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Shut Hell is the perfect woman.
Also what was the point of the isekai stuff? This would've been identical had it been straight historical fantasy.
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The pacing makes no fucking sense, the art is all around, she changes from shy to badass in like a day, also why the fuck was there a woman in the Tangut army?
The name is stupid as fuck too
And lastly yeah, the isekai shit makes no fucking sense, like most everything in that manga.
I think once it gets into the swing of things, everything is fine. Yes it's a little odd that there's a woman in the Tangut army and nobody bats an eye, yes it's weird that she has the only out-of-place fantasy name in the historical fantasy, but it all falls to the wayside once the adventure beings proper.

Also Shut Hell is a great name. Fuck you.


Please explain

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Is there anything that can not be turned into a cute girl?
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what ever happened to cockroach girl anyway, it's like it just disappeared.

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>No ecchi anime similar to Nanatsu no Taizai for this Autumn

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Japan's coming to their senses, what else?
Anime is dead
is there even any ecchi next season?

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images (90).jpg
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Anime only you've watched.
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3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
What animu is this

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complicated relationship.png
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did they fuck?
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Most certainly.

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Why are anime shows only going up to 10 episodes instead of the usual 12 or 13 now?
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Because BDs don't sell
But they're not.
Name 5 shows from this season that do that.

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Translating by a request from an /a/non. This is Itagaki Paru’s debut manga, Beast Complex; a collection of side stories of anthropomorphic animals and their troubles with coexisting with different species. It’s got the same mysterious and beautiful atmosphere as Beastars, so anyone who’s a fan of Beastars should find this to be a great treat.
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Does this ever really get good, or is it just a meme and eurobeats?
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Is that not good? What more do you want?
kill yourself, don't ever post again
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It gets really good around episode 9 when Takumi battles the R32.

Seasons 1-2 and the movie are worth watching. Watch even further if you're into /o/ stuff. The ending is hot garbage.

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Which Yu-Gi-Oh! girl makes the best waifu?

No monsters, please. Beastiality is a crime.
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>Beastiality is a crime.
Masturbating and cumming on cards is not, however.
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blue eyes collage.jpg
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If wanting wife a dragon is a crime, then I want to be a criminal
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Go to bed Seto. You're drunk.

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Spoilers soon.
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Reminder that Grisha was a great father and person and anyone who says otherwise is a Marley shill.
Dude, WE
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>Great father

Checked and keked

She only wants friends.
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How about friends with benefits?
There is no benefit to being her friend
she just wants servants, but Yame-san is softening her up

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What went wrong?
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Not enough memes.
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meme of summer 2016.png
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>completely ignored the already established plot
>dude mindcontrol LMAO
>they somehow made Junko even worse

You obviously weren't here when it was airing.
Junko didn't kill them all

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I want to see more Math
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wait patiently; I think she will turn up sometime soon-ish.
me too dude
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Sodachi Fiasco OVA directed by Oishi when?

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How different would Dragonball have been if Roshi had actually given Goku immortality?
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Would Goku still be a retard if he was raised by Gohan without losing his memory?
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>Give GOku immortality
>mops the floor with Vegeta because he has already obtained immortality
>Vegeta is even more autisitc about gaining immortality
>Madman actually does it before the Buu Arc
>2 immortal saiyans being trained under Whis and Beerus
>Mortal leveled Lowered but Immortal level raised
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Smug Chadhan.png
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Post smug saiyans.

U6 Saiyans don't count. So don't post them.

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dumbpire grin.jpg
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What do you think about cute idiots?
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they should never reproduce
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they sustain me

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