when I leave my house. I think I'll have enough pieces to wear lolita every day by the end of next year or so. Ideally, I want to be a lifestyler.
>how do your normie friends and family members feel about it?
I don't really have any normie friends, but my friends think it's adorable and really suits me. My family is supportive and happy to have somebody to dress up and flaunt. My mother puts extra effort into understanding jfashion and it's really cute. Everybody treats me like a dress-up doll and some people would find that belittling but I'm just flattered.
>do you have any tips for other lone lolitas?
Take a cue from Momoko and immerse yourself in your hobbies.

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Confess your dark secret
Your unpopular opinion
Your hopes and fears
Your evil plans
Your dirty deeds
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I once got mad at my friend so when her dream dress came up on LM I linked it to her but only after I had made a new account and bought it. She didn't know it was me, just someone had bought it.

I don't regret it, even though it's sitting at the back of my closet and I've never worn it. She's a bitch.
Savage anon, I would do the same thing though
i am a sugar daddy for a cosplayer. i know its bad but i literally enable her to go to cons and take pictures. I feel bad because she really likes me but I see in her me, I was a kid without friends and then I got a really good job, got into the con scene, made friends, and now its like I am enabling her to take lewd pictures (which i do). I feel like a 'evil santa'

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Piss off edgy amino chan edition.
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Did she fall through one of the planks and get stuck?
Oh my god, THAT is Edgy-Chan? Massive keks, I was expecting some dumb emo teen edgelord.

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This one con I go to keeps dramatically changing the dates it is hosted. Obviously its not going to happen the same weekend every time, but this cons started in April, then February, then February/March, then mid March, now, this next year, it is in January.

Why do they do this? Is this common? Is the con doing bad, so they keep changing it to see when the best month is? I think April is a much better time than the freezing January.
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Kami-con in AL has been doing this. They went from I think March to fucking January or February.
That is exactly the con I am referring to actually.
LOL this is the same con I was going to bring up as well. Really annoying - does anyone know the reason they do this?

Old thread >>9196076
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Something that's bothering me about AWA is how the rest of the staff seemed to treat the fashion track staff. It seemed like they were overworked, had volunteers who had no idea what they were doing, and weren't given enough help backstage/before/after the fashion show. I know it's an anime convention, but having a brand like Meta as a guest is a huge deal.

All in all, I loved every other lolita I met but I was a bit disappointed with the fashion track programming. There were also very few j-fashion panels and no j-fash specific swap meet (was not about to wait in that huge line for the SHFS...). Idk, I was just expecting more since Atlanta comm seems so big and active.

The tea party was excellent though. Certainly worth the price, if not just for the fact that everyone won at least one raffle prize lol
Now that the con is over and everything has processed...

1. The fashion show. I modeled for the Meta show, it was not a good experience. It was the most disorganized and unprofessional show I've ever done. They told us there would be make up artists...and not to bring your make up. Just wear your base make up and be there at 7-8am. Firstly, they told us the wrong location to meet, which wasted the time of the only make up artist who showed up. She had to leave at 9am...and once we were given correct information it was almost 8. She did maybe 4-5 peoples make up. People that COULD do their own at that. She left and no others came in. I would rather them of told me to arrive at 10am with my make up done than waste our time the way they did. A lot of us didn't even bring our make up since we were told not to. A few girls had to go back to their hotels (not on property) to get it.

2. Once we get into main events (50% dangerous was there, I assume they practiced a lot because they did really well on stage. They however were not provided mirrors to do their make up.) We had about an hour to go over everything, which normally would be fine. However, only the designer and translator were there. There were 2 volunteers backstage steaming dresses. WHERE WAS THE EVENTS MANAGER??? The translator pretty much had to run the show, I felt really bad for her, she looked incredibly stressed. We did our walk through, it was pretty slow, everyone wanted to make sure they weren't going to fuck up...I get it. They turn off the lights and start seating people. Which is fine and all except WE ARE NOT DRESSED. We're practicing in our petticoats and tank tops.


3. WE GET DRESSED IN THE FUCKING DARK. And you can clearly see that based on how many petticoats were hanging out on that stage. I was so embarrassed for the Meta designer. I was embarrassed for those models. Meta deserves better than that. There was speculation that some models were not even lolitas. It seemed like a few people's first show. The rumor mill has it that some staff participated in the show instead of running it. I don't know if that is true or not.

4. Once the show ended they gave us like 15 minutes to take some selfies and to give back the garments. We were told when we signed up there would be professional images taken of us as compensation for being models. This didn't happen. I was frustrated, as were many models. I will never participate in any AWA event again.

TEAPARTY: I did not go to the tea party, I saw a mini video on instagram. It looked like maybe around 20 people were there total. If this is true, I can only imagine how much a financial hit they took not filling those seats. Also what was up with those decorations!? Firstly, the toy box theme, okay fine...but can we at least make it look classy instead of using some age play looking, preschool quality decorations? It just really grinds my gears. I am glad that everyone who attended had a good time. And that everyone won something.

I would not be surprised if Meta decided not to come back. From my stand point it doesn't seem like AWA cared.


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Old one is autosaging.

The shitstorm on that Disneyland lolita page never ends, now someone is trying to tarnish the whole southern CA comm by saying they're sending her threats for freaking out about a button and that she's scared to go. Conveniently she deleted all the evidence immediately and could only remember first names.
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the DLD fiasco is one of the most entertaining things that's happened to the lolita community in a while
The poor event organisers. Jesus.
Is DLD really that big of a deal?

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